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  1. LucyPotter

    LucyPotter Sex Machine

    Nov 3, 2012
    Disclaimer: All characters and situations portrayed within this story are works of FICTION. As well, ALL CHARACTERS WITHIN THIS STORY ARE 18+ OF AGE.

    I was laying in my bed, wearing nothing but my white cotton night dress, wide awake and completely restless. I had always hated rain storms, and that night, the thunder was shaking the house while the lightning illuminated my room. I was terrified, shaking underneath my covers, but I knew it was late, and if I woke Mommy up, she wouldn't be happy with me. I decided I would take my chances anyway. I slipped out of bed, slowly crept out of my room, down the hallway, and silently snuck myself into Mommy & Daddy's room, carefully closing the door behind me. I stood there, still and quiet, pressed up against the door, waiting until I was sure Mommy hadn't heard me; I listened to her breath, it was heavy and deep, and I was sure she was fast asleep.

    Mommy always scolded me for doing this, she said I was much too old to still be sneaking into bed with them at night. She was never really angry about it, she mostly seemed concerned, I assumed it was because she had hoped I'd be more independent as I got older. I guess she was right, but I couldn't help it, there was this immense feeling of comfort and security whenever I was snuggled up between them. Daddy never really minded if I slept next to them, and would often wake me up early, so I could hurry back into my room, before Mommy even knew I was there. Mommy and Daddy often slept naked, and whenever he felt me snuggle up to him, he'd try to make sure the sheets were between us, before snuggling back. Our household was quite free, we never felt the need to hide our bodies. Mommy and Daddy thought it was important for me to be confident and proud of myself, and never wanted me to feel shameful about my body. It was common for us all to walk around either half, or completely, naked while we were getting ready for the day, or in the hot summer months when our sweat made clothes feel unecessary.

    I shrank down, my bare hands and knees against the floor, and slowly crawled over to Daddy's side of the bed. I lifted my head up, kneeling next to him, trying my best not to wake Mommy. The room was pitch black, aside from what little light was coming through the window. Before I could stand up, he reached his hand out, running his fingers through my hair, and whispered; "Daddy thought you had gone to bed, little girl." He startled me; I was so worried about Mommy, I hadn't noticed that Daddy was as restless as I was, and had been watching with delight as I carefully snuck my way toward him. Before I could speak, he moved closer toward Mommy, lifted the sheets, and said; "Come on baby, maybe we can both get some sleep now." I happily crawled into bed next to him, with Mommy soundly sleeping at our backs. He was naked, and had forgotten to fix the sheets between us, so I was able to snuggle my panty-less little butt right against his warm body. He swept my hair from my face and started giving me soft, sweet kisses on my cheek, as his left arm wrapped around my stomach and pulled my body close against his. I turned my head to give him kisses goodnight and our lips accidentally met; they were warm, soft, and he pressed them firmly against mine.

    I felt a rush of excitement run through my body. He pulled back slightly, and lovingly stared into my eyes. I glared back at him, wide eyed, and still restless. His left hand moved up and started to play with my hair, as he whispered to me; "Why don't you try to get some sleep baby girl." I replied; "I just can't sleep Daddy, i'm not tired." He just smiled, kissed me on my forehead, and laid his head next to mine, snuggling his face up against the back of my neck. He whispered; "Here, let Daddy play with your hair and you'll fall asleep." I couldn't fight the excitement my body felt, pressed up against him, in nothing but my little cotton night dress, with his arm wrapped around me, and his other hand caressing my silky black hair. I could feel his hot breath brushing against my ear as he continued to play with my hair. His right arm moved up, across my chest, as he held onto me tighter. I could feel his soft cock against the back of my thigh. Almost on instinct, I felt my body responding, and wanting more. My breath started to quicken as I slowly wiggled my bare little butt against his naked body. His breath got heavier, and I could feel his cock start to stiffen.

    His voice sounded a bit shaky as he whispered into my ear; "Lay still baby, quit wiggling around honey." I couldn't stop myself, my sweet little pussy was hot and starting to get nice and juicy, as I continued to tease him. I could feel his cock getting harder, pushing against my bare legs. I whispered back to him; "I'm just trying to get comfy Daddy, I can't sleep." Daddy took a quick glance back at Mommy's sleeping body. "You're gonna wake your momma up, just stay still baby girl, you need to just go to sleep." He sounded nervous, and a little stern. I wiggled my ass down a little bit, pushing it against his now throbbing hard cock. My white, thin nightgown was the only thing standing between him and my sweet, hot pussy. He snatched me up with both arms wrapped around me and squeezing me tighter against his body. He held still for a moment, not daring to make a move, and yet unwilling to let me go. His breath was hot and heavy against the back of my neck. I pushed my ass firmly against him, gently rotating my hips, so that the head of his cock circled against my tight little ass and pussy. He pushed his cock against my thinly clothed ass, and then, as if pleading with me, he whispered into my ear; "Do you know what the fuck you are doing to Daddy baby girl? Jesus, you need to stop wiggling that little fuckin' ass honey, right now!" I giggled a little, as I continued rubbing myself against him.

    He gently started to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear. He ran his hands all over my body, and then up my night gown, straight to my perky tits, pinching and molesting my puffy, pink nipples. A little moan escaped from my lips. His right hand wrapped around my mouth as his left hand continued to molest my breasts. "Sshhh, you've got Daddy's attention honey, now be a good girl and stay quiet. Just be quiet." He released his grasp and slipped his fingers into my mouth, letting my tongue suck and lick against them as he molested and fingered my tight throat. He pushed his tongue into my ear, drooling and slobbering down my neck. His hand moved to my stomach, molesting my belly button, then squeezing and rubbing my hips and thighs, before finally forcing his way between my legs. I bucked my hips into his hand as he rubbed and teased my sweet, juicy slit. He cooed into my ear; "Mmm you are Daddy's dirty little girl arent you? Goodness baby, your juicy little pussy is dripping down your legs right now." My pussy sucked at his finger tips as he teased my sweet, tight little fuck hole.

    I grabbed his cock, teasing and jerking it, as I started to guide it up underneath my night gown, rubbing it against my bare little asshole. His fingers were still gently fucking my throat as he moved his other hand from between my legs. He grabbed his cock from me and positioned it right against my soaking wet pussy, rubbing it up and down my slippery little cunt. "Fuck, you know how hard you make your daddy's cock right? Oh baby, you are such a hot little slut for daddy. Good girl honey, good girl." He removed his fingers from my mouth and pulled my night gown up and over my head, his eyes wandering all over my sexy, petite little body. I turned my head toward him and pressed my lips to his. He slipped his tongue into my mouth, passionately kissing me like we had been long lost lovers. I felt the head of his cock twitching and pushing against my tight little fuck hole. I couldn't stand it anymore. I bucked my hips hard into his, and felt the tip of his cock enter my sweet little pussy. He released our kiss just long enough to tell me; "Oh baby, you are such a good little girl for me, you know that?, daddy loves you so, so much." Then, he held me tight, and rammed his stiff, throbbing cock deep into my tight little pussy.

    He wrapped his hand around my throat, staring at my face, while he thrusted himself deeper inside of me. He started to rub and finger my clit as he whispered into my ear; "Tell me you want to be daddy's little slut, tell me baby, come on... let daddy hear you say it." My sweet little cunt was eagerly thrusting and fucking back against his cock as I obeyed his command; "Please, I wanna be your little slut Daddy, make me your good little slut." He moved his mouth to my chest and sucked on my pink, stiff little nipple as he continued to fuck my sweet little pussy harder and harder. I was lost in pleasure as Daddy sweetly sucked, fingered, and fucked his little girl. I struggled to stay quiet as his cock pumped in and out of me, forcing my juicy little cunt into its first real orgasm. "Oh my sweet, sweet girl, that dirty little pussy is squeezing tight on Daddy's dick baby, go ahead, let it out honey, daddy's here, I have you." I felt my cum squirting down and collecting on the base of his cock. I reached my fingers down and started to rub and play with my cum. "Mmmm you playing with that cummy little pussy for your Daddy?" He pulled on my hair a little bit as he thrusted himself in and out of my cunt as hard as he could. "Taste it baby, come on, put your fingers into your mouth baby girl, Daddy wants to watch you taste what he did to you." I sucked my sweet, cummy fingers into my mouth, and as I did, Daddy couldn't control himself anymore. Daddy's cock started to explode, hard and deep, into my tight little pussy. "Jesus, fuck yesss baby! Take daddy's cum like a good girl."

    He glanced back at Mommy, still soundly sleeping, as he continued to empty his cum into her little girl. He relaxed for a moment, letting his cock twitch and soften inside of me. We kissed again for a little while, our tongues gently sucking and licking against eachother. Then, Daddy pulled out and rolled me over, so I was laying on my back. He moved himself on top of me and started licking and sucking every inch of my body. He then spread my legs wide, admiring the silky puddle of cum that was spilling from my messy little pussy. "Oh poor baby, let Daddy clean you up." He pressed his lips against my tight little hole and gently kissed my cummy little cunt, before slipping his tongue into me and eagerly sucking and slurping up the mess we had made. He stared into my eyes as his tongue explored my dirty little hole. As I squirmed and wiggled underneath him, he could see that he was bringing me into another orgasm. I grabbed onto his hair as he slipped a finger into my ass and worked my slutty little cunt with his tongue. He focused his tongue onto my g-spot and firmly commanded his good girl's pussy to cum on his face. I watched Mommy sleeping, as I humped and thrusted my hips against his lips, orgasming hard into his mouth as he sucked my cum down his throat.

    He moved his mouth up my body, biting and teasing my perky little tits again, before sucking and kissing my neck and ear. He was laying on top of me, my legs spread wide, as he whispered; "You just made daddy's cock so fucking hard again, humping that messy little pussy into my mouth like that. Daddy loves how bad you are. You could never be too dirty for your Daddy, I hope you know that baby girl. Wrap your legs around daddy's waist so he can stick it into you nice and deep honey." Before I had a chance to do as I was told, Mommy started to move. Daddy immediately rolled off of me and focused his attention on Mommy. She was still half asleep, calling out to Daddy; "Honey? Is everything alright?" He wrapped his arms around her and replied; "Everything's fine love, go back to sleep." He looked at me with a smile and pressed his finger to his lips, signaling for me to be real quiet. I picked up my nightgown and slipped it back over my head. Mommy pressed her ass into him and felt his hard throbbing cock; "Oh... that's what it is huh? Mmm come on, let mama put you to sleep love." She grabbed his cock and started stroking it, working and jerking it like a pro as I layed there, still and quiet, watching them. Daddy looked back at me, gave me a smile and wink, and then started kissing and molesting Mommy's beautiful, naked body. He spread her ass cheeks apart, and slipped his rock hard cock between them. Mommy started moaning and pushing her ass against his dick.

    He started to lick and bite on her ear lobe, like he had did to mine, and cooed into her ear; "That's it Mama, take Daddy's big fucking cock up that slutty asshole." He pumped and thrusted his dick into her ass until he was fucking it deep and hard. She was taking his cock with ease, like a perfect, nasty little whore. She fucked her ass harder against his cock as she teased him; "Mmmm Daddy! Give that big fat cock to Mama, yess, fuck that ass baby!" He kept looking back at me as he fucked her ass harder and harder. I loved how dirty they spoke to eachother, and how passionately they made love. I started rubbing and playing with my pussy as I watched him fuck her from behind. She commanded him; "Suck my titties Daddy, come one, suck mama's milk for her." He sucked her breast into his mouth, slurping and licking as he fucked Mommy's ass. I was laying there quietly, fingering my wet little pussy, and I couldn't help myself; I moved close to Daddy's back, and slipped my hand between his legs, massing and rubbing his balls. He looked back and smiled at me, lifting his leg up, over Mommy's leg, so that I could fondle his balls with ease. He slowed his pace and I slid my hand further, feeling his cock sliding in and out of Mommy's soaking wet pussy. She cooed at him; "Yess Daddy, that's it, play with Mama's pussy while you fuck her dirty little ass." Daddy looked at me, nervously as he continued to fuck her. I smiled at him and moved down, laying my head between his legs. I stared at Mommy's pussy as I rubbed and fingered her.

    Daddy looked extremely worried; after all, he still had his little girl's juice on dick while he fucked it deep into his wife's ass, aside from the fact that his dirty little girl had snuck herself between his legs, and was fingering Mommy's pussy as he fucked her. Mommy was completely clueless. She moaned and begged Daddy for more, as he sucked her breasts and watched me closely. I pulled my fingers out of her as Mommy started to rub her own pussy. She begged him; "Double stuff me baby, pleease, shove something up your filthy little whore's dirty cunt. Please Daddy!" She reached into her drawer and pulled out a dildo that was a little bigger than Daddy's cock. He took it from her and started to work it into her wet cunt. It was fucking amazing, watching them, so closely, as he stuffed her slutty little holes, fucking her deep and hard. I took the dildo from his hands and started to work it deep into Mommy's cunt. He stared at me in disbelief while he fucked her. I looked up at him as I started sucking his balls into my mouth. Daddy couldn't handle it. He started moaning; "That's right baby girl, fuck yess, you are such a nasty fucking slut, Fuck baby your dirty little mouth is going to make daddy cum soon." I let my tongue slip and lick against his asshole as I sucked his balls and helped him stuff Mommy's holes. "Mmmm that feels so good baby girl." He was nearly forgetting himself as my tongue drove him to the edge of his orgasm. Mommy didn't notice, she just kept moaning and begging him to fuck her harder. Mommy started to orgasm and that drove Daddy off the edge. He unloaded into her slutty asshole as I continued licking and sucking him while I worked Mommy's dildo.

    Daddy thrusted his cock into her a few more times before pulling his cock out of her ass. He looked at me with a smile, and put his cock to my lips. I sucked his cum from the tip of his cock, while he grabbed the dildo from me and gently worked Mommy's cunt as she came to a climax. Once she had finished, he pulled the dildo from her pussy and let me lick her cum off of it. She tasted sweet, just like me. After a few minutes, Daddy gave me a stern look, and I knew I was pushing my luck. I moved from between his legs and layed next to him again. He kissed and held Mommy for a while until she fell back to sleep. He rolled over and smiled at me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, tasting what was left of his and Mommy's cum. He hugged me tight against him and played with my hair until I fell asleep. I woke up laying between Mommy and Daddy. When I opened my eyes, Mommy was staring, and smiling at me. I was confused, I didn't know what was happening. She leaned forward and kissed me firmly on my lips. I closed my eyes as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Daddy was behind me, jerking and rubbing his cock against my wet little pussy. Mommy pulled back slightly, still smiling at me sweetly.

    Daddy commanded me; "Finger that little pussy baby, go ahead, stick your fingers deep inside for Daddy." I did as I was told, slipping my fingers into my wet little cunt. Mommy lifted her leg, so that Daddy and I had a nice view of her cunt, and started to finger herself as she watched me. Daddy lifted my leg up also, so that I was spread nice and wide for Mommy as she watched me play. He was still rubbing his cock against me as my fingers pumped in and out of my hot little slit. "Mmm that's right baby, play with that pussy for Daddy. Shove those fingers nice and deep honey. Now, be a good girl and let Mommy taste them." Mommy leaned toward me as I pulled my wet fingers from my tight little fuck hole. She closed her eyes and started to moan as she sucked them into her mouth, slurping my sweet juices down her throat. Mommy moved tight against my body and started to kiss me again, her tongue nearly choking me. Daddy pushed the tip of his cock into my wet little fuck hole. Mommy slid her hand between my legs, rubbing and massaging my cunt as Daddy fucked it deeper and harder. I just layed there, squished between them, whirling in confusion, with no explanation offered, as Mommy and Daddy molested and fucked my hot, petite body. I could feel myself cumming harder than ever.

    As I reached my climax I started to moan uncontrollably; "Mmmommy!! ohhh, fuuuck... Daadddyy.... pleeaassee!" Mommy stared into my eyes; "There you go baby, good girl, you're doing soo good honey, Mommy is right here, it's okay, just let it out. You're such a good girl for Daddy!" Daddy smiled at Mommy as he fucked me harder; "See, I told you, our little girl takes after her mama! Don't you baby girl?!" Mommy moved between our legs, sucking and slurping on my pussy hole while Daddy's cock thrusted in and out. Daddy's cock started to fill my cute little cunt up again as Mommy's tongue licked against his shaft. He pulled his cock out, letting it drip into Mommy's mouth as she eagerly slurped my sweet, creamy pussy until it was clean. She moaned as she sucked on me; "My sweet girl, mmmm, being so good while Daddy and Mommy play. You are so special princess, you know that? Mommy loves you baby." Daddy moved between my legs, helping Mommy to clean me up. Their tongues kissed and licked at eachother while molesting my sweet little cunt. I just layed there, completely surrendered, enjoying their tongues, and thinking about how much everything would change for us all.
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  2. Gcccc

    Gcccc Porn Star

    Mar 3, 2016
    Great Story
  3. LucyPotter

    LucyPotter Sex Machine

    Nov 3, 2012
    Thanks for all the encouraging feedback! This one was a bit rushed, so there are quite a few mistakes in it, but hopefully it's still enjoyable.
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    1. Bigzing35
      Hot story...
      You've made me so hard.
      Wish i could slide it into your cute pussy.
      Keep up the great work
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    Jun 11, 2016
    Great story .. you got me all hard now
  5. paul jo

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    May 12, 2015
    Thank you Ms Potter....so descriptive.... and exciting.... That's one very lucky daddy....and mom looks like a lot of fun too.... xxx
  6. Nymph3min3

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    Aug 31, 2015
    AND I WAS WRONG, laying on my *Daddys lap* told me to read this , and I must say im proudly soaked. Maybe tonight our 13 day dry spell will be over ! Excellent read.
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    This daddy had to stroke while reading.....awesome!
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    Jun 27, 2009
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    Mar 19, 2012
    Great story!!! Now I am hard as a rock... Need help with this dick....
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    Great story thanks
  11. dirtymary

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    Aug 5, 2009
    wow i am so wet
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    great story
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    This Daddy was Rock Hard Strocking it also!!! Thank You ! WONDERFUL
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    Apr 9, 2014
    Fucking Impressive!
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Damn it was amazing
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  16. TWB205

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    Jan 31, 2018
    Loved the story! Had me molesting my cock!
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    Oct 23, 2011
    So fuckin hot.
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    Fuck that was hot!! I had to grit my teeth to keep from cumming
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    Aug 7, 2018
    Damn.....reading this next to my tipsy sleeping teen daughter....Am so hard ....am touching her right now....her teen firm breasts ....her tiny pussy...i think i have to offline and make love to my dauhhter nicole...we are all alone tonight
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    Screenshot_20180910-040130.png Screenshot_20180910-040212.png xvideos.com_c7903793b0328b31a64f1af096e5130f_001_001_3.gif
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      Being inside my daughter nicole is the sweetest pleasure ever.....
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