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  1. Lochlan

    Lochlan Newcumer

    Jul 7, 2018
    Hi. So, my stepdaughter just turned 18. After walking in on her mother and me having sex, her curiousity about my dick was mostly the topic on her mind.
    She asked her mother about how i am in bed etc, but i was never told about it.
    So, whet it came time for her 18th, my wife asked me a strange question.
    If i would mind fucking "Mindy", so she can experience a big dick, instead of school boy wieners.
    Surprised at first, but was given a hall pass. So, i agreed to fuck " Mindy".

    After the party, we all had a few good drinks and myself, my wife and "Mindy", each shared a joint too, so the guests went home.
    I thought i should lay down for a while, to get ready for this request i was given. Next thing, Mindy walks into the room and sits on the bed. I already had a semi, but with her hands stroking over my crotch, my dick got harder than the floor underneath the bed.
    When she felt how hard and big it was, her eyes grew to the size of a side plate. While my hands were behind my head, she undid my pants and started to kiss my dick head.
    Felt like she knew what to do, because when her lips wrapped around my dick, my hands could not stay behind my head anymore.
    Grabbing her pony tail, i gently guider her head up and down my shaft, while the other hand was finding its way up her short mini skirt. So smooth was her pussy. Soft and tight.
    My fingers tickled her lips and clit and i felt the wetness seeping through those lips.
    She asked me if i can stay laying down, because she wants to sit on my face so i can lick her pussy, while she sucks me.
    Hardly 5 minutes later, that smooth twat squirted like a geyser, on my chest.
    I lifted her off me and lay her flat on her belly. Lubed my dick and rubbed some into her pussy lips.
    I started penetrating her and her moans became screams. Still tight and so beautifull. After i was all the way in, i lifted her to her knees and started fucking her slowly, rubbing her ass ring at the same time. She squirted 3 more times while i was fucking her from behind. Then, her mother came in and started stripping. She got on the bed and started to rub my balls while her daughter was moaning on her knees in front of me.

    I eventually fucked them both that night and they sucked me untill i came over their tits. The decided to treat me to a show of oral action, while i slipped my dick into Mindy's ass.

    After that night, my wife said mindy was off limits to me, as it was a once off, but we still have great sex every other day.

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  2. bigbrother07

    bigbrother07 Kitty Saver

    May 15, 2018
    Hot, however proofreading would have caught several misspelled words.
  3. armymann_30

    armymann_30 Porn Surfer

    Aug 19, 2010
    Loved it, man I would love to find myself in this situation.