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    Nov 1, 2017
    Betty babysits for the Johnson's...

    Betty was a wonderful girl,her daddy gave her the nickname, Kitten. So now everyone calls her that. She was just starting college and her adult life. She was a bigger built girl, but still remained very attractive. Long brown hair, large double D's and an ass for days. The boys loved her and Kitten loved that they loved her. Exploiting their hard-ons was her favorite past time. Her parents weren't poor but Kitten still needed to work at times, and her favorite part-time job was babysitting the Johnson's newborn. Kitten had just started watching there baby boy, he was drawn to her voluptuous chest. The only thing that Kitten didn't enjoy was their massive American Pit Bulldog. He was huge, almost 100 lbs, with muscles on top of muscles. He always watched Kitten closely, making her extremely nervous because she knew if he wanted to he could hurt her. So Kitten kept her distance, and her eyes opened.

    One evening, Kitten was babysitting and Otis the Pit Bull Dog was acting strange. Sniffing the air around Kitten and the tip or his pink doggie cock sticking out of his sheath. Specially since Otis spent most of the time so far, sniffing the air and licking his self. Every time Kitten moved Otis watched and sat on his haunches. Kitten spilled her soda onto her pants soaking the whole front, she jumped up and ran to the laundry room and immediately threw them into the wash. Making Otis stand at attention. As she closed the laundry room door, something cold touched the back of her leg a few times startling her. Kitten jump and turned around face to face with the giant behemoth of a dog. Otis inched closer, pinning Kitten against the laundry room door. Kitten's breathing quickened and her eyes bulged. Otis looked different as he stalked her, his cold nose occasionally touching her thighs, making her squeak and jump.

    Otis eased forward and licked the middle where her legs touched very aggressive, and Kitten touched his head to push him away. Otis growled, and pushed forward and his big chest made Kittens legs spread some. Kitten was so frightened that a spot of urine moistened the front of her panties. She raised her hands up high, in a submissive posture. Otis raised his snout and sniffed right at the crotch of Kitten's panties. Kitten was more and more afraid, until Otis's large wet tongue came out and licked her panties. Kitten squealed but not out of fear, the tongue has just enough pressure to slap against her little clit. Standing perfectly still, Kitten felt another lick, and then a series of tongue stabs and nips grabbing at her panties. She could feel the dogs teeth nipping and biting through her silky undergarments. Kitten was really afraid because Otis became even more aggressive. Finally one of his teeth hooked her panties and with a shake of his head the crotch of Kittens panties were gone. Kitten shrieked, and slid down the wall onto her ass. With her legs wide open and only semi-conscious, Due to fainting after the animal destroyed her panties.

    Coming to, Kitten felt the cold floor against her bare cheeks, her whole lower half seemed to be tingling. She then felt something warm and wet, sliding against her tight little cunny. Looking down at her crotch was impossible,because Otis's big body blocked her view. She was still not lucid enough to get up, and the heavy dog blocking her way. But she also felt the tingles in her nether regions. Kitten's cunny was being continually assaulted by Otis's hungry tongue. His head was pushing trying to get deeper, and his tongue was now entering her tight little cunt. Kitten started with a low guttural moan and her voice went higher and higher as the tongue drove her mad. Otis's teeth nipped at her lips and made her wince it pain, but the tongue was incessant and determined to make her scream. Kittens legs lifted some and she felt the dog's tongue swipe her asshole and her whole body shook as her first orgasm shook her. right there on the kitchen floor

    Kitten shook and squealed as the relentless dog's tongue brought her through her first orgasm, yet didn't slow a bit. It was as if she were being eaten alive, and Kitten's pussy didn't seem to mind one bit. Kitten thought if she could just roll onto her belly, she might just have a chance to escape. Kitten rolled to one side and brought her leg over Otis. As she did Otis made his move, her large round ass in his face, Otis dove right in. His tongue was big, wet and relentless. Kitten had never had her asshole licked, let alone tongue raped by a dog. Otis's tongue snaked in and out of that tight little star. Making Kitten feel very dirty yet, causing her to growl with the sexual stimulation she was feeling along with it. His canine teeth nipping her skin and making Kitten yelp but not causing her great pain. Otis was making Kitten actually start to like it all. His tongue was rolling and wiggling in her insides, as Kitten came to the realization that Otis was not going to hurt her.

    Kitten's tight little star began to open as she relaxed and Otis got his tongue even deeper. Making her grunt during entrance and sigh as it slid out. She started lifting her ass to meet his strokes until she was ass up and face down. spreading open even more. Otis became even more ravenous, as his tongue fucked back and forth between both of her holes. Slowly making her open her entrances for him. It became impossible for Kitten to ignore the feelings Otis was bringing out in her. So Kitten began to let go, even though inside she knew this was wrong, she couldn't imagine how something wrong, could make her feel this good.

    All of a sudden the tongue and mouth attack stopped, Kitten stayed still as Otis adjusted his position. The next thing she felt was his paws on her back, his claws scratching her flesh and wrapping around her. Otis lower haunches started slow at first but speeding up, she felt something poke her thigh, it was very hot and wet. Kitten finally figured out what was happening right before the doggie cock slid into her anal passage. Only and inch or so but stretching her open quickly. Otis adjusted on her back and jammed his cock powerfully, making Kitten lose her breath. No sooner was he embedded in her, Otis started to jackhammer her tight virginal ass.

    Through all her screams and groans, Kitten realized that she was beginning to love losing control to this savage beast, He was taking her body as he chose and using her like his bitch. Otis's cock was swelling every time he sack into her juicy ass, the pain mixing with pleasure, was making Kitten feel things she couldn't explain. Her tears began to flow as Otis's thrusts became more violent and quick. It was like he was trying to show her that he was the boss. She never noticed but at the bottom of his cock a ball was swelling. and Otis was working his way to forcing it past her sphincter. Each thrust opened her more and she began to scream. Otis's ball was pushing into her and Kitten began to scream. Her pain threshold had been reached and the pleasure wasn't helping anymore. Kitten just relaxed and let him have his way and the next thing she felt was the final push and her tiny star closing and sealing it inside her. Sweat poured off her as she shook and trembled through another orgasm. Them she felt his hot semen pouring into her anal passage. Kitten lay there quiet and being still as Otis emptied into her. He nipped at her back a couple times as he came.

    About twenty minutes later Otis pulled free of her gaping ass. Kitten felt empty when it was over. She felt so full as he brutalized her. Gathering strength she finally stood up and was surprised to see Mr. Johnson standing there drinking a beer. He helped her to the kitchen table, and helped her sit down. Mr. Johnson asked, "Did he hurt you, sweet Kitten," she said no and Mr. Johnson said, "Well, I may have a new job for you, Kitten." "Working at the Johnson Kennel". Kitten just smiled.

    1. KnightLover1
      I loved the setting of the babysitter being taken by the dog like a new playtoy for him to enjoy. I have been heavily into the bestiality stories and videos since i was 17.. It was because of an overheard conversation between my brother in law and his friend at the time of a horse doing a woman. Ever since then, it spurred my curiosity more and I started watching lots of beast videos of woman/girls fucking dogs or horses.. The stories and videos combined have always given me stronger climaxes than most porn these days that usually repeat the same scenario more often than others.

      Well done on the story for your first attempt.. Hope to read more from you as well.
      KnightLover1, May 29, 2018
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    Nov 1, 2017
    Ok , everyone I've never written a story like this, but I wanted to go out of my wheelhouse, and test myself. I'm sorry if the subject matter isn't correct but my knowledge is very small when it comes to this. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.
    1. Jim hendrix
      I thought is was a very erotic story for your first attempt. There are two different way a woman can position herself so the male can inter her pussy or her ass. On her hands and knees in both cases. If her head is lower that her ass then the male dog which by the way produces the lube to enter his bitch easily can hit her pussy easiest by her just a little position change as she feels his cock hitting her backside. But if she has her head raised above her back side like putting her hands or arms on a foot stool then she can direct his cock into her ass. He will produce enough lube to enter her ass, like tons of it. After he has entered her then she can lower herself a little and enjoy the experience.
      Jim hendrix, May 29, 2018
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  3. Loretta Roberson

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    Apr 21, 2018
    well written and very close to what would happen...nicely done and thank you for trying something out of your comfort zone and exploring new areas....cant wait to read more
  4. Tcs1963

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    Nov 1, 2017
    Thank you everyone, for being so kind, and yes I am very stupid concerning this kink. Its not one of mine, but writing is and I needed to see if I could do it. Thank you all so much.
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  5. Loretta Roberson

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    Apr 21, 2018
    Your not stupid.... It's just not something your into so why would you have knowledge about it.... For a first timer you did great.... It seems as if you did research.... Did you?
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    May 15, 2018
    Nicely written. I agree with the others, you did well for your first story.
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    Feb 19, 2018
    Definitely rubbed my clit while reading this
    1. bigbrother07
      I think we need proof of that, lol.
      bigbrother07, May 30, 2018
    2. Tcs1963
      Please, don't harass the ladies, bro.
      Tcs1963, May 30, 2018
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    May 25, 2017
    I enjoyed this very much I rubbed my cliff also thinking of my dog while reading this
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    Jan 23, 2016
    I liked it. It's a good story and well written
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    Nov 1, 2017
    Betty Pt.2

    Betty Joins the Johnson Kennel Team...

    Betty woke up after sleeping soundly, after Mr. Johnson had dropped her off, she had to take some time to recuperate considering her ordeal with the Johnson's Pit Bull. She still couldn't wrap her head around why the animal had raped her while babysitting for the Johnson's the night before. Otis had never paid attention to her before and last night he completely took advantage of her. Even though it was very traumatic, Betty couldn't help thinking about how she had enjoyed it. Her pussy still ached with a dull throbbing from his breeding knot stretching her poor little cunny. Not to mention the scratches and bite marks to her back and buttocks.

    Along with her injuries, Betty was embarrassed that Mr. Johnson had seen her ordeal. Mr. J as he is affectionately known as, never stopped Otis as he used Betty's tight little cunny. He seemed like he even enjoyed watching her be violated by the animal. But at least he had offered her a job after and that was something Betty wasn't gonna turn down. So she jumped up and showered, then she got dressed in a tank top and her shortest shorts, and headed out to the Johnson's kennel.

    Betty started feeling odd as she pulled down the dirt road that lead to the kennel, surrounded by woods it was kind of spooky and left her feeling uneasy. Betty was more than excited to be interviewing for a new job. She really loved animals and it suited her to help take care of them. As she exited her Daddy's car she heard some moaning and light screams coming from the barn on the far end of the yard. The sounds started her but she was dead set on getting this job from Mr. Johnson. Wondering if the screams were calls for help, but still not deterred from her mission she walked towards the office.

    Betty was greeted as she walked in the office door by Mary, the kennel's receptionist. She was asked to please wait and told that Mr. Johnson would be with her shortly. Just as she took her seat, Mr. Johnson entered the room followed by a young girl that Betty immediatly recognized as one of the Freshman Cheerleaders that she went to school with, she walked past Betty looking disheveled and upset. Kind of like Betty felt the night before after Otis used her body. Mr. J smiled and said he would call when he needed her help again and the girl exited quickly as if she was running away from something. Mr. J whispered something to the receptionist and they both giggled. Then he approached me and said, "Hi there Miss Owens." and I jumped out of my skin cause my mind was thinking about what must have happened to that young girl. He asked me how I was after last nights experience. He then started asking about my experience taking care of animals.

    He kept questioning me as he slipped his boney arm around my shoulder and pushed me into his office. Mr. J was a creepy looking man, very tall like a basketball player, and skinny almost to the point of skeletal. He walked with a wide gate making his movements weird, his hair was long and gray and always kept in a ponytail running down his back. He showed his age in his face with pock marks and wrinkles. To Betty he was a scary old pervert and she was worried.

    Mr. J sat behind his desk and our conversation turned more towards my sexual experience, and as his questions got more invasive I noticed his hands disappeared into his lap. The questions seemed to be more for his knowledge than to help make his decision about the job. Then Mr. J said "can you crawl on your knees?" My head straightened and I looked him in the eyes and told him I have no problem moving at all. Then it got weird and he said for me to "get on my hands and knees and crawl towards him." That sounded like a command so I acquiest to his order and crawled to him.

    As I eased around his desk, my eyes widened as I saw his very long cock hanging out of his pants. He was not only tall but he had a ten inch cock to go with his height, it wasn't very thick but the length grabbed my attention right away. Mr. J then called me towards him in such a way I felt just like a dog. "Come here to Daddy, little girl. Come and get your treat." As I crawled closer he aimed his long cock right at me.

    The Dominance he used when he addressed me, this type of treatnent excited me and I submitted right away. Crawling right over and licking the crown of his cock. Mr. J let out a loud moan and relaxed as his cock slid deeper into my mouth. My tongue tickling the underside and making him fidget and moan louder. He kept telling me what a good girl I was and my submission to him deepened, and he began maneuvering my mouth to suit his needs. Sliding his thin cock right into my throat and fucking my mouth with authority. Mr. J looked right into my eyes and said, " are you ready for your treat, sweet girl?" Ten seconds later he spewed his large load right down my throat. Holding my head still so he could completely unload into me.

    Then from around the corner, Mr. J's son yelled, "everything is ready, Dad" and Mr. J lifted me to my feet and lead me over towards the barn. His cum taste still in my mouth. As we entered I noticed that it was very clean for a barn. Then I saw what looked like a small saw horse in the center of the floor, with all sorts of straps and chains hanging off of it. Mr. J's son walks up and I hear him whisper to his Dad, "is this the new bitch? Dad." Mr. J smiled and walked me over towards the weird saw horse.

    As we got closer both men grabbed me and pushed me to my knees. Ripping my shirt and bra to shreds. Leaning me over the apparatus my tits were hanging on either side. As they strapped my hands the dogs barking in the backround intensified and a shiver of fear ran up my spine. After my arms were completely immobile, I felt the boy behind me ripping at my shorts. Tearing them down my legs and leaving me bare assed. The saw horse like table they strapped me too, left me ass up and face down, and totally embarrassed.

    Next thing I felt was something slippery being smeared in my slit up to my ass crack. It was very cold and made my clit swell a little with the fingers all slippery sliding around my intimate areas. The last piece of the puzzle was slipped on over my head. Some kind of harness with a large ball seated right in my mouth, making me unable to make much noise.

    When I couldn't move i lifted my head and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Mr. J walking towards me with a dog the size of a small horse. He was calling him, Zeus. My heart sped up just looking at him. The breed looked like a large wolf. Zeus was a part Wolf and part German Shepherd and one of the biggest dogs I've ever seen. I looked up again and there was two more following behind the bigger animal, not quite as big but still terrifying. Suddenly I knew what Mr. J had planned for my new job. He called the other two dogs Thor and Odin.

    Mr. J brought them right up to my face and one of the wolf/dogs licked my lips. Then I heard the larger dog begin a loud howling sound, and the other two followed his lead as they circled me like I was prey. All of a sudden I felt a cold nose touching between my ass cheeks. Then all hell broke loose, the larger animal attacked one of the others and began a wild fight. They all barked and nipped at each other until the larger dog grabbed one of the betas by the throat. Pushing him to the ground and growling as his fangs gripped near the scruff of his neck, the smaller dog rolled onto his back and submitted his belly to the alpha. That was the end of the tussle between dogs.

    The alpha walked back behind me and I felt his cold nose and then his warm long tongue. Exploring my insides almost immediately. My rear end was going crazy wiggling trying to escape the invasive assault of his rough tongue. I could feel the other animals licking and nipping on the fleshy areas of my tits. Making me yelp and moan. The sensations were so intense I didn't even realize that Zeus had stood up and mounted me, until he entered my tight pussy all the way to my cervix with his monster size doggie cock. He entered me so hard it was like he punched me in the stomach from the inside. I didn't see the dogs cock but the way he stretched me open, he was enormous. After the initial strike, Zeus battered my insides with his cock so fast and hard that my eyes popped out of my head.

    Zeus continued to assault my pussy, stretching me beyond what I thought I was able to accommodate. He used me so brutally and animalistic, but to my surprise my body was responding quite the opposite. Mr. J reached in and petted my head during Zeus's battering of my pussy, and I believe he said,"Good Girl" but I was to involved with the raping of my cunt. I didn't even realize that Mr. J's son was stroking his cock on the bench next to us. Then I felt Zeus's knot hitting my labia trying to force its way inside me and the pain was so intense that I blacked out. The next thing I remember, I was waking up in the doggie tub full of warm water soothing my sore everything.

    Mr. J finally walked into the room and sat next to me. Rubbing my hair just as you would pet your prize dog. He leaned in and told me I was such a good girl and he was proud of me. Then he told me about how my new pack had accepted me in like I was family, and that I should be proud because they would love and protect me. As he helped me lift my sore body out of the bathing tub he looked into my eyes and said," well Miss Betty, you have the job if you want it. You my dear are the new kennel Bitch."

    The End Pt.2
    1. k9bitchmaster
      Hope there is a part 3, this story could go alot of places...
      k9bitchmaster, Aug 25, 2018
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    more please
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