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  1. JasonJHonz

    JasonJHonz Newcumer

    Oct 9, 2018
    "Vivian! The hell are you doing?! Are you drunk? Get off!" she protested, trying to wriggle her head from between my legs. But with it propped up on her pillow and me sitting on her neck with my thighs trapping the sides of her head, it was to no avail. I couldn't help but to smile at the fact that she was already wiggling beneath me, and I had to remember to pace myself. I shook my head and reached down to hold onto her hands, which were still trying to pull my thighs apart.

    "Drunk off lust, Cecelia..." I said just above a whisper, which to my surprise, she heard.

    "Off lust? The hell are you talking about? Get off me, Vivian!" she said, twisting her body to the right. And in response, the bondages I had tied from her ankles to the bedposts got tighter. She gasped and looked up at me with a new set of eyes that were somewhat fearful as her body froze.

    "Did you.. .Am I tied down? What's on my ankles?" she asked, feebly trying to look over my hips, which were slowly moving forward. I let go of her hands to comb my fingers through her luxurious jet black hair, which was sure to look like a bird's nest by the time I was through. I locked my hands in the back of her hair, pinning her head down to the pillow.

    "Sorry hun... I was never one for self-control." I said yanking her head back and scooting forward. Before she could get but three words out, I had smothered my cunt securely onto her mouth, leaving her nose poking out above it. I let out a huffing moan as her muffled words of protest entered my cunt. Her hands tightened around my thighs and increased their strength of trying to pull me off. But by that time I was holding onto the headboard with an equal amount of firmness which prevented her from doing such. With no choice but to breathe through her nose, the sound of the air whistling in and out as her heart rate increased filled my ears. I looked down at her and saw her expression of disbelief, anger, and fear looking back at me.

    "Mmmnnphh!" she uttered, moving her hands from my thighs to my shirt to pull as she continued to try to wriggle her head from under me. But my weight proved it to be difficult. I moaned as her muffles vibrated against me, and slowly began to grind my hips on her face, covering her nose momentarily each time, which made her shut her eyes and pull harder on my shirt, beginning to stretch it.

    "Lick me, Cecelia." I breathed, looking down at her reddening face. "Or I'll ride your face." I said with sternness, which made her struggling ease for a moment. She looked at me as if I'd gone mad, and muffled in protest, arching her back, which caused me to slide forward on her face as a result. She screeched as the slide caused me to cover both her nose and mouth, and immediately corrected her arch. But it felt too good. I gripped onto her hair with one hand, pulling her nose deeper into my slit until it was completely submerged and pressing against my clit.

    "Suit yourself." I said with a grin, as I began to grind on her nose. She screeched again and bucked her hips.


    I moaned and drove my hips faster, adding more pressure onto her nose, letting go of her hair and holding onto the headboard for support. I bucked my hips down onto her face, increasing the speed of my grinding, and added a rotation to the rhythm, throwing my head back. But with my thighs spread as they were, Cecelia used that to pull them further, and jerk her head to the side, gasping for air.

    "Vivian! Get-"

    Almost as quickly as she jerked her head, I jerked it right back, leaving little to no time for words. I was now holding her head by her hair, and was pulling her face up into my cunt, smothering her once again. Her words were trapped beneath me as I closed my thighs around her head to secure my hold. I started up my grinding again with somewhat of a scowl, put off that it had been interrupted. She buckled beneath me again and I giggled, my body coping with hers so that I was not thrown off. Her hands went from attempting to pull my thighs, to pulling my shirt, to trying to push me off by my hands and arms all within a matter of seconds. I knew it was a matter of time before she needed air, and I knew I was strong enough to keep it from her. And it made my body burn.

    "Mmnghh!!" she screeched. I moaned as she desperately tried exhaling, which sent pockets of air bubbles into my cunt. They could be heard popping as I continued to grind against her nose in bliss. My grip on her hair grew tighter, pulling her even closer against me as her bucks grew wilder as her need for air became more prominent. Her nails dug into my thighs in desperation and she let out a whimper as her feet tugged against the bedposts. I panted as I finally dropped her head back onto the pillow, letting her gasp for air with closed eyes. As they opened, they glared at me, which I returned with a sadistic grin.

    "What the fuck are you doing, Vivian?! Get the hell ooffmmppgghh!" she protested as I pulled her back under, this time covering her entire face, and pinning her wrists to the bed. Her hands balled into fists and struggled to get up, which they did partially, but I was able to push them back down. I pushed my hips down onto her face and bit my lower lip.

    "I gave you your option. Now deal with the one you chose." I said bluntly as I started my grinding again. Her nose was now slipped side my cunt, and her mouth was tucked beneath my rear, smothered under the mass of both cheeks. I had never been more in love with my generous curves than I was when depriving my dear roommate Cecelia for air, riding her face. I arched my back and held her wrists behind me on each side of her so that her arms were straight as I rode her. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, and could hear the slight squishing of liquids her nose was making in my cunt. She continued to buck and whimper but I was far too along to consider stopping now. She would either have to comply, or be dominated. With a swift jerk of her head to the left, she was able to suck in a few breaths of air, whimpering as she did. I sucked my teeth and sat back up, letting her wrists go and grabbing her by the hair once again. She continued to gasp for air before even thinking of speaking, as I pulled her hair out from under her head and divided it into two sections, twisting them as I did. She pulled at my hips to keep them from going back onto her face and swallowed a couple of times before talking.

    "Vivian, plea-"

    And back under she went. With a sharp thrust of my hips, I overpowered her hands, and slid back onto her mouth and nose. Her wide eyes were still baring up at me until I gripped the pigtails I had made by their base, and yanked her head up to submerge her entire face. This time I just sat, catching my breath as she reached up again and started pulling on my shirt. She had fight in her. I gave her that much. She wriggled her head beneath me which made very little progress with the grip I had on her head. More air bubbles slid into my cunt, making me moan and start my grinding again. I must have had pulled her under in the middle of her exhaling, I thought. A smirk tugged at the corner of my lips as her bucking grew. My body coped as I held the pigtails, as if riding a wild animal. And then, after a few more panicked moments, I was surprised when I felt Cecelia's tongue snake its way inside me and start sheepishly licking around. I erupted into giggles and let her head fall, allowing her air solely through her nose, which she sucked in greedily as she looked up at me with quick-blinking eyes.

    "So you decide to comply, eh?" I giggled, stroking her hair. Reluctantly, she kept licking, glaring up at me. But her surrender had come too late. I wanted more. I wanted to break her. I reached behind me to grab the double-pierced belt I had placed between her legs. Her eyes widened again and she watched me slide in one side of the belt under the pillow until it was poking through on the other side. I pulled it until the sides were even and left It alone for the moment, gripping back onto Cecelia's hair with one hand. Her licking grew faster as she looked up at me in concern. I grinned and moaned as her tongue slithered in deeper and began to bounce on it, my clit hitting her nose with each bounce. She grunted each time my weight dropped onto her. And out of the shear fact that I could, I rubbed my cunt across her face, clear to the top of her forehead, to the base of her chin with each slide. My puckered hole pressed into her nose each time. She closed her eyes tightly and whimpered as my juices were spread around her face. When I stopped, I was seated on her mouth once again, and wiped her eyes clean of my juices so that she could open them. They were glaring again. I giggled.

    "Oops? Too much?" I said teasingly. She began to try and wiggle her head free once again. By this time I was close to my climax. I could feel my body tensing up, and I was ready to cum all over that gorgeous face of hers. But not until she was so desperate for air, that the creaking from the bed could be heard across the hall. Reaching over onto her nightstand, I picked a bottle of baby oil that I had set there and plucked it open, pouring some in my hand, and then down my stomach, rubbing it against me. Cecelia slid her head out with the help of the oil and went straight to her protest.

    "Vivian, if you don't get off of me right now, I'm moving out!!" she threatened, and I laughed as I rubbed some of the oil over my cheeks and under my cunt, letting her get her moments of air.

    "You mean you were going to stay after everything else? Kinky little fuck."

    "Vivian I'm ser-mmmgghpphh!" she screeched into me, making me whimper and moan, dropping my hand down onto her forehead. I slid forward, so that her nose was tucked beneath me and pulled her head up by her hair to suppress her further.

    "Mmmmnnngghh!!" she mumbled in anger as she bucked her body. I readjusted myself on her face when the buck stopped and quickly pulled at each side of the belt beneath the pillow. The pull upwards caused the pillow to wrap around my thighs, tightening and closing them around Cecelia's head, and caused her face to press even tighter under me, until all that was left visible was her long black hair sticking out from between my thighs. I pulled the belt into its buckle and pulled to get it as tight as it would go, feeling Cecelia's nose and face press even tighter against my sex.

    "Mmgghhppghh!!" she whined, twisted her body about again and gripping onto my hips with her hands. With a held breath and a bitten lip, I pulled at the belt still, forcing it to comply with my demand to be tighter until I hooked the two rods into the very last holes of the belt, letting go with an exhaled sigh of relief and pleasure. I sat there in content, gaining my breath as Cecelia continued to buck and writhe under me, her hands grasping at my hips and shirt, fighting for hers. The oil helped to slide her nose against me, but was not enough to aid her in slipping out into freedom.

    "Mmhh!!!" she screeched as she arched her back and clawed at my sides in desperate attempts to knock me off of her. And as she did, it slid Cecelia's nose with so much pressure against my clit that it made me whimper as well. I slipped my hands under my shirt as my body was slightly swayed, up, left and right, and groped my breasts, massaging them and pulling my nipples. I was in ecstasy. Poor Cecelia was trying everything to pry me off of her. And nothing she did would have the effect she desired. I didn't need to hold her down, or pull her up. With the strength and tightness of this leather belt, all I had to do was sit and enjoy. That's exactly what I did. I moaned and panted as she unwillingly grinded against me. My body tensed as more bubbles pushed into my cunt, moving around in the engulfed space. My body stiffened and I gripped onto the belt's tongue as I felt my orgasm arrive. Cecelia bucked and kicked her bound feet still, relentless in her fight for air, and I heard the pitch in her voice go from that of disturbed, to panicked.

    "MMNGHH!!!" she cried, twisting her body at a rapid pace. I held onto the headboard as her nose slid as fast as she twisted, which sent my orgasm bursting onto her face, and into her nose and mouth.

    "MMHH!!!" she screamed into the liquid, which was now dripping down her neck and onto the bed. The vibrating of her screams sent my head back in pleasure, and a second orgasm flooding onto her face. Her hands scrambled up to my lap in panic and gripped and pulled at both the belt's buckle and its tongue, trying to unfasten it. I giggled sadistically, knowing she did not have the strength needed to pull the belt tighter to get the rods out of the holes, nor was she at the angle to do so. Realizing this herself, her movements became unruly as she began hopelessly tugging on the belt's buckle.

    "MMMGH!! MMGGHHH!!!!" she whimpered as I still regained my composer after my climax. Deliberately, I began grinding my cunt across her already drenched face, smearing my juices around her face in humiliation as her bucking noticeably calmed down. I sighed in content as I gave the belt a rough tug, unhooking it and letting the pillow's sides fall to the bed. I slid back onto Cecelia's neck, and watched as she sprang to life, sucking in all the air her pale, soaked face could get. I licked my lips as she continued, holding my hips back from her face.

    "Mm... Consider next month's rent on me."
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  2. mufdiver68

    mufdiver68 Porn Star

    Dec 26, 2016
    Well alrighty then!
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