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    Apr 27, 2014
    Chapter Four

    "You're just like all the rest of them. You're just using me."

    "Don't you compare me to those assholes. They'd say anything to get in you pants. I was upfront
    with you from the start.

    "That's a lie. You made me believe you cared about me."

    "I do care about you."

    "No you don't. You're just using me to sleep with other women. Ricki told me what you did. She
    said you're using her too. You just wanna sleep with her friends."

    "You're goddamn right!"

    "How could you do this to me?" she screeched. She dropped her head and started to sob.
    I was prepared for jealousy but not this. She was absolutely devastated.

    "Jess, what did you think was going to happen, that we were going to ride off into the sunset?
    This ain't no fucking fairy tale! I'm leaving for college in three months. I'll probably never
    see you again."

    "That's right. Go ahead, use me and throw me away like trash."

    "I'm trying to help you, Jess. Look at me." I waited for her to lift her head."Ain't no Prince
    Charming coming to take you out this shithole. You're graduating in three months and you've got
    no plan. We can both get what we want."

    "But I want you. I love you. Don't you see?" she whined before going into another bawling fit.

    "You don't love me. You just like being on my arm; you can hold your head high on campus now.
    And you like me solving your problems without having to ask. Well, this is me solving more of
    your problems, Jess. You need financial assistance - right now! - to keep your family's head
    above water. And you're gonna to need a decent job to help your family when you graduate. I
    promise you, I'll make these women deliver. But I AM gonna fuck 'em!"


    "Lillian, this is Cyrano and Jessica."

    Lillian Burke, a tall elegant woman in her early thirties, was treating us to lunch at her
    favorite restaurant. She was the first name Ricki pulled out of her little black book. The
    first of many, I hoped. I could see why Ricki fought so hard to keep her a secret. She gave me
    an instant boner. If the rest were like this, I was going to fulfill all my Playboy fantasies.

    "So Jessica, you're interested in banking?" Mrs. Burke asked. Lillian Burke was the wife of
    Ethan Burke, president of Irvine First National. She was his second wife and twenty years his

    "Yes, ma'am," replied Jessica. "I'm looking for an internship and then to work for a couple of
    years before I start college. I plan to major in business administration."

    "Well, good for you. You seem to know what you want." It was all bullshit. I spent hours prepping
    Jess for this "interview." The job opening was real, though. I just needed Mrs. Burke to
    personally recommend Jess to old man Burke. Once he got a look at Jess, the old horndog was
    definitely going to hire her.

    As the three of them chatted, I discretely checked out Mrs. Burke. She was a tall, sleek, natural
    blonde. Definitely high maintanance. You could tell she started her day with pampering from head
    to toe. Her mannerisms and speech revealed her station. This was no beach bunny. This woman was
    society page material. God, she was making me hard! I'd have given Ricki a rim job on the spot
    to fuck this bitch.


    It all started as a hunch. The genesis of which was lunch time gossip. We were trying to guess
    how many of our woman shoppers had slept with Ricki, which led to a debate on how many women in
    our town were closet lesbians.

    That night as I jerked off to a really hot lesbian pictorial, I had an epiphany: if I could get to Ricki,
    I'd have a shot at some of those closet lesbians she was sneaking around with. And after watching
    her in action I was convinced that there had to be some Ricki addicts out there. I just had to shut off
    the supply to get what I wanted.

    I could see Mrs. Burke was slowly going into heat during lunch. I knew that look;I'd been around
    Ricki long enough to spot it easily. Mrs. Burke was more subtile but she was giving herself away.
    She wanted Jessica.

    As we were leaving the restaurant I approached her. "May I have a word, Mrs. Burke."

    "Sure, young man. Why don't you walk me to my car." I handed Jess my keys. "This won't take but
    a minute, Jess." I watched her eyes narrow. She was still giving me attitude.

    "So, what can I do for you?" Mrs. Burke asked after we reached her Porche.

    "Ricki's not going to be seeing you anymore."

    "Seeing me? How do you mean?"

    "Ricki's in love with Jessica," I said, matter-of-factly. "I don't mind. I like Ricki. I don't
    feel threatened by her. I like you too. You can join us if you like." Panic spread across her
    face as she looked around.

    "Hey, before you pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, let me just say that we've got
    room for one more woman. Whether it's you or one of Ricki's other friends, it makes no difference
    to me."

    "You don't know what you're saying. You're just a child."

    "So were you at my age. But ask yourself this, If you could have been true to your sexuality when
    you were my age, would you have made the same choices in life?" She was fidgiting with her purse.
    She couldn't look me in the eye.

    "Jessica is you, Mrs.Burke. You can either join us and help Jessica find her own path or find
    yourself another Ricki."


    Jessica had barely enough time to undress before those two predators were all over her. Their
    hands and tongues were racing all over her as if they were in competition. This was not how I
    pictured this. I thought they'd go slow and tenderly like Ricki had our first night. This was
    more like a feeding. I could tell Jessica was about to panic. I had to take control.

    I grabbed Mrs. Burke by her expensive hairdo and pulled her off the bed. She was wild-eyed in
    fear."Calm down. You're scaring her. You've got all night." her faced relaxed when she realized
    I wasn't going to harm her.

    "Besides, I'm feeling a little neglected." I pulled her head down to my dick. I had no way of
    knowing if it was just a lesbian thing or if she felt she was above sucking dick, but she fought
    me every inch. I turned her head so that she could see Ricki hungrily eating Jessica's pussy.

    I leaned down and said,"You wanna join that fun, you're gonna suck dick, and suck it well.Now
    open wide." She reluctantly obeyed. As my dick plunged into her warm, wet mouth, a chill ran up
    my spine. Old man Burke, a captain of industry, has probably never had a blowjob from his wife,
    though he no doubt begged like a school boy. And here she was polishing my knob like a ten dollar

    It felt so good! But I found the strength to pull her off my dick."Let's save some for later,
    shall we?" I pointed to the bed and she raced over there like dog fetching a stick. Between Ricki
    devouring her pussy and Mrs. Burke working her tits,Jessica was drowning in pleasure. She reached
    her hand out to me in desperation. There was fear in her eyes. She was sinking into the unknown.
    She squeezed my hand as convulsions overtook her. I envied her. She was in a place only a woman
    can go.

    But as Mrs. Burke's ass swayed in front of me, I was reminded of a place only a man could go. I
    grabbed her ass and plunged hip deep. We were going to have a wild and wooly three months!