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    Feb 23, 2017
    The sleeping girl

    I found her resting on the beach, her body looked dead it was so limp. The only way I knew for sure she was still alive is how her big breasts bulged out of her tiny bikini top. Her breasts were giant and soft looking. Her body was wrapped in a sarong and she was enjoying a little nap.

    I knew she would wake soon but I could feel my cock pulsing. With each pulse it got harder and bigger. Her legs were so long yet strong and muscular. Her thick white ass was so round and strong. Mm mm I could just bite it it looked so good.

    I looked away, I couldn't believe I was looking at my little sister that way.

    Shame was all I felt for a moment. She started slowly coming to and I looked down and smiled.

    "Hey sis! You stay up all night gambling again?!" I joked

    She mumbled something and stretched those sexy legs to one side and then the other. Then she pushed herself up in a downward dog position (I had been to one or two yoga classes to perv on the teacher) and her bikini bottom showed through her sarong. As she was bent over I found it impossible to look away. I watched as the bottoms slid up in between this big firm cheeks of hers and all of a sudden the pushing and throbbing was back in my cock. I tried to look away but she was too good to be true. No she's my sister! I can't! I told myself.
    1. xmo.bil
      It's hard not to imagine a young you as the sleeping girl.
      xmo.bil, Mar 20, 2017
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    Jun 18, 2008
    More. Love to hear what you were thinking when he penetrates you.