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    Happy Birthday to a dear friend.

    Part One: Houston

    She was sitting at the counter when he walked in, her back to the door as she sipped her coffee, her duffle bag on the floor beside her stool. Troy knew it was her from the long black hair, and his heart skipped a beat – he had half expected her not to show up. She had heard him as he entered the door and half turned to see if it was him, taking a moment to be sure the face she saw on this stranger matched the pictures he had sent her before she put her coffee cup down and almost leaped into his arms as he approached her.

    He clung to her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, long and passionately, before finally taking a breath. “I thought you would never get here,” Amy gushed, looking into his eyes.

    They sat at the counter and ordered lunch, babbling back and forth to each other like long lost lovers, though this was the first time they had ever met in person. Months and months of chatting with each other over the internet, through instant messages and email, had filled in all the details for each of them, though it had hardly prepared them for this actual first meeting. They chatted back and forth as they ate, new questions springing to mind for both of them, each of them so thankful yet still so apprehensive at this first live meeting.

    Finished, Troy paid the bill, leaving a large tip for the waitress at the counter, then rose to get ready to leave. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” he asked, praying silently that she wouldn’t change her mind now, at this late stage.

    “Of course, silly,” Amy laughed, motioning toward her bag. “I’ve been counting the days…”

    He grinned and pulled her close again, kissing her once more before he released her. “Alrighty then,” he began, grabbing the handle of her duffle bag in one hand as he took her hand in the other. “Let’s get you loaded up and get on the road.” Amy slung her computer bag over her shoulder, and they walked outside and across the parking lot, to where his huge Freightliner tractor sat, the big diesel already idling. He opened the drivers’ side door and she scrambled in, then hefted her bag up to her. “Just throw it on the bunk for now, we can sort it out later,” he told her, climbing in himself as she took her bag to the back.

    Amy was surprised at how small the bunk seemed, but it was plenty wide enough for the two of them if they slept close together. There was an upper bunk, but she doubted that was going to see much use, other than for storage. The sleeper compartment was a bit larger than normal – he had told her it was extended 18 inches for a bit of extra room – but she had only ever driven a military truck with no sleeper, so she had nothing to really compare it with. Still, even with the extra room, she could see it was going to be cramped.

    “There’s coffee in the thermos up here, and a cup for you,” he called to her as he updated his log book. She made her way back up front and sat in the passenger seat, and he handed her the thermos and mug. She poured herself a cup of coffee and freshened up his cup as he finished his paperwork. He slipped the clipboard into a pocket on the side of his seat, took a sip of coffee, and looked over at her as he replaced his coffee mug in the dash cupholder.

    He fished a spare key out of a small zipper bag in the seat pocket and handed it to her, reminding her, unnecessarily, to always lock the truck whenever neither of them was in it – the ignition was always turned on, though the truck could be set to automatic idle when it was parked, cranking on its own only to recharge the batteries or run the heating and air conditioning to keep the cab and sleeper comfortable. He pointed out the small portable toilet in the sleeper compartment, and the mini fridge underneath one of the cabinets, in case she wanted a cold drink or a sandwich while they were traveling. There was a small table that slid up and folded out in front of the passenger seat, like an airline tray table, if she wanted to use her laptop, and he showed her the outlets scattered throughout the cab and sleeper compartment, some for straight 12 volt DC power through cigarette lighter plugs and a couple for 110 volt AC power from an inverter.

    “All set?” he asked he asked after he had finished showing her the basics, and she nodded in reply, then watched as he unlocked the airbrakes and shifted into gear. The tractor was soon on the road, pulling its trailer south and west, as he ran easily through the gears.

    “Our first stop is Houston, we’ll be spending the night there,” he told her, glancing over to where she sat, silently sipping her coffee and watching the scenery go by. “If you have any second thoughts, that would be the time to let me know.”

    She looked over at him and shook her head from side to side. “No, no second thoughts,” Amy replied. “I’m looking forward to it, really. I really want this…”

    They knew each other’s circumstances well from months of communication over the internet. His marriage of 25 years had finally failed, shortly after they had met; he had been trying to hold it together for years, but it had finally worn him down and he had thrown in the towel. He spent months getting back into shape and recovering financially to go back to driving a truck, a job he had dearly loved before being told he had to give it up for medical reasons years before, and had finally passed his physical to get back on the road. After a few months, living out of the truck, with no rent or utilities to pay, he had been able to buy his own tractor. It was used, true, but it was his.

    Amy’s last marriage had been on the skids for several months, over trust issues with her husband. She had been badly hurt to find out she couldn’t trust him, even more badly hurt because it was her fourth marriage, her fourth failure in her eyes. She had turned to Troy online for support and to cheer her up, and he had shown a depth of caring and understanding she had never found before. Neither of them had ever asked for any more than friendship, but that had been given freely by both of them, each supporting the other, sharing kind words and cheering each other on through the tough times they had gone through.

    Amy had finally decided to take some time off work, a month, to just relax and get her mind off the trials of the last few months. She had found out he was going to be passing through close by, running a load of cigarettes from Virginia to Los Angeles, and on the spur of the moment called him to have him pick her up and take her with him. She decided to spend a couple weeks on the road with him, then a couple more at home, before starting back to work and school again in a month.

    For the next few hours, they made small talk back and forth, more like old friends than two people who had just met each other in person for the first time. Finally they rolled into Bayview, Texas, just outside Houston, and he took the ramp off the interstate, skillfully maneuvering the big rig and trailer into the truck stop just off the ramp, cruising through the lot to the fuel island near the back of the lot. He helped her out of the driver’s side door and he pointed her toward the main convenience store near the front of the lot, rather than the smaller one near the pumps – she could use the restroom there, and wait for him in the restaurant, and he would be there as soon as he finished fueling up. She headed off to the convenience store while he topped off the 150 gallon tanks on both sides of the cab and went inside to the fuel desk to pay for the fuel and get a receipt. He got back into the truck and he cruised through the huge lot, finally selecting a spot near the main convenience store and restaurant to park the truck.

    Amy was in the restaurant, a small bag of purchases from the convenience store on the seat beside her, and Troy slid into the seat across from her. It was still fairly early in the evening and the truck drivers hadn’t started piling in yet to spend the night, so the waitress was there quickly. She dropped off a couple of menus and took Troy’s drink order, having already gotten Amy’s drink, and they took their time looking it over.

    Dinner passed quietly as each of them stole glances at the other and considered what was to come. They had known each other for months online, but this was still really their first meeting, and both of them were still a bit apprehensive. Troy paid the tab and left a tip, and together they walked out to the truck. He pointed out the showers on the way and asked if she would like one before she went to bed or if she preferred to wait until morning, and she said she could wait. He helped her up into the truck, following close behind.

    They sat up front and chatted a bit, Amy using her laptop to check her email and play around a bit online while Troy finished up his log book and sent a message to the trucking company to check in. It was getting dark and other trucks were pulling into the truck stop now, roaming the lanes as they looked for a place to park. Troy explained he liked to get an early start and get into a truck stop or rest area early in the evening, rather than pulling in later and having to look for a spot, or possibly not finding one and having to drive further down the road.

    Troy showed her where she could store her clothes and gear in the various cabinets in the sleeper compartment, and in the overhead bunk. They watched the trucks pull in and jockey for parking spots for a while, and the foot traffic to the convenience store as drivers went to get groceries, take showers, have dinner at the restaurant, or just hang out and watch television or play video games or make phone calls. Troy finally pulled the curtains around to cover the cab windows, giving them some privacy, and Amy made her way to the sleeper to get ready for bed. Troy pulled his boots and socks off while sitting in the driver’s seat, then stripped off his t-shirt, giving Amy a few minutes of privacy in the back with the curtain separating the sleeper from the cab pulled before he went to join her.

    She was sitting on the edge of the bunk when he entered, a flannel bathrobe pulled around her. She stood as he came through the curtain, moving in front of him to put her arms around him and hug him close. Troy hugged her back, tightly, one hand around her waist and the other entwined in her long black hair, pressing against the back of her head.

    Amy released him and stepped back a bit, lowering her hands to his waist to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his jeans. She slid them down over his hips and he quickly stepped out of them, then she slid his briefs down, letting his cock spring free. He loosened her bathrobe, letting the front hang open a bit, rubbing the rough flannel over her nipples, thumbing them through the material, and gently squeezing them between his thumbs and forefingers. She shrugged the bathrobe off, letting it drop to the floor, then sat on the edge of the bunk and pulled him close, lowering her head and taking his cock into her mouth.

    He placed both his hands on her head, running his fingers through her hair as she licked and sucked his cock. He had been keyed up and excited all day, and it didn’t take long for her to bring him to his climax, his hot, sticky cum spurting into her mouth as she took it all in, stroking his cock to squeeze out every last drop. She didn’t stop as he grew limp, continuing to lick and suck his cock until it was once again erect, and she knew this second one would last longer.

    Amy scooted back onto the bunk, on her knees with her feet underneath her, leaning back against the wall on one side. He climbed onto the bunk and lowered his face to her breasts, licking and sucking each one in turn, gently nibbling the erect nipples. He licked his way down across her belly, slipping one forefinger up and down her slit, gently pushing it deeper inside her nether lips as it made each trip up and down the slit. He paused, licking at her navel as he slipped a second finger inside her beside the first one, working them both in and out, up and down, and side to side in her soaking wet pussy as he continued licking and kissing his way down to her pubic mound. He thumbed her clit lightly, bumping it gently and rubbing the tip of his thumb across the tip of it, and she squirmed and moaned in pleasure.

    She placed one hand on each side of his head and pulled him back up before he had a chance to taste her pussy. She wanted him inside her now, and she pulled his face close to hers and kissed him deeply as she reached down between them, grasping his cock and guiding it into her. He pushed against her, she still leaning backward son her knees, pinning her to the wall as he sank his cock into her. Amy moaned, trying to hump up against it, but his weight held her down as he held his cock inside her, grinding it a bit. She was desperate to feel his cock thrusting in and out of her, but was unable to move, and could only whimper as he left his cock inside her for what seemed like ages.

    Finally he slowly began to stroke his cock in and out of her, taking his time and fucking her slowly. Amy wanted him to fuck her faster, wanted him to cum deep inside her, but he wasn’t going to be rushed. She whimpered as he stopped again, this time with the head of his cock barely penetrating her pussy lips, and he kissed her deeply as she tried to squirm beneath him.

    “Tell me what you want,” Troy whispered to her. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

    Amy was soaking wet now, desperately wanting his cock inside her, wanting to feel him fucking her hard and fast, and she told him so. He laughed, keeping her pinned as he moved the head of his cock up and down her slit, still barely penetrating her, and told her he wanted to hear her beg for it, wanted to hear her plead with him to fuck her.

    “Please,” she began hopefully, “Please fuck me…Shove your cock into me and fuck me hard, as hard as you can…I, I want your cock filling my pussy with your cum and making me yours…” She almost sighed with relief as he sank his cock into her, then realized he had stopped after only a couple of inches. “Please…” she begged again.

    He tickled her with his cock, moving it in and out just a fraction of an inch a few times, teasing her with it. “And if I grant your request, and fuck you the way you want,” he began, “What’s in it for me? What will you do for me?”

    Amy’s pussy was throbbing, all of her senses concentrated there, feeling his cock barely moving in and out, desperate to have him plunge its entire length into her. “I, I’ll be your slave for the next two weeks, do anything you want,” she pleaded.

    He laughed, then reminded her, “I already have you as my slave for the next two weeks…What will you do for me as my slave? Will you be available for me anytime I want?”

    “Yes,” Amy replied, and felt his cock sink into her another inch or so, then continue tickling her pussy, stroking up and down again just a fraction of an inch at a time.

    “Will you be available for me any way I want?” he asked.

    “Yes,” Amy replied again, wanting more of his cock inside her, and receiving a bit more.

    He smiled, then asked, “And if I want to share you with someone else, will you be available for that as well?”

    Amy hadn’t considered that, but eagerly agreed. “Yes, of course,” she told him, and was rewarded with several full length strokes of his cock, not as slow as before but not as fast as she would like either. She tried to straighten her legs out from underneath her as he fucked her, but he kept her tightly pinned beneath him, fucking her at his own pace, then pausing again. She moaned in desperation, on the verge of her orgasm by now, wanting his cock in her to finish the job, to fill her with his cum as well.

    “Please,” she begged again, “Oh, God, please fuck me, finish it…”

    “Tell me you’re mine,” he commanded. “Tell me you’ll do anything I desire for the next two weeks, anything at all.”

    “Yes,” she moaned, willing to do anything if he would just fuck her. “Yes, anything at all…”

    He sank his cock in her again, this time picking up the tempo as he thrust in and out of her, until he was finally ramming his cock into her, hard and fast, seemingly deeper with each stroke. She rapidly reached her orgasm, and it grew and washed over her as she neared the peak. He pounded his cock into her as her body began to spasm, her pussy clenching and unclenching around his cock as it stroked in and out of her. Her moans grew louder as she came, until she was almost yelling as her orgasm peaked, “Yes, yes, oh God yessssssssssssssss…”

    He continued fucking her mercilessly as she came, then finally sank his cock deep inside her as he also began to cum. She moaned and grunted as his hot cum shot inside her, then as he took a few more strokes before his cock began to grow soft, then finally slipped out of her.

    Troy finally lay down beside her, letting Amy straighten her legs out and flex her knees to work the cramps out as they lay face to face, snuggling up next to each other and relaxing for a few minutes. He held her close and kissed her deeply, several times, as their hands wandered across each other’s bodies, exploring and getting to know each other, getting ready for another round. Amy sighed contentedly and spread her legs as he lowered his face between her thighs. She was looking forward more than ever to this road trip.
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    Wooo, I enjoyed that. Hope there's gonna be a pt 2 :)
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    I concur with the above post!

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    Certainly, it's going to be a two week trip...;)

    Got a story to finish for EJLS' contest before I can get back to part two, though...
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    Part Two: Houston, the next morning

    Troy woke early, at four AM, and rolled over to sit on the edge of the bunk and get the coffee started. He turned on a small reading light built into the side of the sleeper, and looked back at Amy as she slept. She was still curled into a ‘spoon’ position under the blanket, facing the rear of the sleeper compartment, away from him, and he reached over and ran his fingers through her hair, then gently massaged her scalp. She stirred, then finally rolled over, still snuggled under the blanket against the chill of the truck’s air conditioning, and the fact that she was completely naked. He leaned over and gave her a kiss, and she hugged him and kissed him back fiercely.

    “What time is it?” she asked finally, releasing her grip on him as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

    “Just after four,” he replied, kissing her again, lightly this time. “Time to get up and get a shower and some breakfast…I’d like to be on the road by six, got quite a way to go today.” He kissed her again, and felt her hand touch his cock, already semi erect with the urge to take a piss. “Unh-ummm, not right now, love,” he told her, “We need to get ready to get on the road.”

    He made room for her to roll over and sit on the edge of the bunk beside him, and hugged her close to him, feeling the warmth of her body next his. “If you need to go to the bathroom right away, there’s the porta-john,” he told her. “If you can wait a few minutes until you can get dressed and get inside, that’s better.” She nodded, looking over at the coffee pot – it was agonizingly slow. “It’s a 12 volt pot,” he told her, “Takes longer, about 45 minutes to brew a pot of coffee. We can get in and get a shower and some breakfast inside, and it will be ready when we get back.” Amy nodded, and reached for her clothes.

    They dressed in silence, and Troy was glad he had gotten the extended version of the sleeper. When he had bought the tractor from a driver who wanted to retire, several months earlier, he had hoped one day his dream of having Amy travel with him might come true, and had selected the sleeper with the extra room just in case. Still, it was pretty cramped for two people trying to get dressed at once. He helped her pack some fresh clothes and her toiletries into a gym bag, along with his own, then moved up front to pull his boots on and pull back the curtains from around the cab windows.

    It was still full dark and very few drivers were up yet. As they climbed down from the cab, Amy could hear the big diesels running, keeping the batteries charged and running the air conditioners inside the cabs as the drivers slept. Troy locked the truck, then had her wait a moment while he took a walk to the back of the trailer, where another truck had backed up close behind him, the two trailers end to end about a foot apart. The heavy padlock on the doors of his trailer, and the seals the shipper had put there, were still intact – he hadn’t really doubted they would be, but still, he was carrying a high value load, and the trucking company said he was supposed to check.

    Inside the main building, Troy asked Amy if she would rather shower first or have breakfast first, and when she opted to shower first, he asked if she wanted a private shower, or if she wanted to share one. When she chose to share one, he stopped at a small machine, rather like an ATM, and inserted a card. Within seconds, he had a shower assigned to them and the door code, and they set off to find it, as Troy explained the showers were free for truckers who bought a minimum amount of fuel, and each chain of truck stops had their own system for keeping track of the truckers’ accounts. If he didn’t fuel up and had no showers in his account, he could pay for a shower at the fuel desk, but he usually kept a few showers in his account.

    Amy was surprised to find the bathroom and shower very clean, and Troy explained it was cleaned and sanitized after each use. The shower had a shower stall, of course, as well as a sink and toilet, but the toilet had no privacy. Troy offered to go ahead and shower first to give her some privacy, but Amy decided that was all part of the experience and put her inhibitions aside. While she used to toilet, he undressed and shaved at the sink, then he took his turn while she undressed and got the shower ready. Finally he slipped into the shower beside her, the hot water soaking them both.

    Troy soaked one of the oversize washcloths and squirted some of Amy’s body wash into it, and began gently washing her back, then down between the cheeks of her ass as she bent over a bit. He gently pushed her further over from behind, until she put her hands on the built in bench along the back wall of the shower. He rubbed the rough washcloth down along the crease of her ass, then stroked it between her legs and up and down the length of her slit. Amy gasped as the rough terry cloth brushed her clit and Troy rubbed it across the sensitive button several times before he removed his hand from between her legs. He began to lather up the wash cloth again, but Amy stood and turned around, taking his cock into her hands and stroking it as she dropped to her knees before him. She took his cock into her mouth, eager to please him, sucking it a bit as she stroked along the shaft with her hand, then licking slowly around the head as she looked up at him.

    The sight of Amy gazing up at him as she licked his cock, then kissed the head, then wrapped her lips around it and began to suck it into her mouth again, was incredibly arousing. Troy placed one hand on either side of her head and gently held it in place as he began to slowly fuck in and out of her mouth. She placed one hand underneath his scrotum, gently fondling his balls as he pushed his cock in and out of her mouth, driving a bit deeper each time. Finally he stopped, his cock as deep into her mouth as he could get it, and she began to gag as he held it there. She made no effort to move her head back, though he had only a light grip on the sides of her head, and instead tried to force the cock deeper into her mouth as she continued to stroke his balls. He could feel the muscles in her throat spasming against the head of his cock as she continued to gag, and slowly withdrew his cock, pleased that she had not drawn back.

    He slipped his cock from her lips and guided her to her feet, kissing her deeply as she stood, then turned her around and had her lean over the bench again. He stood behind her as she bent over, his hard cock pressing against her ass as he leaned over to reach around her and scrub her breasts, each one in turn, rubbing the rough, soapy wet terry cloth across her nipples. She reached between her legs and managed to grasp his cock, guiding the head of it to her yearning pussy, and she shifted and leaned back to allow his cock to penetrate her.

    He sank his cock deep into her, still rubbing her nipples with the rough cloth, until Amy took it from his hand and began to use it on her pussy, rubbing it over her clit as he placed one hand on each of her hips. His cock stroked in and out of her as she massaged her clit, and within a couple of minutes she was beginning to cum. She gasped as he slipped his cock out of her, wanting more, on the verge of cumming, and gasped again as she felt his cock enter her puckered ass, still slick with body wash. He thrust hard and sank his cock deep into her ass with one quick stroke, and Amy dropped the washcloth. She furiously fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit as he began ramming his cock into her ass, pulling her back to him with each stroke, pounding his cock into her roughly.

    Amy began to cum, and feeling her body spasm as she did so set off Troy’s own orgasm. He sank his cock as deeply into her ass as he could, pausing for a few seconds as his cum spurted inside her, then began fucking her hard again, wanting to continue as long as his cock was still hard enough to keep going. His cock rammed in and out of her ass, faster and faster as he felt it begin to soften, wanting to get as many strokes in as he could before he could go no further. Finally his limp cock slipped out of her ass, and he pulled Amy to her feet, hugging her close as he kissed her, long and deep. They held each other close, rubbing their wet bodies together as they kissed, Amy reaching down and taking his soft cock in her hand as he grabbed her by the ass cheeks, pulling her close to him.

    They finished their shower and dried each other off. Amy made sure his cock and balls were thoroughly dried, stroking them with the rough terry cloth towel, and was pleased when she saw his cock beginning to come back to life. This time she determined not to be denied, and lowered the cover over the toilet seat and had Troy sit while she knelt before him, taking his cock into her mouth once again. Their eyes locked again as she licked around the head of his cock, using her tongue to lick the drop of precum that had formed in the slit at the tip, then taking his cock into her mouth.

    Troy watched as she began to suck his cock, her hand stroking the length of the shaft as her lips took more of it in with each stroke. Her hand cradled his balls and began to gently knead them as she sucked greedily, and soon had the entire length of the shaft in her mouth again. He began to raise his hands to place them on the sides of her head, but she waved him off with her free hand, letting him know he should just lean back and enjoy it.

    Amy took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, and began to gag again, her throat muscles spasming around the head of his cock. She forced herself to push herself against his cock, taking it just a bit deeper, willing herself not to pull back as she gagged a bit harder. Troy loved the sensation of her throat spasming around his cock, and was intensely aroused as he saw how she was forcing herself to keep his cock deep in her throat and not back off. Finally Amy let the cock slip out a bit and give her room to take a deep breath, then she forced her mouth and throat back down on it again. Troy knew she was doing it to please him, and watched as she pushed hard onto his cock, gagging as she took it deeper into her throat. The feel of the muscle spasms against his cock began to drive him to orgasm again, and he reached down and took her head in his hands, their eyes still locked, and gently moved her head back to relieve her spasms.

    He began to cum again, this time deep into her mouth, and Amy began to swallow his cum as she moved her lips up and down the length of his cock, using her hand to stroke the shaft and milk every last drop of cum from him. She continued to suck his cock until it was completely drained and limp again, watching him watch her as she did so, knowing all she wanted to do now and for the next couple of weeks was to please this man and make him happy.
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    I've only just caught up with the second part (I've been reading my way through the competition stories, and still got a few to go yet), but I'm glad I made time to read this - it's hot! :p
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    How come this story keeps dropping down the pages :confused:

    I like this. I really hope we get another installment sometime soon FT. :kiss:
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