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    Feb 24, 2016
    Alex was a class “A” jerk and I was done! I deleted all his emails and texts. I removed his contact information from my phone and took all the Teddy Bears and fake jewelry you bought me, and clothes he had at my place; put them all in a black trash bag and prepared to toss it down the trash chute. The whole time I was storming around, my phone kept ringing and I knew it was him.

    Txt – “Baby I’m sorry”

    Txt – “You always said you wanted to try a gangbang”



    I knew I should have turned my phone off, stupid me.

    Txt – “Please come over, I still have some of your stuff”
    Txt – “Lets talk”

    Return Txt –“NO”

    Txt – “Fine, Im coming to get my shit bitch!”


    Txt – “20 mins”

    Fine, I thought. I wanted closure. I wanted Mr.Jerkface to know what he will be missing. I quickly did my hair and makeup, then put on my shorts, pink Batgirl t-shirt and riding boots. Even in the boots he was a full 6-inches taller than me. Oh and a few squirts of Red Door (his favorite perfume) on my neck, just in time as the buzzer rings. Opening the door, I give the death stare to Mr. Jerkface. He barges in like he owns the place, and asks me for his “shit,” I point at the trash bag in the corner. “Oh, you just going to throw my shit out?!” “Yep” I respond. Looking at him, looking at his muscles and square jaw, then again at his muscles I must keep remembering that it’s over. [We tried a dogging session and I thought he was going to bring two or three nice guys; but they were all huge cock thugs straight out of Cook County Jail; and what they did to me was not sex. I was humiliated and my body was abused as Alex laughed and took pictures.]

    He looked back at me with that look, I had to stand firm. God, he had a body on him. In his heavy Jamaican accent, he apologized over and over. He kept saying he thought I was into it, and he thought my tears and tapping-out was part of the act. Even now I had to hold back the tears remembering what they did to me. I sat on the couch and Alex went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He complimented me on how I looked. and smelled so pretty; and said he was a jerk for not stopping the assault. We talked, had wine, talked more and had more wine. Then I noticed when he got the second bottle of wine, he hadn’t touched his glass at all. The conversation moved from how sorry he was, to how much me missed my body. How horny he got every time he laid eyes on my thick ass. Unfortunately, was so tipsy and lonely, and me being such a stupid whore, ate it up.

    The wine had done its job, loosened my guard and he did not waste a second. We had a heavy make-out session on the couch and the next thing I knew I was lying there with a full sissy 4 inch erection, wearing only my Batgirl shirt and riding boots. I ran my hands over his muscular Jamaican body as he kissed and twisted my nipples. He knew every right button to push, and I was once again on my knees swallowing his long thick shaft. Damnit, he did it again!

    I continued to rub his powerfully built legs as he told me he knew how much I really wanted his swing dick. “Girl get that fat booty over the couch” The alcohol, me missing him and his commanding voice made my knees weak and the only thing I could do was obey. “Every time I fuck you, you better be wearing those boots, you hear?” I just nodded my head in agreement

    It always takes a while for Alex to work his full girth in me and once he does I have to hang on for dear life because that man knows how the shit out of me! The was no time for lube, he had to get it when I was willing. Using the slobber for his blowjob and extra spit he worked his jumbo black dick in my asshole. I grunted as he pushed further in me “Give that ass, I know you can take all this dick!” With that I spread my legs further apart and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands. “Fuck my pussy daddy” I moaned and that was his cue to try his best to break my ass. He forced every inch of his brutish dark dick in me. His balls slapped against my fat ass and he fucked me like he would never see me again. God, it felt like is dick was bigger and meaner. At times, he would pull out all the ways just so he could jam it back in to hear me whimper. Every stroke was like the first time I offered my ass to him, complete sodomy. Alex pushed all of his weight on me was he pumped me over the couch. In this position, each time he slammed me, his full weight also slammed my sissy balls, and I screamed like a little bitch. Finally jets of cum flooded my asspussy.

    He pulled his cock out and I could feel his cum oozing out of me and down my balls and legs. My gaping ass kept trying to close without success and I had made a mess on the sofa. He fucked me so hard I think I came twice. I slumped over the couch as his juices continued to pour out of me. Alex padded me on the butt and I felt a gentle kiss on my ass cheek. After a few moments of quiet, I stood up and saw the apartment door was wide open and his bag of stuff was gone?! Mr.Jerkface’s final act of humiliating me, was to open my apartment door and have all of my neighbors see my big brown ass in boots, bent over the couch, legs spread wide and milky white goo dripped from my asshole.
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    Jan 25, 2017
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    Jul 3, 2016
    I could never treat someone so badly and it saddens me if sissies want to be treated this way:rage:.
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    Dec 27, 2015
    I don´t know if all girls like bad boys, but surelt most of them don´t love good boys.
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    Jul 28, 2016
    Definitely is better to be bad guy from a good, because girls don't like when is everything all right in relation. I
    talk that from my experience
    34523434234.jpg .
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    May 23, 2015
    Fukn hot
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    Sep 25, 2016
    Fuck this story was hot. My dick all hard and shit. Damn....your gaping ass couldn't close.....ooooh i loved that part
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