Privacy Settings/ Personal Settings

  1. You can double-click on your username or some options you can find in the main pop-up menu (put cursor on your username in the right top corner) or you can find it also in your profile on the left side.

  2. Manage Your Alerts Here

  3. notification will pop up also in the right top corner

  4. Your News Feed News about users you follow.

  5. Likes You Have Received

  6. Watched Threads

  7. Watched Forums

    • Enable Email Notification

    • Disable Email Notification

    • Enable Alerts

    • Disable Alerts

    • Stop Watching Forums

    Start to watch a forum you can by clicking "Watch Forum" in each forum in right top corner

  8. View Conversation and Start a New Conversation please follow Here

  9. Personal Details

    • Let your followers know what you are up to:

    • Change your Avatar

    • Allow/ Disallow people to see your Date of birth:

    • Fill where are you based; if you have a blog; gender; age and sexual orientation:

    • This space you can use to introduce yourself:

  10. Signature

  11. You can add maximum 10 smilies, 1 image, 20 lines of text with 300 characters and 5 links in your signature!

    Bold Italic Underline

    Text Color Font Size Font Family

    Paste text as link or as plain text

    Align Left, Center or Right

    Unordered List; Ordered List; Outdent; Indent

    Smilies; Insert Image with URL; Insert Video and Insert Quote, Spoiler, Code or Strike-through

    Save Draft; Delete Draft

    Undo; Redo

    Remove Formatting; Use BB Code editor

  12. Contact Details

  13. Privacy

  14. You can choose privacy:

    • All Visitors

    • Members Only

    • People You Follow Only

  15. Preferences

  16. Alert Preferences Manage your notifications

  17. People You Follow

  18. You can follow a user by clicking the username and then Follow / Unfollow in the pop-up:

  19. People You Ignore To ignore user means his post/ threads/ galleries/ groups will not be displayed to you

  20. You can ignore a user by clicking the username and then Ignore / Unignore in the pop-up:

  21. Password Change your password

  22. Log Out will you log you out from your profile

  23. XenGallery Privacy Settings

  24. You can choose privacy:

    • Everyone

    • Registered Users

    • People I Followed

    • People Following Me

    • Only Me

  25. XenGallery Alert Settings

  26. Manage your alerts