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  1. pturtle60

    pturtle60 Porn Surfer

    May 10, 2018
    Came home fairly late from my job with all the stress.
    Couldn't leave work at work- too many reports to review.
    Ate a meal with my wife Ann, barely listening as she talked to me about her day.
    Went right back to work- those damned reports-why didn't I just leave them at work?!?!

    Didn't really notice my wife going into the bedroom-those reports needed to be reviewed.
    She came out and said "Think you need your stress reduced!"
    As I looked up from the reports I was reviewing- my eyes bugged out at the sight in front of me.
    There's my sexy wife wearing a rose colored lacey top with matching bra and panties.
    Telling me I need to take a break!!

    I threw the reports to the side-work be damned- I need a break.
    I walked over to my wife-gave her a kiss and said "Your timing is perfect-my work is done!"
    I kept kissing her using my tougue to caress the inside of her mouth and massaged her back and ass.
    I spun her around like we were dancing and checked her out- my wife was beautiful.

    I started to undress but she told me she wants to undress me in a special way.
    She started to unbutton my shirt-rubbing through the hair on my chest-kissing my tits as they grew hard.
    She kissed her way down my chest until she unbuttoned unzipped my pants reaching in back to cup my butt.
    My underwear looked like a tent-a growing wet spot from my precum forming on the front of the shorts.
    She pulled down my underwear with a grin- it was steel hard and dripping precum.
    She kissed the head of my dick- with a MMM saying "your precum is yummy, can't wait for you to cum!"
    She starts to lick and suck-it takes all I can not to cum before the main event.

    At that point, I wanted to unwrap the present that was my wife.
    As I was kissing her deeply, I moved her to the couch and she sat down.
    The crotch of her fancy panties was showing a growing wet spot- her tits were showing through the lacy bra.
    I unhooked her bra and her beautiful breasts came out- her tits as hard as rocks.
    I spent a moment caressing her breasts, licking them-kissing them-paying attention to her sensitive tits.
    She moaned in pleasure running her hands through my hair as I made my way down her stomach.
    I stopped at her belly button-gave it a kiss-made her giggle as it tickled.
    I took a moment to pull off her wet panties-smelled the sex in those beautiful panties thrown off to the side.
    Her hairy pussy was wet and ready-her hands pushing my head down to give her pleasure.
    I ran my fingers through the black hairs of her pussy-her crotch leaning forward for the lick of pleasure.
    I parted her pussy hair to reveal her slit-began to lick slowly up and down-sucking on her clit as I got to top.
    She moaned as the pleasure came-moving her hips to get closer to my tongue-her yummy juices rolling out.
    I French kissed the opening to her pussy stiffening my toungue to act like a dick-in and out it went.
    I reached up to caress her breasts-she moaned in pleasure-her tits I gently rubbed.
    I decided put 2 fingers up her wet pussy while doing figure 8s with my tougue on her sensitive clit.
    In and out with varying speed of her wet pussy-sometimes putting them in as far as I could.
    The sound of my fingers going in and out-my wife moaning as the pleasure waves came over her.
    I began to suck on her clit-my fingers still moving in and out-wife saying this feels so fucking good.
    Suddenly she begins to breathe faster and grab a hold of the comforter-her eyes shut-groan & moans.
    I feel the first of her orgasmic spasms as I finger her-continuing to finger and suck her clit-2 more spasms.
    She screams in pleasure-wants my 7.5" joystick now-precum making a wet spot on the carpet.

    Her legs spread wide open-I give her pussy one last kiss-move my dick to her pussy and rub it up & down.
    She puts her hands on my butt to pull me in-go in inch by inch until we're pubic hair to pubic hair.
    Her pussy wet & tight-she whispers how good my dick feels-we French kiss as we taste our juices on our lips.
    I move slowly up and down-short to long sensual strokes-her legs wrapped around my waist as I moan.
    She pushes on my butt to get as deep as I can-uses her fingers to caress my back-arms lock around my neck.
    Her pussy comes up to meet at every stroke-I feel more orgasmic spasms as she whispers in my ear.
    I begin to move faster-I feel my climax is coming soon-we both start to breathe faster and moan louder.
    I start to cum with a joyful grunt as the spasms in pussy begin again-keep stroking until cum leaks out.
    We stay locked together laughing at how good it was-I lick up the cum leaking out and give my wife a kiss.
    Maybe I need to bring work home more often!!
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