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  1. Slavic Bear

    Slavic Bear Newcumer

    Nov 2, 2018
    After a day at college and working at my dad’s hardware store, I decided to go to the local gym. I’m not exactly the most fit guy ever but I think I’m very healthy. I was on the treadmill and saw this woman walk in that was very pretty, even though she was middle aged. She came up to the treadmill right next to me and started walking. After about 20 to 30 minutes of me looking at her boobs bouncing from her jogging and looking away because I didn’t want to get caught. I finally decided to start a conversation.

    “Do you come here often? I’m here regularly and I’ve never seen you before. I would notice such a beautiful woman.” I said confidently

    “No, I just moved to this city and decided to come her instead of painting my house.” The woman replied.

    “Oh, that’s interesting, what’s your name? My names Van.”

    “I’m Alice. Is Van your full name or is it short for something?” Alice asked

    “It’s short for Giovanni.”

    “That’s a handsome name for a handsome man Mr. Giovanni” Alice said Flirtatiously.

    We had talked about small things for about an hour while we were walking on the treadmill. She told me she was in her early 50’s. Her body looked half her age. I told her I worked at my father’s hardware store.

    “Are you good with your hands Van? Could you help me with some stuff tonight?” Alice asked.

    “I know a little bit about what to do I can come look at what you need help with. Won’t your husband be mad with me helping you?”

    “I don’t have a husband Mr. Van. We got divorced and our daughter has her own family. I live alone”

    “Well being in a new town alone can be lonely. I can help with whatever you need Alice.” I said happily. She’s by herself maybe this can be something while I’m in college.

    “Okay, can you come with me to my car, if you’re done with your workout?” Alice asked

    I decided to walk out with her to my car to put my bag away and then we were walking to her car. While I was walking over to her car I noticed her looking at my waist. I couldn’t tell if she was looking at my dick or it was just a coincidence. I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was feeling frisky. We got to her car and she pushed me against her car and kissed me. She ran her hand down my waist and rubbed her hand against the tip of my now getting hard 7-inch dick. I kissed her back and she put her whole body against mine and whispered in my ear.

    “Get in my car.”

    I got in her car and she took her pants off and pulled a dildo out of her purse and started masturbating. I followed her lead and started stroking myself. She took my one hand and put it on the dildo as to tell me masturbate for me. I started using the dildo and she grabbed my dick and started stroking my cock. She leaned over and started blowing my cock. I started having trouble using the dildo with her leaned over, so she got back up. As she was readjusting someone walked up and saw us naked she knocked on Alice’s window and said we had to go.

    We went to her house and both got showers. She said “I want to go do that again. I haven’t felt so alive in a long time. It felt amazing.”

    “We just got caught and you wanna go back out?” I asked confusingly.

    “I have a public fetish Van if you don’t like it we don’t have to, but I really want to.”

    “We can go do it again but this time we’re taking my SUV because its bigger than your car and I get to choose the place.”

    “Okay, where are we going.”

    “You’ll see” I said slyly

    We got in my car and started driving. She showed me that under her skirt she wasn’t wearing panties. We were driving down the road and she leaned her chair back and started playing with herself. We drove for about fifteen minutes and were finally pulling in to the parking garage. I drove to the top level and we got out of the car. The parking garage we went to has no buildings higher than it so no one could see the roof unless they were on the roof themselves. I walked around the car and Alice was already naked.

    “Get naked now Van” Alice Ordered

    “You’re quick Alice.” I said jokingly.

    Once I got naked she signaled me to come closer, so I did and when I got close she took my head and forced it between her legs and wrapped her thighs around my head. I started licking her before she even could say anything. I must’ve hit the right spot. She was moaning so loud that I started to worry someone would catch us. She pushed my head away and told me to lay down in the car seat she crawled on top of me and stuck her pussy in my face and started giving me a blowjob. After a few minutes she stopped sucking me and started moaning intensely loud as someone was starting their car on the other side of the roof. I stopped eating her out to be quiet for a minute, but she forced her pussy back in my face. The person heard us and minutes later a security officer came up and she noticed him walking up the ramp. We quickly got into the driver and passenger seat laughing and giggling kids and I drove us out of there. We drove off still naked and realized after we left that we both had forgotten to grab our clothes from the ground at the lot.

    “That was exciting Van!” Alice said with a shortness of breath.

    “I know! Where do we go now? We don’t have any clothes.” I said with an excitement

    “Go back to my house. There’s a lake down the road from it. We can go there. My parents used to go there when they were young. My mother took care of the temple there.”

    We drove to the lake and had arrived while it was dark almost midnight. We drove through a dark dirt road through the woods. The headlights were showing through the woods as we twisted and turned. I was starting to think this temple and lake didn’t truly exist. When I was bout to decide to turn around a foggy mist had started to roll in and the woods opened into what looked like a field. The headlights showed the temple creep up through the mist. I drove up next to the temple and we got out. Alice grabbed a bag she brought with her from the back of my car. We walked up to the temple and she pulled out a light and lit the torches as we were walking in. She looked as though she knew everything about this place. The temple had running water and a large bath room. She gave me some of the water and gave me a smile. The water tasted so fresh.

    “The water here is special. It was blessed years ago and has some special attributes to it.” Alice said with a grin. She took a drink of water too and as she chugged it the water ran down her still naked body. “What’re you looking at Van? You need to drink up.”

    “You’re getting water all over yourself. You’re wasting it.” I said jokingly.

    “It won’t go to waste, don’t worry.” She tipped the cup in my mouth “Drink up. You need to stay hydrated.” I finished the drink and she put the cups on a counter.

    “What’s so special about the water? You said it was special.” I questioned.

    “It was a questioned blessed by an ancient priestess that believed in self indulgence and pleasure. She blessed the fountain, so it would make bodies more sexually proficient. For women it makes breasts firmer and allows women to lactate and squirt whenever they orgasm. For men it makes the penis longer and stay hard longer. Also, men can ejaculate indefinitely. The drink only lasts about 4 hours.”

    “You’re saying I’m gonna be hard for 4 hours?!?” I said nervously

    “There is another drink that flushes it from your system. The Priestess thought about that.”

    I was slightly relieved to find out about the opposing drink. I didn’t believe but I went with it for Alice. I just met this woman, but I feel something between us. She’s unlike anyone I ever met. My body started to feel weird and I ignored it. We started walking to the upper floor of the temple, and the floor was just an open roof garden with a strange looking fountain that had separating streams running down the side of the temple. She walked up to the fountain and stepped into the basin the fountain was running into. I started to follow her, and I noticed the water we drank had the same lavender tint to it as this basin did.

    “Is this the water we drank?” I asked Alice

    “This is the fountain where the water comes from. This was the fountain the Priestess had placed her blessing on. This basin was used for bathing. When the temple was used regularly there were shrine maidens that would take care of this place and maintain the basin and fountain. We need to take care of it. The basin needs a woman and a mans cum to be put in at the same time. We need to both cum in the water to keep the waters blessing.”

    She walked out of the basin and put her hand on my hard cock that looked like it grew since we got to the temple. Maybe this water isn’t just a figment of her imagination. She started to stroke my cock slowly. She grabbed my dick and pulled me with her into the water. She took my hand and put it on her pussy then slid one of my fingers into her. She was stroking me fast and I had already come. I felt weird that it had came that quick even though I was hard as a rock she then got down on her knees in the water and started sucking my dick. She had been sucking me for what felt like an hour when I looked back at her she was covered in a layered of my cum.

    “Do you believe in the power of her blessing now Van?” Alice said as she was getting off her knees with cum slowly running down her body and dripping from her boobs. “It’s time to go bath in the basin. Follow me.” She started walking into the water. “I never planned on bringing you here, but I feel something great about you. Something strong in your heart.”

    “I believe there’s something special here. Like this is a magical place.”

    We got into the water and swam into the middle Alice was rubbing the come off her body. She looked like she was getting pleasure from cleaning the layer of cum from her body. My dick started to tingle, and I felt a wave of pleasure come over my body. I wondered if this was what Alice was feeling right now. The water started getting warm and our juices were floating like a whirlpool in the center of the pool. The ejaculate slowly dissolved into the water and the color of the water changed from a lavender color to a more pinkish white color.

    “The juices from our bodies renew the water so that the powers of the water remain.” Alice came swimming over to me. “My mother showed me this place when I was in high school.”

    “So, you did this before?”

    “I was one of the shrine maidens while my mother was the caretaker. I’ve never done this part before, but I have bathed in this pool before.”

    “Did we do what was needed?”

    “Yes, we replenished the fountain and renewed its energy.”

    “So, what should we do know Alice?”

    She smiled and walked down the stairs and into the bath room with the large tube. She got in, so I followed, and we were washing up when she came over to me and sat on my lap putting my still rock-hard cock between her fit ass cheeks. She put one hand on my cock and started moving my dick into her pussy. She slid down on it and started riding me hard. She rode me with her tight pussy and I came in her she got off me and turned around she started riding me again and I stuck my thumb in her asshole and she let out a soft moan of pleasure. She wanted me to come again. I started playing with her clit with one hand and fingering her ass with my other. She was moaning so passionately and riding me harder than before. She got off and looked at me with the ‘fuck me’ eyes. I stood up and bent her over and stuck it in her ass she moaned so loudly that I thought I was hurting her, but she forced me back in. We both were trying to fuck harder and harder until neither of us can walk anymore. She started floating on her back in the bath while quietly moaning still. I sat back down and let my body relax. We had to be at it for hours because my dick was now going soft.

    “That was amazing Van” Alice said barely catching her breath.

    “You were what made it amazing Alice. I’m so tired now.”

    “We can go sleep upstairs in the bedroom.”

    We walked into the bedroom and it had a larger bed with a cover of shear fabric, and tall wooden bed poles. I put on my jogging pants and Alice went into what looked like a closet and came back out wearing a lingerie body suit with thigh high stockings. We laid down in the bed and cuddled up next to each other.

    As we were falling asleep Alice whispered to me, “Will you love me and stay with me here?”
  2. ChucknJen

    ChucknJen Sex Machine

    May 15, 2018
    Much more fictional than your first story, but I did like it as well! Waiting for part 2!!!
  3. Slavic Bear

    Slavic Bear Newcumer

    Nov 2, 2018
    Thank you! I don’t wanna limit myself but I’m gonna work on part two of this and make a thought out series following a young woman with some fiction aspects.