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  1. latecomer91364

    latecomer91364 Sex Machine

    Aug 3, 2017
    This happened several years after I met Chloe:

    While she was at first just a casual hookup, it was not long before my dearest Chloe would become my most treasured friend. A truly real person, the only 'lie' about her was the nine inch shaved Irish penis lurking underneath her girly frills.

    On occasion, I've wished that we could have loved each other as life partners, but both of us wanted the same thing: a 'real' man. For me, a man or a very understanding woman would do, although I had only ever been in love with women. At that point, I wasn't sure I could ever have that emotional relationship with a man, so in theory, Chloe would have perfectly bridged that gap. Fooling around and having mind-blowing sissy sex together was one thing, but Chloe and I were destined to be soul-mate friends at best. And that best is far better than good enough.

    She is a striking beauty, like Maureen O'Hara in her prime, and every bit as strong and willful as Maureen's screen persona. With a 28 inch waist, long toned legs, and that flaming mane of wavy red hair flowing down to the middle of her back, she could (and did) get the straightest of men to kneel down in front of her.
    Before Chloe, I rarely went out in public dressed, because I don't pass nearly as well as her. The only times I would brave it were at events like the Pride Parade, where I felt protected by a huge buffer zone of people like me. She was the one who convinced me that crossdressing and passing was a sliding scale, and wherever your God given looks placed you on that scale, you needed to own it, and do the best you can with what you've got.

    I gradually accepted that the men who wanted me would want me not because they could fool themselves into pretending I was really a woman, but because I was a man wearing women's clothes: a faggot, possibly the naughtiest (in my mind) of all the sub-phyla of the gay family. It was true, and she taught me that about myself. I am bisexual, but when I play gay, I want to be the biggest fag I can be. I don't want to be a woman: I want to suck cock and get butt fucked dressed as a woman, but I am always a man nonetheless.

    When Chloe and Sean first saw each other, I was there. Unfortunately, my boyfriend Carter was out of the country (I'll have to tell you how I met him - THAT was a wild night) , but we played separately with each other's knowledge and permission. It was a huge party in the Hollywood Hills, at the intersection of bi, gay, CD and tranny. I liked Sean well enough, but Chloe and he fell in love, literally at first sight. I had only seen this in movies, but leave it to Chloe to prove once again that fantasies can become reality.

    That night, I literally watched her life transform. It was like a movie, where everyone else in the room froze in time, leaving only Chloe and Sean animated as they discovered each other. She saw him first, talking to the host and his tranny wife. Chloe made a beeline for them, giving the wife a hug and kiss. She introduced them, and that, as they say, was all she wrote.

    A while later, I could feel their new love course from his body into hers as he fucked her anus from behind while she sucked my cock. I was pounding my own asshole up and down on some guy's eight inch rod. I didn't even know my butt fucker's name, but that was not uncommon the way these parties unfolded. All around us, at least forty people fucked, sucked rimmed and generally slobbered all over each other wherever there was a foot or two of free space.

    As Sean slammed himself into the new and future love of his life, she looked up at me. I'll never forget that look. Even with her lips on my dick, I knew. I saw her, and I knew. I can't explain how, but this incredible thing that happened between them was obvious from the first hello, and snowballed from there+. I had never seen Chloe look at any other person the way she looked at Sean.

    It was in her eyes as she blew me. She was happier than I'd ever seen her, and I'd seen this girl pretty goddamn happy. But it was not the 'I'm getting fucked really well' kind of happy, this was so much more. Tears of joy welled up in my eyes, causing my eyeliner to run. She was so beautiful, so deserving of true unconditional love. I loved her and was overcome with happiness for her.

    She had been there when I had met my own boyfriend, and showed no jealousy, only full, loving support. Now I knew what that felt like, and was happy beyond tears to feel that for her. I think very few people could detect the sadness of the unfulfilled that lurked deep within her soul, even while she joyously attacked her life of wanton sex. Even through the front she put up, I knew it was there.

    So there I was, bouncing on a cock, with Chloe sucking my dick, and I'm crying. Sean and Chloe both noticed. As impossible as it sounds, she knew exactly why. She lifted her mouth off me, steadied her doggy position with one hand, reached up, cupped the back of my neck with the other, and brought my face close to hers. It reminded me of the moment we first met, and it only made me cry all the harder.

    Cheek to cheek, she whispered, "You know I'll always love you."

    I kissed her hard, as passionately as I ever had, and slobbered, "I love you Chloe. I hope it's real."

    She sucked my tongue from its root to its tip, letting it go, and pulling back. "It is."

    I straightened back up, my eyes still locked with Chloe's. The trance was broken as a huge pole of black cock closed in on my face, framed by a white garter belt and stockings, which swooped in towards my mouth. I opened wide and giggled. It reminded me of the way you feed a baby, swooping the spoon towards their mouth like an airplane. I hungrily wrapped my lips around the massive head of this gorgeous fat black rod. I was at a party, and I needed to break this weird trance and be the fun girl people rightfully expected me to be.

    I knew this cock. The head alone was the size of a tennis ball. I looked up at the owner of the huge ebony dick-plane that just taxied into my mouth-hangar. It was Shalikka, a big beautiful tranny with a massive set of tits encased in a white bustier, although one was pulled out over the cup. I slid my hand up to tweak and play with her exposed nipple while I power sucked as much of her thick prick as I could get down my throat. God, she stretched my lips to the limit. I found myself wishing the guy I was riding would finish up so I could get Shalikka's precious boner up my ass.

    I let my rhythm fall into place,and humping the cock I straddled, squeezing hard to make him my bitch, taking his control away and forcing his ejaculate from him, while sucking in and out as far as I could on Shalikka's black behemoth. I wanted her fat cock in my anus so bad. What a selfish girl I am: not happy enough with a dick in my mouth and one in my ass, I needed to play musical chairs and get the dude fucking me to come and go so Shalikka could replace him.

    I got my wish. The nameless guy pounding my fuck hole started flopping around underneath me, gasping erratically. I pounded extra hard and fast to force the cum out of him, and he seized up, flooding my bowels with hot sperm. He pumped it out like a machine. God, he came a lot, getting my asshole really slick and slimy. I felt it as it was squeezed out around his dick, warming me from within, then oozing out and running down along my ass crack.

    I was impressed. I think every girl like me knows how much we treasure truly big cummers, and this guy was like Peter North. He pushed himself all the way up me and held very still. I ground my ass on his pole, milking the last of his semen as it emigrated from the inside of his body to the inside of mine: travel Visa approved!

    I knew when he put his hands on my hips that he was getting too sensitive, so I slowly lifted my asshole up and off of him. He slid out of my greasy anal canal, and the sudden removal let loose a warm flow of cum from within. His pearly white goo dripped onto the inside of his thigh and ran in a line as he wriggled out from under me. He put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek, just a couple of inches away from big black cock that was working my lips.

    I let loose of Shalikka's dick and gave him a big sloppy kiss, which he enthusiastically returned. Being a selfish girl, I needed to meet him. It's funny how, at these parties, so many nameless men can leave sperm in your bowels, and you never even really meet them, and may never see them again. I know it sounds shallow, but this guy merited my attention merely by virtue of the volume of sperm he produced.

    I moaned into his mouth, "God, that was awesome! What's your name, baby?"

    "Kevin. What's yours?"

    I made sure to stroke Shalikka's cock, keeping her going, as my mouth had diverted into this introduction and said, "Faye. Faye Gella."

    He laughed, "Awesome. I totally get it. Fagella. And my, my... you are a most excellent fagella"

    "Mmmm. I'd love to get your big load in my mouth sometime, Kevin."

    "The night is young, honey. But right now I think you can quench your thirst with Shalikka."

    He kissed me again, then took my head in both hands and turned it back to face the dark dick I was stroking. Happily, I slipped it in and started sucking hard as Kevin wandered away. After a few in and outs, I looked up at Shalikka and tilted my head down in a quick motion, indicating an invitation for her to switch to my other end.

    She took me up on my offer, slithered onto her back under me and wiggled that beautiful black billy club of a cock in line with my freshly used anus. I was so slick from lube and cum that even with her impressive girth, I slid right down on it, expelling what was left of Kevin's sperm in a big gush that must have covered her groin in hot second hand spunk.

    Shalikka was so thick that it hurt. I've had plenty of cocks this fat up my girly ass before, including hers, but not so far that evening. She stretched me so wide I think my waist measurement went up an inch.

    I had pretty much stopped the waterworks, but my makeup must have looked a fright. I looked down at Chloe, who was focused on the lip love she was bestowing on my cock. She always had this sense when she was being observed (which was often), and brought her eyes to mine. We were back in the nasty fun zone, the emotional moment was warm in my mind, but now we were returned to the land of plain unbridled carnality.

    I stopped my bouncing when Shalikka held my hips in place and began hammering herself up into my asshole with fury. I gasped and moaned, my breath coming in fast, abbreviated pants. Chloe knew what this meant, and she stroked my cock and looked up at me.

    "You ready, sweetie? You want it now?"

    "Oh yeah, oh God, make me me come, baby. Yeah yeah yeah, make me come!"

    With Shalikka pounding me hard from below, Chloe went back to blowing me, using her 'end-game' suck: twisty hand masturbating the base, mouth moving hard and fast, vacuuming me and peppering my cockhead with her speed demon of a tongue. Shalikka's thrusts, while still forceful, were getting off-rhythm and wild. I heard her gasp out below me.

    "Faye, baby, I'm cumming... I'm gonna shoot in you, baby... I'm cumming!"

    I was swooning from the pleasure inflicted on me from both girls. I twisted around, looking down at Shalikka.

    "Yeah, sugar mama. You know, you squeezed out all that cum I had up in there, so you better fill me back up! Come on baby, fill it! Fill me up, bitch! Shoot that hot nigger cum in my little cracker asshole! Who's your bitch? Who's your bitch NOW?"

    This is the only circumstance where I would use the 'N' word, and I knew Shalikka liked it. She groaned and pushed her massive length all the way in me, tensed her whole body and went rigid. She held her cock still for a moment, then jabbed at the deepest recesses of my rectum in quick, short thrusts.

    "Oh yeah, you fuckin' whore", she moaned, "You fuckin' white bitch slut! Get ready for all my little nigger babies!"

    I can't say that I could feel each spurt inside me: she was so far up my ass and stretching me so wide that her cum had no distance to travel, no impact to make. I felt just incredible pressure, a filling wet warmth and hot goo emanating from her flaring meatus into the furthest depths of my bowels. She dug her fingertips into my hips as she jerked her spewing cock up into me. For a moment, I imagined her come running out through my nose.

    I had become jelly, shaking and moaning incoherently as Chloe, seeing the perfect moment to finish me off, expertly took me up the hill and over the top. She continued stroking my shaft as her lips clamped around my helmet, sucking hard and feathering my frenulum with firm, fast licks. Combined with the short jerks of her body from Sean hammering her ass, I could take no more. My eyes saw only a blinding light as my orgasm overtook me.

    Now it was Chloe's time to moan in unison with Shalikka as the little sperm train we had going pulled into the station. Shalikka emptied herself into me as I flooded Chloe's beautiful mouth with my own hot, spurting cum.

    Chloe was so good at this, she always astounded me. As I pumped, she swallowed and kept sucking, but let my dick slip from her lips, allowing me to hurl several white ropes of spunk splattering across her cheeks and nose. God, she looks good with cum on her face! She could take ten loads in her face and still look as classy and poised as Princess Diana.

    She pushed her lips back around my squirting cock, forcing a huge dollop of sperm to escape the side of her mouth and run down the side of her chin, dripping onto the floor between us. I had one more shot in me, and I gave it the best launch that I could. I wriggled the fingers of both my hands through Chloe's hair, and curled them tight around her skull as I jerked my hips forward, shooting my last cum strand straight into her throat.

    She savored the last taste of me and removed her mouth, tilting her neck up at me, parting her lips. I was slowly coming back to my senses, and I knew what that meant. I dove onto her face, my tongue replacing my recently departed dick, devouring her, tasting myself on her. My slimy cum slipped and slithered out of our mouths and ran down the sides of our chins. We drew back from our lingering kiss, she caressed my hair and turned her full attention to her new, and now eternal love, Sean.

    I collapsed back onto Shalikka and rolled off, her only slightly diminishing cock sliding, then popping out of my anus, causing a rivulet of her little wayward baby tadpoles to spurt out of my asshole and streak down the side of my ass and upper thigh like a skier coming off a ski jump, schussing on a downhill run. I lay back to watch Chloe and Sean fuck.

    Sean, still thrusting into her dog style, wrapped his strong arms around her waist and pulled her up into a reverse cowgirl. Chloe leaned back into him, wrapping her arms back around his neck, nuzzling her face into he cheek. He pulled her chin towards him with his finger tips, kissing her (tasting me) as she humped aggressively on his cock.

    She looked so good riding his long, fat penis as she lunged her fuck hole up and down, just an inch below her firm ball sac and rigid nine inch cock. Sean broke the kiss, grabbed her hips, tilting her splayed legs upward and swiveled her around to face him. She hugged him hard and fucked him for all she was worth.

    After a minute or so of her tight, gorgeous bubble butt impaling itself onto him, Sean again wrapped his arms around her and eased her into the missionary position. His love, his caring and protectiveness of her was evident from the start as he kept one arm around her waist while he cupped the back of her head as he laid her down. It was his hand that touched the floor first, cushioning her descent.

    I was struck by that, and again I fought back the tears that brimmed in my eyes. By then, Chloe and I had been in a lot of gang bangs together, and I've had my head bounced off so many floors and banged off so many headboards that I'm surprised I never suffered a concussion. But Sean could fuck her like a beast without ever losing that gentle, nurturing touch.

    I lay back, cradling with Shalikka as we watched their savage, sensual fuck hurl itself headlong into ecstacy. Shalikka leaned in, whispering into my ear.

    "Jesus! That looks like love to me. You don't see that very often at these parties, not even with the couples. And they just met, right?"

    I lost it. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore and started bawling like a baby. I felt like an idiot, thinking that I could get to be pretty annoying with this shit. Hell, I was already annoying myself. I clamped my hand over my mouth so neither Chloe nor Sean could hear. I would not have their prurient pas-de-deux broken by my sobbing. Shalikka held me close.

    "It's okay sweetie. You guys are way too close to have this come between you."

    I nuzzled my face into her neck. "No it isn't that... I'm so happy. I'm just happy for her. I want this for her. I've always wanted this for her."

    Just a few feet away, we watched as Chloe brought her legs up, knees at the sides of her head, pinning them down with her elbows, allowing for the deepest, most intimate penetration. Her arms wrapped around Sean's neck and he hugged her close as he pounded his cock into her wide open asshole.

    I could tell they were there, standing at the precipice. They kissed ferociously, desperate for each other, their bodies flush as he fucked her. Chloe gripped him tightly as he came. Her legs widened even more, welcoming his sperm into her as they clutched each other. Chloe gasped, and even though I couldn't see, I knew she was coming. I knew that somewhere in between their welded-together bodies, her cum was spurting out of her, sticking them together like glue.

    Long after their orgasms subsided, they were still locked in a kiss that ignored the rest of the world. They had now created their own world.

    For the rest of that evening, neither had sex with anyone else without the other present, a habit which continues to this day. In fact, in between breaks on the veranda talking in front of the far off city lights, or fucking each other privately, they both had sex only with me that night. In my life, I could never have felt more honored.

    NEXT UP: When I met Carter
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