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    Jan 28, 2017
    So my parents got divorced when I was younger and when I was in high school my mother started dating this guy who lived in the same town and his daughter was 2 grades ahead of me in high school. It started to get serious and my mother married this guy which made this girl my step sister. I was a sophomore in high school and she was a senior. We were pretty cool and when my new step dad and stepsister moved in we started getting closer. I had friends who were in here grade and went to the same parties as her. One night I was drinking in the woods and she was there so we drove home together. We got in her car and she said do you wanna get something to eat. We went to mcdonalds and went through the drive thru and she pulled over instead of just driving home. We were talking and eventually started making out. She sucked my dick in the parking lot and i came in her mouth. We went home and that was it. This happened on a friday night. The next night I went out with my friends and was texting her thoughout the night. I was drinking and i told her to come by my room when she got home. I was in my room drunk as hell at about midnight when she came in and without saying anything she just layed down in my bed with me. We 69nd and I fucked her. She rode my dick and I pulled out and came all over her stomach and tits. She was hot. She was like 5 foot 1 but had a fat ass and nice little round small tits. We fucked many times. I am 23 now and on holidays when we are together we have sex even though she has a boyfriend. I have cummed in her a couple times too.
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    Jan 3, 2017
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