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  1. HeadNtales

    HeadNtales Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2018
    Im walking to my cousins house. I knew he wasn't going to be home. But his mom would be.

    I love having dreams where i control the scenario. I cant take full control of what happens in them, but i can get things going.

    I rang the bell and she answered the door. The hallway was twice as long as it is in reality, but dreams are weird like that. Places and things always seem distorted.

    We get to the living room and i make her take a seat next to me on the sofa. Its my dream and i have no shame. I unzip my pants and my cock springs up.

    My aunts face was disgusted. But she didnt fight when i pulled her head to my cock. She also opened her mouth without struggle. I could feel her wet mouth so vividly.

    She wasnt gagging either. Her head just bopped up and down non-stop. I popped my cock out of her mouth and lifted her head up by her hair.

    "You're so gross" she said saliva dripping from her lips.

    I pushed her head back down and she continued. Thats when i looked over to my right and seen my cousin watching t.v. from the chair. He wasn't supposed to be there.

    "You're not supposed to be here." I said to him from the chair that he was just sitting in.

    "Why not?" He asked holding his moms head in his hands.

    She stopped and pulled her head away from his hard cock.

    "You arent supposed to be here either." She said taking her sons cock back into her mouth.

    I became confused. We were all naked now.

    "Its fine." I said reassuring myself. "Just go with it."

    I stood up from the chair and made my way back to the couch. I pulled my aunts ass towards me and slapped it. She didnt flinch.

    I held my cock and pushed it into her. Thats made her "Ohh" in return. My cousins face was blank. He barely noticed his mom stroking his cock.

    "Fuck her face kev." I said to my cousin.

    He didnt say a word. He stood up and put one leg on the couch where i had his mother on all fours. He picked her face up and shoved his small cock into her opened mouth. He shoved it deep like i imagined he would.

    We were fucking my aunt from both ends. Her pussy was loose and juice was consuming my cock. My cousin was enjoying himself now too.

    "Oh shit! this girls a freak." he said to me slapping his moms face with his erection. He wasn't her son anymore. Not in the dream at least.

    "You want to fuck her?" I asked him. This i had to see.

    He popped his cock out of her and i did the same. We switched spots but I waited to watch him penetrate her. She looked back at him while he did it too.

    "Oh fuck. This is wrong." she said moaning. I was thinking the same thing.

    My cousin didnt care. He was spreading her ass apart as he pumped into her. I stepped forward and felt my cock slide onto my aunts tongue. She started sucking it.

    It may have been a dream, but the sensations felt real. I always imagined it feeling like this with my aunt. I guess, in a way, it still was only my imagination.

    My aunt was back on her knees. My cousin was nowhere around. Had he even been there? I couldnt think clearly. All of a sudden im sitting on the couch again.

    My aunt was on top of me now. Her tits were infront of my face. She had preky c-cups and her nipples were hard, like they'd been that day our families went to the beach together.

    I never seen her nude in real life, but my imagination filled in the blanks. I kissed her chest while she bounced on my dick. She was moaning the whole time.

    This was how i always fantasized it would be like if i actually got with my aunt. Her face and chest were turning a shade of red. Our bodies were sweating. I could almost feel the wetness on her body.

    I could feel the pressure building in my sack. Its was coming to an end. I imagined myself fucking her harder. I laid her down and thrusted into her feeling the cum shoot from my shaft into her. My cock was going limp.

    When i pulled out of her she was dry. I stood up looked down at my aunts body laying on her floor. She laid naked while i turned and walked away. I was still naked but i walked out of the house and into the sunlight.

    The alarm blared and my eyes opened.
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  2. HeadNtales

    HeadNtales Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2018
    "Oh fuck! Why am i dreaming of this?" i asked myself, looking down at my daughers beautiful brown eyes. Just like her mothers. My cock was fucking her wet mouth.

    I never thought about my girl this way before. She was almost a grown woman, but i still saw her as my baby. This felt wrong. And so right.

    She was kissing my cock, while holding my erection up. "Its so big daddy" she said.

    My cock did seem larger. She had her back to me now. She bent down and held my cock in Position.

    "No! Baby, i cant." I yelled as i struggled to move in my seat.

    My arms felt bound to my side. She dropped her pussy down on my entire dick. I saw her pulpy lips spread apart as my hard cock shoved between them.

    She began moaning in ecstasy. "You're really liking this?" I asked her, actually wondering.

    "Mmhmm" she moaned.

    "Im not really doing this." I said out loud.

    "Mmhmm" she repeated.

    My hands reached up and got hold around her soft waist. It was only a dream i told myself, but i could smell her. Her pussy felt just like her moms, but youthful.

    I could hear the wetness slapping between her ass and my pelvis. I began thrusting up into her. She was holding on to my knees. Her face was over her shoulder trying to look back at me.

    I picked up her tiny body and maneuvered our bodies onto the floor. My hard cock remained in her the whole time. I was on my knees and she was on all 4's. I got hold of her small ass and spread it open to watch myself pump in and out. Her tight asshole twitched the way her moms did sometimes too.

    Her hands slapped the gound and her body lead down to the floor. Her shoulders were on the ground and her ass was up. I was into it now. I was like a jack hammer behind my daughter. Her knees were shaking and i was close to erupting too.

    "Oh shit baby. I think im gonna cum" i said stroking my daughters hair.

    She was back on her knees infront of me. My body was twice as big as hers. And she was holding my massive cock in her hands. I felt the jizz working its way up and out of my cock.

    My daughter held my cock up to her face and let me spill my seed onto her. Her face was completely covered in my white-grey juice. Her mouth opened for a breath.

    "Oh my god! You fucking came" she said shaking my softening cock in her hands.
    "Babe! Get up." She stood up and put a hand on my shoulder. "You hear me! Wake up!"

    My eyes blinked open. I was lost, until i seen my wife standing by the bed. She was in her night gown pulling the covers off the bed. My naked body was smeared with cum.

    "I hope you were dreaming of me." She said looking at the blot of cum on the bed.

    I scooted over to her side and put my arms around her. "Of course i dreamt about you." I said kissing her. "But i feel like having the real thing now."

    I opened her night gown and made her kneel infront of my cock. She opened her mouth and took in my soft cock. I made her look up at me the whole time. Her eyes made it easy for me to reimagine my dream.
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  3. HeadNtales

    HeadNtales Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2018
    We were finally home. My entire family spent the day in the park. My brothers and i played a few games of football against our cousins, while their girlfriends and our moms cooked some food on a grill.

    The day was long and hot. Most of my brothers left home when we were done. My oldest brother decided to come back home with me and my parents. His wife and her kids came too.

    Every one was exhausted when we got home. The sun was scorching the whole day and arriving to the cold, air conditioned house was a relief. My mom told my brother to spend the night since it was late and everyone was so tired.

    He took my bed for himself and his wife. And made me sleep in the living room with his step daughter, Jenny. She was the oldest of the two and was a few years younger then me. I always thought she was cute, but my brother didnt think i thought of her in that way. The youngest was only 2 years old. He slept with my parents in their room since my mom adored him.

    I decided to take a quick shower to freshen up before i went to sleep. When i walked back into the living room, Jenny was laying blankets down on the floor, in front of the couch.

    "Getting your bed ready?" I asked smiling.

    "No." She said throwing a pillow down. "This is for you." She sat down on the couch and looked up at me giggling.

    Jennys eyes were always dark. It was as if she always had a little masacara on. Her eyes seemed sad, but her smile was bright. Her natural expression looked unimpressed at everything.

    "Thanks, Jen." I said laying down on the cushion of blankets.

    "No problem." She said crossing one of her legs onto her thigh. She got hold of her sock and pulled it from her small foot. "Its so hot. My feet are really sweaty. Look." She rubbed her fingers between her toes and held her glistening fingertips out to me.

    I felt my cock slowly swelling. I couldnt believe what i was witnessing. Espescially because ever since i could remember ive had a fetish for feet. Her small toes and smooth soles were perfection to my eyes.

    She removed her other sock and extended her legs, stretching her toes apart, then wiggling them. Her feet were even pedicured to my liking, with white nail polish.

    "Ooh. That feels nice." She sighed

    I quickly turned my body to the side and faced the couch before she noticed my growing cock. She layed down too. Her feet were right above my head.

    One of her feet was hanging off the side of the couch. I had a perfect view of it. It was small and cute. And i wanted to touch it. My cock was stiff, but it was well hidden under my thin blanket. I also held my cock down with one hand.

    My head was leaning up against my other hand. My face was so close to her foot. I could lean in and kiss it.

    "Im ready to pass out." Jenny said shifting around on the couch. The sole of her foot wrinkled as she lowered herself deeper into the couch.

    "Yeah. Me too" i said lowering my head onto my pillow. I lost sight of her face, but her foot was still in perfect view. "Goodnight, Jen." I said staring at her toes.

    "Goodnight." She answered

    "Dont let the bed bugs bite." i said lifting my free hand to seize my chance. I tickled her foot feeling her soft skin on my fingers. My cock bounced in my hand.

    She let out a giggle and quickly pulled her foot onto the couch. Her foot was gone from my view now too, but it was worth it. I drifted to sleep effortlessly. I just visualized Jenny fooling around with me under the covers and before i knew it i was out cold.

    My dream was anticipated. My dreams usually revolve around the last thoughts i have just before going to sleep so i wasnt surprised to see jenny waiting for me.

    We were together in the same room just as we were before going to bed. Only now she had on the tank top she wore when we first met each other. Her legs were covered by the blanket, but her bare feet were poking out from the bottem.

    She was sitting on a bigger couch and i was laying down next to it as i had been before going to bed. The couch was a few feet away from me though. Thats when she nudged me on the shoulder with her toes. I turned to lay back down.

    When i was flat on my back i noticed my cock wasn't stiff anymore, but i was naked. I reached down and brushed my soft cock with my hand. That's when her foot came down on my chest and i felt her toes brushing from side to side.

    Looking up at Jenny from the ground made her seem like an Amazon. I moved a hand up her left leg and got hold of her foot with my other hand. Her foot shrank in my hand back to the size of her small foot. When i looked up to her again, she was back to her tiny frame.

    "You're so perfect." I said grabbing her right foot in my left hand.

    I was sitting up now. I lifted her feet up to my face and started kissing her toes. The way her toes looked was still fresh in my memory. Jenny was leaning back on the couch with her legs up. The blanket was pushed off her legs and she was nude from the waist down.

    Her pussy was shaved clean, like the teens in the porn videos i liked jerking off to. I could feel my tounge passing around her toes. My cock was throbbing between my legs.

    Jenny was squeezing her small tits over her thin tank top. Her legs would open and close. Seperating the opening of her pussy and closing it. Her hand fell on her vagina and she pushed two fingers inside herself.

    "Ooo yess" she said letting out a sweet moan.

    I could see the wetness running out between her legs while her toes brushed against my face. Her wet toes were tasteless but i could see them shimmer from my saliva.

    My cock couldnt hold back any longer. I felt my cocks warmth ooze out. I groaned in pleasure and felt my back relax. Jennys feet were still in my hands, while i sat there, slowly caressing them.

    "Hey, Alex, what was that?" I heard jenny say softly looking at me with her dubious eyes. "You ok?"

    "Yeah. Im good" i answered back curiously.

    My attention went back to her feet in my hands and i was getting that feeling back in my cock. I felt my cock jump and my face pushed onto her soles. They felt rougher now.

    I could feel my cock getting rubbed. My cold hands were on my eyes. Massaging the sleep from my face. I leaned up on my elbows. Jenny was leaned almost off the couch rubbing my cum onto my cock. This couldnt have been a dream, because i was pretty sure i had just woken up.

    To be continued...
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  4. sharkbytenow

    sharkbytenow Sex Machine

    Oct 23, 2011
    Cool keep it up
  5. HeadNtales

    HeadNtales Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2018
    Part 2 Jenny's awake

    Jennys hand stopped when our eyes met in almost near darkness. I could feel her hot fingers on my cock. I moved my hand to the remote on the coffee table and switched the t.v on. The light blared and her face turned away from the light. Her hands grip tightened around my cock, which was sticking out through the hole in my boxers.

    She slowly turned her head back towards me. When her scared eyes met mine again, she let go of my dick.

    "Im sorry." She squeaked pushing herself up and back to the corner of the couch. She was in a kind of fetal position looking down at her feet. She sounded close to tears.

    "Jenny its o.k. im not angry or anything." i said trying not to upset her more. "Just surprised."

    She picked her head up and looked down at me. "Im sorry....its just...I saw something and got curious."

    "What did you see?" I asked with my cock still pointing up out from my boxers.

    "Well," she hesitated looking at my erection "you were sleeping and i thought you were having a nightmare. I was trying wake you up, but when i got up, i saw your blanket jumping. I couldnt see that well in the dark so i pushed the blanket off you. And..."

    "And?" I pressed on.

    "And your... You know, started spitting out stuff." She paused "so i reached down and tried to clean it, when you stopped, but it just started to get stiff."

    "Yeah. That usually happens when someone starts fooling around with it." i looked down at my cock and made it jump.

    "Could you make it get up like that whenever you want to?" She asked sitting back on the couch. Her feet were back in my view.

    "Its hard to get it like this on my own." I said shaking it in my hand. Her eyes were fixed on it. "Its a lot easier with someone's help."

    I reach out and grabbed her calf. She pointed her foot out as i steered her leg to my cock. Her toes landed on my stiff shaft and she pressed her other foot on my balls, all on her own.

    "Oh shit, that feels unbelievable." I said rubbing my hand on jennys thigh while she massaeged my cock and balls around with the bottom of her feet.

    And it was unbelievable. It was literally a dream come true. She was even rubbing her tits. And not over her shirt. She had lifted her shirt up, exposing her small breast. Her fingers were cicling her hard nipples.

    She had my cock between her soles. She was jerking me between her toes. I held her feet together and pumped myself inbetween them. She was looking down at me. I was lost in the bliss. I knew i wasnt going to last long. I slowed down as my cum climbed it's way up, and out of my dick. I pushed her feet up and rubbed my cum on the bottems of jennys feet then massaged my cock with them until it began to soften.

    i sat up and let my soft cock fall back into my underwear. I held jennys legs up while i cleaned her feet off with one of the blankets.

    "So thats how men have orgasms?" Jenny asked after i put her feet back down.

    "Yeah. Thats it." i answered her.

    "And do all guys like to do that with girls feet?" She asked

    "Well... I like it." I said rubbing her foot with my hand. "I think your feet are really cute. But other people might have different taste."

    "What else do people like to do?" She asked more curiously.

    "O.k. well im into cute feet like yours." I started " and some people might be more into oral or anal. Or they might like to be with more than one person. It depends, you know, its up to the person."

    "So what does oral mean?" She asked "is that....thats like, when you use your mouth, right?"

    "Yeah. Its like a blowjob. You know what that is, right?" I asked. She nodded. "Well for a girl you'd do the same thing, only id moved my tongue around your pussy."

    Her body tensed and a hand moved down berween her thighs.

    "You o.k?" I asked watching her hand moving over her jeans.

    "That sound really hot." She said licking her lips.

    "Do you know what it means to 69?" I asked.

    she already knew where i was getting at because she stood up a moment later and unbuckled her jeans. She revealed her small ass to me as she bent down to pull off her jeans and panties.

    "Im so nervous." She said as she lowered her ass to my chest. "So do i just go down on your face?"

    I didnt say anything. My arms pulled her ass to my face. I opened my mouth under her wet pussy and pushed my tongue up into her. My tongue kissed around her clit. She wasn't shaved like i thought she would be. She had a field of soft stuble surrounding her vagina. Her pussy was cuter than i could ever imagine and she tasted so sweet.

    She was yelping like a puppy since the beginning. Jenny was massaging my cock, but i couldnt get my erection up as fast as i liked. My juice was on low, but i was enjoying eating her out.

    Thats when i felt a warmth consume my cock. Jennys tongue was passing my cock from one side of her mouth to the other. I was growing against her teeth. Soon enough, my cock was engulfing her throat. The sounds of her gagging didnt cease. Even when i tried pushing in deeper. I felt her throat choke up and i pulled my cock out suddenly. She took in a deep breath, sucking in her saliva as well. I wished i could see her face then.

    Jenny sucked up one of my balls. She pulled on it and let it drop, licking up the other the next instant. I tried maneuvering my cock into her mouth but i couldnt really see. She guessed what i wanted and closed her mouth around my cock. Her fingers were playing with my nuts, while she clamly sucked on my dick.

    I pushed my mouth harder against her pussy and suck the juice out of her. That made her mad with ecstacy. Her teeth gently bit down on my stiff cock. I smacked her ass and spread it opened.

    "Yaaahh!" She screeched with my cock in her open mouth.

    I had the tips of two fingers inside jenny. I licked her clit and lips while my fingers pressed lightly down into her. She was tight, but the more i pushed in her, the crazier she shook.

    My fingers were more than halfway inside her working in and out. She wasnt sucking my cock anymore. She had it in her hand, but her other hand was cover her mouth from screaming. She let go of my cock and leaned up.

    I felt pressure infront of my fingers. Jenny was on her knees now. Both her hands were covering her mouth. I pulled my finger out of her and a gush of liquid splashed onto my face. I closed my eyes in time, but my mouth was mostly open.

    The liquid didnt taste bad, but i felt as though i got peed on. I didnt expect that from such a tiny woman. She moved her body off of my face and tried wiping me clean with the blanket i used earlier.

    "Im definitely gonna need a shower." I said chuckling " or did i just take one?"

    "Shut up!" She said embarrassed "i didnt know that was going to happen. It felt amazing."

    "Yeah. It really did." i said standing up. "But i do need to clean before someone comes down."

    "Do you think they'll know?" she asked with worry in her eyes.

    "No. Not if we dont say anything, and we also have to get this mess cleaned up right away." I said picking the dirty sheets.

    "Yeah. You're right." Jenny stood up and picked up her under wear and jeans. Her pussy was drying but her hairs were messy with the liquid.

    "Were going to have to rinse ourselves off quickly too. Just to be sure." I said checking out her cute butt.

    She looked over at me and smiled. "Do you think we could shower together?"

    "Ill risk it, if you want to." I said reaching over and squeezing her ass.

    Jenny stopped and brought my head down to kiss her. She moved her tongue onto mine. She pulled away and said. "Im feeling really dirty right now too... and i want to try something else with you."
  6. K&Scpl4fun

    K&Scpl4fun Amateur

    Nov 16, 2012
    Cant wait to read the rest, im hard as fuck right now
  7. HeadNtales

    HeadNtales Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2018
    That was actually the end of that story....
  8. HeadNtales

    HeadNtales Porn Surfer

    May 20, 2018
    Late exhibit

    The day at the museum was fun. My niece and i finally got to hang out together after so many years. Her and her father moved back to the city after my sister passed away.

    Her father had to go to their old house to pick up the last of their things and give the keys to the landlord. He asked me to spend the day with Lilly so she wouldnt have to go with him.

    We got back to my apartment just before 7. Thats when her father called and told me that the landlord wouldnt be able to pick up the keys until the next morning. I told him i had everything under control and that lilly would be able to spend the night.

    Me and lilly stayed up late watching a couple of movies. It was nice spending time with her. My sister was my only Sibling and i hadnt seen much of her before she passed away. I regretted losing contact with her over the years.

    Me and my older sister were really close growing up. We spend everyday with each other and we rarely fought. We even shared a room. The only reason we hadnt spend time together over the years was because she moved away with her boyfriend after she got pregnant with Lilly.

    I set up an inflatable bed for Lilly in the living room. We sat on the couch and talked while it took its time inflating.

    "I hope you had a good time today lil" i said gently shaking my hand on her thigh.

    Lilly's face expression was normal, but her eyes always seemed to have a bit of sadness behind them since her moms passing.

    "Yeah, of course uncle Lenn." She said almost happy. I could see her moms face perfectly intertwined with hers when she smiled.

    Lilly reminded me alot of my sister. Her hair and eyes were perfectly match. Even their body types were the same. If a person was walking behind both of them theyd look identical. Same height. Walk. Lilly even had my sisters small round butt.

    I was a mess that whole day. Thinking about my sister. Being around Lilly just brought back so many memories and feelings. Even ones i had forgotten.

    I was sneaking around the entire day. Secretly drinking a bottle of whiskey. I hadnt drank in a while so i took my time with it while we were out in the street. But as soon as i got home i drank twice as much as i had the whole day.

    Lilly noticed, but she didnt judge. I let her know that its not a good way of coping with things, but it helped to dull my sadness a bit. She asked for a shot and i was already tipsy so i let her have it. She scrunched her face at the taste and slowly exhaled a breath of air.

    "That burns. But its smooth too" she said half coughing, half chuckling.

    "Yeah. Thatll get you a goodnights sleep." i said spinning the top back onto the bottle. "Goodnight Lilly. Im going to go get ready for bed too."

    "Alright. Night uncle Lenn!" She said as i walked to my room.

    I decided to take a shower to bring down the buzz i had. I shampood and rinsed off. put soap and rinsed off but i didnt want to leave. The water felt great. Then the memory of me and my sister playing with our toys in the tub popped in to my head.

    And then the memories didnt stop. One by one. I was remembering small occasions and big ones. Things that were still fresh in my mind and others i hadnt thought of in years.
    It would never be the same.

    Thats when a big lost hidden memory krept back to me. One i had surpressed and avoided for almost 2 decades. One of love and fear and excitement. One of my sister and me.

    I felt my cock buldging. 'Was that real?' I asked myself.

    Thinking back. The memory was to vivid to be fake. The way she looked. The things we did. I shook my head. 'No, dont think of it.' I told myself. She said it herself too. "we shouldnt have done that." Those were her words and we agreed to never bring it up again.

    But now my sis was gone and that memory was back. It was all coming back. Me waking up. Hearing her. Wondering what was happening. I closed my eyes, felt the water running down my face and let myself relive it.

    My eyes opened to the light of the moon inside our room. She was across the small room on her bed. Her pajamas were down the her ankles and her legs were spread open. Her whimpering moans urging curiosity.

    I lifted my head off my pillow. Getting a better view of my sister on her bed. Her body slowly grinding and moving on the hand pushing inside herself. Her hand glistened from the light shining through the window.

    I was shocked at what i was looking at but the shock was quickly replaced by excitment. This was new. It was strange, but i knew i liked what i was seeing, even if it was my sister.

    My cock jumped under me. I put my hand on it. She was really into what she was doing. I could tell from the light that her eyes were shut. I let go of my cock and sat up. The view became 10 times better.

    I was getting turned on fast. My cock was sticking up from my pajamas and i was rubbing myself over them. Thats when i thought to myself 'If she has her pants down, I could take mine down too.' So i did.

    My stiff cock pointed up at my head. I got a grip and slowly began stroking it. I never done it before but it felt natural once i started. But really, I was more focused on what my sister was doing.

    Her eyes were still shut. Her right hand was thrusting her ring and middle finger into her slit at a steady pace. There was a low wet slapping sound coming from her end of the room. Behind her sweet moans.

    My cock was throbbing in my hand. I looked down at it. It was the biggest i'd ever seen it. I held it against myself and gripped it with both hands. It barely made it out the top of my second hand but i was still impressed with it.

    All of a sudden i heard my sister moving from her side. Her hand was out of her pussy and she was leaning over to her bedside. She grabbed tissues from the box on the night stand and turned back. Thats when she looked over to my bed.

    My cock was still in hand but i turned over quickly and threw the sheet over my entire body. It was obvious that i had been awake the whole time. Watching her. I heard the sound of her bed springs as she stood up and rushed over to my side.

    She was standing over me a second later. She threw my blanket up and found me curled up. My pants were down at my ankles and both my hand were covering my humble cock. The blanket landed on the floor. I uncurled, still hiding my penis behind my hands.

    "Im so sorry." I said fast and loud.

    Suddenly her damp right hand landed on my mouth. "Sshhh." She said with a finger on her lips. "Lenny, What the hell?!" She asked, after a small pause, looking me straight in the eyes. Her hand pulled away from my lips.

    "Im sorry. I didnt mean to." My heart was racing. "Its just, i saw you and... And...i.."

    She cut me off "Calm down. I know. I shouldnt have been doing it anyway. Its my fault." She paused, then asked "How long were you watching?"

    "Not that long." I said looking down at her pants. "Im sorry." I repeated looking back at her again.

    She looked down at my hands. "What were you doing?" She asked smiling. She took a seat on my bed.

    I looked down at my crotch covered by my hands. I felt my soft cock under. "I saw you playing with yourself, so i started to, too." There was no point in trying to come up with a lie. I got caught too.

    "Oh yeah?" She asked reaching for my arms.

    She got a grip around both my forearms and pulled on them to expose my cock. my meek penis layed against my thigh. She giggled and looked up at me.

    "Did you finish?" She asked me.

    I didnt know what she meant. "What do you mean?"

    "Youre supposed to jerk off to have an orgasm." She said putting a hand on my thigh. Inches away from my cock. "Girls finger themselves, Like what i was doing, and guys are supposed to jerk off until sperm shoots out from their dicks."

    "Woah, for real?" I said amazed at what my sister just told me."I just thought it felt really good when i moved it up and down."

    "Thats what jerking off is, dummy." she said grabbing my cock in her fingers. "Youre just supposed to play with it a little, so it could get hard."

    My mouth dropped open. I was looking at my sisters hand fondling my soft cock. I felt my blood seeping into it slowly. It was steadily growing in her hand. It got big enough for her to squeeze in her hand.

    "Its easier to jerk off, too, if its wet." She said. Then let a gob of drool fall from her lips onto my cock, in her hand.

    She pulled my cock up and let her saliva slide on my almost erect cock. She got a grip around it and finished getting it up.

    "Lenny, could i try something?" She asked holding my cock up.

    My eyes stared and my head nodded. Her face came down and her hand drove my cock into her mouth. Her mouth closed around half my cock easily and she started to suck. Her warm tongue rolled around head and shaft. Her hand leg go of my dick and she moved over me. She place her hands palm down on either side of my hips and bopped her head up and down on my cock, taking it in deeper with every lap.

    I had my hands behind my head now. I was looking down at her mouth working around my cock. She was deepthroating herself. Holding her head down on my cock for 5-8 second intervals. The lights were still off, but. The moonlight lit the room well enough through the window. I could see the light reflect off the strands of saliva on her mouth whenever she came up for air. Her hot mouth slobbered down on my dick. I could feel her breast pressing on my knees.

    She took my cock back in her hand and moisturized it with her spit. Massaging my balls a bit too.

    "Do you feel like youre going to orgasm?" She asked pumping my cock slowly.

    "I dont know." I answered. truly unsure.

    "Let me know when you start feeling something. I want to see when it happens." She said before going down on me again.

    She was going slower now. But her sucking was stronger. It was great.

    "Oh yeah. Like that." I groaned when she started to suck and roll her tongue around my cocks head.

    I could feel something building up under my cock. I ran my fingers through my sisters hair and pushed my cock deeper into her skull. Her head shook as she tried to stuff me deeper. Her tongue brushed the base of my cock. Driping saliva down my nuts.

    I pulled her head back and got a hold of my soaked cock. "I think its happening." I said holding my cock up.

    She moved my hand away and got a grip around my stiff shaft. "I want to feel it when it happens." She said stroking my cock slowly.

    It was like she said it would happen. My cock jumped in her hand and shots of sperm blew out of it She watched the first 2 spurt shoot out, but on the third she moved her face over my dick and let it drop in her mouth. She put her mouth around my cock one last time and sucked the remaining sperm out of my penis. After, she stuck her tongue out to me.

    "Gross." I said slightly cringing.

    "Its actually not that bad." She said smacking her lips together.

    "What do you taste like?" I asked her, remembering the smell on her hand after she had uncovered me.

    "I dont know." She said looking down at herself. She put one hand on her pussy and started to rub. "Why dont you tell me." She looked up at me.

    "You want me to...?" I started but stopped mid sentence when i saw her lift her legs and pull her pajama pants off.

    She brought her left leg over me and onto my bed. Her other leg was hanging off and her pussy lips were exposed to me. She was leaning back at the foot of my bed. I watched as her hand came down and peeled her lips apart.

    "Come try." She said rubbing a finger up her opening.

    I leaned up and got on all fours. I crawled closer and got between my sisters legs. I layed down on my belly with my face right infront of her pussy.

    I looked up at her and asked "what do i do?"

    "Just kiss it." She said closing her eyes as i was leaning in.

    My lips landed at the top of her pussy and i gave it a smooch. That had my sister laughing. It was the first kiss id given in my entire life that wasnt on the cheek.

    "Try using your tongue." I heard my sister say as her hand landed at the top of her thigh.

    I looked down at her sweet pussy and thought about ice cream. My wet tongue licked up from the bottem of her lips and tasted the juice leaking out of her. I licked up and down, moving my head from one side to the other. Her left hand was rubbing the top of her pussy. Her left leg was trembling and her right was pushing on the bed. I moved my right hand up and pushed my index and middle finger inside her.

    "Oh yea. Lennnn. That feels so good." Her hand was gently pulling on my hair.

    I closed my mouth around the bulb above her pussy. My stiff tongue flicked back and forth, brushing against it with every sweep. My sisters jaw clenched, and she was humming softly. One of her hands gripped the bed post and the other was pushing down on my head.

    She closed her legs with my head still between them. My hand pulled out of her and i got hold of her legs around my arms. She turned her body, but my hold on her legs kept my mouth on her pussy. I was digging in. Both her hands pushed on the top of my head but i didnt budge.

    "Oh my god. Lenny. Its happening." The pitch in her voice was high.

    Her body tensed. And i let her water enter my mouth. She tasted somewhat like peaches. I let the rest spill down her ass and on my bed. She began to relax when i loosened my grip on her legs and brought my face up to meet hers.

    We both jumped at the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing. The bathroom was next to our room, so we knew one of our parents was up. And was about to check up on us.

    I jumped over to the other side of my bed and scooped my blanket off the floor. My sister picked up her pants and jumped into her bed. I quickly wiped off the juice from my face with my pillow, just as the door opened. It was our mom

    "What are you two still doing up?" She asked sounding half asleep.

    "I was just talking to lenny about a nightmare i was having." My sister said looking over at me. Eyeing me to go with it.

    "Yeah." I said playing along. "but we were just about to go back to sleep."

    "Alright. Goodnight." she said yawning, then she closed the door behind her.

    "Holy crap. That was too close." My sister said sitting back up on her bed.

    "Yeah, i know. I didnt even hear her go into the bathroom." I said looking over to the door.

    "Lets just go to sleep." She said. But that was a harder task then we thought.

    After about an hour of us looking over at each other without saying a word my sister broke the silence and finally said "we shouldnt have done that."

    I was upset that she said it but i kind of agreed with her.

    "Yeah. I guess it wasnt that smart." I replied. "I did like it though."

    "Yeah. it did feel good, but we cant do it again. You're my little brother, lenny and I dont want to ruin that, with this."

    So that night both of us agreed that we would treat that memory as if it was a dream. And we could never bring it up to one another. The years went by and we talked less and that day got mixed in with the rest.

    Now, all these years later, that memory worked its way back. I know in my heart, thinking back on it now, that i wanted it to keep going between us. The love i had for her was more than just a sibling love but it wasnt what she wanted so i couldn't have it.

    I stepped out of the shower and dried myself up. When i got to my room, i put on my boxers and a shirt. I didnt want to think about her anymore. I grabbed the open bottle and drank up the last gulp. I stumbled out of my room a minute later and walked into the living room to check up on lilly.

    She was passed out face up on the bed. I walked over to the couch and took a seat. I was looking down at Lilly. The resemblance was uncanny. I blamed my next move on the bottle i had just inhaled. But history has a way of repeating itself.

    To be continued.....
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    May 20, 2018
    Eve's surprise

    My aunt was putting the last of the gifts under the tree, while i stood behind her, admiring her round butt in the short shorts she had on. Its was nice and warm in the house, but outside the temperature was below freezing and the snow was blowing hard against the windows.

    I couldnt believe my parents really took that trip without me. They decided to leave me home with my aunt to take care of me, Which i thought would really suck in the begininng, but spending time with my aunt Eve was actually turning out great.

    My aunt Eve is really dorky and fun to be around. Since shes been with me, she's always making sure i have everything i need. Almost babying me. Ive been having alot of fun with that too. I just yell out to my aunt that im hungry or thirsty and she'll pop up on me a few minutes later with some hot cocoa and cookies.

    Aunt Eve has always been really nice. Especially during the holidays. She gets real into the holiday spirits.

    It was christmas eve. Me and my aunt were enjoying eachothers company by the fire place. Talking and watching holiday movies. My aunt was sipping on her cocktail while i sipped on my hot chocolate and stole peeks at her whenever i could.

    She was wearing her big red Christmas sweater that hung loose, down a little passed her shorts. Her feet were bare and her toes were painted the color of red and white striped candy canes. Her feet were tucked up next to her on the sofa.

    I was wearing my basketball shorts and a green Christmas sweater that she had bought for me. It had the Grinch on it and she laughed when she said that i was him.

    I tried being as subtle as possible anytime i looked over at my aunt. Her soft feet were crossed, one on top of the other, resting right by her cute butt. And her shorts were wedging between her butt cheeks, outlining the shape of her curves.

    After about an hour of sitting down next to aunt Eve, and fantasing about her naked body, i decided to take my thoughts and myself to the privacy of my own room. I stood up quickly, and turned my back towards my aunt, attempting to shield my boner from her view. I told my aunt i was going to take a nap before dinner. She just nodded and sipped on her drink, too focused on the movie to turn away.

    When i made it in my room I went through the usual routine that i do before i do the deed. I closed my door and turned on some music, then i walked over to my drawer where i kept my material. I took out a small bottle of oil and a picked out a special book that i kept stacked between the rest. The book itself was ordinary but what i kept inside it was not.

    I had 5 photos tucked inbetween the pages of that book and all of them were of my aunt Eve. They were from a few years back when my whole family took a trip to a lake. I found them in a camera i used at that time. I was young and She had asked to borrow it. I didnt know how to develope the photos so i didnt find out about them until recently.

    In all the photos, my aunt Eve is wearing a
    skimpy bikini that left nothing to the imagination. In my favorite photo out of the 5, my aunt is channeling her inner playboy model.

    In the photo, my aunt is on her knees, and shes leaning slightly forward, biting down on one of her fingers. Her seductive eyes were looking directly at the camara and at me. Her legs were parted and the shape of her body was greatly accentuated, including her small slit and perky breast. The bumps of her nipples at the center of each breast were clearly visible as well.

    I oiled myself up and did my business.

    Usually, after im finished, i clean up and put everything back where i kept it, but the moment i finished this time, there was a knock on my door.

    I jumped up in a panic. I was holding the photos between my oily, cum filled fingers. I opened my book and quickly tucked the photos clumsily between the pages and threw the book to the chair by my door. I wiped my hands off on my shirt, not thinking clearly, i almost opened the door.

    Thats when I looked down at my diminishing hard on. My shorts were laying on the floor by my bed. I stuttered to think about what i should do next, then i heard the next knock, even louder than the last.

    I turned the music off.

    "Uh h one sec." I said quickly in my moment of desperation. 'What the hell do i do?' I asked my self, stunned.

    "Hey, are you up already? I got something for you." Aunt Eves voice was so sweet. "Its for you to wear tonight!" There was excitiment in her voice.

    "I was just about to hop in the shower." I said thinking on my feet.

    "Oh great. You could put it on when you're done." She said giggling. "This is going to be great."

    "I kind of...started undressing already aunt Eve." I said hoping it would buy me some time. And it did.

    "Oh, ummm.....you could unlock the door, and then when you're in the bathroom you could let me know so i could step in. Ok?"

    "Yeah. Just one sec."

    I was still not thinking clearly. I unlocked the door and then immediately noticed my book on chair. I grabbed it and shoved it between the cushion, barely concealing it. I looked down and scooped up my shorts and underwear from the floor.

    I quickly grabbed the little bottle of oil that i'd used from off my bed and ran over to my hamper. I chucked everything inside and jumped over to my bathroom door. I swung it open and turned back.

    " im by the door. Come inside in 5 seconds" i said walking into the bathroom. I took one last look and closed the door behind me.

    I turned on the shower and heard my aunt step into my room. I was starting to rinse my body, when my aunt knocked on the door.

    "Hey, Nick?" I heard her say

    "Yeah? Aunt Eve." I said holding my breath.

    There was a silence for a few seconds. I got really nervous. You could hear it in my voice when i asked "Is everything ok?"

    " oh. Yeah." She said fast "The gift is out here. Put it on when you're done. I want to send some photos to your parents."

    "Alright aunt Eve. Ill be down in a bit." My heart rate stabalized when i heard my room door shut a few moments later.

    I finished my shower and dryed off. I walked back into my bed room naked and examined the situation. I didnt look good.

    In my moment of urgency i had forgotten to clean up after myself thoroughly. There were spots of oil and cum dripped on my bed and seeping into my sheets. They were half dryed but wouldve been clearly visible if she had noticed them when she entered. But that wasnt the most unnerving part for me.

    My aunt left my gift resting on the chair. And below it, to the left, was the book in the same spot but turned in a whole new position then how i had left it.

    My heart sank once again. 'Holy crap!' I said to myself. 'She found out about my stash.' I felt like a idiot. All i had to do was throw it back in the dresser and she wouldnt have known anything. Now she was down stairs thinking about how much of a freak i was.

    But i didnt know that for sure. All of the photos were still inside. 'She couldve just moved it and not seen anything' I said trying hard to convince myself. In the end, I had no choice, but to face the music.

    The gift that my aunt laid out for me was unexpected, but since it came from aunt Eve, it made alot of sense. I held up the festive onesie to examine it, in half disbelief. She 100%, expected me to have it on when i went downstairs, so i had to put it on. And just in case she had found out about the photos, she might take it easy on me if i was wearing this ridiculous thing.

    My onesie was designed to resemble Santas coat and stitched onto the chest, it read 'St. Nick'. Which was pretty neat. I got hold of the zipper below my belly button and zipped it up. Its was really soft and it fit perfectly. I was suprised at how comfortable it felt. I almost didnt mind looking so foolish.

    I finished dressing, but i still waited in my room for a few more minutes before i got the nerve to go downstairs. I could hear christmas music playing as i made my way down the steps.

    When i got down to the living room my aunt was sitting down looking at her phone. She had a green hood over her head and didnt notice me walk in.

    "Hey aunt Eve. Im ready to deliver presents. I just need my reindeer."

    She turned to look at me as she hopped off her seat. "Oh my God. You look so adorable!" She said lifting her phone up for a photo.

    "Wait! No." I said covering my face and turning.

    "Nick! Stop. I want to send them to your folks. To show them how much fun we're having!" Her voice was too nice to resist.

    "Alright. But just take a few and send it to them." I said defeated.

    "Alright. Just stand right there and smile."

    She took a few photos of me alone then she got up and stood by me.

    "Here. Lets take a selfie." She said leaning in close to me.

    She smelled like cookies. Her body was pressed against mine and in one photo she planted a kiss on my cheek and lingered for a bit, while she took the photo.

    It was a 15 min ordeal but we got passed it. After the photo shoot, my aunt got dinner ready for the both of us and we ate at the table.

    Dinner was uneventful, up until the last conversation. Our plates were almost clear and we were both stuffed. We were talking about the pajamas and where she had bought them. I told her that she looked nice in her elf onesie, but she had to delete the photos of me in mine.

    "No. Im going to keep them" she said smiling. " If you get to have embarrassing photos of me. Then i get to keep some of you."

    My words tried to sound bewildered but my eyes were apologizing. She saw right through me and i was lost.

    "Its ok. I thought about it, and its alright with me if you have them. But dont go around showing your friends. And if your mom finds them i dont know how shes going to take it."

    "Im sorry." Was all i could come up with to say.

    "I really dont mind." She said smirking "you could do what ever you like when youre by yourself. Were only human."

    "Thats really awesome. Thanks." I said. Then thought about it. "I mean, i dont want you to think im some sort of pervert, I just think your really pretty aunt Eve."

    "Thats nice of you to say nick. Thank you."

    I had no response. I felt my face heat up.

    "Lets just go relax. Youre looking a little tense." She said standing up.

    She got hold of the wine bottle that She opened for diner. And took up her glass.

    "Bring that wine glass with you" she said as she walked passed me and over to the couch.

    I grabbed the glass and took my seat next to her. She filled our cups and we started to talk. I was reluctant at first but after the second glass we were both open books. She told me that she already knew i had a crush on her but she didnt know to what extent. When she found the photos it only proved what she already suspected.

    "Is it wrong to feel this way?" I asked her. The wine had loosened me up and i felt no shame anymore. Only curiosity.

    "I mean, some people will say yes, but a person cant help who they find attractive in life. Its just the way they make them feel."

    Her hand was on my shoulder, slowing massaging it.

    "But i could never have you." i said looking into her eyes.

    "Well you fantasing about me, and us actually doing something, are two entirely different things." She said looking sorry.

    "So it is wrong for me to like you." I said looking back to her feet.

    "No. What would be wrong, is if we did the things you fantasized about."

    My face turned red and i looked back up to her.

    "Yeah, see. Youre thinking about them right now." She said pointing and smiling at me.
    "You cant stop thinking about me for 1 minute. Can you?"

    "Its just that you brought it up." She made me smirk "But i understand aunt Eve. Youll just be a fantasy for me. And nothing else."

    She stopped and examined my face. Her eyes were so understanding.

    "I know youre always going to feel like im some forbidden fruit. And thats the way it should be...but i dont see the harm in giving you a little taste. Youre old enough to keep a secret."

    She didnt wait for a response. She leaned in and pushed her lips to mine. It was unexpected but i embraced every moment of it. I parted my lips against hers and tasted her sweet tongue, sweep around my mouth, wrestling with my own. I was unaware of when i lifted my hand but i suddenly felt her breast over her onesie as my hand massaged it.

    She let out a sound of shock but didnt pull away. Instead she rested her hand on my thigh and let me kiss her harder. The make out session was getting sloppier as the seconds ticked by. Her mouth was nibbling and sucking on my lips.

    I started playing with both her boobs now. Squeezing them both over her suit. Aunt Eve was starting to lose control too. Her hand lifted off my thigh and landed on the bulge point up from inside my pajamas.

    Her hand was caressing my shaft slowy. Moving up and down against the fabric. My hand was trembling as I unsnapped a button at the top of her suit and pulled the zipper down to her navel.

    We both stopped and looked down at her hard nipples. Her chest was bare. I looked back up into her eyes and felt as if she knew what i was plotting.

    I turned my head down towards her right breast and was stopped just as my lips brushed her nipple. I stretched my tongue out in a weak attempt, barely flicking the nipple.

    "We have to stop Nick. I cant let this escalate more that it has already."

    Her soft voice hit me like a speeding truck. I didnt want it to end like this. But she already told me what this was going to be. This was the taste of reality that would go along with all my fantasies yet to come.

    I moved my hands off her hips and turned forward, back onto my seat.

    "Yeah. Ok." I said whipping my sweaty palms off on my chest. I could feel the wetness surrounding my whole body. My blood was hot and i was full of enticement. "That was amazing, aunt Eve."

    "Yeah, you were really getting into it." She said fanning her face with one hand. "I know you'd probably like to keep going but i had to stop before we got too carried away."

    "I understand aunt Eve. I still cant believe we did that." My body was heating up. I unzipped my suit to let in some fresh air.

    The breeze felt great. My hard on was sinking back down and i felt my head level out again. My heart was pumping normally. The drinks and my aunt drained me in a way. I just felt like laying down after what i Expeirenced.

    "I think im going to go lay down and nap for a little while, aunt Eve." I said as i stood up from the couch.

    Aunt Eve was looking up at me "Nap? Again? I wanted to watch a movie....Didnt you already have a 'NAP'? " she said making a jesture and laughing.

    "No. Im being serious. Im just really tired for some reason." I said stretching and stratching my head.

    "Oh. O.k" she turned and clicked off the television." Let's go up. I wouldnt mind a nap now that you mentioned it."

    She got hold of my hand and led me to the guest room where she has been sleeping. She moved the sheets down and told me to lay down as she shoved herself onto the bed. I awkwardly shift myself to her side.

    She noticed how tense i felt. "Just relax. Were onky taking a nap. Its no big deal."

    I tried to play it smooth. "Yeah. I know" i relaxed my shoulders and moved my arm under her head.

    She adjusted her body closer to mine. Laying her small head on my chest. Her arm was over my lower stomach and her leg laid on mine. She rested comfortably on me and we both drifted off to sleep.

    To be continued.....
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    Christmas Present

    I couldnt believe i let it get that far. I was enjoying it. Way more than i thought i would. Just as much as him, thats for sure. But i had to stop before it was too late. Hes my nephew. Im supposed to be looking after him. Not seducing him.

    'But he wanted to and i gave him what he wanted. He was enjoying it. And i was loving every second.'

    'No, Eve. its wrong!' Yelled back at myself

    But it was so much fun. Nick was laying under me now. Peacefully asleep. He was satisfied with what i gave him. But i wanted more.

    'Whats wrong with me?' I thought to myself again. 'I should've never started this.'

    But i did. And now i was the one fantasizing about the young man laying under me. My sisters Son. My head was slowly rising and falling upon his chest.

    His suit was opened and i was looking down at his body. Remebering the feeling of my hand on the mound swelling up under his clothes. Heat was rising in my skin again.

    'If i just...' A quick thought flashed in my mind.

    My hand moved down and It found the hem of his boxers. His body shifted and i stopped in my tracks.

    'What the hell am i thinking?' Another thought. 'I dont think i am.'

    My hand moved passed the hem and i closed my slim fingers around his hot flesh. He was still. I let go of his soft cock and found his balls, cupping them in my hand. I moved my hand back up and noticed a slight growth to his cock. He was waking up. I took my hand back out right as Nick started to shift his body.

    "Here hun. Get more comfortable." I helped Nick lazily pull his hands out of his sleeves.

    He was more than half asleep. I unconsciously decided to stand up. I took hold of Nicks pants legs and helped him kick off the onesie. Now he laid on my bed in only his shirt and boxers, his body was turned on his side.

    I knew what i wanted. The temptation was making me act insane. I moved back down at his side and waited for his snoring to start again.

    Thats when i moved my face closer to his boxers. I lifted one hand over to the slit in his boxers and pulled on his soft cock until it appeared through the hole. My mouth opened up and i closed my lips around his head.

    My other hand zipped open my onesie and moved over my slit. I was wet as ever as i took more of Nick into my mouth. He was steadily pulsing, growing around my lips. My left hand made circles around my clit, rubbing gently.

    My mouth was watering. Slipping up and down his semi hard shaft. I took him in and encircled his head with my tongue. His body turned, popping his cock out the side of my mouth.

    He lifted himself up onto his elbow and rubbed his eyes slowly.

    "Aunt Eve? Whats going on?" He turned to the table side lamp and switched it on.

    He mustve thought he was still dreaming for a second. His cock was sticking out of his boxers. Wet from my spit. It was flopped to the side. He looked down at it, then over to me.

    "Were you.. Just..." He was at a loss

    "I know. I dont know why i.... I dont know what im thinking." I was ashamed. "Im gonna go."

    "No." His hand reached over to mine. "If you want to keep going, i wont say anything."

    "I know but we cant. It was just a mistake. I messed up." I lift myself up off the bed.

    "But i was asleep. I didnt even know what was happening. Stay. Please?" He said moving closer to me. His cock was still poking through the hole.

    I stood there, while Nick waiting for me to make my next move. I sat back down on the bed a moment later without saying a word. He scooted back over to where he had been laying and looked back over to me. I was looking down at his boxers. His cock had fallen back inside them when he moved. He must've noticed me looking at his crotch.

    Nick got hold of his boxers and pulled them down passed his knees and kicked them off. I looked back into his eyes. I could tell he was nervous. I bent my body forward and moved my head above his cock. I looked back at Nick as i moved his cock into my mouth. His eyes closed and he bit on his bottem lip as my tongue explored his soft cock.

    He opened his eyes back up and watched as he grew inside my mouth. His cock was stiff in no time. He held my hair up for me while my head bopped up and down on his dick. Saliva engulfing his entire cock. It couldnt have been more than 6 min. Before i felt Nick release himself entirely inside mouth.

    This was what i wanted. I slurped up as much of my spit and his cum as i could fit into my mouth and closed, feeling the warmth slide down my throat. I opened my mouth up to him again and sucked the remaining taste from his slick penis.

    He was mesmerized. Watching me the entire time. His cock softened as i continued sucking him dry. When he was completely flaccid, was when i let his cock slip from my lips.

    "Holy fuck. That was unbelievable." He said looking down at me. Caressing my hair.

    I was licking my other hand clean now. It was soaked from all the juices id leaked onto it. I made myself cum the best i could. But i wanted it a different way. I needed more. This thrill was too exciting to quit now.

    "Do you want to do something for me, Nick?" I asked him pinching my nipples between my fingers.

    He submitted with no questions. I turned around on all fours and stuck my butt up infront of him.

    "UnButton the pants for me" The onsies i had bought for myself came with a flap on the butt for easy access. I never imagined it would be my nephew Nick who would be opening them.

    I felt his hands fiddle with the bottem of the onesie then felt the flap, flip open. I wouldve liked to see the look on his face when he noticed i wasnt wearing any underwear either.

    "Now. I want you to lick me." I said bluntly.

    I turned my head back to see his face. His hands were on my ass when he looked up at me.

    "Just...lick?" He asked looking into my eyes.

    I turned my head forward again.

    "Yup. Have fun." I said giggling to myself.

    He spread my ass cheeks apart and started to lick up and down my ass with no hesitation. He pushed his tongue between my slit and wiggled it side to side. His tongue passed over my asshole too. He was willing to do anything for me; or at least to me.

    I had my face down on the bed while my ass was sticking up. Enjoying the pleasure that Nicks tongue was providing. I had 2 of my own fingers entering myself as well. Nicks warm spit was lubing up my fingers with every lick.

    I heard Nick spit, then a moment later i felt a push of pressure against my asshole. I felt four of his finger gripping my butt cheek as his thumb tip penetrated my ass. my climax was building up quickly.

    His thumb popped out of me and his legs slid under inbetween mine. I sat up on his his chest and asked him what he was doing.

    "Im just trying to get you over my face. Ill let you know when to sit." He had a big smile on his face.

    I was now on my knees with my leg on either side of his body. He got a grip on my knees and said "Sit."

    My lips met his and his mouth opened. Releasing his tongue to ravage my slit. My wetness seeped onto his face. I felt his mouth moving vigorously, eating me entirely. My hips rocked against his pleasure.

    I put my hand back on his hard cock. It was dry and thick in my hand. It was stiff but barely reacted to my touch. He was completely focused on his task and He was about to finish.

    My body shook with ecstacy and joy. His mouth didnt stop working, even after i stopped moving. He let me drench his face in my juice. I had to lift one leg off of him so he would stop.

    He wiped his eyes clean as he sat up. By the time he sat up, i was already in position. He opened his eyes and got hold of my hips infront of him.

    He was looking up at me and i was looking back, down at him. I had his stiff cock resting on my fingers and my pussy was hovering inches above it.

    "You let me know when your going to finish, alright? Dont do it inside me." I said waiting for a response.

    He nodded and i lowered myself, feeling his cock slide into me slowly. I sat down, completely taking him in. I lifted my ass up and down, slapping against his pelvis with every sexy stroke. My gut felt weightless. The pleasure i was feeling had me floating.

    Nicks body was still. I felt his hands gripping my feet and steading my hips. But besides that, he was just letting me ride him. I liked this position, but i wanted to see what Nick really had in him.

    I lifted myself up and slipped his wet cock out of me. And drop myself onto the bed. My tits were exposed to him and he was staring down, admiring my body.

    "Are you done, aunt Eve?" He asked grabbing hold of his stiff fat cock.

    "No, not yet Nick" i said trying to catch my breath. " i want you to fuck me now." My eyes were full of lust. " i want you to Fuck me the way you always imagined you could."

    He responded by moving towards me. He got hold of my legs and told me to hold them up. I held both my legs up together with my arms under my knees. His lips kissed my pussy before he pushed his cock inside me.

    After a few strokes, he got hold of my legs again allowing me to drop my arms. He held my legs apart, one in each hand as he watched his cock sliding in and out of my glistening slit.

    His rhythm was picking up too. The sound of his cock slapping into my pussy was making me tremble. My moans were uncontrollable.

    Nick was enjoying himself too. His strokes were quick, but i could tell he was pacing himself. He had my feet on his face and he was kissing them any chance he got. I put my big toe to his lip and he lick around it. He opened his mouth and i passed my candy cane toes on his tongue. He really does love everything about me.

    The pleasure was non stop. His cock was pusling along with my pussy. The wetness seemed limitless. I was dripping to no end.
    I squeezed my tits together, enjoying the look in Nicks eyes every time i pinched my nipples. He was living his dream and i was enjoying every minute.

    He suddenly lowered my legs to his right. Keeping them together as he continued pumping in and out at a slower pace. His eye were closed. His faced seemed to be in deep concentration.

    "Are you alright Nick?" I asked feeling my body rocking from his thrust.

    "I think... Im... " he was holding it in for me.

    "Oh. Wait!" I pulled away from him and bent down in front of his cock. I wanted to taste him again.

    My mouth opened and he thrusted inside before i was able to grab hold of him. He held my head still as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. I sucked loosely, feeling his dick sliding on my tongue.

    He released himself in burst. Each one sliding down as i swallowed and licked him. I cleaned him off with my tongue once again. Feeling his hard on weaken while my mouth moved around it.

    He brushed the loose hair away from my face as i swallowed the last drop. His eyes were smiling down at me. My face rose up to meet his and our lips met again. He didnt hold back his tongue.

    We came back down onto the bed in eachothers arms. His hand was tracing a finger around my chest, passing and brusing my nipples while we laid together.

    We didnt speak for a while. We only looked at eachother, both realizing that our relationship had evolved into something completely new after this experience.

    "What do we do now?" He asked finally breaking the silent night.

    "Now?....i guess we just Enjoy the rest of our time together. Before you're parents get back."

    He was happy with my response. But he still asked "Do you still want this?"

    "Of course! How else are we going to celebrate the New Year?"
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