Private Conversation

  1. You can access inbox or start new conversation through Inbox in the right top corner of each site

  2. You can also access your inbox through the main panel which will pop up if you put cursor on your username in the right top corner of each page.

  3. All your conversations are listed here and you can also start new conversation

  4. If you click on any user, the member info will pop up and you can start a conversation with him/her.

  5. You can choose maximum 5 recipients. Conversation Title has to be filled.

  6. Bold Italic Underline

    Text Color Font Size Font Family

    Paste text as link or as plain text

    Align Left, Center or Right

    Unordered List; Ordered List; Outdent; Indent

    Smilies; Insert Image with URL; Insert Video and Insert Quote, Spoiler, Code or Strike-through

    Save Draft; Delete Draft

    Undo; Redo

    Remove Formatting; Use BB Code editor

  7. To delete conversation please mark the checkbox next to the PM subject, click Other action and choose Leave conversation