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    Feb 9, 2018

    I found this old, confusing and difficult to read tale which appealed to my once addiction to voyeur up skirts with a concealed video camera. It is so close to what I did, it appealed, but has taken some work to knock into a readable shape. A lot is improbable but a lot rings true because I've been there

    The text is initially the voyeur and Irma his girlfriend on a joint, planned mission to capture footage and stills of her, just for kicks and later enjoyment

    As you get out of the car you're already starting to feel your pussy pulse and get wet with the thoughts of what you are going to be doing here. You are at The Mall with your boyfriend Me, with some plans to do some genuine and naughty shopping. As you walk towards the shade of the atrium, people......well men, are already turning heads and hoping for a longer look. You and I don't blame them, and snigger about how many other people like us are present...I mean voyeurs. We all like to watch something nice, hot and provocative and dressed in club wear. I'm thinking night club rather than sports club, but equally how many are armed with concealed cameras? Your short black dress that comes to just below your delectable arse cheeks and that crop top which allows your unfettered tits to jiggle or fall out at the slightest bending over.

    Your four inch black heels click sharply as you walk on the pavement toward the door into the building and your new black fishnet stockings look amazing, running all the way up your slender shapely legs to that delicious meeting place between those luscious thighs. I bet the minimal black transparent thong I saw you put on this morning, with a delicate image of pussy cats gives you another little jolt of pleasure as you see the first escalator, maybe it's rasping against your cunt lips or giving you a wedgie. You told me last night in the planning about the intense thrill knowing that anyone behind you will get a good look up at your tight arse and if they are lucky - your crack. At the swing doors, you tell me you have primed your cell phone to quick dial. I in turn confirm the video cameras are in place and switched on. The new expensive gadget we bought fits snug into my over size sunglasses, receiving an instant signal and transmitting the scene the cameras will capture. One cam in the bag , the other on my lapel...ready to go.

    I watch you walking toward the escalator, your arse cheek providing that extra sway and wiggle, tempting people to look your way. I drop back to watch as you ride up it getting my camera ready to catch the upskirt shot and hopefully the look on some ones face when they realize what they are actually witnessing, right there in such a busy public place. People are everywhere, dashing hither and thither, barging, shoving, strolling, sauntering and you know they can see almost everything you have below waist level clearly.

    Click I get one of you halfway up and I can already see the bottom of your arse cheeks peeping out. Click this one captures the look of the middle aged man with his wife who couldn't resist looking up your skirt, unfavourable grimaces etched on her face...not so on his. Absolutely priceless his is look of astonishment and lust and hers is shock, anger and then yes I do think I see some envy on her face too. We will have to see if we can set you up to turn her on some more later. She's not as pretty and curvaceous as you but no matter, she wearing a knee length light weight dress.

    Click this one is taken just as you step off and damn if it's not amazing. I had followed the last youngish, not as young as us – maybe mid 30s, couple onto the escalator. Being a skilled operator with weeks of having fun and practice with you, I delve a bit lower with the concealed bag camera and get a shot Click up her pretty flouncy frilly white dress with no sleeves. Her tan tights nearly put me off to be honest, but the seam up the back was interesting in this day and age and wow! she's wearing hold ups and has a lovely round bum – extra curves and folds. It's chubby, must be a thong and I think maybe there is a sanitary pad tucked in them.

    Before she so charmingly distracted me I was looking right up your dress and the image was amazing. I can just barely see your thong in your crack, but your arse is in all its glory, complete with that one pimple, the cute, as I call it, dark brown birth mark in the shape of Cyprus two inches away from your shit hole. Some peopled might think you haven't wiped you bum properly, but I know different, having licked it this morning. There are also red scars, soon to disappear, where you sat in the car. As previously planned you wait a few moments to make sure I am on the same floor level you are and then continue on into the mall. Click click I snap a few photos to get onlookers faces even though they sadly can't see what the young couple WE are talking to each other about across the landing. You head to one of the stores TMax on the first floor to try and find some good clothes to show off your lush body. I start moseying around when I get a little vibration through my phone from you - the signal that I should find you to take a pic, I look around easily spotting your beautiful head and shoulders and find you looking at some sheer tops and short skirts

    Click I take a photo of you browsing, Click that one is taken of you bending over to grab something from the bottom shelf which pulls your skirt almost completely up and gives another delicious view of your rump.

    An elderly, grey haired, distinguished looking man saunters - a very very slow saunter, past the stunning view attracting him and we grin at each knowingly. He lingers just a little longer...it's his lucky day and I don't grudge him the prize. You bend over and grab the skirt you are looking to try on. You look over to the very helpful and also very cute store black employee whose label tells you her name is Jessie. Mr Diplomat or whatever wanders off.

    "Can you have these taken into the dressing room ready for me to try one?"

    She smiles

    "Yes no problem madam and seeing as you are here alone if you need another opinion I can help you out with that as well."

    You blush a little as you think she's so sweet and so cute. She's got one of those Caribbean faces with a full jaw and sort of forward mouth, with huge pink lip. Her flattish nose flare nicely. She's a bit too munch over done make up wise but that creates an even more exotic look.

    "That would be wonderful, let's go and get some of this stuff on"

    You walk into the small cubicle with the helpful Jessie following in your wake. Click I smile as I take a shot of her eyeing you up and down admiring you, as you sway in, I follow a few minutes later, grabbing a casual lumberjack shirt off the rack almost at random so I don't look too random. I find I am just in time, almost losing a prime viewing spot until I lower the camera under the cubicle wall to see you showing off your current change of attire to Jessie.

    The nice thing being with you is that you are aware of my bag and it's camera under the cubicle wall, where otherwise I would be at risk of the changing person spotting the bag. It's innocuous but best not to linger too long. Click you are standing there in a white transparent striped shirt and a white short short skirt and I can see your nipple rings and areolae from where I am standing about five feet away. Jessie must be getting a great view.

    Click Yes she is - she is shuffling her feet and blushing a little bit as you pose for her. "How do I look?" you ask, already knowing the answer from her big Negroid mouth dropped open expression. I don't think she realized you weren't wearing a bra.

    "Yummy" she mutters, to herself but we both heard it. Her eyes widen and her black and pink tones hand streaks to her mouth, when she realizes what she said and your glamorous smile gets bigger,

    "Uummm....I mean ….. ummm that shirt fits you perfectly and the skirt.......", she tries to recover composure.

    "Oh I like yummy,” You snicker having heard her. “What do you think of the look from my back I cant look over my shoulder very well."

    There are mirrors, but I sense getting her involved is on your evil mind. With this you turn around and. Click shit! I almost blew my load right there when you turn and yes the skirt is extremely short, much less of it than your dress, and now I can see the bottom half of your cheeks, and Jessie is in heaven licking her lips ….as I am and I've licked your cheeks many times....Yummy!

    Damn I want to taste that Jessie is thinking to herself. She must be getting wet.

    "That shirt fits you great but the skirt is really short. I don't know if you want to wear it out"

    "Oh I don't mind as long as the skirt fits me correctly - then how short it is - is just how short it is," you confidently reply over your shoulder. "Only thing is does my black thong show through the white skirt?"

    Jessie thinks to herself,

    "Yes you can see it through the skirt, sort of...er...like er ruins the whole thing - looks a little tarty", she ventures careful of not upsetting a customer.

    "You are so right, although I like a bit of tarty...my boyfriend certainly does,” you grin and wink at the low down camera. “ I hate it when you can see a girl's underwear through her clothes". With this you just grab your thong and drop it to your feet with your back turned and Jessie standing there now completely slack jawed.

    My god I saw her pussy and that dark smudge round her arse hole! This thought careens through Jessie's mind as you straighten back up,


    "Um,Uh, sooo much better now it looks perfect on you". Jessies's mind is in a whirl. She has never been with a girl but her feelings are now undeniable she wants you and she wants you now.

    "You know what? I wish I had some photos of these outfits so I could compare them and get the one that looks the best" she looks at me "Hey mister I noticed your feet out there waiting for your wife or girlfriend,” you call out.

    Jessie looks amazed as I try the door, which she opens a smidgeon.

    “You have a camera strap hanging from your backpack could you just take a few photos for me and send them to me later?",

    She is such a good little slut I think to myself while responding

    "Of course let me just" Click I get one with you standing there facing me then Click you turn around and I get the lower arse cheeks.

    "Let me change into the next outfit",

    Oh my god what am I thinking? Jessie is starting to lost control to lust

    "I actually loved how that looked on you so much I think I'm going to try it on as well and since you have a cameraman I can get to choose which one looks best as well. “The black cutie volunteers. “ I cannot believe I just said that but I am so horny maybe joining this girl in her shopping will get me a little closer to her.

    I almost had a heart attack, now not only am I getting shots of my girlfriend but this hot little store assistant wants in too, damn it must be my lucky day.

    "Hey instead of having to change and then give you the clothes why don't you just change in here and we can just swap?" You cleverly motion to Jessie,

    "That sounds wonderful" Jessie replies.

    I look at her My god I think she is falling in love - I think to myself.

    "What do you think should I put the panties back on or leave them off for this next skirt?" You ask Jessie to see how far she wants to go. With nary a thought she drops her slacks and I see her candy striped white briefs and then she takes the plain grey uniform top off and she has this lovely little almost semi transparent bra on. I tense my cock.

    "Oh I think you should just keep them off" you say, pulling the chosen white skirt and the white top on.

    "Think I should take mine off?" asks Jessie. PLEASE say yes my mind screams,

    "Oh definitely. Like I said it looks horrible with underwear showing through" advise her with solemn tones as you put on the skirt and a little top that is basically falling off. It just drapes around the neck and down over your breasts just begging you to lean forward and show everything.

    Jessie pulls her bra off and I get to see her wonderful bulky glossy black nipples that are straining against the fabric they are so hard,

    I cant wait to get a taste of this girl, You think to yourself and open the door.

    Click damn this is hot. "You both look breathtaking" I say as I take the first shot Click then the next of the girls posing to the mirror, and as they turn around "Hey I can see your panties through your skirt" You loudly whisper to Jessie.

    "Oh yeah" she chuckles facing away from me and automatically grabs her panties and bends over at the waist pulling them off her feet.

    Click Click Click, "Damn I forgot about the camera man"

    "Its a good thing he's hot" Jessie whispers to Irma. Those 3 photos are simply amazing, she has a completely shaved little pussy just like Irma but unlike Irma she has no pussy lips jutting out tucked up inside and her arsehole is nice and pink and looks untouched.

    “Golly I forgotten he was here,” you giggle. “See me outside when we're done and you can send the photos to my mobile. Thanks.”

    I am dismissed and place the bag back where it started.

    You straighten and turn and say something to Irma, then you both leave the cubicle and come to me.

    "OK Jessie here works her but is senior enough for us to move onto another store, through there,” you tell me and gesture. I shrug and nod and transfer a few shots to your cell phone. You both leave me.

    I follow at a discreet distance. You know I will but your black cute companion doesn't.

    The changing rooms in Net-a-Porter are less secure with just curtains that slide over the small cubicle, but I find a suitable place to lurk amongst a few other guys hanging around, some with kids.

    “Jessie you should try on these other two outfits,” you suggest, giving the bag a gentle nudge to indicate we are in contact. “You did what???You signed off work to come around with me shopping....? Cool! You can come with me to try on more I can really use your opinions.”

    I think I am going to have a very good set of pictures to post later on. With that the two girls start giggling and whispering and at long last I can manoeuvre the bag to the right place and actually video and observe the results.

    It's not good - legs and feet obscure the view, until the door opens and damn do they look good. I stay out of sight. Irma is in a see through black top that shows off her gold nipple rings nicely while she is now wearing a white short skirt and a pair of white heels, Jessie is in a white see through top which shows her nipples off nicely and is in a black skirt and black heels.

    "OK we are done here, we're just going to purchase these OK then go?” You volunteer for my knowledge. Jess nods, looking a little flushed but otherwise looks to be having fun while Irma is looking horny as hell.

    The girls head to the counter and pay for what they have decided to get and walk out of the shop. I follow and start to notice that everyone is now watching these two hot little sluts walking through the mall, tits on display and arses basically hanging out from their short skirts. As they approach the next elevator, apparently now going for a coffee, I start to get very excited to see what they had decided to wear for underwear. As they started up, Irma dropped her cell phone knowing I was in convoy and Jessie bent over to pick it up. Click My good god she is not wearing panties... I got an amazing shot of her tight little black pussy and a glimpse of inner pink lips until Irma twisted and fiddled with her bag and Click she isn't wearing any either, Wow! this just got better.