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  1. iloveitinmyarse

    iloveitinmyarse Newcumer

    Dec 31, 2007
    my mum had gone away for week so i thought i might experiment a little
    i went in my mums rooms n started looking through her drawers
    i was searching through her underwear drawer n i found a dildo it was bout 7inches long and i though wat the hell may as well give it a try
    i was already naked because i find it more comfortable to walk around naked when my mum isnt home
    so i layed there on my back with my legs spread apart and my arsehole facing the mirror i sucked on my finger n spat on it and pushed it up my arse
    i had done it before so then i put two then three fingers up there then i put a finger from both hands in my arse n pulled my arse hole apart
    after about 20 minutes i felt that i was ready for the dildo
    so i sucked and licked it to get it all lubed up
    then i pushed it up my arse it hurt but i loved it
    it was the best feeling ive ever felt
    i could take much of this i was stroking myself for about a minute before i exploded cum all over myself a bit landed on my lip so i licked it
    it tasted weird but nice
    so i left the dildo up my arse n scraped up more with my hand and sucked it offmy hand
    it was soo good i came again n then ate it all again
    i ended up pulling my legs above my head and had my cock above my mouth so that when i came i came in my mouth
    i was exausted and i fell asleep with the dildo in my arse

    then wen i woke up i did it all again
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  2. 10shun

    10shun Sex Lover

    Jan 27, 2008
    Cum is tasty

    It took me a long time before I ate cum. Precum for somereason was never considered cum and licked it from my fingers as a teen. The feel of a dildo in the arse while the cock is played with is fantastic--hope to hear more or your arse poking and cock cumming
  3. fly man

    fly man Sex Lover

    Jun 4, 2007
    It taste so different than any thing else. First few times it is difficult and sometmes I still have a little trouble. But it is a turn on when the timing is right.
  4. Shane71

    Shane71 Newcumer

    Jan 19, 2008
    I also had difficulty tasting my own cum at first and sometimes I still do.
  5. blcp11

    blcp11 Porno Junky

    Aug 15, 2012
    I eat mine every day. I actually crave it some days.