1. Longforit

    Longforit Amateur

    May 6, 2018
    I always know when my wife has plans to play with the lesbians at work because the only time she wears her thong to work is if she plans for it,I'll be honest I don't mind when she does because she comes home needing more,first she tells me about it then I go down on her to see how wet she is after and to see how much more she can handle, well they normally start by giving each other a passionate kiss while one of them pulls off the thong they take turns feeling each other up then they either go in the stall together or just two at a time taking turns sometimes one of them bring in one of there favorite toys as she tells me the two in the stall work on each other and the one outside plays with herself when the three of them are at the point the third one comes in the stall they all three pick with one they will finish then they all three work over the pussy to the point all three are ready they make sure all of them cum together my wife says one of them is a squirter so they choose which one will go down to be squirt in the mouth they normally take turns,my wife loves the time together with both of them and I may say there absolutely beautiful women I know because my surprise me on my birthday and brought them home because they never saw a guy take a strap on but I already told that story
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  2. michaell

    michaell Sex Machine

    Jun 2, 2007
    when I first started dating (sleeping with) my now wife Susan, she was having regular sex with a gal named Kay Wahl and was also regularly fucking two other guys.
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