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    Apr 27, 2014
    Chapter Two

    "I don't do that."

    "Well, you'll learn. Just like you learned to steal." Jessica shot me a angry look.

    "Yeah, I've been watching you shoplift for years. I'm surprised you haven't been caught yet;
    your're not very good." Tears began to well in her eyes.

    "It's okay, Jess. I know you're doing it for your little brother and sister. You're doing what
    you have to to survive. But you need to stop acting like a steet urchin. There are better ways
    to get what you need and what you want."

    "Whoring myself is not better."

    "No, a whore is what you were, Jess, letting guys pass you around like a cigarette. But I chose
    you in front of everybody because I believe you're better than that. You said you were going to
    trust me. So trust me. Or go back to being Cake."

    "Don't say that." The tears began to flow.

    "I don't have time for this shit. Are you in or not?" She nodded quietly.

    "Wipe away those fuckin' tears and get yourself together. I'll be right back." We were on the
    the loading dock out back at my job. What I was about to do would likely get me fired, but it
    was a risk I was willing to take - to get what I wanted.


    "Cyrano, where have you been? We're not paying you to goof off."

    "Sorry, Ricki, personal issues." Ricki Bell was the market manager. She had worked her way up
    from bagger so there was little she hadn't seen or done. We couldn't get much past her.

    "Well, deal with them on your own time."

    "I will, but can I see you in your office first? It won't take long."

    "See your supervisor. You know the rules."

    "Jack can't help me with this. This is a personal issue between you and me."

    "Oh, this had better be good."


    I ushered a timid Jess into Ricki's office and closed the door.

    "Ricki this is Jess. Jess, Ricki."

    "Let me stop you right there, Cyrano. This is not Planned Parenthood. I can look up the
    number -"

    "No, Ricki, it's not about that. Show her, Jess." Jess turned her back to Ricki and pulled
    her jeans and panties down exposing those lovely caramel mounds, and began to roll them
    for Ricki.

    "What do think you're doing, young lady?!" Ricki jumped from behind her desk, her faced fully
    flushed. Jess quickly turned around in fear and pulled her pants up.

    "It's okay, Jess. You can go home now." I opened the door for her then closed it behind her.

    "You think we don't know you're a dyke, Ricki. It's a running joke around here about the way
    you eye every hot piece of ass that comes through those doors. I'm just offering you what you

    "So you're a pimp now, Cyrano? Good luck in your new career. Stop by H.R. on your way out."

    "I'm not a fucking pimp. That's my girlfriend. And I care about her. But she thinks she's
    attracted to women. So I risked my job, Ricki, because you're the only one I'd trust with her.
    So, If I was wrong about that, you can have your fucking job!"


    It took her a couple of days but Ricki eventually came around. I knew she would after she let me
    keep my job.

    "Cyrano, I know you mean well, but this is not how you go about this. If this girl is confused
    about her sexuality, there are counselors available to help her."

    "I don't think so, Ricki. I don't want anyone messin' with her head. Besides, you can clear up
    any "confusion" she might have in one night. You think about it. Now do I still have a job or

    She waved her hand at me,"Go on, get back to work." I left her to daydream about Jess and
    stew in her own lust. It was just a matter of time. I just had to wait.

    We agreed to meet Sunday evening. Jessica was trying to back out the whole drive over there. I
    had to keep her together.

    "Jess you don't have to do anything but just lie back and let her do all the work. I'll be there
    the whole time. Trust me, I have this under control."

    "But, I don't understand why you want me to do this anyway."

    "Look, if I try to explain it to you, you'll just have more questions. If you don't want to do
    it again after tonight, you won't have to. Just trust me, Okay?"


    After some awkward small talk we retired to Ricki's bedroom. She started lighting scented candles
    and dimming the lights, which I thought was ridiculous. This wasn't a date. But if this is what
    it took to get her in the mood, I was fine with it.

    But I laid down the rules to her about everything else. I was participating. She was not going
    to be alone in the room with Jess.

    As we undressed I found it hard not to stare at Ricki. She was a beautiful woman. She managed
    to hide it well in public with her short haircut and butch clothes. She had flawless pale skin
    that blushed here and there; bright pink nipples and arreola's that topped her small, well-formed
    breasts like a cherries on a dollops of vanilla ice cream. Her black pubic hair was trimmed into
    a neat runway that ended at thick, fleshy pussy lips.

    "It's okay, Baby," I whispered. "Remember what I said." Jessica was trembling in fear. I softly
    carressed and reassured her.

    Soon we were both carressing her. Jessica began to relax but it was Ricki's hands that she was
    responding to. I watched in rapt attention as Ricki worked. There was a lot I could learn from
    this woman; she had magic hands.

    "Ummmmh."Jessica leaned back with her eyes closed. I nestled my face in the crook of her neck.
    Jessica's body was now trembling in pleasure instead of fear. Ricki still hadn't touched her
    with her mouth. I had expected her to go straight to the pussy-licking like in the pornos.

    But her hands just kept slowly working, taking their time, as if they were in some private
    dance with Jessica's body. Finally, Ricki laced hands with Jessica and headed south with light

    I could feel Jessica's body being tuned like and instrument, shaking whenever the right pitch
    was plucked.

    "Ohhhh, God!" Jessica's mouth opened wide, a tear ran down her cheek. Shit! I definitely had a
    lot to learn from this dyke.

    "Uuuugh...uuuugh" Her hips started move like they did under my tongue, but this was an
    entirely different dance. It was more a lusty tango to my clutch and sway.

    A high pitched scream escaped her lips before she bore down as if she were cramping. Then she
    broke into a light chuckle as her body released it's tension.

    "Whew, I thought I was going to pass out," Jessica said, still chuckling and breathing heavily.
    " I didn't know if I could take anymore."

    "Oh, but you can, ma cheri, and you will," Ricki said looking up from between Jess's thighs.
    "Shall we continue?"

    Damn! This woman really loves to eat pussy!