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    May 20, 2018
    Im walking to my cousins house. I knew he wasn't going to be home. But his mom would be.

    I love having dreams where i control the scenario. I cant take full control of what happens in them, but i can get things going.

    I rang the bell and she answered the door. The hallway was twice as long as it is in reality, but dreams are weird like that. Places and things always seem distorted.

    We get to the living room and i make her take a seat next to me on the sofa. Its my dream and i have no shame. I unzip my pants and my cock springs up.

    My aunts face was disgusted. But she didnt fight when i pulled her head to my cock. She also opened her mouth without struggle. I could feel her wet mouth so vividly.

    She wasnt gagging either. Her head just bopped up and down non-stop. I popped my cock out of her mouth and lifted her head up by her hair.

    "You're so gross" she said saliva dripping from her lips.

    I pushed her head back down and she continued. Thats when i looked over to my right and seen my cousin watching t.v. from the chair. He wasn't supposed to be there.

    "You're not supposed to be here." I said to him from the chair that he was just sitting in.

    "Why not?" He asked holding his moms head in his hands.

    She stopped and pulled her head away from his hard cock.

    "You arent supposed to be here either." She said taking her sons cock back into her mouth.

    I became confused. We were all naked now.

    "Its fine." I said reassuring myself. "Just go with it."

    I stood up from the chair and made my way back to the couch. I pulled my aunts ass towards me and slapped it. She didnt flinch.

    I held my cock and pushed it into her. Thats made her "Ohh" in return. My cousins face was blank. He barely noticed his mom stroking his cock.

    "Fuck her face kev." I said to my cousin.

    He didnt say a word. He stood up and put one leg on the couch where i had his mother on all fours. He picked her face up and shoved his small cock into her opened mouth. He shoved it deep like i imagined he would.

    We were fucking my aunt from both ends. Her pussy was loose and juice was consuming my cock. My cousin was enjoying himself now too.

    "Oh shit! this girls a freak." he said to me slapping his moms face with his erection. He wasn't her son anymore. Not in the dream at least.

    "You want to fuck her?" I asked him. This i had to see.

    He popped his cock out of her and i did the same. We switched spots but I waited to watch him penetrate her. She looked back at him while he did it too.

    "Oh fuck. This is wrong." she said moaning. I was thinking the same thing.

    My cousin didnt care. He was spreading her ass apart as he pumped into her. I stepped forward and felt my cock slide onto my aunts tongue. She started sucking it.

    It may have been a dream, but the sensations felt real. I always imagined it feeling like this with my aunt. I guess, in a way, it still was only my imagination.

    My aunt was back on her knees. My cousin was nowhere around. Had he even been there? I couldnt think clearly. All of a sudden im sitting on the couch again.

    My aunt was on top of me now. Her tits were infront of my face. She had preky c-cups and her nipples were hard, like they'd been that day our families went to the beach together.

    I never seen her nude in real life, but my imagination filled in the blanks. I kissed her chest while she bounced on my dick. She was moaning the whole time.

    This was how i always fantasized it would be like if i actually got with my aunt. Her face and chest were turning a shade of red. Our bodies were sweating. I could almost feel the wetness on her body.

    I could feel the pressure building in my sack. Its was coming to an end. I imagined myself fucking her harder. I laid her down and thrusted into her feeling the cum shoot from my shaft into her. My cock was going limp.

    When i pulled out of her she was dry. I stood up looked down at my aunts body laying on her floor. She laid naked while i turned and walked away. I was still naked but i walked out of the house and into the sunlight.

    The alarm blared and my eyes opened.
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    May 20, 2018
    "Oh fuck! Why am i dreaming of this?" i asked myself, looking down at my daughers beautiful brown eyes. Just like her mothers. My cock was fucking her wet mouth.

    I never thought about my girl this way before. She was almost a grown woman, but i still saw her as my baby. This felt wrong. And so right.

    She was kissing my cock, while holding my erection up. "Its so big daddy" she said.

    My cock did seem larger. She had her back to me now. She bent down and held my cock in Position.

    "No! Baby, i cant." I yelled as i struggled to move in my seat.

    My arms felt bound to my side. She dropped her pussy down on my entire dick. I saw her pulpy lips spread apart as my hard cock shoved between them.

    She began moaning in ecstasy. "You're really liking this?" I asked her, actually wondering.

    "Mmhmm" she moaned.

    "Im not really doing this." I said out loud.

    "Mmhmm" she repeated.

    My hands reached up and got hold around her soft waist. It was only a dream i told myself, but i could smell her. Her pussy felt just like her moms, but youthful.

    I could hear the wetness slapping between her ass and my pelvis. I began thrusting up into her. She was holding on to my knees. Her face was over her shoulder trying to look back at me.

    I picked up her tiny body and maneuvered our bodies onto the floor. My hard cock remained in her the whole time. I was on my knees and she was on all 4's. I got hold of her small ass and spread it open to watch myself pump in and out. Her tight asshole twitched the way her moms did sometimes too.

    Her hands slapped the gound and her body lead down to the floor. Her shoulders were on the ground and her ass was up. I was into it now. I was like a jack hammer behind my daughter. Her knees were shaking and i was close to erupting too.

    "Oh shit baby. I think im gonna cum" i said stroking my daughters hair.

    She was back on her knees infront of me. My body was twice as big as hers. And she was holding my massive cock in her hands. I felt the jizz working its way up and out of my cock.

    My daughter held my cock up to her face and let me spill my seed onto her. Her face was completely covered in my white-grey juice. Her mouth opened for a breath.

    "Oh my god! You fucking came" she said shaking my softening cock in her hands.
    "Babe! Get up." She stood up and put a hand on my shoulder. "You hear me! Wake up!"

    My eyes blinked open. I was lost, until i seen my wife standing by the bed. She was in her night gown pulling the covers off the bed. My naked body was smeared with cum.

    "I hope you were dreaming of me." She said looking at the blot of cum on the bed.

    I scooted over to her side and put my arms around her. "Of course i dreamt about you." I said kissing her. "But i feel like having the real thing now."

    I opened her night gown and made her kneel infront of my cock. She opened her mouth and took in my soft cock. I made her look up at me the whole time. Her eyes made it easy for me to reimagine my dream.