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  1. gnomad

    gnomad Porn Surfer

    Aug 5, 2018
    Daddy and son
    I was left in a sexless marriage several years ago when my wife moved into an other bedroom. Although still married she didn't want me touching her. I got tired of taking care of my desires alone, so I started checking on the Internet. I put an ad on a site for a son that wanted a daddy to play with. After about 4 months I got a reply from a 29 year old Hispanic man. My wife was at her flea market on weekends so I invited the young man to my house.

    He arrived on Saturday. He was 5'4" and about 160 lbs, clean and dressed in short sleeve shirt and jeans. He was nice looking and I liked him immediately. He had a little trouble speaking English but we managed to carry on a conversation. We sat together on the couch and I started to unbutton his shirt. He smiled but made no effort to stop me. He took the shirt off and unbuttoned mine. I love to have my nipples played with and he pinched one. I jumped and he stopped. I put his hand back on my nipple and he played with it, pinching and pulling gently. I started rubbing his thigh and I could see a small bulge in his jeans. I asked him to stand in front of me and I unzipped the jeans and removed them. All he had left on were his briefs. I hooked my thumbs in each side and slid them down. His cock was about 6 inches long, uncut, and small to average in girth, perfect for a novice like me. He motioned for me to stand up and he removed my pants and shorts. He sucked my cock and felt my ass. He turned me around and started to finger my asshole. He pushed on my shoulders to bend me over, put lube on my ass and his cock, and proceeded to try to get it into me. It hurt a little but gladly he wasn't really big. It was everything I expected but all too soon he exploded in me. We sat on the couch and talked. I was idly stroking his cock and it was getting hard again. I felt it jump in my hand and he was cumming again. I pinched the tip and got it in my mouth. When I released the tip it shot into my mouth. I sucked him dry, then got a towel and cleaned him up. He smiled when I told him I wanted his cum in my mouth. He said he had to go and asked when we could meet again. I said in two weeks.

    Two weeks later he arrived again. This time when I opened the door he stepped inside, put his arms around me and said it was good to see his daddy again, then gave me a kiss. His tongue was trying to get into my mouth and soon our tongues were together. I reached down and felt him and he was already hard. This time we went into the bedroom. When I pulled his pants down I took his already hard cock in my mouth to taste it. He had me stand up and did the same for me. it felt wonderful when he took my cock in his warm mouth while he fingered my ass. I knew what he wanted so I motioned to the bed. He soon had me on my knees and I could feel the lube on my ass and his finger probing me. Then he pressed his hard cock against me and soon he was inside. I pushed back against him to get it deep in my ass. That really got him going and soon he was like a dog fucking his bitch. He knew I liked it so when he unloaded in my ass he put his cock in my mouth and I sucked and licked him clean. We lay there for a little while and he started sucking and playing with my tits. I was playing with his cock and he was getting hard again. He got on top in the 69 position and began to suck my cock. When his cock was in my mouth he started raising up and down and was fucking my mouth. I kept my tongue and lips tight around it and soon he gave me a mouthful of his sweet cum. We rested for about 10 minutes and he said he had to go and hoped he could see me again in two weeks. I said yes.

    Next time started out much the same, tongue kissing by the door, then headed to the bedroom. When I removed his briefs his cock hit my face. I said bad boy and spanked him lightly. I told him I was sorry for doing it so I kissed and licked his ass where I spanked him. He was pushing his ass into my face and when my tongue touched his hole I could feel him shiver so I didn't stop. I was trying to tongue fuck his ass but he stopped me saying he was going to cum if I continued. He grabbed the lube, put me on my knees, and mounted me. It seemed like only a few strokes when I felt his cock throbbing in my ass. He said daddy has a tight ass. We lay side by side and I rubbed his cock and balls. It wasn't long before he was getting hard again. I thought we would do 69 again but he said he wanted my ass again. I didn't move so he rolled me over, with a little help from me, and put me on my knees. He didn't need any lube this time because I still had his cum in my ass. He would reach around me and grab both my tits. I guess it was a combination of his cock rubbing my prostate and having my tits played with but I could feel my balls starting to tighten. I reached down and was going to stroke my cock but I only touched it and I shot my load. I was exhausted. It was too much excitement for an old man.

    We continued to meet for about two years. We varied the procedure from time to time. He might straddle my face and fuck my mouth. He also had me on my back with my knees pulled up while he used my ass. One time he had me on my side but said he didn't like it much. I have a lot of precum and he loved licking it off the tip of my cock. He sucked me off a couple of times. I wasn't able to do cum every time but it still felt great. My wife closed her flea market so I wasn't able to have my son to the house. We tried to find someplace to meet but weren't succesful. I haven't talked to him in about a year, but we had 2 fantastic years to play out our desires.
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