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  1. Male Lesbian

    Male Lesbian Narrator of Desire

    Oct 27, 2017
    Well, my Ubering for Sunday night took an unprecedented twist which I will get to in a moment. But, let me first explain a little bit about driving for Uber. I usually sit for long periods of time reading or checking emails or playing online games. When I set up in a particular city, I find myself a well lit parking lot or at a convenience store that doesn’t frown too much on loitering.

    I have been a driver for Uber for the past 4 ½ years so I got to know the best places to park at and I have gotten to know the clerks of the conveniences stores and buy subs, snacks, gasoline, etc. from them. So, they mostly turn a blind eye to me parking at their establishments for long periods of time.

    When I get in my van to start Ubering, I place my Bluetooth device in my left ear (which I use to hear the directions Google Maps give me) and my hearing aid (Yep, a bit deaf due to my stint in the US Army). Affix my cell phone holder on the dash and plug it in to the charger. Then I log in to Uber Partner. Then I start driving towards whatever city I am planning on starting at.

    The town I live in has only a few Uber customers, so I go to the bigger city areas like Gettysburg, which has 2 colleges, bars, restaurants and tourism or York, which has numerous colleges, lots of bars and restaurants and a larger population or Harrisburg, which has an airport, colleges, malls and the capitol of Pennsylvania.

    Usually before I even get into the outskirts of these areas I’ll get “Pinged” on my Uber App and it will give me the place and directions of where I am to pick up the passenger/s. I drive there which could be anywhere from 1 – 20 miles away. When I accept the ride (and I have never not accepted a ride in 4.5 years. I have a 100% pick up rate) I have no idea where I am going to be taking that person or group.

    What is really cool about driving for Uber is that it’s all tax free money. Most jobs you know, you pay taxes on the net after expenses. Well, with Uber I get tax breaks of .54 a mile for all miles driven. So, if I drive 200 miles and make $100 I get tax credit of $108.00

    I drive Uber XL which means I can take up to 5 passengers legally (seat belt for every passenger). I have a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan, which sometimes comes in real handy since the seats will fold into the floor and it gives longer leg room if I fold down the middle seats for some fun in the back seat.

    Now, before you start thinking I bang every female customer that comes along, let me explain that I have sat for 6 hours on some nights and only gotten one or two fares for that whole time frame. And there have been nights that I am non-stop driving passengers for up to 10-12 hours, which was the case one night in Gettysburg where I hauled about 100 US Marines (of course not at one time, remember the seat belt capacity) from their hotel to various bars and then back again. They were up from Quantico for a tour of the battlegrounds.

    Then there was the night I hauled the whole Harvard University Men’s Basketball team when their bus broke down and they had practices one night and a game the next night at St. Mary’s College in Maryland 25 miles one way.

    Some nights I get a lot of business and other nights I read a lot. As for girls, well, some of those stories I am amassing in a collection of stories and hope to have that published in book form at a later date. For XNXX I try to stay with the x-rated exploits, which in 4.5 years has only been about a dozen or so. (Not counting blow jobs, which in the eyes of most college girls is hardly an x-rated event, which is why my daughter will be taking online college courses).

    Now I drive 4-5 nights a week every week of the year. So you do the math. If you think you’re gonna get laid every night driving for Uber, well for one thing you’re not going to make much money and on the other, Uber has some strict policies against banging clients and I also have a dash cam mounted to protect myself from unwanted advances, false claims and the like.

    Uber policy is that you will not have sex while enroute with a passenger onboard. If any sexual activity is to take place it must be after you are off Uber time and only after you have delivered the passenger and come back later and only if they make contact with you. You can’t ask for a number from the client. You can lose your Uber driving privilege for ever if you’re caught (like a complaint from the unwilling person) for doing that.

    That’s why some of you wonder how I get so many albums of different girls. Well, sex can be talked about and believe me, I’ve driven around most nights with a raging hard on. (Fortunately I’m not hung like a race horse or my steering wheel would be extremely hard to steer).

    So, they/we talk about sex and I might happen to mention how I like the looks of their boobs or they have a nice tight ass or whatever and I do have business cards that I had out in case anyone wants a repeat Uber ride later on. It has my email address and phone number and they either text my phone or send me pics via email. Hence the large number of albums and random girl pictures. You have to remember I have been driving for 4 ½ years, I’ve been collecting pictures for at least that long.

    I don’t even remember most of the girls who sent me pictures. I might be talking sexy to one of 4 girls and when they get back to their dorm, they all might send me pics or maybe one of the girls in the back seat who I didn’t see except when they get in or leave. I don’t drive with the light on.

    I know some of the pics probably aren’t even of them, but if they don’t have a watermark on them or some famous actress (LOL some of them did which is how I found out about XNXX) those I delete. I have even had guys send me x-rated pics. Maybe I should have used one of those as my Avatar, I mean damn, talk about hung like a race horse. What do you have to do, buy underwear at the Large Men’s Store?

    Ok, now on to Sunday night, which started out like any other night; I started out 5PM at my house. Turned on Uber; plugged in all my hearing devices and head out towards York. Thanksgiving Holiday week is the most heavily traveled week of the year. I’ll make more this week than I have made all last month.

    No sooner did I start up my Uber app and then I get pinged to pick someone up in Gettysburg. Yes, I know, I had planned on going to York. Well, I turn around and I drive to Gettysburg and pick up a party of 5 adults going to the bars downtown from their hotel on the outskirts of town. So, here is what I had alluded to earlier. I drove from my house to Gettysburg, approximately 25 miles, picked up the fare; I have no idea where or how far I am going to take them and took them 4 miles for a total of less than $6.00.

    Then I Ubered in Gettysburg almost non-stop till about 9PM. Mostly tourists with the odd assortment of college girls and guys all going to the bars or restaurants. Then I got a call and went and picked up 3 guys and they wanted to go to downtown Baltimore, Md. (remember, I have no idea where they are going) 60 miles one way. So, off we went. I don’t allow smoking or drinking in my vehicle and they wanted to do both, so when we got about 3 miles outside of town and after numerous times of asking them to quit. I stopped the vehicle, put it in park and got out.

    They start whining about how they’re rights are being manipulated. Now, I might only be 5’7” but I know my way around a gym and stay in reasonably good shape. When I’m sitting down, most of my passengers think I’m just a small guy driving them, which is ok with me, if you carry a gun, why advertise it, which only brings out the worst in people or fear.

    I’m all about jokes, laughing and having a fun time. However, when someone doesn’t follow my simple rules, I can be a force you don’t want to fuck with. So, I got out of the van stood up and without a jacket on, their attitudes changed pretty dramatically. These guys were bragging about varsity this and letter jackets that, to me just a bunch of college braggarts. So, when I ordered them out of the van and to start walking back. They changed their tune, capped their drinks and put out the cigs and vapes.

    I got them down to Towson without incident and to my surprise they gave me a tip and I gave them a 5 star rating. You can give less stars for poor attitudes, damaging the vehicle, vomiting, etc. I then start Ubering in Maryland. It’s now 11PM and I’ve been driving for about 6 hours, logged about 180 miles and made about $120 counting tips. (I know someone is doing the math and you’re thinking I am going to have to pay some taxes. You’re forgetting I still have about 75 miles to drive home)

    I decide to head up I-83 which will put me in York about the time the bars are closing down. So, I go off Uber (which is another great thing, I can go on or off the clock so to speak, whenever I want) to get away from Baltimore or I’ll be stuck down here till 6am or longer and Baltimore get’s some real crazies after midnight.

    I cross over into Pennsylvania and turn on the Uber App once more. I get up to York about midnight and since I took the rest of the week off because of Thanksgiving, pull into one of my favorite stops. A convenience store where Amanda, the girl behind the counter who is really cute and I think she actually likes me (I mean, what’s not too like, don’t say it; why do you think I have a cartoon avatar).

    Well, I no sooner pull in and I get “pinged” to North York. As I’m pulling out of the parking lot; I happened to look into the store and there was Amanda looking out the front door and waving. Well, we’re not supposed to dawdle once we accept a fare, so I pulled up to the door to let Amanda know that I wasn’t blowing her off (although I would like… well anyway) and that I have a fare and I’ll be driving York all week. She smiles again (did I mention how pretty of a smile she has?) and waves me on.

    I get up to North York and 6 people want to go to Harrisburg, 40 miles to the north. Now, I’m only allowed to take 5 people legally because of the seat belt rule and I mention this to them. Well, they were all quite inebriated and this one little girl (I say little because she couldn’t be more than 4 ½ feet tall says, I’ll ride on John’s lap and share a seatbelt… well, hell you can’t argue with logic like that.

    When I agreed, I think John was really happy too. I wouldn’t say he was ugly, but damn, that was a terrible case of acne he had going on. I was afraid if he smiled too much more, several zits would pop all at once and then I was going to have to clean up some real icky stuff.

    So, off we went up I-83. The speed limit on that stretch of I-83 is 65 mph, I usually Uber up that way around 80 mph, but since I was already seriously illegal and the passengers all seemed to be having a good time, especially John (Another rule was no sex between passengers while there in my van) who had his hands on that girls boobs and somewhere from the time I picked them up till we got on I-83 she lost her shirt. She didn’t seem to mind and quite frankly it was a very nice sight and no body fluids were leaking, well maybe onto John’s pants, because like I said she looked like she was really enjoying it.

    All of a sudden the passenger beside me says “LOOK OUT”. I peel my eyes off short girls boobs and noticed I almost ran into the back of a tractor trailer; hence the reason why I should enforce ALL of my rules. Well, I told the passenger what I was doing and he tells me “Sally” usually sits on someone’s lap at least once or twice a night. Must be why I was the only one with a hardening in the lower regions problem, well except for zit face.

    Well, I dropped them all off without further incident. Except, I did notice that John had quite a bulge in his pocket region and also quite a wet spot and short girl was smiling way more than she should have. (she still didn’t have her shirt on and no one seemed to notice that fact… college kids) I shone my flashlight onto that seat and was relieved that I wouldn’t have to be cleaning up any body fluids off that seat. They gave me a real good tip and off they staggered into the night.

    Now, I don’t like Baltimore after midnight, but I really hate to drive in Harrisburg anytime after 9pm. It’s just not safe, not at all. So, I was going to head back to York. I reached up to turn off Uber and got “Pinged”. “Damn”, then I noticed the fare was just outside Hershey which was a pretty slow town on any given night and off I went.

    (Just for the record as I know this thread is for sex stories and you are all wondering when I was getting to it. But, I’ve put up a few Uber stories and I have a bunch more to tell, so I wanted to lay some ground work so some of you that have never Ubered might have a clearer understanding about what I face out here and next time you take an Uber be nice, be polite and tip the driver, because most likely he/she had gone through hell at least a couple times that week.

    On my way to Hershey (and for the record it is now a little after 1:00am Monday morning.) I get a call from my brother n law, Tom (my sister’s husband). He wants to know if I can drive up to Hailey’s college in the morning and pick her up and bring her back to their house for Thanksgiving Holiday. Hailey, being his daughter, my niece; seems her car’s transmission went out and both he and my sister had work and things all day and wouldn’t get there till late Monday night and Hailey had to go to a motel, because they were closing her dorm down for Holiday cleaning.

    They knew that I always drove Uber Thanksgiving week and took off my regular job. So, in his egotistical, conceited, selfish eyes who better than his uneducated (yes, I never finished college, but that don’t mek me stoopid) brother in law to go fetch his darling, only daughter. I happened to mention “why didn’t Shirley (my sister) call me and he said “well, she didn’t want to bother you, but I knew you probably didn’t have anything better to do, besides drive for a pittance with Uber, besides we’ll pay you and she is your niece. You don’t want to see her stranded another day without her loving family do you?”

    I about gagged into my steering wheel. I thought to myself, ‘loving family’, why do you think she went to college all the way up here rather than attend your sparkling alma mater of Penn State… but who am I to judge (don’t say it).

    So, I said “ok, I’ll pick her up in the morning. Give me the address of the hotel where she is staying.” He said, “wonderful, I’ll call her and let her know. She’ll be in touch with you” (yeah, heaven forbid he actually call me twice in one day or week or month or… )

    I no sooner hang up with him, concentrate on getting to Hershey and my phone rings again. It’s my niece. “Uncle Stan, I’m sorry my parents are making you come all the way up here to pick me up. But you know Dad can’t ever miss his T-time”. Well, I about hit another tractor trailer (2 in one night and me without as much as a parking ticket on my license) I said “what?!?” She said, “yes, this year he took your advice and took the whole week off so he could relax before Mom made the dinner and the relatives poured in”.

    I was going to go into his excuse of having to work, but now that I replayed the conversation in my head, he said ‘my sister had to work and things all day…’ the bastard. I just shook my head, went around the tractor trailer at a slower pace and relaxed my grip on the steering wheel.

    I then told her that I was enroute to pick up a passenger in Hershey and at what time could she be ready to go as I could come by earlier and pick her up and take her home tonight (or early morning depending on how long you were up already). She said that would be great. She gave me the address and I was only about 20 minutes away. She knew about Ubering and not knowing where you might be dropping off the passenger. She said to give her a call and that even though she had been up all day she’d stay up till I dropped them off.

    Well, I got to the address in Hershey picked up and elderly couple and coincidences aside, they were going to the same hotel that my niece was staying at. Cool. I could be home by 4 and in bed snoring. Hailey can wake up her parents at around 3am and wouldn’t that just mess up dear old Tom’s game. The ole’ boy needs 8 hours of sleep to be ‘on top of his game’. I just smiled.

    I dropped them off at the entrance and then found a spot to park. I called Hailey and told her the good news and she gave me her room number. I went into the lobby and there wasn’t anyone at the front desk, so I grabbed a bag cart and took the elevator up to Hailey’s room.

    To be continued...
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    1. Funanyway
      I am sorry for not being able to enjoy the story . What is going on with the uber blow by blow description ? Boring, but it is well written . Thanks for sharing.
      Funanyway, Jul 23, 2018
    2. Male Lesbian
      @Funanyway did you read the continuation below. This was written a long time ago and I got side tracked with other requests. Then I posted the "To be continued below".
      Male Lesbian, Jul 23, 2018
    3. Funanyway
      Well, no I did not have as much experience with the service as you and other people. I am not very good with this great service and need to get some lessons how to use it. Oh yeah, I got an alert that you tagged me... ? What does tagged mean ? I'm literally just trying to figure out how to enjoy the great pictures of the beautiful people and I appreciate all of the talent out there.
      Funanyway, Jul 23, 2018
    4. Male Lesbian
      To tag someone you just put the @ symbol before the person's name like this @Male Lesbian and then when that name comes up on your screen, you click on it and you've just tagged that person. It would probably be better for all concerned if you ask the questions in a PM to someone. That way you won't mess up the thread. Some people get pretty steamed, it's like they're the boards censor or something. I don't mind if you PM me to ask me questions, but if you feel more comfortable asking someone else, by all means... ask them.
      Male Lesbian, Jul 23, 2018
  2. baynay01

    baynay01 Porn Surfer

    Jun 26, 2018
    Sorry, the build up was too damn long... I couldn't finish it. Countless paragraphs and no sex, just rambling about various fares as an Uber driver? Detailed step by step ramblings. I feel like I just did an 8 hr shift of driving myself. Sorry guy. Needs some sex if gonna be posted in "sex stories".
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    1. Male Lesbian
      Yes, I had planned to finish it, then got a few requests for other stories and forgot about this one. Why not read some of my other stories till I can get this one finished?
      Male Lesbian, Jul 9, 2018
    2. Summer Direwolf
      I really liked hearing about your Ubering. It was very interesting and well written. I have read many of your very erotic stories as well as already having read your very sexy continuation of this story about what happened when you picked up Hailey so I didn't miss your usual eroticism. I knew it would soon resurface. You do not seem to be able to breathe for very long without your natural sexiness oozing out.
      Summer Direwolf, Dec 27, 2018
      Male Lesbian likes this.
  3. Male Lesbian

    Male Lesbian Narrator of Desire

    Oct 27, 2017
    Continuation of the Hailey Story. Sorry I couldn't finish it. I have to get the yard mowed before dark... but this should hold you over till I can get back and finish it...

    I entered the elevator and thought back to several years ago when Hailey had just turned 18. A valedictorian at her high school, lettering in Track & Field, Volleyball and Field Hockey. I hadn’t seen her in almost 9 months, she’s 22 now and last I heard she had a boyfriend (well that’s what she told her parents. She texts me from time to time and since we are very close she confided in me that her “boyfriend Dennis”, was actually her girlfriend Denise. But her stuck up parents wouldn’t understand and I told her that it might be a phase and to wait at least till you were out of college and living on your own, before you dropped that bombshell. Colleges are expensive and ole Mom and Dad had plenty of money).

    When Hailey would return home from college during the summer, we’d take my pontoon boat out on the neighboring lake and we’d fish, sometimes we wouldn’t fish. Which reminded me how wonderful it was to have a beautiful, sexy niece. Four years ago, I took my nieces virginity (another story on this forum) and we’ve been having sex occasionally ever since then. She tells me she likes girls, especially Denise better than guys, but she does like my cock and tongue too. She told me that she tried to have sex with 2 guys from college but they didn’t know what to do with her and they shot their loads before she was even properly warmed up. She said, “Not like you Uncle Stan, your tongue could pleasure me for hours, even Denise doesn’t get me to orgasm with the same intensity that you do.”

    The elevator dinged and the door slid open. I pushed the bag cart ahead of me and went down to room 436, it was all the way down at the end of the hall. She must have used Hotwire to get this room, cheap ass parents. I should have never showed them how to get 3-star hotels at 1-star prices. Otherwise Hailey could be staying at places her parents frequent. I noticed that there were hardly any “Do not Disturb” signs on any of the doors, so she must have the floor to herself. I wonder if Denise stayed with her at some point. Hailey is a bit of a screamer when she orgasms. I smiled to myself at remembering her under my body as we made love one lovely spring afternoon behind her parent’s horse barn. Even the horses seemed to like watching us fuck as I entered her doggy style and then she lifted her head and screamed, which got the horses whinnying.

    I got down to room 436 and the door was ajar. I walked in and pulled the cart in behind me. Her suitcases were laying on the bed and Hailey was wearing her short plaid college skirt with a white blouse and had her black rubber soled shoes on. She was lying on top of the covers. The TV on, but the sound was muted. From where I stood I thought she was watching the screen and lip reading. One of her courses at college was in lip reading. She was studying Criminal Justice this year and last year it was Political Science. She was recruited by the CIA right out of high school (Oh, don’t tell anyone I told you that. I think it’s supposed to be a secret).

    I walked over in front of the TV and she didn’t even move or acknowledge me. Some CIA agent (once again, mum’s the word, ok?) she’ll make if she allowed me to walk into her room and stand in front of her like this.

    I walked over to the bed and reached down to gently shake her awake, when suddenly, she reached up and took hold of my upper arm, flipped my arm up and brought it down quickly and flipped me onto the bed and then jumped on top of me so that her crotch was right in my face. She had my arms pinned down with her knees, then put her hands around my throat tightly. I could still breathe, but I was reminded how strong her hands were and she had quite a bit of upper body strength for such a small girl.

    Then I just happened to notice that she was not wearing any panties and I could see her pussy lips were moist, hanging low and looking so inviting. She still shaved I noticed. I personally like a little hair on a pussy, but these college kids all go for the shaved look. I looked up into her eyes and her eyes were deep blue and then she smiled, leaned down and kissed me passionately on the mouth. Her tongue and my tongue met and we kissed long and deep. I could feel my cock hardening at the touch of her tongue with my tongue.

    Then she broke the embrace reached up and undid the hair scrunchie she had holding her hair off her neck. Her long dirty blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders and with one swish of her head her hair was behind her. Her hair reached down to below her ass when standing and I could feel her hairs on my bare legs. It was a rather pleasant sensation.

    “You know anyone could have come in here and ravaged you while you slept. You left your door unlocked and if I wasn’t pushing that bag cart, I could have gotten the drop on you. I was in Special Forces as a Sniper in the Army, you know”, I said.

    “Oh, Uncle Stan, I’ve had 4 years to hone my skills, I was watching through the curtain when I saw you pull up and drop off those two elderly passengers. I counted the time it took for you to get a bag cart, make your way to the bank of elevators, marked you passage through the lobby, to the elevator. Timed your exact moment and when I heard the bell ding for this floor. I blocked open the door. I heard that squeaky wheel on the cart as you drew closer to my room and then when you came through the door. I noticed that you just stared at my body for approximately 4 ½ minutes before you made your way over to the side of my bed. Now, you’re pinned with no way to move and you’re at my mercy to do whatever I want”

    “And pray tell, what may that be young lady? I’m actually not so helpless because while you were rattling away with your ‘spy’ techniques of surveillance. I just happened to tie both of your shoe laces together, so that when you decide to shift your weight you’ll find yourself plummeting to the floor”.

    She released her tight grip on my throat and looked backwards to her shoelaces. When she did that. I pushed up with my arms and pressed my hands onto her small well-rounded breasts, gripped her nipples and squeezed rather tight. She screamed out at the pain and then I pushed her backwards on to the bed so that I was now on top of her and her arms I had stretched out to the side and my knees were now on the joints of her elbows.

    “Hailey, Hailey, Hailey; how many times do I have to tell you to never take your eyes off your victim and to never fall for any distraction that might be behind you, that would cause you to turn your head, thus putting you off guard. Never let you guard down, if you want to have the upper hand. Which incidentally, you do not have at this moment.”

    “Well, Uncle Stan, looks like I still have a lot to learn from you. But as you so aptly put it, you should never underestimate your opponent in any circumstance”. As she said that, I knew that I had been had, but was too slow to figure out what it was. Hailey had always been very limber and flexible, but even I wasn’t prepared as her legs came up behind me. She was lying flat and her hands and arms were pinned outward. Any other man or woman would be immobile, but Hailey was double jointed in her hips and in most of her joints.

    She brought her legs straight up behind me and then she wrapped them around my chest, scissored her legs together and then slammed me backwards on the bed and once again, she was on top and I was pinned once more under her.

    “I must admit, I had not thought that was possible even for you. Your flexibility and strength have certainly improved since the last time you were home for Christmas.” As I lay there I reminisced back to that stormy winter night, when I was unable to get my truck started and my sister said that I might as well stay the night since it they were calling for 2 feet of snow.

    Tom my brother n law worked as a supervisor for the State Highway Administration and he was called in earlier and it was only my sister (Shirley), my niece (Hailey) and my nephew (Harry) at the house as all the other friends and relatives had left. I was still playing a good game of chess with Harry and he was winning, but in one deft move, I captured his Queen and then it was all over, Harry gets easily frustrated and taking his Queen set him back and I won with just a Rook, a Bishop and 2 pawns. Then I went to leave, giving everyone a hug and then out into the night I went and the damn truck wouldn’t start.

    So back to the house and then my sister offered up Tom Jr.’s bed since he was off to college and didn’t come back this year for the holidays.

    After everyone had gone to sleep. I heard the steps creaking, Tom Jr.’s bedroom was in the basement because he wanted a room of his own and they hadn’t converted it back to a game room yet. Hailey opened the door to the room and with the backlight from the stairs shining through her nightie I could make out her long slender legs, her crotch at an almost perfect horizontal plane. She turned and I could make out her small breasts. Her long brown hair was hanging below her ass and she walked into the bedroom and came over to the side of the bed where I was lying.

    She looked down at me and said “the wind is rattling my windows so bad and I can’t sleep upstairs in my room. Could I sleep with you tonight?”

    I was completely naked as I rarely sleep with clothes on. So, I threw back the covers and sat up, spread my legs and pulled her into me. I stood up, my cock hardening at the thought of my niece with such a young perfect body, that I had ravished several times in the 2 years since I took her virginity on my pontoon boat out on the lake near my house. I kissed her on the lips and then let my mouth devour her neck, her ear lobes. My hands found her breasts firm and her nipples started hardening at my touch. The fabric of her nightgown was so thin. I reached behind her and untied the bow at her neckline and then lower around her waist. The night gown fell off her and I beheld her lithe young body.

    My lips traveled lower, down her neckline to her breasts and then I kissed one then the other and then repeated myself sucking on each nipple. She moaned softly as my hands tickled her back and my other hand found her clit and started rubbing it. She spread her legs and I inserted my middle finger up inside her pussy. It was so tight and she was so wet. I moved my finger in and out of her pussy, rubbing the sides of her vagina walls as I did so. I felt her lips on my neck and then in front of my throat. Her hands were rubbing my strong pecs and then her hands went lower until she was grasping my cock between them.

    She reached over and flipped on the light. I looked at her and she smiled and said, “Uncle Stan it has been too long since I’ve seen your body, I want to see your muscular physique and your pulsating cock as I stroke it and then I want to see your precum ooze out before I go down on you.” Well, no lover of mine ever spoke so eloquently and I must say I’m quite glad that she turned on the light because now I could see all of her also.

    I lay down on my side, my fingers still probing the insides of her pussy and then I pulled my wet fingers out and put them up to her lips. She opened her mouth, I placed my finger on her lips and she looked me in the eyes as she sucked her sweet juices off her finger. “More, Uncle Stan, I want to taste more”. So, I leaned over, sucked on her breasts and nipples again. Continued moving my head down over her flat stomach, stuck my tongue into her belly button and sucked hard on it. Then I was at her lovely brown pubes and then I spread open her labia lips and found her clit already swollen. Her pussy was so wet and glistening in the light of the lamp. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and she moaned out and started writhing around on the bed. I moved my hands over top of my head to her belly and pushed down on her stomach to hold her in place while my tongue ravished her pussy, her clit.

    I sucked hard on her clit and she came up off the bed. I could taste her sweet warm pussy as it oozed out of her hole, I lapped it up and looked up at her past her pubes to her eyes. She was looking at me with an intensity of pure pleasure. I brought my one hand down and inserted my middle finger palm upward and began making a come here gesture with my finger. She began moaning nonstop. I could see her breasts rising and falling faster and faster as I eased my finger in and out slowly, my tongue on her clit and then I would suck on her clit bringing it out past it’s little hood and then releasing the pressure and then lick it like I would an ice cream cone. I gave her my whole tongue from top to bottom. From where my finger was inside of her pussy and then back up to her clit. I seen her eye lids clamp shut, her mouth opens as she moaned and then I started thrusting my finger in and out of her faster and faster.

    More of her lovely pussy juice flowed out and then she screamed and I was glad that I was two floors lower that my sister and that my sister was always a sound sleeper. Hailey screamed, sat straight up in the bed her hair grabbed a hold of my hair and I thought she was going to pull them out by the roots. She came intensely, her pussy juices flowing out of her pussy, soaking my mustache and beard. I sucked a large quantity of her juice into my mouth and then I crawled up over her luscious firm young body and as she opened her eyes her eyes looked at my dripping beard and I kissed her and she sucked her orgasm juice into her mouth and swallowed it.

    Our tongues searching each other’s mouths, saliva and pussy juice oozing down both of our chins and pooling on to her chest. I lay down on top of her, my cock inches from her pussy. She quit kissing me and began sucking on my mustache and beard, sucking her juices and cleaning me up so to speak. Before she could catch her breath. I maneuvered into position between her legs and thrust my hips hard and quick and my cock entered her pussy. Her eyes flew even further open and she clamped her arms around me and pulled me even tighter. Her fingers nails digging into my back. I began thrusting with all that I had, faster and faster. She moaned and then she somehow raised up her legs and wrapped them around my ass and as I thrust inside of her, she’d squeeze her legs which squeezed her pussy, which pushed me even deeper into her. It’s hard to describe the action that was taking place.

    But, with her pussy contracting like that, I couldn’t contain myself and I shot my load deep inside of her. She moaned again as I assume she came because my legs were soaked with not only my cum but her orgasmic juices. I could feel the bed under us and was wondering how I could explain this to my sister. I might have to do a load of laundry before she woke up tomorrow or should I say today. The clock on the night stand said 1:14 am. Hailey and I had been together for almost 2 hours and it seemed like only minutes when she was standing in my doorway.

    I pulled out of her and rolled over onto the bed. Hailey looked at me, kissed me one more time and then lowered her body down to my cock. It was still rock hard and she began sucking me. Her tongue was always amazing. She told me one time that she had never sucked any guys cock except for mine. I bet her girlfriend loved that tongue as much as I did. It was quite long and I could only imagine what she could do with it. She was showing me right now what she could do with it and it was all I could do to not blow another load so quickly. I tried the math routine where you take a bunch of numbers and add and subtract them in your head, trying to keep my mind off the fact that her tongue playing over my head and sticking it down my cum hole was driving me insane. Then she lowered herself even further and placed her tongue on my taint and licked upwards to my balls, she took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them.

    Then she brought her hands into the action by stroking my cock and then she started playing with my asshole. I gotta tell you I’ve never had any desire to be ass fucked, but her fingers playing with the rim of my asshole was indescribable. Then her tongue traced up over my shaft to the V at the base of my cock and I shot a little cum. I couldn’t help myself, she was just that damn good. She laughed a little and then dove down onto my head with her mouth and sucked that cum right up. Then she sucked all of my cock into her mouth. All the way to my pubes and she didn’t even gag. I knew I had to be in her throat. I’ve never had anyone take all of me at one time and here she was sucking up and down from the tip to the base.

    Gosh, what a fucking feeling it was. Her one hand toying with my asshole rim, her other one playing with my balls and now her mouth going up and down on my cock, faster and faster. Sucking me as she came off it and then without opening her mouth, but somehow keeping the pressure on she went back down the whole way. I was actually moaning, and I’m not much of a moaner. I gripped the sheets and I felt my back arch as I felt an orgasm cumming that not even reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or the Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address could stave off the orgasm that was coming.

    I felt my balls clench. I felt something deep inside of me let loose and I shot my load down inside of her throat. She took her mouth and brought it up to just the wide head of my cock and with her hands she stroked my cock from balls to her chin and stroked more cum out of me. Her mouth so damn tight on my head and that damn tongue of hers circling my wide cock head and playing with the V. I came again and this time she got a taste.

    I seen her swallow several times. Then she released my cock and slid up beside me and laid her head on my chest. “Uncle Stan, you have the sweetest tasting cum. I’ve talked to other girls and they said that cum doesn’t taste good and I tell them about you and your cum. I think some of my friends might want to meet you”. (but that’s another story).

    “Hailey, I know you said you never blew any other guys, but how did you learn that. I never experienced a blow job like that in my life”.

    She propped herself up and said. “Well, I got to thinking of what you told me you like and I go to thinking of what would really get you off and I don’t know, everything I just did was my first time of doing it, but it felt good. Did you like it?”

    “Well, that’s the first stupid question I’ve heard you utter since you went off to college.”

    She just smiled and then lowered her head onto my chest.

    So, coming out of my reverie of those memories of last Christmas; I lay pinned under her, trying to think what I might do to get back into position of command. There was no way I was going to let some 20 something smart aleck niece of mine take control. However, she had other plans for me.

    She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off revealing her wonderful firm breasts. Those breasts which just last Christmas were the size of apples now were more like rather large grapefruit, still quite firm, her nipples as always were deep brown in color and now were sticking straight out. “Are you cold or just glad to see me, Hailey?” I quipped.

    “Oh, you don’t know the half of it. If you think last Christmas was good, I’m sure that I can make tonight another night for you to remember”.

    “Really” I said. “What makes you think that I even remember what took place that night. I’ve been with other girls and women since you, maybe I remember them more than I do you”.

    When I said that, she got this very sad face, her eyes misted up and she actually looked like she was going to cry. A single tear ran down her cheek to her chin and then dropped onto her breast.

    “Hailey…” I began, but then in one swift movement she jumped off my pinned arms, pulled my shorts completely off my body and dove down and took my hardening cock into her mouth. Somehow at some time while we were conversing and unbeknownst to me she had undid my belt and unsnapped my pants and unzipped my zipper. I didn’t even know she had done it. True she was sitting on my chest at the time, but I was sure her hands were in plain view.

    “How the hell did you do that and what was with the tears?” I exclaimed.

    For an answer, she began stroking my cock to its full length and then sucking on the head of my cock she proceeded to give me the same heart stopping, ball busting, gut wrenching blow job that she gave me back at Christmas. Only this time she did it without stopping to think about what she was doing. It was all one fluid motion. My cock all the way down her throat. Her fingers playing with my asshole. That damnable tongue flipping one way and another as she sucked hard on my head, on my shaft. I didn’t even have time to count or anything. I blew my load again. She sucked me dry and then she came up off of my cock and sucked so hard I thought my cock head was going to separate from my shaft.

    She sat up on the bed and not one drop of cum was anywhere on her chin or lips. I couldn’t believe it. I was pondering the events in my head when she said “The acting lessons that the agency gave me have really paid off. You actually thought those words hurt me. How did you like my new-found ability to shed a tear or two whenever I want to?”

    “Yes, my dear niece. You certainly caught me off guard there, but what I really want to know is how you got my pants off so quickly?”

    “Well, why I had you pinned and I was talking nonsense and I seen your mind had drifted off. I felt your cock hardening in your pants even though I wasn’t touching it, so I thought you were remembering past times. So, I just undid them, it didn’t take but a couple of seconds. I can show you again if you want?”

    Since my cock was still hard and her breasts were bare to me and as she sat cross legged in front of me I could see her shaved pussy. She had certainly filled out in all the right places and she was such a beauty to behold. To make matters even juicier for me, I knew from our correspondence that I have been the only man to ever see her naked and the only man that she will allow to touch that wonderful body. She has had the same girlfriend since I took her virginity and someday I hope to meet her.

    “Well, Hailey as much as I do have to get your luggage down to my van and take you back home. I really don’t want to go down the elevator naked. But, at the same time we have plenty of time before I need to get you home. I’ll just text your Dad and tell them I’ve been detained and I’ll pick you up at 8am. He’ll be golfing at that time and we can make love here till then. What do you think of that?”

    Her reply was that she reached behind herself undid whatever was holding her skirt together and next thing I know she’s sitting in front of me completely naked. I reached up and took off my shirt, shucked off my shoes and she pulled off my socks. Then I moved onto the bed so that we were lying side by side. I lay on my side and ran my hands over her breasts. Put my hand around one of them and they were definitely larger, but still firm. I ran my thumb over her nipples and then squeezed them gently pulling them outward and then letting their elasticity snap back in place.

    I ran my hand down over her abdomen. She had developed some impressive ab muscles and then down to her shaved pussy. I took my hand and ran it over her pussy, my palm rubbing her clit and then I inserted one finger just barely into her pussy. She was already wet, she’s always wet. I then sat up higher and moved down the bed so that I could run my hands over her thighs, down her to her knees and then to her feet. I sat up and lifted her one leg up and began giving her a foot massage. Rubbing the bottoms of her feet with my palm and with my fingers I inserted them between her toes and with my other hand rub the top of her foot. I pressed in with my palm on her arch causing her to flex her toes. I kneaded her foot, then I worked on her other foot. She was kind of humming, not really moaning. I looked up as I spread her legs apart and I could see her pussy.

    I seen her labia lips swelling slightly and I could have sworn I see her clit peek out from under its hood. She was oozing pussy juice as I massaged her foot with one hand, I took the other hand and began massaging her calf muscles.
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    I enjoy reading about you and Hailey. The sex you two have is incredible. :)
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      Yes, she is awesome. My words are close but to actually see, feel, smell, taste her and when she interacts, the things she can do with that lithe, supple body is incredible!
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