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  1. redpussy4u

    redpussy4u Newcumer

    Jul 6, 2018
    That day in the afternoon my pussy got very horny so I decided it is a time to visit my favorite nude beach in Pacifica, south of San Francisco. I parked my car in the back of parking lot bellow some trees, took of my cloth and left a light blouse wide open over my shoulders and headed for the beach. The road between the parking lot and the trail to the beach was public and fairly busy, so it was always a nice excitement when guys in the passing cars saw me almost naked, crossing the street and honk at me, sometimes they would stop and asked me to wait so they could take a quick photo. But this day I was still in the parking lot and passed a nice sport car with the roof pulled down and young guy standing there also almost naked and I think he was more in love with his car and didn't care to look around. I was wrong. When I walked past his car, he asked me if I like cars. I looked at him:" Sure I like them and yours looks very nice!"
    His face all light up :" Isn't it nice? I love the stick shift there, much better than automatic. "
    " Yes, I also like stick shift in car more."
    He smiled and since he was almost naked, I saw his cock slowly rising.
    " I also noticed that your other stick is nice. Must be nice to shift with it." I was horny so I couldn't resist to flirt a bit with him.
    He didn't need any encouragement and his cock got a bit bigger and stuck high up.
    " I like your red hair, may I asked you a favor?".
    I guessed what it may be, but played dumb: " Sure, what do you like?" and I was sure he would want sex and I was ready to agree as soon as we get to the beach.
    " Well, it may sound strange but I want to get a photo of my car with you inside, just like you are, half naked.".
    Wow, I felt a little disappointed : " Well, I could do it, I don't see a problem with that." and I wanted to get in his car.
    "Well, I would like to get a photo with you and the stick shift in the car."
    " I don't quite understand what do you mean?".
    I saw two other guys walking toward us.
    I look at him again and he was little uneasy:" well, I mean that you could sit on the stick shift and try to get it inside of your pussy. Look, I will pull a condom over it so it is clean. It would be a really unusual photo, don't you think so?"
    He is very lucky, I thought, he could not pick better woman for this kinky photo. First, I was very horny and second, it sounded like a nice think to do.
    So I asked him again: " Just to make sure: You want me to fuck the stick shift of your car?"
    The two guys in mean time were next to his car and he got red in face, looked at them and I realized that they heard our conversation.
    "I think that is a great idea, we would love to see that, too." said one of them.
    " And your red haired pussy would look great with the stick in!" he reached over and lifted the font of my blouse.
    I didn't stop him, just smiled: " Well, I might do that, it sounds like fun!"
    The two strangers were more excited over it then the car owner, but they all smiled.
    "So what do you want me to do?" I asked and the owner explained that he has to pull over the stick a condom. He had it in his hand a tried to get it on the stick as fast as he could with his shaking hand.
    When he finished, I entered the car, turned backward and knelled above the stick shift. The two guys pulled cell phones out and started to snap some photos. My cunt was wet and I opened with fingers my labia and pushed against the knob of the stick. It got a little in but then it wouldn't go in any further , I under estimated the thickness of it.
    One of the guys look at me: "Your pussy is too tight, isn't it? But that is good, right?"
    " I am not sue I'll get it in my cunt, though.".
    Three other guys were coming to our car, curious what is happening there.
    "Do you mind if we'll watch it?"
    What could I say when they saw my cunt, trying to get the stick shift in?
    " I you can help, then stay!" I was far out of my mind, my pussy took over. :eek:)
    The guys stood around me and I tried had to get it in.
    I was just about to give up, when the guy b B-sedimnapace.jpg B-curakzezadu.jpg B-kourimobra.jpg ehind me pushed hard on my shoulders and with a moment of little pain the stick shift slid in my cunt.
    They were taking pictures and short video with the cell phones and I begin to enjoy the pressure in my cunt and getting a nice orgasm. The guys were very excited, too. So I tried to get up again buy could not pull of the stick.
    " I think I can'y get the stick shift out of my cunt, can you help me?"
    The guys stated to laugh and called some of the passing men to come and take a look, that I can't get a stick out of my pussy. For a moment I was a laughing stock but that I was in such a compromising situation in front of so many strangers kept getting me horny and I had another orgasm.
    Finally, two of the guys took me under my arms and with their help the stick got out of my cunt.
    I crawled out of the car and overheard someone saying: " I know her, she comes here often and loves when the men takes photos of her. But this was a great show, I wonder how sore her pussy is.".
    I look at the guy who said that, he look a little familiar : " My cunt is not sore, I assure you. Lets go to the beach now!"
    I stayed till 10 pm there and never had so much good time there before.
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    1. bigdaveg5150
      I use to live in Huntington beach California and there was a nude beach that I used o goto Ann's it was fun you brought back some good memories thank you.
      bigdaveg5150, Aug 9, 2018
  2. Cmlvr69

    Cmlvr69 Porn Star

    Feb 1, 2018
    I'd love to see that now and I'd eat your cummy pussy very good to
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  3. taniadaniels

    taniadaniels Porn Star

    Oct 7, 2013
    Wow! That must have been so arousing to have a gear stick up your cunt and all those men watching you - not something I have ever done or even thought about - but you have certainly aroused my interest and it is now on my list of things to do, and hopefully with lots of men watching - it must have felt wonderful!
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  4. redpussy4u

    redpussy4u Newcumer

    Jul 6, 2018
    taniadaniels, I have to say that every time I think of that, I get horny. :eek:) I met the guys few times afterword, always at the beach and had wonderful time. Two of them were doing an amateurs porno and they talked me into doing some for them, just for personal use. Of course, I saw the videos later in a porno shop in Redwood City and I bought few of them, but the clerk recognized me, he told me that thay are his favorite porn and introduced me to the owner of the shop. As you see, I like the attention of guys and I get a lot of it in situation I often provoke. :eek:) Yes. it was a great feeling to do things in front of men. I recomend you to try the stick shift, but make sure you have few men watching you.:eek:) It turns them on as well as you.:eek:) Take care, Brenda
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  5. Paulie4u2

    Paulie4u2 Porno Junky

    Jun 4, 2018
    I would have loved to be there and watched too :) so sexy ;-)
  6. PhoenixHawk

    PhoenixHawk Porn Surfer

    May 29, 2018
    Wow what a nice story, I would love to see this next time you go there lol