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  1. kims man

    kims man Porn Surfer

    Jun 28, 2016
    My wife is a petite little 5’ foot blond with a perfect little body. She has great D cup breasts which I suck on all the time. I have even got a breast pump and they started to produce a lot of milk. Her breasts even leak milk when she is aroused. I have always had a fantasy of watching her have sex with a black man especially since her skin tone is so fair. She also takes Ambien to help her sleep and after she takes it her inhibitions are lowered. I started to watch porn with her at night and slowly started to watch interracial videos. She would watch these little women take these huge black dicks and be amazed. I even bought her a large dildo and made sure it was black. She doesn’t use any birth control because I have a vasectomy.

    One night after she took her Ambian I took her out to a bar in a bad part of town. We sat in the corner and watched all of the black men and I would ask her imagine having sex with him. How about that guy, you know he is huge I would tell her. After a few drinks she went to the bath room and came back all flushed. I asked her what happened and she told me that there was a hole in the wall and while she was peeing a man stuck his huge black dick through the wall. I asked her what she did and she told me she got out as soon as possible.

    I took her hand and said lets go see it. As soon as we walked into the bathroom a large black dick poked through the wall. I turned and made sure that the door was locked. My god she said, with huge eyes. She waked over to it amazed, stroke it I told her. She raised one shaking hand and barely touched it. She then started to stroke it, look she said I can’t even wrap my hand around it. It was dripping pre-cum and she rubbed it around the tip. Taste it I told her, I can’t she said as she stared at the huge pole in her hands. To my surprise she then started to lick it. I went up behind her and squeezed her breasts. I could tell she was very aroused because her bra was wet with milk, so I began to take her shirt and bra off.

    She then shocked me and took the tip of the cock into her mouth bulging her cheeks she had her eyes closed and was bobbing on the tip. I then started to rub her clit through her shorts. This made her move a little and I proceeded to pull them down so I could put a finger in her soaked pussy. She started to get into it, her nips were dripping milk and she was grinding on my finger.

    Fuck him I told her, no I can’t do that she told me. I showed her a condom and said sure you can. She took the condom from me and said that she would just rub it against her clit and between her lips. She put the condom on him and bent over to the gloryhole, she started rubbing against her wet pink little gash and said oh god. She rubbed it around for a while making her own juices flow down her leg. There is no way this thing would even fit inside me she said. I wonder if it could I said. She placed the head against the entrance of her pink little pussy and rubbed it around. She then started to bounce back onto it.

    I watched the cock as it slowly began to open her up. I then whipped out my own dick dripping with pre-cum and put into her mouth. I was so hard and hot that I began to fuck her face as she began to bounce back harder. Then the huge head entered her and her eyes flew open wide. She began to grind and pushed back farther impaling herself on the strangers cock. At this point the man behind the wall started to thrust into her and she began to moan.

    I came down her throat with a huge gush. I could tell that she was already cumming because when she cums she cums so hard that her knees go weak. I moved a table that was in the corner in front of her so she could lay her upper body onto it and it allowed her pussy to stay lined up to the hole. I also took out my phone and put it on record and placed it down between her legs looking up. Oh my god, yes she chanted, and I could tell that the huge cock was slamming into her cervix because every time it did the table would rock and squeak. Now she was pinned by the table against the wall having multiple orgasms. The man came and came hard with a grunt. He pulled his cock back in and left the other room. My wife was exhausted with all of her orgasms. I was in shock by what I just saw. Ok sweetie lets go I said, just give me a few minutes, my legs are so weak I can’t even walk right now. Ok I said I will go pay the tab and we can go. Just as I stepped into the hallway I realized her position and remembered where we were. I turned just as the locked door slammed shut. Oh holy shit I said as I struggled to get the door open. As I turned to get a key I saw a couple of huge black men go into the other room. Damn it I have to stop them I thought. As I walked into the room I saw a man pulling down his pants and pulling out a huge cock. Hey guys I said that is my wife I think she has had enough. Not from me she hasn’t the man growled and rudely shoved his bare cock into my wives unprotected pussy.

    Hold on I said as another man grabbed me from behind, she isn’t on birth control. Well we are going to breed her all night so it looks like you are going to have a black baby, the man said with a couple of hard thrusts into my wife to make the point. I could hear her grunting on the other side of the wall as he pounded her cervix. Then the grunting turned into moans, god this slut is tight the pounding mad said and I swear she is cumming. I know the sounds of my wife and I was sure he was right. The man blew his load inside my wives pussy and as soon as he was done another man took his place. They were holding me and I was entranced by the huge black member being thrusted inside my wife.

    I could hear the table that was pinning her against the wall creak with each thrust, and I could hear the grunts turn into moans as she rode a wave of multiple orgasms. Man after man entered the restroom and violated my wife, battering her pink pussy. There were usually at least four men in the room at all times cheering the violator on. Damn you have a hot slut one man said, most women couldn’t take this abuse but I can hear her cumming from here. I could hear a sloppy wet slurping sound from the other room as my wives pussy was being punished. I have no idea how many men used her. When one man pulled out I could see her huge gaping pussy, I could see all the way inside her and all of the cum puddled inside and pouring down her clit.

    Look at her I said her pussy is destroyed, damn the man said it is all fucked up. As he entered her, this cunt is shot he said then he pulled his lubed cock out of her. But this pink little bud isn’t he said as he lined his huge cock up to her ass. No you can’t I screamed, you don’t tell me what to do he growled and to make the point he plowed his cock home inside my wife with one violent thrust. We all heard her yell and scream in agony through the wall. He then pounded her tight ass hard, thrust after thrust he pounded into her. You are raping her I yelled, raping her the man said your wife is a true black cock whore she is literally cumming on my cock right now. I could hear her say oh god and I could hear the table squeaking with her body’s orgasmic spasms.

    Several more men came into the room and picked the whole they wanted to fuck. I got another view through the gloryhole and was in shock, her once pink little pussy was red and swollen and her ass was completely prolapsed. It looked as if they had ripped her ass completely out. They continued to enter the room and violate her. The entire time I could hear my wife moan and orgasm time after time through the assaults on her most precious parts.

    The manager finally walked in and told the guys that the ones in the room could fuck the bitch but that was all. You guys have been fucking that slut for over two hours, I don’t want a dead whore in my bar. That isn’t a whore one man said that hot slut is his wife. What he asked and I told him how I accidently locked the door with her pinned against the wall. Damn the man said, you either are stupid or you have great life insurance on her. You guys finish fucking this guy’s wife and then I will unlock the door he said.

    When we entered the room she was still spasming in constant orgasms half-awake from exhaustion. We pulled her away from the wall and looked at her. The table was covered with her milk and had scratches on it from her nails. Her huge gaping ass was prolapsed and a mixture of blood and semen was flowing into her open and gaping pussy. Damn they fucked her good the man said those holes will never be the same. I picked up my phone which was still recording. It was lying in a puddle of cum that had flowed out of her holes.

    Here the man said and took a dirty bar towel out of his pocket and handed it to me, shove this up those ruined holes so she doesn’t leave a trail all the way through my parking lot. With that he left. I used the towel to gently clean my wives battered holes and left it on the floor. I got her dressed and carried her out to the car. When we got home I took her to the shower and sat her on the side of the tub. I took the shower nozzle down and sprayed water into her still gaping holes trying to rinse out all of the men’s cum. Then I gently took her to bed. Where she was out cold. I looked at her body, her breast were completely drained and her nipples were bleeding and rubbed raw from the table. Her once tight little pink pussy was a gapping mess. Her lips were bruised, bloody, swollen and purple. Her ass was completely prolapsed and bleeding.

    I wanted to make sure that all of the semen was out so I put a finger inside her to check and there was no resistance so I put another and another. I could get four fingers inside her and most of my hand without any problems. Oh my god I said to myself it’s destroyed. She slept the entire next day and her prolapse went back in although her pussy still hung open. The following day she awoke and asked me why her pussy and ass hurt and why she could barely walk. Well you had a few to many drinks and wanted me to pound you with your black dildo, I told her. Well no more she said I hurt all over. I couldn’t believe it she didn’t remember a thing.

    I edited the video from my phone and we watch it when we have sex. Damn look at her she would say what a slut. I can’t believe a woman could take all those huge men. Listen to her moan you can tell she is cumming the whole time she would say in shock. Her ass finally went close to normal although it isn’t a pink bud anymore. It is now an angry brown hole. Her pussy went back to pink eventually but it was never the same. Her lips hang down lower and she has no problems taking the large black dildo inside her.

    She gets off watching the video of her and starts ramming the large dildo inside herself as milk streams down her breasts. She fucks herself into a shuddering frenzy until she collapses onto the bed. She never did this before and I wonder if those memories will stay locked inside her blond little head for ever.
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  2. welder153

    welder153 Newcumer

    Dec 30, 2010
    hot story , what hubby hasn't thought of doing something like that
  3. chiefcock2000

    chiefcock2000 Porno Junky

    Jan 29, 2013
    Awesome more plz
  4. emersonbosworth

    emersonbosworth Porn Surfer

    May 26, 2015
    Very good, love those black cocks fucking my wife.
  5. Cmlvr69

    Cmlvr69 Porn Star

    Feb 1, 2018
    I'd love them all fucking me hard
  6. Dildomechanic

    Dildomechanic Porn Star

    Jul 8, 2018
    Cuck & bull rodeo bareback... Well she dont need the vet for artifical insemination.
  7. Cmlvr69

    Cmlvr69 Porn Star

    Feb 1, 2018
    Lol I hear ya