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    .......as the words left my mouth a thought raced through my mind........'maybe that was a little forward. Maybe he thinks I'm insulting him in some way by ignoring the deal he had with his fiancé.' The fact that he wanted to touch her didn't mean he wanted to touch me. I really shouldn't have worried.....once 'O' had taken in what I had said, he leaned forward a little and said...........

    'Yes, I'd like that, very much. I'd like to touch you.'

    I took his hand and placed it gently on me, so he was cupping my breast through my evening dress.

    'Feel me first like this,' I said, as I felt his hand squeeze a little.

    I took my hand away, leaving his to caress me through the soft, silky material. I could feel my already excited nipple harden even more. I let him play for a short while before turning away from him and asking him to unzip the back of the dress. As he did so, I could feel the slight tremble of his hands against me. When the zip was lowered far enough, I lowered the dress down to my waist and turned to face him once more. His eyes were fixed, staring at my naked chest. He didn't move.

    'Touch me,' I said.

    At that, 'O' placed his hand on my skin, softly stroking me. I lay back on the sofa, my head resting on a cushion, as he caressed, stroked and squeezed both breasts.

    'Do you know what I love?' I asked......he shook his head.....'I love my nipples to be squeezed hard......pulled. That really turns me on.'

    'O' started to work on my nipples and as he did I could feel my excitement grow deep inside my body. I closed my eyes and just let him play, my breath now quickening as I became more and more aroused.

    'Would you like to touch other parts of my body?' I asked without opening my eyes.

    'Yes, very much,' I heard him whisper.

    So, I stood up and slowly lowered my dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. I stood there in front of him, now dressed only in my stockings, heels and new black thong, watching him ogling my almost naked body. I moved the thong to one side slightly, allowing him to see my shaved pussy for the first time. His hand reached out instinctively, touching between my legs. I'm sure I let out a tiny moan.

    'You're so wet,' 'O' said as he stroked my opening with one finger.

    I smiled..........'Yes I am. I get very wet when I'm feeling like this. Put your finger in me if you want.'

    As he did, a pleasant tingle rushed through me. 'O's finger started to explore deep inside. I reached down and placed one of my fingers on my clitoris, asking him to touch me there......he did and the tingling started to get stronger. I couldn't believe how naughty and horny I was feeling......all I knew was that I wanted his cock and I wanted it soon.

    I let 'O' explore me a while longer, before easing his wet finger out and then kneeling down between his legs. I ran my hand along his thigh, quickly finding what I was searching for.....the shape of his erect cock through his trousers. I rubbed him briefly as he lay back, my hands hurriedly undoing first his belt, his button, then lowering his zip. I lowered the top of his pants a little allowing his wonderful young cock to pop out. 'O' started to moan as I first ran a finger along his tall shaft and then, fingers wrapped around as I started to slowly wank him.

    'Would you like me to suck you?' I asked, knowing full well that the answer would be 'Yes!'.....he nodded.

    I leaned forward, licked his end and then placed my mouth around him. As I sucked I could feel his hips start to move......'O' placed his hands on my head, pushing me down in time with his body movement. As he thrust harder, his long cock was hitting the back of my throat.........I could tell by his uncontrollable excitement that he wasn't going to last long..........being his first time I was astounded that he hadn't already exploded!

    I pulled my head from his grasp and while still kneeling, asked if he'd like to feel what it's like inside me. 'O' seemed to be in some kind of aroused trance, but still managed to say yes. So after removing his trousers and pants, I stood, removed my thong, before carefully straddling him. When I was in the correct position, my pussy resting gently on his throbbing helmet.....I lowered myself down slowly, my moistness helping me to slide down his shaft easily. Fuck, that felt so gorgeous.

    I moved slowly at first, riding him as he fumbled with my breasts. At some point I lowered my head down kissing him hard on the mouth. 'O' responded immediately, biting my bottom lip.......I'm sure it must have hurt a little, but at that moment it felt wonderfully raw. As we kissed more, 'O' grabbed my hips and started to thrust harder......I was now no longer in control of him.....he was fucking me like a man possessed.

    My head was starting to spin, my body tingles growing stronger.......I knew I was on the verge of orgasm, but I also knew that I couldn't lose control. As much as I wanted him to cum in me, I knew that it wasn't the best of ideas.

    His young fit body began to shake, his breathing was now unbelievably fast and his face had become distorted with animal lust..........I rose up before falling next to him on the sofa......I quickly grabbed his cock and wanked him until he came. His gorgeously thick semen exploding over his exposed stomach. 'O's body suddenly relaxed as I took his hand, and with mine, placed them on my pussy. We worked together, allowing me to reach the most incredible of climaxes.

    Shortly after, we kissed and he left. It had been the most extraordinary evening.
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    That was fantastic! Great story! :)
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    This is your best story by far true lust and willingly being the subject of his desire.Very erotic
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    Another good story !
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    I loved the story made my dick rock hard pm me