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  1. Tcs1963

    Tcs1963 Gentleman Dom

    Nov 1, 2017
    This story is just a figment of my imagination. The players are all fictitious characters. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead... Is inconsequential. Remember when reading this to keep repeating...
    "Its only a story. Its only a story."

    Hope you enjoy...
    Thank You...TCS1963

    Kelsy's Birthday Surprise...

    It was my god-daughter, Kelsy's eighteenth birthday and me, I'm called Uncle Tom and her Dad my best friend, Owen were cooking on the grill and drinking beers liberally in the back yard. We had been drinking/barbecuing all afternoon, along with playing horseshoes and babysitting my god-daughters friends.

    Watching a bunch of teenagers bullshitting around isn't all fun and games. Young girls in small groups gossiping about young boys, and young boys hiding their raging hormones and hard-ons. All of them sneaking around. But as we cooked and drank both of us joked liberally about being their age and acting like asses, but what a sexy sight it was to watch them all play around in their bathing suits.

    Let me tell you a little bit about my God-daughter. She is a sweet little girl. Five foot and three inches tall, one hundred and ten pounds of pure sexiness. Little taut B cup titties and the sweetest little tear drop ass cheeks, the kind you want to just take a bite of. Dark brown hair and green eyes. Kelsy is a very intelligent young girl, and I mean school smart and street smart.

    But she can also be very manipulative with men and women alike. She has a sexy little body and she knows just how to use it to get whatever she wanted. I was visiting Owen over a weekend about a year ago and Kelsy wanted a car. While we sat out in the backyard bullshitting and drinking. Owen had already been given an ultimatum from his wife and it was an adamant "NO FUCKING WAY."

    So Kelsy walks up in the skimpiest bathing suit I think I've ever seen. Two small triangles covering her nipples which were extremely erect, a triangle just a little bigger covering her hairless pussy, and the thinnest of strings running down the crack of her ass. After she made our cocks burst through our pants, in her sweetest little girl voice she said," Daddy can I please have that car I asked for?" Within a week she drove by me in a red convertable and Owen my good friend had given in.

    One day her principal couldn't contact Owen, so they called me and sweet little Kelsy was caught smoking grass behind the lawnkeeper's shed. Which wasn't that bad except it was with the lawnkeeper. A middle aged divorced man. When they were found, sweet innocent little Kelsy had his pants at his knees and was sucking his cock like a professional. After a long discussion we made a deal to keep it a secret.

    So the barbeque went very well and it became later in the evening. The crowd started thinning out. My god-daughter, Kelsy had been anticipating a mysterious gift that her father and I had promised. So she harped on us throughout the day and into the night. But neither of us would give an inch and Kelsy would have to wait to see her special gift. Owen and I had made plans to introduce his lovely daughter to the dark side, and show her a little of some sexual bondage techniques.

    Finally the last guest had left and we were filling trashbags and putting food away. It was Owen, Kelsy and I, until I made a dash for the pool, dropping my clothes along the way. Just as my shorts dropped down past my ass I heard a loud giggle. My god-daughter was on the ground laughing. All I could make out was,"Uncle Tom's butt cheeks glow in the dark." Right at the moment, Owen spit his gulp of beer into the grass. Choking and wheezing as he bent towards the ground.

    Looking up as Kelsy stepped towards the edge of the pool, she looked down at me and smiled as she dropped the top of her already small bikini. My eyes bulged as I got to view the tightest set of teenie B cup titties I've seen in years. Then her bottoms went to her ankles, and that sweet hairless little girl cunt literally had me drooling.

    Then she plunged into the pool, with her father not far behind. Soon enough all three of us were swimming and splashing playfully, and naked in the warm summer air. It was such a ridiculous turn-on for me, not even the cool water of the pool could keep my seven inch cock flacid. As Owen swam over I grabbed his and he wasn't having any luck either, and he groaned as I slowly stroked him.

    Kelsy saw the movement in the water and her mouth dropped open. Her Daddy and I moved closer, kind of eveloping her tiny body between ours. Owen leaned in saying, "Happy Birthday, Kitten," and kissed her on her mouth. I leaned in and started nibbling her neck slowly making my way to her earlobe, causing little whines and moans to escape those sweet lips, between dueling with her father's tongue.

    It was becoming quite heated in the cool water and night air. I whispered into Kelsy's ear, "Your real Birthday party starts right now, my little slut." and I slapped her enticing ass cheeks a few times. Causing her to squeal and ease her wet little cunt against Owen's stiff cockhead. As she leaned back against me.

    As our hands massaged all over her tight little body, Kelsy completely surrendered and melted into our touches. As I was kissing and biting her back I could feel her asscheeks massaging my cockhead, making me push forward gently rubbing her outside anal ring. Everytime I pushed into her I could hear her breath stop.

    Owen must have been massaging her moist pussy lips because as she moved with his sway she kept murmuring, "Yes, Daddy. Please don't stop." The water was moving around us intensifying the feelings against my ball sack swinging freely in the water, and in between the crack of my ass. We were all literally lost in the heat of the moment, and a lustful enthusiasm of devouring Kelsy's youth, and to be honest, Kelsy is a hot piece of ass.

    I leaned in and scooped her small frame up and out of the water, and it was as if she continued melting into me. Her submissive side truly came through as I slowly lifted her towards the edge of the pool. She melted right into my body, surrendering herself to me. Her sexy little body was made to be used, just not the way Owen and I intended to violate her tonight.

    Setting her onto the edge of the pool, both me and her father eased between her legs. Lifting them up to expose both of her holes for our pleasure. As I went to work on her labia and clitorus, I could feel her tense up and squirm a little as her Daddy went to work on her tight virginal asshole. First thing I imagined is that no one had ever stimulated her back passage and knowing the way Owen rimmed asshole firsthand, I knew she was in for more than a treat.

    I could hear her mumblimg incoherently as we tongue fucked both of her teenaged holes. But what stood out to me was her whispers of, " Use me, please. Both of you can have all of me, mt two birthday Daddys." Just those words alone made me work harder to force my tongue into all of her crevices.

    Owen and my tongue had crossed paths a few times as we were licking and sucking the same areas, and then I felt his hand gently start stroking my cock. I could feel him spreading my precum all over the shaft as we brought little Kelsy closer to her first adult orgasm. Literally, watching her deteriorate into a human animal and our stimulation took away her humanity.

    Lifting my mouth away from her clitorus, I whispered," Don't you cum yet, my little slut." She just grunted," Hmmphh," and opened her legs wider. I could feel her pussy starting to clench and release copious amounts of moisture, and then the trembling began. I knew her orgasm was emanate. I tapped on Owen's shoulder to let him know we should stop for a bit.

    I lifted my head again and slapped her numerous times on her labia and clit. Watching as her eyes bulged out and she let out a shreak. I told you slut." You can only cum, when me and your Daddy allow it." Slapping her baby cunt again and smiling at her discomfort. I was enjoying the owning of this lovely creature and imagining the dirty things she would do for us just to be allowed to cum.

    This whole time, Owen was watching as he sawed his tongue in and out her tight, and now very juicy anal opening. I knew how hard it was to control cumming when he did that because I've been on the submissive end of his hungering mouth and the appendage inside. I knew my slaps and his tongue fucking of her asshole would be to much for her. That was exactly what we wanted so we had a reason to punish her.

    Climbing up out of the pool, I moved behind Kelsy as she was enjoying her Daddy's tongue. Before she realized her predicament, I had her handcuffed behind her back and was starting to spank her little titties. She made some squeals but couldn't escape my hands, and I watched as her nipples swelled and her skin turned a reddish pink.

    Her body was betraying her because even as the slaps were painful, Daddy's tongue was driving her asshole and pussy crazy. She wasn't used to pleasure and pain colliding so exquisitely. Pushing her tight little body over the edge, and as her orgasm hit a cresendo, she let out a deep animal growl and her bladder released and she pissed herself right there by the pool.

    Kelsy's Daddy, Owen and I continued slapping her skin, making her writhe and scream as her orgasm subsided. I was slapping her face and tits, and Owen punished her pussy and thighs. Kelsy was coming to the realization that we were going to use her like a two dollar whore tonight, and she couldn't stop us. Nor would she want too.

    The sweat and tears were covering her face and she looked a complete wreck. Hands unable to move and her body spread out for us to use. The lips of her young pussy swelling and turned a pinkish red color, and swollen, but still leaking moisture from her urine and her orgasm emissions.

    Both me and her Daddy lifted her up, and started carrying her towards the house. Kissing her quivering lips and continually slapping her bare skin, as she begged to be let go. Owen looked at me and right at the same time, we both busted out laughing uncontrollably.

    Right as we reached the back porch, I looked back towards the shed as we were carrying our new little slut-in-training inside. Not making it obvious but I saw his eyes glowing. Kelsy's boyfriend had been in the shed and watched every kinky move, and I knew right then he was going to have to join the party. I just didn't know in what capacity.

    I looked at Owen and whispered," Don't worry, bro, I'll go retrieve the snoop, and then we will deal with him too." "Lets just get this little slut secured and we will get them both, and that little snoop, Danny will get some of what he has been trying to get from Kelsy in his back seat."

    We finally got our little slave slut into the house and I suggested we secure her to the coffee table. As I held her still on her hands and knees, her Daddy tied the ropes to secure her wrists and ankles into position. I swatted her asscheeks a few times, keeping her on edge and making sure she knew who was in charge.

    When I knew she couldn't move I ran straight for the pool house and grabbed young Danny by the scruff of the neck and escorted him into the house. Just as we entered the living room, I helped our new guest Danny strip down naked, and Owen and I tied him to a chair to make him suffer for a while. I made Kelsy watch as we teased his oversexed teenage body to life, by introducing him to a bisexual double-team by tweaking his nipples and jerking his pretty cock in tandem.

    He was completely enamored with looking at Kelsy's naked frame, but as Owen and I worked him over he lost all interest. She stared at us intensely while being tied on her hands and knees on the coffee table. Her tight little pussy was literally dripping for all to view. Then I gave his cute little nipples a twist and a pinch making him lift his bottom off the chair. Letting out a loud squeal and then Owen swallowed his five inch cock. That boy started to tremble and made some sounds that even Kelsy never heard.

    Danny is a wonderful young man. Being twenty years old and he is already a perfect gentleman, not only to my god-daughter but to most everyone else. But when Owen sucked his cock the animal came out. I looked at my buddy and we both backed away leaving him on edge and wanting to cum. He was humping his cock into thin air trying to get the friction back. But right before he passed the point of no return, Owen and I stopped teasing him and left him hanging on a thread. It was now time to wish little Kelsy, Happy Birthday...

    Owen walked over to Kelsy's face, and reaching down he lifted her chin. As she looked into her Daddy's eyes, he used his other hand to guide his cock towards her mouth. The precum that had started leaking from the head of his cock, acted like glaze to his daughter's lips. Pushing a little hard his cock slipped in and Kelsy suckled on the tip, tasting her own fathers cock.

    He growled at her and she opened her mouth wider. Owen pushed himself in until he heard her gag. Holding the sides of her head and sawing in and out of her mouth. Facefucking her and systematically sliding his cock deeper, The whole time. Dan watched as Owen slowly used his girlfriends mouth and kept thinking, that should be me. Owen was pushing harder and each time he touched the back of her throat.

    While Kelsy was occupied having her mouth fucked. I had started toying with her sweet pussy and asshole. My fingers were sliding all between her cheeks and her lips. Pinching her clit and teasing her anal ring. She wiggled some as I touched her more intimate spots but she never made me stop. As if she could make us stop in the first place. I could see her drool landing on the table as Owen's cock showed her no mercy, so I figured I would be a little rougher too.

    Dripping some Anal-Ease into her asscrack, I figured may as well test her back hole. So I positioned my index and middle finger at the outer ring of her asshole. Started to slowly circle her tight little star shaped hole. I could hear her humming around her Daddy's cock as my manipulation of her sphincter, brought her some pleasurable feelings. Timing myself with her sucking her Daddy's cock.

    Gently massaging the outer ring of her ass, I leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Do you like that, Babygirl?" As she shook her head with a mouth full of Owen's cock, I slapped her ass and pushed both fingers deep into her ass. I whispered again,"Relax for me, now slut." Kelsy's mouth opened wide and Owen slammed his entire cock into her throat. I whispered," Just relax, littlegirl." Her eyes were wide and she was mumbling incoherently, and I could see the pained look on her face.

    As her Daddy continued fucking her face, more aggressively now. I was twisting and sawing my fingers in and out of her virginal asshole. Her body shook as she grunted and moaned. What she didn't understand yet was that the pain she felt right now was me preparing her ass for the main event. She always spoke to her Daddy and I about, being grown up and now that she was eighteen we intended to help her.

    My cock was literally throbbing in my pants as I worked Kelsy over. She was wiggling and breathing harder. Owen pulled his saliva coated cock from her mouth and started wiping it all over her face. I watched as her tongue came out as she went searching for her pacifier to suck on, between her squeals and moans. She started complaining about a sore ass and Owen slid his cock back in silencing her.

    Looking back I watched as wide eyed Danny stared with his jaw on the floor. "See Danny, See the slut she can be with the right training." He shook his head yes and said,"Thank you." Without letting his eyes leave her for one second. His teenaged cock so hard he couldn't stand it. That night we turned my sweet, loving God-daughter into a full blown cock-slut and none of us regret it.

    of pt. 1
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  2. K&Scpl4fun

    K&Scpl4fun Amateur

    Nov 16, 2012
    Daamn, cant wait for part 2
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  3. Igorusa

    Igorusa Sex Lover

    Apr 15, 2010
    I'm sure there's a Part 2 someplace. . . . soon I hope. . . .Thanks for the Intro. . . .
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  4. Tcs1963

    Tcs1963 Gentleman Dom

    Nov 1, 2017
  5. Badcayce69

    Badcayce69 Amateur

    Jan 3, 2017
    Very nice
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    1. Tcs1963
      Thank you
      Tcs1963, Dec 8, 2018
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  6. PCOutlaw

    PCOutlaw Porn Surfer

    Mar 12, 2018
    Thank you for this erotic story,I shot my cum all over reading it. Especially when you swam over and started stroking Owen's cock, then when your tongues touched while eating Kelsy's ass and pussy. My mind starting going wild when Danny was discovered. I echo the other comments please continue writing a second, third and more.
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    1. Tcs1963
      Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad I could help you cum. Search for my other story "My New Cuckold Life" I'm thinking it may interest you too... Enjoy
      Tcs1963, Dec 8, 2018
  7. ArchiesHard

    ArchiesHard Porn Surfer

    Mar 6, 2017
    Good story, I bet she loved it. Part 2 sounds it when will get both holes filled
  8. Tcs1963

    Tcs1963 Gentleman Dom

    Nov 1, 2017
    Thank you for your kind words.
  9. Horny-Daddy

    Horny-Daddy Sex Lover

    Nov 21, 2018
    On yes
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  10. Tcs1963

    Tcs1963 Gentleman Dom

    Nov 1, 2017
    Thank you