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  1. JohnSebastian

    JohnSebastian Porn Surfer

    Apr 18, 2015
    When I was still living with my parents, I used to drive my mom to the grocery store every week. We’d stop by a few places along the way and I’d generally wait in the car while my mom ran her errands. Back in those days I was constantly horny and was also a bit of an exhibitionist so I’d often fantasize and casually rub myself while I waited. I didn’t fully masturbate or anything but was rather teasing myself through my pants.

    While I always made sure to be soft by the time my mom returned to the car, one time she reappeared quicker than anticipated and caught me in a moment of daydreaming. I was still really hard and felt a huge amount of discomfort as my mom sat inches away from me. But for some reason, that awkward moment became a recurrent theme in my fantasies. I kept thinking about being hard in front of my mom again and that mere thought drove me wild with desire. Like most normal guys, I’d never had any sexual thoughts about my mom and was very reluctant to explore the idea. One night I finally indulged and had such a strong orgasm that I knew I was hooked.

    The next morning, I was still a little confused as I couldn’t believe that I had ejaculated while thinking about my own mother. I felt terrible and that feeling was only exacerbated when my mom asked me to drive her to the clinic. I usually dreaded going to the clinic as I knew I’d have to wait a long time in the car but on that particular day I had plenty to keep myself entertained. While my mom was inside, I thought I’d stay as hard as possible until she came back. It was such a stupid thing to do but I wanted to relive the awkwardness of having an erection next to my mother.

    I managed to be fully excited when she came back. Unlike last time, I had actually planned for this to happen. Feeling the pressure in my pants and doing small talk with my mother made for an interesting combination. The thrill lasted a couple of minutes but it was intense. When I lost my erection and sort of regained consciousness, I felt awkward again and just wanted to be alone. I felt like I’d had an orgasm but without actually ejaculating. Nonetheless I still went straight to my room when we got home masturbated to what had just happened.

    I repeated the same routine several more times as I drove my mom around town. One time I could see my mom walking out of the grocery store but I kept rubbing my shaft until she opened the door. Looking at my mom and touching myself was yet another distorted but exciting experience. I eventually pushed things a little too far and my mom started noticing that something wasn’t quite right.

    “John, were you really doing what I think you were doing?”, my mom asked with an inquisitive look on her face.

    “What do you mean, mom? I was just sitting here waiting. You always take forever.”

    “Listen, young man, I try to be discrete because you’re grown up now but I’m not blind. Every time I step in the car I see you have a huge bulge in your pants.”

    “Mom! Why are you making such an awkward scene out of this? I didn’t do anything!”, I tried to defend myself.

    “Whatever! I won’t mention it again but you should take care of yourself at home. I don’t want you to get in trouble with authorities like your dad.”

    As soon as my mom finished her sentence, I could tell she regretted sharing too many details. I was a little stunned. What did my dad have to do with this? Was my mom really talking about masturbation or was I imagining things? Being hard next to my mom was strange enough without having to discuss my dad’s troubles with the law. But it was too late and I started to lose my erection.

    “What are you saying about dad? Does he have a criminal record or something like that?”

    “Don’t be silly, John, your father does not have a criminal record.”

    “So what is it then?”

    “Well, it’s a little personal so promise you won’t repeat this?”

    “Of course, mom, my lips are sealed.”

    “One time your father was on a business trip and he called me from the highway. He had been away for several days and wanted to have a bit of a sexy chat if you know what I mean. As I got ready, your dad exited at a rest area and parked his car. I will spare you the details but let’s just say he got abruptly interrupted!”, my mom explained as she laughed out loud.

    I couldn’t care less about my dad getting caught but the thought of my mom having phone sex provided new images for my fantasies. I knew my mom probably masturbated like the rest of us but it was the first time that I was actually confronted with it. That night I thought about my mom rubbing herself and having an orgasm while my dad listened and jerked off from his car. I was slightly distracted by the thought of my dad’s hard cock but I was excited enough to carry on. I even thought about the moment he ejaculated and it sort of turned me on but in a weird way. And then I imagined my mom’s face as she came and I started climaxing all over myself.

    The next morning, back in the real world, my mom was preparing breakfast when I entered the kitchen. She prompted me to eat fast as she needed a ride to the clinic again. As she exited the car, she turned around and jokingly said, “Whatever you do, make sure you don’t get caught!” and left with a smile. I was determined to remain decent but soon those perverted thoughts took over my mind again. I became so hard as I imagined my mom coming back and noticing the bulge in my pants. And of course she saw it right away when she returned to the car.

    “I think you may have a real problem, John!”, my mom suggested as she seemed genuinely concerned that I seemingly couldn’t control myself.

    “Don’t worry, mom. Like I told you the other day, I wasn’t doing anything”, I confidently replied to her.

    “Then why are you having such an erection again? It’s obviously not a coincidence as you’re like this every time we go out. Do you have exhibitionistic tendencies?”

    “Not at all, mom. It’s a little complicated but like I said please don’t worry. I promise I won’t do anything stupid. I only masturbate in my room. I never do it in public.”

    It was a surreal conversation. I felt so silly. There I was, locked in a compact car with my mom, talking about masturbation. In an effort to lighten up the conversation, my mom jokingly asked:

    “What will you do when you have a girlfriend? Will you have an erection every time you pick her up from work? What about if you drive grandmother? Are we going to have a family scandal because of your hormones?”

    “Mom, it’s not what you think. I can control myself, it’s not a problem.”

    “I’m not upset at you, John, but I disagree as I think it’s clearly a problem. Listen, this hasn’t happened once or twice in a blue moon, I’ve seen you like this almost every week now!”

    “Mom, please… I’m telling you this never happens. I never get aroused like that when I’m with other people.”

    As soon as I let that out, I knew I had made a terrible mistake. My mom is a smart woman and she caught on to it right away.

    “What did you just say, John? Are you saying you only have such erections when you’re with me? Is there something you’d like to talk about, son?”

    “Mom, please, I feel awkward enough already. I don’t know what it is but I often get excited when we sit in the car together. And for some reason I like having an erection when you’re so close to me. This is as honest as I can be. I’m so sorry, mom.”

    “Please don’t be sorry, son, there’s nothing to be sorry about. I just don’t understand what goes through your mind? I’m your mother and I will always love you. I never felt anything weird or any sexual tension between us so I must say I’m blindsided by your admission. I hope I didn’t do anything to trigger this. If I did please accept my apologies, son.”

    “No, mom, this is my fault entirely. I allowed myself to think certain things that I shouldn’t have.”

    “What kind of things, John? Please do tell.”

    “I don’t know, mom. For some reason I often fantasize about being naked in front of you.”

    “Well I’ve seen you naked many times!”, my mom replied as she nervously laughed.

    “That’s probably why I fantasize about it! I feel so awful…”

    I pretended I wanted the conversation to end but in reality it was turning me on and I was hoping my mom would keep asking questions. I noticed that she crossed her legs a few times and wondered whether she was getting turned on, too. Or maybe she was completely freaked out and didn’t know how to react.

    “Son, I know this is an uncomfortable conversation for both of us. I appreciate your honesty, I really do.”

    “Thanks, mom. It’s not like I’m some schizophrenic kid who wants to marry his mother. I very much want to have a normal life, have a girlfriend, start a family, that kind of thing.”

    “Oh that reassures me, John.”

    “I was being honest from the start, mom. For some reason I fantasize about showing you my erection. I have no idea why and I obviously had no plans to tell you about it but you called me out on it the other day.”

    “It’s okay. Let’s keep this between you and me. There’s no reason for your dad to know about this.”

    “Thank you, mom. I really appreciate it.”

    As we arrived home, we got out of the car and my mom gave me a big hug. I tried to leave some space between my crotch and her tummy but she held me so close that there was nowhere to hide. I wasn’t fully hard but I’m sure she could feel my shaft pressing against her as she whispered in my ear, “I love you, son. A mother understands more than you think.”
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  2. morningwodd407

    morningwodd407 Sex Lover

    Mar 20, 2016
    hope you continue =) loved it
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  3. JohnSebastian

    JohnSebastian Porn Surfer

    Apr 18, 2015
    Later that night, I had a memorable masturbation session as my cock was on fire and I had so much on my mind to inspire me. I thought of what my mom had said while I stroked my shaft up and down. And as I was ready to explode, I thought of the way she hugged me and how my cock rubbed against her tummy. How I wished I’d been truly hard when that happened. Soon I came and shot my load on my chest and stomach. It was such a pleasurable moment.

    The next morning, I woke up around 5 am and anxiously rolled back and forth as I couldn’t fall back asleep. I knew that my mom would probably want to go run some errands as her friends were coming over for dinner. It was rather unusual for me to be awake so early but soon I started hearing noises from my parents’ room. At first it wasn’t obvious to me what it was but by the steady rhythm I figured that they were having sex. As it got more intense, I could hear my mom moan loudly and could no longer resist the urge to masturbate. I thought of her wet pussy and tried to ignore the fact that my dad was boning her but the image was too strong. I visualized my dad’s hard dick inside of her and felt so perverted as always. I was almost there but I wanted to save my energy for later so it was really tough not to go all the way. I almost lost it when my mom climaxed and let out such sensual moans.

    When they finished, I heard my dad go to the bathroom to take a shower and then my mom’s footsteps in the corridor. At first she went to the kitchen but quickly came back to my door. I suspected she would check in on me and almost expected the door to crack open right at that moment. Usually I’d pretend to be asleep so my mom would leave me alone but I actually wanted to see her that morning.

    “Hey, mom”, I greeted her.

    “Good morning, son. You’re up early.”

    “It’s not easy to fall back asleep with you guys having sex in the next room.”

    “I’m so sorry, honey. I didn’t realize you were awake. We should’ve been more careful.”

    “No worries, mom. I actually enjoyed listening.”

    “Don’t tell me you actually…”, my mom started with a smile.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well you know what I mean!”

    “No I don’t, mom”, I jokingly said.

    “You’re such a silly boy”, my mom said with a grin.

    “I’m still very hard right now by the way.”

    My mom blushed. She suddenly became serious and looked a bit embarrassed. I could tell she was going to say something but changed her mind at the last minute and spoke about my dad instead.

    “Well your dad is in the shower and he’ll be out in a minute. I better go back to my room. Do you want to drive me to the mall later?”

    “Sure mom.”

    A few minutes later, my parents started having sex again. It was pure torture. It almost seemed like my mom was getting a kick out of knowing that I was listening as she let out the most sexual moans I’d ever heard. This time I couldn’t resist and pumped my cock until I came. It was still early in the morning and I still had several hours to recharge my batteries so I eventually fell back asleep.

    Going to the mall with my mom on that day was quite a special experience. It was our first outing since we had our open discussion. I was not surprised to see that my mom had put on some nice clothes and a bit of makeup. She was quite pretty. Her skirt wasn’t really that short but it exposed part of her thigh which I thought looked very sexy.

    “Your dad was in good shape this morning”, she said to break the silence. “When he came out of the shower, he was ready to go again. And when I told him to be careful since you were awake, it had the opposite effect on him as he fucked me even harder. The louder I was the harder he fucked me.”

    I didn’t want to admit that I had already masturbated as it didn’t really matter anyway. Listening to my mom telling her story made me hard again. My mom took notice right away.

    “Well, looks like someone is being stimulated right now.”

    “Mom, I can’t deny it, my penis is so hard.”

    “OK, do you want to get it out of your system?”


    “Let’s go back home and have a look at your erection.”

    “Are you serious?”

    “Yes let’s get this done so you can stop having erections when we’re together. I’m not the least offended but I think your obsession is cluttering your judgment.”

    We went back home and parked the car in the garage. I had just shut off the engine when I stared at my mom’s thighs and started rubbing myself. This was the moment I had been waiting for and I was so incredibly hard.

    “Mom, my cock is so hard. I can’t believe I’m rubbing myself while I’m right next to you.”

    “Oh my God, son. I can’t believe this is happening either.”

    “I thought about this so many times when I masturbated.”

    “What do you mean, John?”

    “Well I thought of being able to show you my penis again. My big hard penis.”

    With that I pulled down my pants and boxers and exposed my fully erect seven-incher. My mom smiled and blushed as she stared at my member.

    “Well, son, we definitely have a special bond and I’m glad you’ve grown into such a handsome man. For you to be naked in front of your mother is no crime. There’s clearly nothing wrong with that. Like you said the other day, it’s not like you want to marry me or anything, right?”

    “For sure, mom.”

    “And it’s not like you fantasize about your mother or anything, you just wanted to show me your erection, right?”

    “Yes I wanted to show you my erection. But I’m not sure I agree with the first part of what you just said.”

    “Which part?”

    “The part about fantasizing about my mother.”


    “I’m not crazy, I’m happy that you and dad are together. I don’t have some weird Oedipus complex or anything. But I’ve had sexual fantasies about you many times.”

    “What do you mean exactly?”, my mom insisted.

    “Well, sometimes when I masturbate, I think about you.”

    “Yes, I know that. You think about being seated next to me in a car, I remember that. And I can understand that you might masturbate when you overhear your dad and I having sex. Is there anything else I should do?”

    “I don’t fantasize about actually doing it but I’ve thought of having sex with you while I masturbated. Many times.”

    My mom looked totally flabbergasted. How could this be a surprise to her? Or maybe she was just faking it? I didn’t give much weight to the latter as my mom was often naïve like this.

    “You thought about having sex with me, your own mother?”


    “And how did that make you feel?”

    “It made me very excited. I often think about what you look like when you have an orgasm.”

    “You never saw me having an orgasm.”

    “I know, it’s just part of the fantasy, mom.”

    “What else do you think about?”

    “I think about making love to you.”

    “Oh my God…”

    I was on a roll and my mom was hooked so I just kept providing more details.

    “I think of your hand around my shaft, masturbating me. I think about ejaculating in your hand and how you’d clean me up like you always do.”

    “Oh, John…”

    “Of course I’ve imagined your lips around my cock and how you’d suck me off like only a loving mother can.”

    “Honey, this is so perverted. Is there anything else you like to think about?”

    “Most often when I’m about to ejaculate I think about being inside of you…”

    “Oh, John…”

    “I think about being on top of you and having my hard cock inside your pussy.”

    “You’re going too far, son…”

    “And then I’d kiss you passionately and ejaculate inside of you.”

    By then my mom had her hand inside her underwear and was rubbing herself. She kept repeating how this was wrong, how she didn’t know that I had such sexual fantasies about her. I put my hand on her left thigh and started stroking it.

    “Son, no you can’t touch me…”

    “I only want to massage your thigh while touch yourself. I won’t go further I promise.”

    “Oh, John, this is so wrong…”

    “Mom, I’m so hard right now. Almost every night I masturbate and think of you. I think of having my big cock inside of you.”

    Her moans were so beautiful. While she had her eyes closed I turned around and started kissing her. She returned the favour generously with her tongue as we kissed away in the garage. My hand went upward and was almost touching her labia but she kept pushing me back. Soon she started climaxing.

    “Oh, I think I’m going to cum, John…”

    “Oh mom I’d love to be inside of you…”

    “Son, this is so wrong…”

    “Imagine my hard cock in your tight pussy…”

    “Honey, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…”


    “Son, ohhhh…”

    Our tongues twirled as my mom was hit with a thunderous orgasm. As soon as she recovered, my mom asked whether I had an orgasm as well.

    “Did you cum, honey?”

    “Not yet but I’m almost there. I wanted you to watch me ejaculate.”

    “Do it son…”

    “Can I ask you to do something for me, mom?”

    “We’ve already gone too far, son…”

    “Please, mommy, I just want you to hold some paper tissues and let me ejaculate in your hands.”

    “I’m not sure, honey…”

    “Please, I’m not asking you to jerk me off or even to touch me but just to hold the tissue…”

    “OK son but make it quick.”

    I looked at my mom as she held a paper tissue in front of my cock. The scene was unreal. Soon I shot my load in the tissue that my mom was holding. Not sure whether it was by reflex but my mom then covered the tip of my penis to make sure that nothing drips but in doing so she actually touched me… While I was recuperating my mom actually wiped my penis clean and it was the most erotic experience of my life.

    “I know I shouldn’t have touched you but that’s what I do every time your dad jerks off in the car”, my mom said as she kept wiping my shaft.

    “Mom, the touch of your hand on my cock is so soft…”

    “I’m just making sure that you’re clean, recess is over, son.”

    “If you keep going that way I think I could get hard again.”

    “No son… It’s enough for today.”

    With that she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and rubbed it back and forth for a few seconds.

    “Mom, what are you doing? I thought you said no… Oh mom… Mommy…”

    “OK now it’s really enough. Let’s go to the mall now.”
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  4. flipper972

    flipper972 Porn Star

    Dec 29, 2008
    Very well done. I know I would like to read more of this story if you are going to continue it.
  5. Iliketolickpussy

    Iliketolickpussy Sex Lover

    Apr 22, 2016
    Wow amazing
  6. Wolfaus

    Wolfaus Porno Junky

    Oct 20, 2015
    Continue, please, it is a big turn on to read it!
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  7. sharkbytenow

    sharkbytenow Sex Machine

    Oct 23, 2011
    Hot times
  8. Iliketolickpussy

    Iliketolickpussy Sex Lover

    Apr 22, 2016
    I want more...please continue
  9. edmondl

    edmondl Porno Junky

    Apr 20, 2013
    Much more please
  10. Ramrod100

    Ramrod100 Sex Lover

    Mar 19, 2012
    Very hot story! My step mom was an oversexed woman, She was my first fuck.
  11. JohnSebastian

    JohnSebastian Porn Surfer

    Apr 18, 2015
    Things could’ve gotten a little awkward at the mall but everything went fine as I was still a little horny and my mom seemed to play along as well. Besides, she looked stunning. Whether she was my mom or not was almost irrelevant as there was no reason to be ashamed of being attracted to her. We wandered around for a couple hours before sitting down at Starbucks for a cup of coffee.

    “You’re so beautiful, mom.”

    “Stop it, young man”, my mom replied with a smile.

    “Honestly, mom, if you weren’t my mom but rather some chick at the office, I’d totally ask you out. Even if you were married!”

    “Very funny…”

    We eventually got up and continued our walk in the mall. By the time we got back to the car, my mom had become more serious.

    “Honey, I really appreciate how we’ve become such good friends”, she started, “but I think what happened earlier today was simply a moment of intimacy between a mother and her son. There’s nothing to be ashamed of but I think it should remain our secret. Do you understand, son?”

    “Yes, mommy, of course I understand.”

    “Now let’s head back. Your dad should be home any minute.”

    As I pulled away, I had flashes of my mom briefly rubbing my cock and it got me hard again. I loved having an erection while sitting next to her.

    “Mom, can I make a confession?”, I asked her in a somewhat quiet voice.

    “What, honey?”

    “I’m having a full erection right now…”

    “You’re so terrible, John.”

    “I’m not kidding, mom, I’m so hard…”

    “Well, when we get home you can go to your room and take care of it. And I will probably do the same because I’m getting horny, too.”

    “Really? Does it turn you on to know that I’m hard right now by your side?”

    “Oh, John, we can’t possibly go down that road every time we hang out together. But yes, knowing that you’re excited is a huge turn-on for me as well. Your mommy is getting wet, son…”, my mom replied in her lower voice.

    We arrived home and I parked the car in the garage. As we both exited the vehicle, my mom looked over and saw the huge bulge in my pants. When I noticed that she was staring between my legs, I seized the opportunity and slowly rubbed myself through my pants. The feeling was sensational.

    My mom had an almost desperate look on her face when she finally managed to say what was on her mind.

    “Son, get on the back seat with me.”

    “But mom, isn’t dad…”, I replied, still confused with what my mom had just said.

    “Get in there before I change my mind.”

    “Okay, mom”, I answered as I hopped on the backseat.

    My mom unbuttoned her shirt and undid her bra. She asked me to rest my head on her lap and offered her breast to me. At first I took her nipple in my mouth and slowly sucked on it. My mom seemed to enjoy it so I grabbed her breast in my hand and started gently licking her erected nipple.

    “Oh, John, this feels so good… Oh… Yes lick me right there… Oh!”

    I was so hard and hoping that my mom would take notice, and she did. While she was moaning and breathing heavily, her hand moved toward my crotch and soon she started rubbing me through my pants. At first she was just massaging the glans and it felt incredible. And then she gave longer strokes and rubbed my shaft back and forth.

    “Mom, I think I’m cumming…”

    “Sure, honey, just let it go…”

    “Oh, mommy… Mommy… Oh…”

    “Mommy is here for you, son…”

    On that note I held on to her breast and started ejaculating in my pants. It was so good. But I had no time to recover as the garage door opened and my dad’s car pulled over next to mine.

    “What are you two doing in the back seat?”, my dad asked.

    The scene didn’t look very good indeed. Mom was quickly buttoning her shirt while I was sort of trying to hide her from my dad’s view. I was petrified when I got out of the car but my mom’s creativity saved us.

    “Hi, honey! John and I were just debating whether his car had more leg room in front or in the back. Do you have a measuring tape by any chance?”

    My mom was a miracle worker. My dad totally bought it. He fetched the measuring tape in his tool box and handed it to my mom. I had to run to the bathroom because of all the cum in my pants. It didn’t really show but I’m sure the smell was pronounced enough for my dad to eventually notice.

    When I returned to the car, my parents were still arguing about legroom measurement. My mom was such a good comedian. She never seemed to overdo it. And she looked so lovely.

    While I had been relieved, my mom had not so I figured she was still horny. I wasn’t surprised to see my parents go to their room and enjoy some private time. When they were finished I heard my dad complimenting my mom for her performance. The lucky guy could thank me for turning her on in the first place… As per their usual routine, my dad hopped in the shower shortly afterwards. I wasn’t surprised to hear a knock on my door as my mom entered my room.

    “Honey, how are you doing? That was a really close call.”

    “Yes, mom. Thank you for handling the situation so well. I really didn’t know what to do.”

    “No worries, that’s what I’m here for. Just smile and let me do the talking…”

    “Yes dad totally bought your explanation.”

    “And he just had the best sex of his life, too. I was so horny. I still am actually…”, she giggled as she stroked my leg.

    “How was it the best sex of his life? It wasn’t his first time doing it with you obviously.”

    “Obviously! Well, I was so hot and bothered that I rode him like crazy. Then I licked his ass. And finally we had anal sex, something I hadn’t done since my university days…”

    “Too much information, mom.”

    “You asked for it, young man!”

    “So did you have an orgasm?”

    “I was so horny from seeing you cum that I came within seconds when your dad was inside of me. He must’ve wondered what was wrong with me and how measuring legroom in a car could’ve turned me on so much…”, she said and laughed out loud.

    On that note, my mom then returned to her room, got dressed and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.
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  12. manrod

    manrod Porn Star

    May 15, 2015
    This is a great thread. Please keep it going!
  13. Iliketolickpussy

    Iliketolickpussy Sex Lover

    Apr 22, 2016
  14. Horndog196153

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    Mar 30, 2014
    More please! I almost came twice!
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  15. JohnSebastian

    JohnSebastian Porn Surfer

    Apr 18, 2015
    Dinner was a little awkward for sure. At least it was for me as both my parents seemed to be having a blast. They both reminisced the old times when they were “crazy” and kept making inside jokes. Very annoying.

    After dinner I went to my room to play video games. My parents hung out in the living room and watched TV all evening. Before bedtime I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a final piss. I was a little surprised to bump into my mom as it was way past her usual bedtime.

    “Hey, mom.”

    “Hey, John. What are you up to?”

    “Nothing much. Just getting ready to go to bed but I’ll come back when you’re done.”

    “I was just brushing my hair so feel free to come in.”

    I hesitated at first but finally entered the bathroom. I took a couple of minutes to brush my teeth while my mom was brushing her hair next to me. For some reason I felt excited to urinate in front of my mother. I had a semi when I undid my pants and took out my penis. My mom was watching as I released myself in the toilet. I then kissed my mom good night and went to my room.

    The next morning, I woke up with a huge boner but decided to save my energy for later. I knew my dad would probably be out playing golf so I’d have some alone time with my mom. I snoozed in bed for a while and by the time I finally got out of bed my dad was already gone.

    “Mom, you’re really beautiful this morning.”

    “Oh thank you, dear! Did you sleep well?”

    “Yeah I did. How about you?”

    “Your dad kept bugging me all night but I managed to sleep for a few hours.”

    “I didn’t hear the two of you having sex this morning…”

    “I sucked off your dad before he left because he would’ve been grumpy otherwise but I knew we’d be alone all day so…”

    “I actually thought the same. I really wanted to masturbate when I got up but resisted the urge.”

    “Let’s go to your room. We’ll be more comfortable there.”

    My mom was wearing a beautiful dress that looked very classy. That added to my excitement as she sat on my bed and released her breasts. I rested my head on her lap and started licking her nipple.

    “Oh, John… Oh I’d been wanting this all morning...”, my mom said as her hand reached out for my crotch.

    “Mommy, I’m already so hard… I love it when you touch me down there…”

    “You’re so big and so hard, my baby boy…”

    “Oh mommy…”, I moaned as I undid my pants and released my cock.

    “Son, we’re going too far but this is so good…”, my mom said as she took my shaft in her hand and started pumping away.

    “I’d never been touched like this before, mother… You have such good hands. I won’t be able to resist for very long.”

    “Let it go anytime you want, honey. There’s no rush, it’s just the two of us and we have all day.”

    “Oh mom, I’m going to cum… Mommy… Oh, mommy! Oh…”

    “Give mommy you cum, honey… You’re such a good boy…”

    I came so hard that my mom’s breast and forearm with sperm. I was still recuperating in her arms when we heard some noise coming from the kitchen. It was my dad who came back as he must’ve forgotten something. My mom quickly cleaned up and joined him.

    My dad was still in a good mood and kept flirting with my mom. At some point he reached for her breasts and noticed that they were a little moist.

    “What’s on your breasts, Kate?”, my dad asked my mom as he brought his fingers to his nose.


    “What do you mean nothing? What the fuck is going on in this house?”

    “Please calm down, John, there’s nothing going on. There’s just me and Junior in the house.”

    “Then why the fuck is there cum on your fucking breasts?”

    “I can explain, just please calm down and let’s go to our room.”

    I didn’t hear what happened next but my dad eventually left and there was no further drama. I ran to my mom as I had so many questions for her.

    “Mom, what happened?”

    “Never mind, John… It’s all good.”

    “Did dad figure out what was happening?”

    “No, he didn’t. Thank God.”

    “So how did you get away with it?”

    “Don’t worry about it, son. It would take too long to explain. Some things you wouldn’t understand.”

    “Come on, mom. You know I wouldn’t be upset.”

    “I said to your dad that I had found a towel in the laundry basket that was covered with your sperm.”

    “What? How is that supposed to be a good thing?”

    “Listen, John, I will say no more. Your mom wasn’t always boring and old, you know? I was pretty fly in my time.”

    “So dad doesn’t mind that you got turned on by a used towel?”

    “Son, stop it. I’m serious now.”

    Things cooled off for the rest of the day and everything was back to normal by the time my dad came back. My thoughts were consumed with what had happened that day. Why on Earth would dad be okay with mom playing with a towel that I would’ve used to masturbate? Besides, I never ejaculate in towels as I’d be much too afraid of getting caught. In any case, I waited until the following afternoon while my dad was at work to approach mom about it.

    “Hey, mom. Was dad okay last night? I know you don’t like to talk about it but…”

    “Lots of things you don’t know, son. When I met your dad, we lived an hour apart and would spend weeks without seeing each other. We’d often have phone sex and that’s when I discovered a kinkier side to your dad.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Let’s just say he was very open-minded. His favourite fantasy was for us to have sex while his mother was watching. Of course that never actually happened but he often mentioned it while we masturbated on the phone. And when I stayed over at your grandparents’ house, your dad always wanted me to moan louder when we had sex.”

    “What does that have to do with the towel incident, mom?”

    “Your dad would be very upset if he found out about our intimate moments. That’s why we must be really careful, especially around the house. But he actually gets turned on if I do weird things like masturbating to a towel that’s covered with sperm.”

    “That is really weird indeed. Besides I always use paper towels, mom.”

    “I know, son. Your dad actually uses a towel when we have sex so that’s where the idea came from. Speaking of towels, would you like to take a shower with me?”

    “I thought you had said to be more careful?”

    “Your dad is out of town today and won’t be back until late tonight. We’re safe.”

    The thought of getting under the shower with my mom was really exciting. I went to my room, grabbed a clean pair of underwear and my favourite T-shirt, and joined my mom in the bathroom. We both undressed in front of one another in a slightly awkward but arousing moment. My mom giggled when she was down to her panties before slowly taking them off while I watched attentively. I was only too happy to take off my boxers in front of her as I already had a semi and my shaft looked pretty massive. My mom couldn’t take her eyes off my boner as we both stepped in the shower.

    My mom started washing my back, massaging it with soap and brushing her breasts against me. And then she took care of my buttocks, my thighs and my legs. My favourite moment came when she ran her finger between my butt cheeks and slowly rubbed my anus. I had never had a woman touch me there before and the feeling was fantastic. When I turned around, my cock was really hard and kept poking my mom’s belly while she washed my torso. And then it was straight in her face when she took care of my lower body.

    I wanted to return the favour and wash my mom but she refused. She said she was fine and to let her take care of me. However, when she turned away to grab some shampoo and I saw her beautiful butt, I couldn’t resist anymore. I approached her from behind and grabbed her by the waist. And then I started rubbing my cock against her.

    “Oh, son… I love feeling your hard cock against me.”

    “Oh, mommy… I’m so hard”, I said as I furiously humped her butt.

    “It feels so good, John.”

    “Oh, mommy, mommy… I can’t believe I’m doing this to you.”

    “Let’s go to your room, honey”, my mom said as she led me out of the shower.

    Back in my headquarters, my mom laid down in my bed as I joined her and sucked on her beautiful breasts. She was moaning heavily as her hand reached out for my cock and stroked it frantically. Then we started kissing and it was fantastic. My mom was sucking on my tongue and giving me a fantastic hand job. I wasn’t going to last very long.

    “Mom, I think I’m going to cum…”

    “You know mommy loves it when you cum, son… Let it go, my boy.”

    “Oh mommy, how I’d love to fuck you…”

    “Don’t say that, son. This is not about sex. This is just a moment of tenderness between two loving adults. You’re my only son and I love you so much.”

    And I started ejaculating. My mom kept pumping my cock like there was no tomorrow. I came all over her stomach. And then as I thought my mom would clean me up with a towel, she surprised me by cleaning me up with her mouth!

    “What are you doing, mom?”

    “I know this is wrong but I can’t resist it anymore.”

    “Oh mom… I can’t believe what you’re doing to me! Feels so warm… Oh mommy…”

    “Just enjoy the moment, son.”

    Unfortunately, I had just had an orgasm and wasn’t able to keep an erection. However, feeling my mom’s lips around my shaft was the most amazing sensation ever.
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