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  1. Crazedude70

    Crazedude70 Porno Junky

    Dec 18, 2017
    It was an early spring Friday. The morning was beautiful, sun warm weather the feeling winter is behind us. Excited for a relaxing night at a baseball game. I started to head home from work. The weather was cold and it was starting to snow. In the 20 minutes it took me to get home we had received at least an inch of snow and the roads are getting nasty.

    The baseball game has been canceled and I thought I would grab some fire wood to burn a fire tonight. The fire was started, it was still snowing. Maybe the snow will quit soon so my wife can get home safe. Why not take a shower and plan on staying in. Getting out of the shower I hear the door bell. Throwing some sweats on I get to the door and see m wife’s sister standing outside.

    I open the door and tell her to come in, she is soaked.
    “What happened to you”

    “I slipped in the snow and fell, the roads are awful I don’t think I can get home so I thought I would stop here.” She said almost in tears.

    “Come in, you must be freezing? Here maybe this will warm you up.” As I grabbed a flannel shirt and wrapped it around her. “Why don’t you change and I’ll get you a drink.”

    Who’s texting?
    Wife - The City is going to call a snow emergency, until at least 9am tomorrow. I’m going to stay here since I have to work tomorrow.

    This isn’t the first time she’s had to stay at work during bad weather. Part of being a nurse I guess. As I look up I see my sister in law walking into the kitchen wearing my flannel, her jet black hair down past her shoulders. I have fantasized about her many times, and here she is stuck with me for the night.

    “Can I put these in the dryer they are soaked,” as she holds out her clothes. While holding out her clothes I do see a bra strap and underwear. OMG she is naked under my flannel shirt!!

    “Sure no problem. By the way the city is calling a snow emergency, I guess you are going to have to stay here and tough it out with your brother in law. Your sister is staying at work, do you need anything?”

    “Just that drink you promised,”as her phone rings, “dammit ‘Hi, I just heard about the snow emergency, I haven’t left the office, it will be fine, ok love you’.”

    Pouring her a glass of wine and grabbing myself a beer I sit in front of the fire, waiting for my sister in law to finish talking to whom I assume is her husband. She walks over and sits near me on the couch as I give her the glass of wine. She takes a drink and sighs.

    “Did you tell my sister I was here?”

    “No I haven’t, Why?”

    “Please don’t, it’s a thing. I told my husband I was still at work. If he knew I was here, especially alone with you he would have a million questions” as she takes another sip of wine.

    “Yeah, it’s probably a good thing my wife doesn’t know either, but why would he have a million questions.”

    Taking a larger sip of wine, “He thinks I have a crush on you, and why shouldn’t my sister know I am here?

    “Kind is the same thing,” I responded with a coy look on my face, “and well do you”

    “Maybe,” as she moved closer to me on the couch, “and what do you mean kind of?”

    Leaning toward her I kiss my sister in law on the lips, a gentle innocent touch of our lips. As our heads pull away we move closer to one another, realizing we are not objecting to this I put my hand behind her neck, pulling her closer staring into her beautiful brown eyes staring right back at me. Our lips meet again, gentle and sensual I feel her tongue lick my lips, she pulls back still looking me in the eye, licking and moistening my lips with her tongue. With out lips barley touching she whispers, “I do have a crush on you and have dreamed of this.”

    We continued to kiss on the couch, this make outvsession coukd last forever as far as I am concerned, but I pull my self away and slowly unbutton my shirt she is wearing. I unbutton the first button while I lean in and kiss her neck, unbutton the second button as I run my tongue down her chest, after the third button I am able to open the shirt enough to expose her beautiful natural breast. 38DD, beautiful brown areolas slightly darker than her perfect olive skin, nipples excited and erect, and very sensitive as I take my lips and suck on each nipple going back and forth. Her breathing is speeding up as I am sending waves of pleasure through her body by sucking, licking and rubbing her nipples. Before she gets to worked up I continue to unbutton the shirt slowly kissing her stomach, Finally exposing the most beautiful, full, thick bush I have ever seen. Pulling me back to her, she started kissing me, reaching down rubbing my hard dick over the sweats I am wearing. I stand up grab her by the hand and lead her naked body to the bedroom

    Once we are in the bedroom I pull her close hold her tight, standing next to the bed, start kissing her again. Standing a foot taller than my sister in law I pick her up and hold her naked body as we kiss. Reaching down I slide a finger into her soaking wet pussy. She started moaning in a way that makes me want to cum right now. Her breathing again becoming intense and labored she stops kissing me looks me in the eye “I want you in me!!”

    Still holding my fantasy in my arms I lay down on the bed with her, dying to see how beautiful her Pussy is I slowly move my mouth to her sensual nipples, I can wait any longer I move down her body with kisses and licks,spread her legs apart, and see the most beautiful pussy. I can’t wait any longer and stick my tongue right in her. I hear her gasp like all of the air left her body. Her pussy tasted wonderful, sweet juicy and hot. She was defiantly ready to get fucked. I took my sweats off, positioned myself between her legs, leaned in as If i am going to kiss her staring into her eyes, rubbing my hard Dick on her pussy, “Is this what you want?”

    “Oh, yes!!! Please I want to feel....”that moment I slide my dick into her. Her pussy is amazing, feels so much tighter and wetter than her sister’s. Short gentle strokes are quickly getting faster and harder. Her legs wrap around my back hervarms around my back, Her screams and moans intensify are genuine and loud. Fucking my fantasy woman I have dreamt about for 15 years I know I am not going to last long, so I slow the pace down, lean in and kiss her. Looking into her eyes as we kiss she whispers in my mouth “cum in me, Cum inside my married cheating pussy”. I pin her arms to the bed, look in her eyes, ours souls connecting and start shooting load after load of my jizz into my wife’s sister

    With out hesitation I go down on her and start eating her freshly fucked and cum filled pussy. She taste wonderful, our sex juices are erotic for the both of us. I start to suck on her nice plump pink clit, putting it in my mouth and sucking, licking she starts to shake. She grabs my head, starts yelling “I am cumming, fuck me, please fuck me!”

    I can’t get my cock into her fast enough and start pounding her rough and violent which sent her over the top. I leaned in and kissed her mouth and lips covered in com, she licked my lips to take in every drop. I pulled back grabbed her ankles and fucked her pussy fast and hard like I was never going to fuck her again.
    Her boobs bouncing to my rythmn is a site I will never forget.

    I pulled out and kissed her neck before changing positions and whispered,

    “your pussy is amazing, so tight and wet, you fuck so much better than your sister “

    Switching positions to doggie style, she immediately had another orgasim pushung me over the edge for the second time, cumming in her again.

    Collapsing on the bed, we held each other and kissed softly. It was only 8pm an we were snowed in for at least another 13 hours.
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  2. hardwood69

    hardwood69 Sex Lover

    Jan 7, 2014
    Like it I had something similar happen Regarding the weather. I actually had the green light to fuck my sister in law who was st the time twelve years younger. Can still smell that virgin puss.
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  3. Raja671

    Raja671 Newcumer

    Dec 24, 2017
    Wow great
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  4. Timeclock77

    Timeclock77 Porno Junky

    May 17, 2017
    Great story got me hard
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  5. Greendragon

    Greendragon Dragon Master

    Jan 15, 2007
    Very good!
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  6. Crazedude70

    Crazedude70 Porno Junky

    Dec 18, 2017
    Thursday is her 50th birthday. Spending the day with her. Thinking if it’s a good day I will share that story as well