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    Sep 22, 2016
    The Husbands Phone-call.

    As I struggled through the downtown traffic on a hot summer night, I had thought it to be just like any other, I can remember contemplating just how much time I had wasted, serving the mundane clutches of my 9-5 career. I recall thinking as the traffic ground to a standing halt - Enough! Today was the day I was going to change my brain-dead ways, no longer would I put my life in second place to the daily repetition of my career.

    I had phoned home to speak to my wife and that's when it all started, instead of her voice I heard what seemed like a shuffle and a thump, followed by a small pause. wondering what had happened, thinking she had just dropped the phone, I was surprised to be met with a faint giggle over the loud speakers of my car, shortly followed by a faint moan of pleasure.

    I thought I had phoned the wrong person, I couldn't believe it! I struggled to imagine what was happening, trying to work out if I had completely the wrong idea! but the sounds were unmistakable. A loud slurp echoed through the speakers of my car as I heard the sound of another mans cock fill the back of my wife's throat. She sucked and gasped as she freed her mouth. "Hello John", she said defiantly, slurping the length of this strangers cock. "I knew you'd be late today, you always are... I made a new friend today" she said, licking the pre-cum from his shaft. "I'm giving you 20 minutes to get home, or I'm going to lay Ethan down on our bed, grab his huge, dripping cock, slide down over him and have him fill me full of his hot wet load." With that, she hung up! I couldn't believe it!

    Driving home all I could think about was the sound of my wife swallow another mans dick, my heart was racing, I couldn't believe this was happening to me! It took me 30 more minutes to get home, when I swung open the door I thought they'd be long gone, but there they were, right there! on our dining room chair, her legs wrapped wide around him, using the wooden chair as a prop to raise herself up and down his pulsating cock, which was now so soaked that I could see their juices run down his legs. His hands were firmly grasping her arse, as he pulled her back down over his throbbing wet cock, knowing full well I had just burst through the door.


    "Well...?" she said, softly - "Are you just going to stand there.... or join in?" I don't know what came over me, any normal man would have ran for the door or be overcome with rage. I was angry, but there was something more, I couldn't deny that I was also curious, excited even. We took to our bedroom and she bent down in-front of him with a wicked smile, reaching behind her back to play with his cock and caress his chest. I unzipped my jeans and grabbed her by the chin, moving face to face to glare over her. Slowly, I moved my face right next to hers and sucked her bottom lip, removing the pre-cum that had remained from their earlier session. I kissed her on the cheek and smiled, tightly grabbing her hair and pulling out my cock, as she slid back to fill herself full of our strangers cock. I was surprised how hard and wet I was. I used my spare hand to open her mouth and shoved her cheating throat full of my cock. A weird mix of anger and exhilaration followed as we fucked her like an animal from both ends, stuffing her full of every inch we could give as she guzzled us up gleefully. Begging for more.

    Suddenly, she pushed me back firmly and I thought it was over, she turned around to face our stranger, wrapping her arms around her body and pressing her clit above his rock hard erection. She pushed him back flat over our bed and climbed on-top of him, spreading her legs wide and slowly rubbing her clit up and down the length of his cock. Like the whore she is, she curls a finger towards me to signal me in behind her. she places my hands on her arse-cheeks and pulls them gently apart, just enough for me to slide into her tight open backside. I press my cock gently against her arsehole as we begin to slide into her, stretching open both her holes. She moaned with pleasure as we picked up in pace, fucking her harder and harder, we shoved our cocks into her as she begged us for more. It felt so primal as all of our juices began to mix! We'd never done anything like this and all this had happened in the space of a day! Thrust after thrust we fucked my wife, fondling and groping her breasts, nipples, body and clit. Having so many hands caress her body must have felt amazing!

    Suddenly I felt our stranger twitch beneath us on the bed, as his balls tightened and he held firmly onto her waist, pulling her over him, filling her with his spunk, I didn't know whether to be furious, ashamed or excited, the mix and uncertainty was exhilarating as my balls began to feel their mess. I felt her arse tighten around my dick as she came in excitement, her body twitching as her arsehole slammed against me. Three pulses ran through my cock as my body was overrun with adrenaline and I finally filled her with everything I had.

    One thing was for sure, our lives would never be the same again, but on the other hand - we would see Ethan from time to time.
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    sounds like fun to me ! ;)

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    Dec 1, 2016
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