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  1. Nobody 69

    Nobody 69 Porn Surfer

    Jul 2, 2018
    I recently moved back to the town where I started high school after 20 years and caught up with my best mate from back then and found out that my first ever girlfriend was still living in the town and that she had recently broke up with a guy I used to smoke weed with back then a real womaniser and complete dick but these days tthhe only guy with weed in town and I'm still partial to a cone or two so I've contacted her to catch up and a mate contacted him to get me weed when he turned up we did the whole thing where he said who's this and I've responded with his name and and reference to something that happened in the day I'd knew he'd click to and instantly he called me by my name what I didn't expect was him to shout out is monster cock and went on to make sure everyone knew that I hada massive dick he went on and on about it so I've asked why he thought I was so big And why if I was did it matter and he's told me how he was told by his ex my highschool sweetheart about her first sexual experience we where about 13 and we had found our way in to and empty building and we decided we where ready to do something but she wasn't to sure so trying not to let it show that my experience extended to story's d read in penthouse forum and the maybe three porn movies of dads I'd pinched and watched while he was out one time so I suggested we start by giving each other head she agreed but was still to nervous to drop her knickers first so she said she'd suck my cock first which I didn't mind just having that conversation had given me a rock hard erection so when she's said so are you ready or do I have to get it hard I've just smiled and she said ok then pull it out and I'll start so on command I've stood up in front of her undone my belt and dropped my pants to my knees revealing my rock hard cock standing to attention and she just sat there didn't speak or move I've tried talking to her but I could see it wasn't happening so i put it away tried to make sure she was ok and we parted ways now due to family issues I left town a few days later without getting to see her so for years I'd wondered about that day and her and it hadn't even occurred to me about that story I was hoping that at worst maybe she might bring it up and I could apologize and that would be it but no apparently shed told him and and she'd she'd need from her point which was that it was that by it had scared her so bad she couldn't talk for the rest of the day now when shed told the story she'd explained that she still to this day hasn't seen a cock anywhere near as big and naturally you can guess which aspects of the story had burnt themselfs in to his brain and even if I had disagreed with him I wouldn't have said always happy to get a compliment (even if exaggerated) and I could tell he was still cut up about the break up by the look on his face when he asked if I knew she was in town and I said yeah I'm catching up with her at her place around tea time after that he went quiet and left shortly after so a few hours later I've met her at hers and she was still just as fit and just as beautiful as always and instantly I felt like it was 20years ago she invited me in and we sat there and chat for a bit when she said she does tattoos now which was yet another thing about her that impressed me honestly she had become everything I've searched for in women for years so naturally I've put it on her to do me a tattoo and she's gone ok so just she set up and started doing it and Instantly (being my first tattoos) I realised that I like the sensation of the gun on my skin so I tried not to show it but the ex turned up half way through and made comments that upset her so when he said sorting about it being a booty call I've piped up and said ya know what if I enjoy this much more then we might just have to make it one and with that I've grabbed my semi hard cock through my pants so he could see it and given it a shake and es gone oh my God and just walked out the front door and yelled to the world it is fucking huge and I've laughed as I looked around to her and realised she was just looking at me so I apologized and simply said but I am really enjoying this and she went back to tattooing as was I was focusing on her face she was just as beaujtiful as back then and I badly wanted to lean over and start kissing her neck but I had to control myself and i thought I'd done well hiding the thoughts going through my head untill she had finished the tattoo and she's gone ok stand up and have a look in the mirror so I've stood up and instantly realised I was pitching a tent big time so I've spun my head rond to make sure she didn't notice it and

    Ok let me just say this is a true story with a few details left out to protect identities now this is my first time writing stuff like this so if it's any good or you just want to find out how it ends please let me know me know if you want to hear her reaction