1. Diana D.

    Diana D. Porn Surfer

    Are there any other mother's on here that have walked in on their son masturbating?
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    1. OmiOmy
      I'm a son that been walked in on.
      OmiOmy, Dec 8, 2018 at 1:38 PM
  2. Danrb007

    Danrb007 Sex Lover

    Aug 4, 2017
    I have thought about wanting to catch my daughter masturbating does that count?
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  3. Diana D.

    Diana D. Porn Surfer

    After several months of finding my son's crusty socks under the bed or my panties under the pillow I walked in on him jacking off to some nudes my husband had taken of me..
    We both starred at each other for a moment.
    Please don't move mom , my son requested as he continued jacking off with his eyes glued to my braless boobs .
    I felt my nipples harden as he starred at my boobs..
    In the heat of the moment from his doorway ,I pulled up my shirt at my son's request .
    Several seconds later he moaned ,oh ya Mom thanks and he started shooting his load..
    I quickly turned and said your welcome..

    I returned to my room and masturbated thinking of what I had witnessed.
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    1. Leps
      What an amazing experience it must of been for your son
      Leps, Dec 8, 2018 at 11:54 PM
  4. Raycums4U

    Raycums4U Porno Junky

    Dec 7, 2016
    Your son is lucky to have a mother like you sexy and hot
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  5. ohbegentle

    ohbegentle Amateur

    Feb 22, 2015
    Was it a stimulating encounter ???
  6. Diana D.

    Diana D. Porn Surfer

    You guys already have forums for that.
    Let the woman share..
    Please feel free to read and let us know if you like w h at you read.
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    1. Danrb007
      not a problem. sorry I posted that
      Danrb007, Dec 8, 2018 at 11:34 AM
  7. Diana D.

    Diana D. Porn Surfer

    Guys thanks for all the wonderful comments I have received.

    I will continue sharing stories about my son's..

    Over the next few days my oldest son was interacting with me much more.
    He offered to help me with the dishes , fold laundry and other household chores..
    During these tasks our bodies bumped and brushed each other's..
    One such morning my son had a pair of shorts on and was helping me clean out the shed
    I had on shorts and a bikini top..

    All of the sudden we both turned and bummed into each other .
    I lost my balance as stated to fall..
    My son trying to catch me landed on top of me..
    Looking in my eyes he asked if I was ok.
    I responded yes..
    He was positioned perfectly between my legs..

    My mind began racing, thinking about what my husband said when I told him the story about walking in on our son masturbating.
    My husband not only told me he wanted me to continue this with our son,
    But that it was a fantasy of his .
    He was hoping that someday both our son's would have me sexually.
    During our hot love making my husband had whisper in my ear we could have family gangbangs and three ways
    Sending me into a massive orgasm..

    I wiggled a little my clit on his now getting hard quickly cock..
    I gave it a push then reached down and pulled my son's ass and we started dry humping
    On the dirty shed floor..
    Clumsily my son removed my bikini top..

    Stop , this is awkward .
    I kissed my son let's go inside..
    He helped me up .
    I pushed a boob to his lips and he sucked it..
    He sucked it much like he did when I breast feed him..
    My pussy was wet..
    His cock was rock hard.
    I bet down and put him in my mouth..
    My god, my son yelled out.
    Seconds later I felt him twitch and he unloaded in my mouth..

    We both ran to the house
    I was still topless when we entered the back door.
    My youngest was playing videos games in the living room as we walked by unnoticed.

    My oldest quickly following behind me to the master bedroom..
    Pulling off our shorts I pushed him down on his back and mounted him.
    I ran my pussy lips over his Simi hard cock that soon standing getting hard again..
    I bet over telling him how to kiss and pull my nipples tell he was rock hard..
    Mommy's need to be satisfied I said..
    I lowered myself on his cock..

    Once all the way in I asked my son is he was ok.
    He replied yes, your so warm inside..
    Hand me my phone please.
    He reached it on my nightstand and I took a photo .

    My hips began moving , faster, yet even faster I pumped his cock in me..
    Then I exploded and climaxed over and over before laying down on my son.
    After a moment I rolled over.
    My son still hard began fucking me..
    Little slower I said..
    Once we got our rhythm going another orgasm..
    Then i felt my son twitch and moan.
    I wrapped my legs around him as he started to shoot his load in me..
    I milked his cock with my pussy muscles.

    I took another photo to show my husband later.
    Totally satisfied we lay next to each other dozing off.
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    1. oldmanhank
      A hot mama, pussy needing her son's young cock is something I want to see, ok maybe just read more of.
      oldmanhank, Dec 8, 2018 at 4:13 PM
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    2. Smaltownboy
      Loved the story but would love to c those pics
      Smaltownboy, Dec 10, 2018 at 2:27 PM
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  8. Hungnfertile

    Hungnfertile Amateur

    Sep 28, 2015
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  9. Koi

    Koi Amateur

    Aug 22, 2016
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  10. PCOutlaw

    PCOutlaw Porn Surfer

    Mar 12, 2018
    Thank you for sharing, so hot and sexy fucking your son with your husbands approval
  11. Diana D.

    Diana D. Porn Surfer

    20181118_083350_kindlephoto-823647.jpg 20181118_083350_kindlephoto-823647.jpg 20181118_083350_kindlephoto-823647.jpg
    This photo was taken by my husband three weeks ago minutes before
    I walked to my youngest son's bedroom who was visiting us for thanksgiving.
    I kissed my husband goodnight and he turned on the cameras in my son's room to watch..
    The next time I saw my husband was eight hours later..
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  12. lastkiss555

    lastkiss555 Porn Star

    May 7, 2016
    Mmmm so naughty an sexy
  13. mindfuck52

    mindfuck52 Sex Machine

    Dec 26, 2013
    Fucking hot
  14. Wazzaox

    Wazzaox Porn Star

    Mar 7, 2018
    Hubby ever join you two ?
  15. Diana D.

    Diana D. Porn Surfer

    The first summer both my son's returned from college we decided to spend a month at our private lake house..
    My husband would join us Friday evening and return home Sunday late afternoon..

    I had just put on my new bikini when the phone rang..
    It was my husband asking how I was doing.
    I told him I had just put on my new bikini.
    The boys ,he asked...
    Don't do anything I wouldn't.
    We both laughed and said see you Friday..

    I looked in the mirror..
    Wow the triangles just covered my nipples
    The bottom just covered my mound..
    I wondered why even put this on..
    I'm not trying to get picked up at the beach..
    My boys are here.

    I returned to my bedroom and heard holly shit mom..
    You look amazing..
    I slowly started to grin when I turned to see the bulge in their trunks laying on my bed.
    What's this about I asked..
    They both replied your breasts in that bikini..
    I removed my top and said pull em out boys..
    Stroke them , stroke them for mommy as I crawling in between them .
    when you ready come on my tits...
    Next time you come, come in me.
    I pushed down my bottoms and began fingering myself.

    Omg it must be morning..
    I hated to open my eyes .
    I could feel someone pressing against my back,one arm was around me .
    His hand on my boob..
    I could hear his slow breathing . He was still sleeping.
    I cracked one eye open and looked at the clock..8am..

    Several inches in front of me lay my oldest..
    His brown eyes looking straight into mine..
    I closed my eys recalling last night..
    It reminded me of the first time my youngest walked in or his brother fucking me in the bathroom..

    That was our first DP..
    It was vagina and oral then..

    Last night they both took me in the ass and pussy...
    I felt my eldest moving closer out lips met...
    Down my neck .
    I felt my youngest getting hard again..

    He pushed my legs open and rubbed his cock over my pussy lips..
    No again boys please..

    I was quickly quieted my oldest cock being pushed into my mouth..
    I moved a little to give him better access..
    I truly love my son fucking my mouth..
    He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock past my gag reflex..
    Once down my throat he slowly used one inch thrusts..

    My youngest inserted my dildo..
    Once it completely filled my pussy he pushed his cock into my ass..
    Once he was completely in ,my youngest started pumping his cock and the dildo in me together..
    God I have my boys trained..
    And off I went..
    One orgasm after another..
    They had me air tight..

    My youngest stopped..
    On three we rolled onto his back..
    With my youngest still in my ass ,
    My eldest pushed my legs back placing them on his shoulders..
    Once comfortable I nodded ok and he parted my pussy lips and sank his shaft in me..
    This went on for a good thirty minutes and finally they came so I could go back to sleep.

    Before the returned to college the both invited some of the college buddies to stay with us..
    It was the first gangbang for most..
    That's another story.
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  16. Diana D.

    Diana D. Porn Surfer

    Today's my brother's birthday..
    I'm taking him to breakfast then will probably watch football in bed after .
    His wife won't be there because she knows we see each other.

    I remember the time I walked in on him masturbating.
    I was thirteen. Nothing happened tell a few years later..
    Then almost every afternoon before our parents got home we fucked.

    I remember when my husband found out..
    My brother came to stay with us f or a week while in town on business.
    I was worried how to tell him so I started hinting how close I was to my brother while in bed with my husband.
    A few days before he came I put on a sexy white short skirt and a baby blue tank top.
    I asked my husband how he liked it..
    God your hot..
    I dropped to my knees and took my husband in my mouth..
    Sucking him I said I got this for my brothers visit..
    Although he never responded I was sure I had his interest.

    Moments before my brother arrived I walked out of the bedroom and looked into my husband's eyes.
    I had on the same short white skirt.
    But had decided to put on my husband's favorite sheer cocktail top that clearly showed my braless boobs and dark nipples
    What you think, I asked.
    Your amazing he replied.
    I turned around and lifted my shirt revealing my bare ass...
    I rubbed my ass over my husband's cock...Making him hard..
    I lead him to the couch and sat down . I unzipped his pants and started sucking him.
    I pulled up my top for him to fondle my breasts....
    And the doorbell rang..
    Hold still I'll finish in second..

    Running to the door I opened it and wrapped my arms around my brother's neck.
    He pulled me up and we kissed..
    We kissed passionately..
    He put his hand on bare ass and moan hell ya baby..
    Pushing his cock into my belly up against the wall..
    Slow down baby let me introduce my husband who was now smiling stroking his cock..

    Well this wasn't how I planned this..
    I put my husband back in my mouth and sucked him for several minutes before turning to my brother and helping him undress.
    I removed my top and dropped my skirt.

    I turned to my brother and we kissed .
    I opened my legs a little and rubbed my freshly shaved pussy over my brother's cock..
    In return he slid his cock over my pussy lips as I let out a load moan..

    I looked at my husband and said please..

    He smiled and asked can I watch..
    Yes I replied..

    We had fantasized about other men fucking me.
    Married less than a year the time had come.
    We walked to the master bedroom to become my husband shared wife..
    Who would have known it was going to be my brother.
    The first man he watched fuck me, had fucked me for years..

    After sex we showered.
    I put on one of my husband's tees and showed my brother the house and his room.
    My husband was a good sport that week.
    He was happy taking photos and watching.
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  17. jayryn33

    jayryn33 Sex Machine

    Feb 26, 2018
    You and your stories are smoking fucking hot, more please, got my cock so hard.
  18. Diana D.

    Diana D. Porn Surfer

    My soon to be daughter-in-law was standing with with me in the kitchen when she gave me a lustful smile.
    We had just walked in from floating around our pool nude..

    She came closer putting her lips on my nipple as she dropped the towel that was around my waist.
    This was nothing new..
    Katie had attended a dozen house parties in our home and has been sexually active with everyone..

    Our lips met as we each put a finger in each other..

    Laughing we wondered who would come look for us as we got comfortable on the bed..
    I crawled between her legs ..
    Once she orgasmed , she moved down between mine..
    She was on her knees between my legs when I husband poked his head in..
    He immediately started stroking his cock...
    My husband got behind Katie and I felt her hot breath on my pussy and her hands squeezing my legs as his cock sank into her pussy..
    My husband had his rhythm going when my two son's joined us..

    Regrouping Katie and I lay on the bed .
    My son mounted me and my husband finished In Katie before her soon to be brother-in-law took his spot..

    Another Sunday at our house.
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  19. jayryn33

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    Feb 26, 2018
    Hard again :)
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  20. DTrumpet

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    Apr 3, 2016
    Sounds like a lot of BS to me