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  1. Permanent vacation

    Permanent vacation Newcumer

    Aug 17, 2018
    I wanted to get away for a few days, fortunate for me I had family that lived in a vacation destination. On a spontaneous whim, one night the bags were packed for the next red eye, beach bound.

    It was such a welcome to warm weather and the beach. I've always wanted to live and be by the water, instead settled inland....one of these days!

    Once settled in, I had a room to myself at my familys home, they've always welcomed me, even in the earliest times of my life, welcoming those who werent related, family friends, we never judged and welcoming, partying and being loud was a requirement in this family, especially being in an Italian family, one certainly never starved or went thirsty.

    After days of taking trips along the east coast, site seeing and spending a absolutely non productive but vegitating time at the beach, the last night was drawing to an end. I had the house to myself away from the family, which meant peace before going home to the midwest chaos. I showered, made dinner, took a shot to relax and cozied up to a book in bed wearing nothing more than knee sox, hair in pigtails, white cotton panties and a t-shirt.

    After reading a few chapters in, I heard some pinging like noises hitting the window, it was supposed to rain that night, but not this early I thought. Then, as I looked through the window blinds, I see him, with pebbles in his hand, he had been throwing them at the window which reminded me when me when we were at assembly in highschool he sat two rows behind me and started throwing paperwads to get my attention, I think?
    Of course I'm in shock but elated to open the window and ask in a scolding tone, "what are you doing and how did you know I was in town?" His response, " I came to fuck you and, someone told me and I watched you shower", um ah... oh, ah....okay? As I shouldn't be surprised, I remove the screen, jumped out of the window and greeted him in the backyard with a smile. Afterwards, I walked up to him, stood as high on my tip toes, wraped my arms around his neck, jumped up and wraped my legs around his waist, hes not a small guy, Im 5'1, hes 5'11 give or take, with broad shoulders. He reached in to kiss me. He's been the best kisser, no one has compared since. He'd made me melt all the time when he kissed me, so passionate, fuck, ugh! I remember he'd meet me outside the door of english when in school, and he'd plant one on me before class, some one would tell us to break it up or move it, man, I miss those days!....

    After we kissed, I grabed his hand, I climbed back through the window to let him in through the front door. Once inside, I asked if he wanted to do a shot with me, so we headed to the kitchen.

    After the shot, we started to kiss, and I reached for his cock, it was so hard and pulsating for attention, I couldn't resist touching or blowing him. I started to give him a hand job and could hear his respiration pick up, in return he reached my panties and started to finger my cunt. I eventually gave him the innocent, sensual bedroom eyes and got on my knees to give him a blow job. I moved my middle finger towards his ass, he was moaning, then started milking him so hard, I reached for the shot glass so his cum would land inside for me to drink, I could tell he was enlightened by the smile on his face. Afterwards, I wanted to go to the bedroo and while on the way we stopped in the laundry room so I could lay on the washer. As I lay, he slowly peels my white panties off to eat my succulant wet throbbing tight pussy while the washer is on rinse cycle. Between the vibrations and eating, I cam so hard that when he lifted his head it was on his lips. As he lifts his head he licks his lips and proceeds to kiss and finger me. When we have a second to take a break we head to the bredroom where I stand on the bed to wrap my arms and legs around him so he can pick me up. In doing so he lifts and
    thorws me hard against the wall, and starts to fuck me as hard and thrusting as fast as he can while doing so I scream and whimper in pleasure while telling him to fuck me harder. The harder he pounds into me, I feel him cum inside and pulls out to cum in my ass.

    By this time, he has to leave and I need to rest to catch the flight home the next day. I lead him to the front door, give him a kiss to say see you later. I dont believe in good byes as those are forever lasting words and means the end of something. This is a vacation that turned into a playcation and is one that wont be forgotten.
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  2. Bruce Littlefield

    Bruce Littlefield Porn Surfer

    Sep 27, 2018