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  1. DrtyStryWriter

    DrtyStryWriter Newcumer

    Aug 7, 2018
    I hadn't been at the party long, one of those 'invited by a friend of a friend' things that I didn't really want to go to but I was told there'd be cute girls and a high chance of getting laid so I went. I got a second beer from the cooler and spotted a pretty blonde talking to a guy. She clearly wasn't interested in him but when she smiled and winked at me I cut in on the guy, she greeted me with a hug like she knew me and the guy wandered off.

    "Thank you for that, he was one of those frat boy losers who thought just being in a frat would make my panties drop." She said.

    "Well I'm not in a frat." I replied.

    "And I'm not wearing any panties." She said with a smile.

    'I uh, I'm Marcus." The woman laughed.

    "Nice to meet you Marcus, I'm Louise. Sorry, I do like to tease, wanna grab a few drinks and get out of here?"

    "Uh, sure, I'd like that."

    I grabbed a few of the beers I'd brought to the party and headed out with Louise, she was pretty funny and smart and I enjoyed talking to her. Being the middle of summer the evening was beautiful and warm, it was almost romantic walking with her but that illusion didn't last.

    "So, I'm not going to lie to you Marcus, I'm not looking for anything other than sex, I hope that's okay." She said, stopping me near the woods near our estate.

    "You're very pretty, I am not going to say no." I said, hiding my disappointment.

    "Well, me and a few friends are camping, they won't be back yet, ever done it in the woods by a campfire?" She said, grinning.

    "I uh, I have not."

    "Well, first time for everything, follow me."

    I hated to admit it but she could have been leading me into an alligator pit but I was so filled with lust for the cute blond with nice breasts that I didn't care. She led me to a small clearing that had a fire that was almost out. She put a few more sticks from the pile onto it then turned to me, put a blanket at my feet and knelt before me. She pulled my shorts down and looked up at me as she slowly started sucking my cock, I groaned quietly in pleasure and I was soon pretty hard. She stood up when I was fully hard though, I wondered what she was doing.

    "Come with me handsome." She said, leading me into the dark.

    "Where are we going?" I asked, looking for my shorts.

    "Oh leave those, you're here for sex, I promise you'll get it."

    I started to get a little freaked out but my little head was in full control by that point, her tongue was awesome and I couldn't wait to see what her pussy felt like. She led me to another clearing, it had a blanket already laid out and a small lantern put out a low light. Another girl was there facing the tree, she was completely naked, had her head bowed but had a really nice ass.

    "I have a man for you." Said Louise.

    The girl turned around to face me, she was wearing one of those masquerade masks but I didn't look at her face right away, she had a really nice pair of breasts too, I guessed at 36d's and she had a shaven pussy.

    "Hey, what's going on, who is this?" I said, the girl had already started stroking my cock but looked up and froze when I spoke.

    "She'll explain, have fun." Said Louise, she walked back towards the fire.

    "Look I....." I froze, I knew her face right away.

    "Amber what the fuck, let go of my cock, what is going on?" I said, to my youngest sister.

    "She would have had no idea who you are, Louise is a sister from another chapter for my initiation. I'm joining the same Coven as Mom and Clara, this is the last step for my initiation." Replied Amber, softly.

    "Mom and Clara know about you being in the woods naked for some stranger? What if I was some psycho or something?" I said quietly.

    "We're being watched, I'd never be in any danger. Please, if I don't do this I'll not be allowed to join. They can't hear us."

    "Do what exactly, you're my sister Amber."

    "I am nobody until I pass this. You um, you have to cum in me, Sister Louise will be waiting for me to sit on her face and feed her what you give me then I have to pleasure her and 2 other Elders of her choosing."

    "I have to have sex with you?"

    "Well, yes, how else will you cum in me."

    "You're my sister Amber, we shouldn't be doing this. You're saying Mom and Clara have done this too?"

    "Yes, I'm not supposed to know but one of the Elders I'll be pleasing is Clara."

    "Wow, so lemme get this straight, I have sex with you, you go sit on Louise's face then you have sex with our older sister and another woman?"

    "Yes. If you do this you'll become a trustee, any member of our Sisterhood will be available to you, you'll be given a card that you present and they'll never refuse you. We'll give you a way to know us."

    "This is fucking nuts sis, I'll do it, I'll do it for you."

    "Thank you."

    Talking to her had made me go soft but she got to her knees and sucked me back to hardness. I pushed the fact that she was my sister, just turned 18 to boot, out of my head and closed my eyes as her tongue worked on me. Once I was hard she got onto her back and smiled at me, I pulled off my t-shirt and got between her legs, I went to lick her but she stopped me, told me she was already wet. I looked into her eyes as she guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy then pushed in slowly with gentle thrusts to coat my cock in her juices. I met a little resistance when I went to push in deeper though.

    "I'm a virgin, take me." She said, breathing hard.

    I held her hand in mine and pushed in deep, she squeezed it and inhaled sharply but was soon moaning in pleasure as I continued to fuck her. Her face was wonderful when she climaxed, her eyes widened and she tried to keep from screaming by biting my shoulder but she shuddered and gasped as her pussy tightened around my cock. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

    "Wh.. when you have fin.. oh fuck yes.. finished cumming I have to get up right away. Someone will bring you though." She said, gasping for air.

    I lasted a few more thrusts then I couldn't hold back anymore, I pushed in deep in groaned as I came into her, my hot seed pulsing deep into her as she came again. I pulled out when I was finally spent, she wasn't kidding, no sooner was I off her she got up and made her way back to the fire. I sat up right as another naked woman came to me, she helped me to my feet then sucked the juices from my cock before leading me by the hand, past the fire to a big tent hidden in the woods.

    I'd read about cults and things before but what I walked into in the tent was something else. About 8 women, all naked wearing only the same masks, stood around a pile of blankets in the center. Louise was on her back and Amber was straddled on her face being licked by her. I spotted Clara among them, enjoyed seeing my sexy older sister naked but she just smiled at me and watched Amber. Clara tapped Amber's thigh and she got off her then got between her legs and started eating her pussy, I was insanely turned on, girl on girl was my favorite porn and I felt my cock getting hard again. The woman who brought me into the tent noticed me getting hard and helped it along, gently stroking me as I watched.

    "You can have me after the ceremony if no others claim you, she has to pleasure 2 more women then we are allowed to have fun with each other. I am a new member though so I may not get you." Said the woman quietly into my ear, she kept playing with my cock though.

    I watched as Amber gave Louise an orgasm then our older sister Clara took her place and was licked until she came then a red haired woman received the same. Once she was done they stood Amber in the middle of the blankets and touched her all over her body before Louise spoke.

    "Today we are thankful for our new Sister Amber, she has given herself to us without question and has blossomed into a woman. She is no longer an initiate, her tattoo will become permanent and she will be loved and protected by every sister who came before her and after her."

    The women all said 'Welcome' and stepped back from Amber.

    "Looks like our trustee enjoyed the ceremony, does anyone want to claim him for pleasure and thank him for making our new sister complete?" Said Louise.

    "I claim him."

    I looked to see who had spoken, it was Clara. She came to me and held me close, pressing her naked breasts into my chest.

    "Fuck me nice and hard big boy, we'll talk later okay." She said then kissed me on the cheek.

    Clara pulled me over to the blankets and got down on all fours, I admired her ass for a second then pushed my cock into her and fucked her hard like she'd asked for. I lasted for quite a while, Clara came a few times before I shuddered and sprayed what seed I had left into her pussy. I pulled out and got onto my back, Clara laid down beside me, opened her legs and a woman clamped her mouth on her pussy and licked my juices from her while another woman sucked my cock. I wasn't for getting hard again though but once I was clean the woman stopped.

    "I'll give him a card and teach him how to recognize us, tell the escorts to start shutting down the camp." Said Louise.

    The other women all left Louise and I in the tent alone, my clothes were brought in and Louise put on a simple summer dress. Once I was dressed she handed me a business card, it was laminated but very ornate.

    "Do not lose this! All of our sisters have a small tattoo behind our left ear, you'll only be able to see it with polarized glasses. If she has her hair down she's on her period or unavailable but we are not allowed to hide it. You may see it on women you know, women you work with and women who may ordinarily not look twice at you but hand them this card and ask if they dropped it. She will reply 'Yes but you can keep it' then arrange somewhere for you to have sex with her. If she somehow can't at that time, she will give you her own card and arrange another time for you but being a trustee you will never be refused. Do you have any questions?" She said.

    "How do you know to trust me, we just met tonight." I replied.

    "Our meeting wasn't by chance Mr Black, I know who you are, I know more about you than you know yourself." She said with a smile.


    "Have dinner with me tomorrow night and we can talk more okay, you better give me that card before desert." She said then kissed me on the cheek.

    A man dressed in black came into the tent at that point. He looked like private security.

    "This is the last tent Ma'am, everything else is packed." He said.

    "Thank you Thomas, we're just leaving."

    I walked home in a daze, I found a pair of glasses in my pocket, clear lenses but I suspect they were the polarized glasses I needed. I put them back in my pocket and processed my night.

    Next morning I showered and dressed, tried on the glasses and left them on when I went downstairs to grab some breakfast. Mom was standing at the cooker making eggs, she had her hair up and with the glasses on I could see her tattoo. I took them off and put them in my shirt pocket and sat down at the table with Amber and Clara.

    "Good morning Marcus, I trust you slept well?" Said Mom.

    "I did, thank you." I replied. Both girls just smiled.

    "You should wear your glasses all the time, you'll be surprised at how many members we have and a few of them will blow your mind." Said Mom as she poured me coffee.

    "Does Dad know about all this?" I asked.

    "Heavens no, he'd not be able to keep it discreet and would want to bring his fishing buddies over to play."

    "But what if another man gives you a card?"

    "I'm a Matriarch, I'm allowed to cover my mark unless I'm looking but your two sisters are not. You are one of a select few that we have entrusted, we don't have too many cards in circulation at all. We'll teach you all about it but keep the questions to when your father isn't around okay?"


    Mom turned back to the cooker and hummed as she cooked more bacon, Clara whispered into my ear.

    "Her hair is up."

    It took a few seconds to register what she meant. I got my card out and showed Clara, she nodded her head and motioned to our Mom. When she sat down with us I put it down in front of her.

    "I uh, I think you dropped this." I said nervously.

    "I'm going to teach you how to present it with more confidence and with more discretion but Clara is right, I am looking. After breakfast you'll come with me and we can have sex while the girls clean, as part of your education of course." She said, smiling at me.

    I'd never looked at my Mom sexually before, my sisters either for that matter but when she stripped after leading me to her room I didn't regret giving her the card. She had a full and voluptuously sexy body, her 44dd breasts putting even Clara's wonderful pair to shame and dark nipples that begged to be sucked. She wasn't shaven but kept her hair trimmed.

    "You can't fuck me with your clothes on sweetie, take them off."

    I was nervous as hell as I took my clothes off, Mom had me sit on the edge of the bed and sucked my cock to hardness then stood up and fed me each nipple until I'd done the same to her. She got onto the bed and got on all fours and looked back at me.

    "You're bigger than your Father sweetie but I think from behind will be easier for you the first time." She said.

    I couldn't believe where I was at that point, her pussy felt amazing and I pushed in as slow as I could then built up a slow, steady pace as I held her waist. I felt her cum a couple of times then I couldn't hold back and pushed in deep as my cock erupted, spraying my seed deep into her.

    "Wow, that was quite the load, do you always cum so much?" She said, catching her breath.

    "Yea." I replied, feeling a little sheepish.

    "Well go and get your sister, I'll let you choose which one, so they can clean me. If you get hard watching you can fuck her too." She said with a smile.

    The next few weeks went the same, I got more relaxed around her and she taught me how to really please a woman. She taught me the finer points of the etiquette around presenting a card to a woman then one Friday evening she took me to the mall to try it out. I couldn't believe who she spotted for me.

    "Are you sure? What if she kicks my ass and arrests me." I said, seeing the same pretty Cop that she did.

    "Go walk past her and look. She can't see me though, I'm going to look for shoes, if you pull this off I'll be so proud." She said then walked away.

    I did as she said and got closer to her, I took the glasses off, no tattoo, put them on and there it was, right behind the ear where it was meant to be. She was talking to a security guard.

    "Excuse me Officer, I think you may have dropped this." I said, holding the card so she could see it.

    "Oh thank you! Hey Kim I'll talk to you later okay." She said, the security woman walked away.

    "I, am currently on duty but give me your details and I will pick you up when I'm off so I can return this. You have no idea how much I needed this being handed to me today." She said quietly, copying my address from my drivers license.

    "Well I look forward to getting it back." I said, smiling back at her.

    "Thank you again, have a good day!" She said and walked away.

    That night she turned up in her car and drove me to her place, it was a nice apartment, very clean and tidy.

    "I hope you don't mind me driving, I've had the day from hell and want it good." She said, handing me my card back.

    "Not at all, I'm just happy you accepted."

    "Oh I'd never say no to a Trustee sweetie. Who's your mentor?"

    "Martha Black."

    "Mar, oh, isn't she? Well, in that case, you can take me how you please, if she's chosen you, son or not, you must be special Sir."

    We both stripped off and kissed passionately, by the time we'd both cum, (her 6 to my 1) we were soaked in sweat and breathless.

    "Oh fucking wow. You know, just having you elevates my status now." She said, toying with my cock.

    "What do you mean?"

    "To be picked by a Matriarch prodigy is a great honor to us, I hope you are satisfied Sir."

    "You were amazing, if you keep playing with it that way I'd like to go again if you like."

    It was 3am before I left, she was worn out and smiling and thanked me again for picking her. I never did get her first name. I got home, showered and as I crawled into bed, Mom slipped into my room.

    "Your Father is fast asleep but how was she?" She whispered.

    "She was amazing, stamina for days and wore me out."

    "Well good. I want you to pick one woman a week, you have a duty now and I know you'll enjoy fulfilling it." She said, kissed my forehead then left the room.

    I had another couple of women that I found at random then I got my first taste of the other side of my new life.

    I spotted a beautiful young woman sitting alone at an outdoor cafe, she was maybe 21, blonde hair held up in a ponytail and a gorgeous body. I confirmed her tattoo then made my move.

    "I, um, yes but I can't Sir." She said nervously.

    I put the card in my pocked when the man approached, she wasn't wearing a ring, I made sure of that but he looked mad.

    "Who the fuck are you and why are you bothering my girl?" He said, getting right into my face.

    "I mistook her for a friend, I apologize, I didn't mean to intrude." I said, backing away.

    "Well you fucking did and now I'm going to intrude you....."

    It all happened so fast. The guy went to swing for me but from nowhere, a guy stepped in between us, deflected the guys swing and dropped him with one quick strike to the throat.

    "My friend said he was sorry, you should accept the apology and walk away while you can." He said to the man.

    My would be attacker got to his feet, said a quick 'sorry' to me and scurried back inside the building.

    "Are you in danger Sister, I can provide safety." He said to the woman.

    "I... I think I should take that." She said, getting to her feet.

    "You should go home Sir, this one is off limits for now, you'll be contacted." He said and walked into the crowd with the woman.

    I got home and Mom and Clara were waiting for me.

    "Oh good you're okay, what happened?" Said Clara, hugging me.

    "I approached this woman, some guy came snarling at me and another guy came from nowhere, kicked his ass and whisked the woman away, it was crazy!" I replied.

    "She was being manipulated by an abusive boyfriend, she got lucky that you spotted her, you have a shadow that could act quickly."

    "A shadow?"

    "My Son, you're a part of a secret society where you can get a woman's body at will, there are those outside who hate that so I have you protected. You've never seen them have you?" Said Mom.


    "Right, usually 2 or 3 men shadowing you, keeping you safe. If you spot them they're not doing their jobs but I have the best, trained by British Special Forces in stuff that would give you nightmares. Are you frustrated? I can have a similar girl here for you in an hour."

    "I, no, I just thought she was very beautiful and wanted her, I'll go out again tomorrow."

    "Actually, little brother, you're on 48 hour lock-down to let your incident blow over, come, Amber and I will take care of you."

    A few weeks later I was having coffee in my local shop, (I'd had the stunning barista who worked there a few times) when the girl who was whisked away came and sat opposite me. She looked really happy and was smiling. Her hair was down though, I wondered what she wanted.

    "I just wanted to say thank you, I am in a much better place now and it's thanks to you. I have to wear my hair down for a few months but I was allowed to come and see you." She said, smiling.

    "You're welcome, I'm just glad you're okay, hope to see you with your hair up sometime." I replied, she really was pretty.

    "Well, if I may Sir, I'd like to leave this with you. I understand if you don't want to." She said, she slipped a card into my hand then left as quickly as she came.

    I didn't look at the card right away, I put it in my pocket and enjoyed my coffee. That night I looked at it, it just said 'initiate' on it in black letters. I asked Clara about it.

    "Holy fuck, she gave it to you?" Said Clara as she hugged me.

    "What is it?"

    "Remember the night you took Amber's cherry, the ceremony in the woods? Sisters who have been taken in for protection must go through a similar ceremony again, we usually pick a Trustee at random, however, once, and I mean once, the girl can request her silver card. If you are presented that card she wants to belong to you and only you. What's she like, I've never actually met her."

    "She's stunning, really pretty few years younger than me but I figured out of my league for anything other than sex."

    "Baby, you should be more confident, you're good looking and you have the power to take any one of us at will."

    "So how would it work, I don't want a slave." Clara laughed.

    "She's attracted to you silly, she wants to remain in the circle but only for you."

    "I don't get it but okay. It go the same, cum in her, she'll sit on your face and all that?"

    "No, your card makes things a little special. Yes she'll still have to please 3 elders but you spend some time alone with her, make love to her and when you fill her it stays with her. Can't wait to tell Mom." She said.

    I stood naked waiting for her to arrive, she was to be bathed, dried and brought to me then I would make love to her then bring her to the circle in the other room. She grinned when she came in wearing only a sheer robe, she let it drop to the floor and stood before me.

    "I hope I look good for you Sir." She said with a smile.

    "You look amazing, you're so very beautiful. What's your name?" I said, she blushed.

    "Sorry, I've never told you, it's Cassandra. I just hope I can please you, you're pretty big." She said, looking at my cock.

    "Can we talk freely or have I to keep it in ceremonial."

    "We're alone."

    "Are you doing this because you feel you owe me?"

    "Oh no! Please don't think that. I owe my Sisters for my escape from that man, not you Sir but I think you are handsome and I would be honored to belong to you. If you're not sure I understand."

    I touched her face and kissed her passionately before she could say any more, we kept kissing until we laid down on the bed then we slowly made love. Unlike others I had taken I didn't want to rush things with her, her eyes were vibrant and I found myself getting lost in them as I thrust into her. When we finally came together we gazed at each other as we caught our breath.

    "That was amazing, thank you."

    "I was about to say the same."

    "You know, if you carry me into the room you can stay inside me for a week." She said, grinning.

    I carried her in my arms to the women waiting in the next room, they helped her down and each woman kissed her cheek then they had the 3 elders they'd chosen stand in a line. This time though, she leaned down and sucked each of their nipples for a few seconds, kissed them on the lips then walked back to me.

    "She's under your protection now Sir, she's given you a great honor in this society, cherish her." Said one of the women.

    Cassandra never left my side for the next few days, we'd make love, talk for hours then make love again. It didn't take long but I fell in love with her.

    Many years went by, Cassandra and I got married and at mom's insistence, moved away. When our parents passed I wanted to be closer to my sisters so we moved back. Both of them had also married but outside the society. They invited me out to dinner with them, insisting I bring my wife.

    "Mmm, they both have their hair up and I brought these for you." Said Cassandra, handing me my polarized glasses.

    "Will you be joining in my love?" I replied.

    "She better be, owes us both for stealing away the best cock we ever got to play with." Said Amber.

    I greeted them both with hugs and we sat in our booth.

    "So, guess who has finally been confirmed as Matriarch for this region?" Said Amber with a grin.

    "Uh, Clara?" I replied.


    "Mom's been gone five years now, what took so long?" I asked.

    "There's a lot to it, I had to study and pass a lot of physical tests and exams but it is worth it." Said Clara.

    "You uh, have your hair up though, thought you could wear it down?" I said.

    "Well yes but I'm hoping my little brother puts his glasses on and reminds me how good he feels." Said Clara.

    "He almost didn't bring them but I did." Said Cassandra.

    "Well I'm glad you did, we have both missed him." Said Amber.

    We chatted for a while then went back to Clara's house, she took us straight to the bedroom door where things got a little strange. Clara had us all strip naked and took us inside where 3 men stood stroking their cocks and a 4th man was fucking a guy who was bent over a massage bench.

    "Where are you gentlemen?" Said Clara.

    "On the second round Ma'am." replied one of the men.

    "Good. The person receiving is my soon to be ex husband. Despite getting all the sex a grown man can handle he decided to cheat on me with a girl from his work. I made a deal with him, if he accepted my punishment I'll let him keep his car and enough money to get a small apartment, if he refused I'd pull the prenup he signed and he'd walk with nothing. He's been fed a Viagra and my men get to fuck him twice each. He'll get to watch you take me too my love." Said Clara to me.

    I was fed a viagra and got to make love to my 2 sisters then my wife while Clara's husband watched then when all the guys were finished taking him, one of them jerked him off then untied him.

    "You can lick my brother's cum from my pussy since you took it so well." She said to him.

    "I think I'll just shower and leave, thank you for giving me a chance." He said then left the room.

    The men all left and we laid around on the bed for a while, chatting.

    "So Cassandra, how is married life with a Trustee?" Said Amber.

    "It's wonderful, he satisfies me more than I could ever hope for, when I have my period I send him out to maintain his standing but he treats me so well, I'm really happy." Said Cassandra.

    "And by send she really means it, she has me tell her about the women and never lets me go a day without sex, with her or another." I said.

    "Well I got you both here for a reason other than great sex. Cassandra, I'd like you to become an elder, Marcus will have to give his blessing of course but I'd like you to be my prime. Amber tried it for a while but she's not fond of the recruiting part." Said Clara.

    "You have my blessing my love, if it's something you want to do that is." I said.

    "I'd love to! Thank you!"

    Life in the 'Circle' goes of for me, I could write for weeks about all the encounters I've had. For now though, I have a wife and 2 sisters to please again....
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