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    Jan 22, 2017
    It was a Saturday and it was raining heavily outside. My mom and I were at home watching movies in the living room.

    My mom was very attractive and liked wearing revealing clothes that showed off her amazing figure.

    This particular day she was wearing a tight-fitting top and a ridiculously short pair of denim shorts. The outfit looked a lot like this:


    We were sitting in the living room. My mom was painting her toenails on the couch as we watched TV.

    Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I got up to go answer it.

    It was my mom's boyfriend, Dan. He was a couple of years younger than my mom (she liked them young), and was really good looking with a muscular physique. He and my mom had being going out for about two months at that point.

    Dan followed me into the living room. He sat next to my mom on the couch and they shared a short but very passionate kiss.

    Dan asked what we were watching and my mom told him we were watching the Discovery Channel. My mom then asked Dan if he wanted to help paint her toenails. He gladly said yes.

    I watched the two of them out of the corner of my eye as Dan delicately applied the nail polish and then blowed it dry. He was clearly enjoying my mom's sexy feet. They were giggling and kissing.

    After a while my mom said that she and Dan were feeling tired and were going to have an afternoon nap. They then left me in the living room as they went upstairs.

    I waited for a couple of minutes and then followed them upstairs.

    I could already hear my mom's loud moans and the sound of her bed squeaking as I reached the upstairs landing.

    Her bedroom was at the end of the hallway, next to mine. As I got closer to her bedroom door the sounds got louder.

    "Oh baby... don't stop... fuck me... fuck me..."

    My mom's door was ajar. She had a habit of leaving it open while she was fucking. I don't know why - but I can guess.

    I peered into the room and saw my mom and Dan butt naked on the bed having vigorous sex. My mom was riding Dan in reverse. I had a good view of them due to the large mirror next to my mom's bed.


    My mom's shaved pussy swallowed Dan's cock every time she bounced up and down on him.

    Every now and then my mom would stop bouncing and would just grind on Dan's cock. He would groan and smack my mom's ass.

    My mom: "you like the way that pussy feels, baby?"

    Dan: "yeah, it is so fucking tight and wet".

    Mom: "you ready to fuck me hard?"

    Dan: "oh yeah".

    Mom: "do it, baby. Make my tits bounce".

    Dan raised his hips and started thrusting hard. His balls slapped against my mom's clit as he drilled her cunt. Her large breasts were bouncing around wildly.


    My mom was in sexual heaven. She screamed loudly as this young stallion pounded away at her pussy.

    "That cock is so deep... fuck... you are so hard, baby..."

    Dan was grunting and groaning.

    Eventully, they changed positions. My mom turned around and was now riding Dan in regular cowgirl mode.


    My mom's juicy ass moved up and down furiously as she rode her man's fat cock.

    Dan grabbed my mom's butt cheeks tightly.

    Dan: "yeah, baby, give me that fucking pussy. Take that cock deep".

    Mom: "I want you to pound me hard".

    Dan then started fucking my mom like a sex demon. It was savage. His cock rammed up her cunt violently. It produced a lot slapping sound as their naked flesh repeatedly came into contact.

    Mom: "oh God yes... harder... harder... oh fuck yes..."

    The bed shook furiously as these two hot people were fucking each other's brains out.

    Dan repeatedly smacked my mom's big ass and she squealed with pleasure.

    Dan's powerful thrusting seemed to go on forever, until he eventually announced that he was going to come.

    My mom quickly jumped off him and grabbed his cock as white cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed every drop and then sensually kissed and licked her lover's meat as he groaned loudly.

    To be continued...
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    Nice story please continue
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    Wow mom
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    Been following this series, and it gets hotter each time!!! Cant wait for more!!!
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    That is what a cell camera is for a family collection. Rember when granny was young!