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  1. VampirTARA

    VampirTARA Sex Machine

    Jul 18, 2017
    I'm Tara, nicknamed vampirTara back when I was in high school and this is my true story, that happened last May 2016.


    Well now a little bit about me, I'm Tara, a 41 year old married with two children, both girls little one and a teenager funeral director/mortician that operates our family's Mortuary and cemetery. I'm 5 foot 7, approximately 114 pounds with long raven black hair and glasses with abnormally long incisors.

    Now, you could call me naive and stupid, because the only thing, I had ever heard of was the occasional joke about dogs screwing women. I always thought they were just jokes that were gross and disgusting, but never believed that stuff really happened. Yeah, dogs will hump anything in the house, teddy bears, pillows, furniture, someone's leg and such, but not try to screw you, just maybe hump your leg will sniff your crotch at the most.

    And our Rottweiler was no different than any other dog, he did the same, over the past few years we've had him. Now, it seemed that the damn Rottweiler, couldn't keep his nose out of my crotch. Always following me around the house, wanting to play and rough houses it, at least that's what, I thought, he was doing. When, the dog was trying to jump on me and grabbing me from behind. Then, along with always stealing my panties and Slobber all over them. It would piss me off, they were expensive, Victoria Secrets and Frederick's of Hollywood panties. I never had a dog before, only cats and "Jasper" our Rottweiler was our first dog, I figured, it was something dogs did, so I chalked it up to that.
    But and the kids loved the dog, so I put up with it. Until, the baby came along and his running through the house like a bull in a china shop and humping things just was too much. So, me and my husband was discussing getting rid of him and get another dog that was a bit smaller. Well, the big problem was, the kids were going to go nuts, he was a puppy they had found in our Cemetery, that was their dog and on top of it, I was the one that said they could keep it.
    It was Friday May 6th 2016, So my day started off like any other day, with me standing in front of the mirror brushing my long raven black hair, getting ready to go to work next door in our family's Mortuary. Well, I just got done brushing my hair and put it in a ponytail. I pulled out of the dresser drawer a tiny pair of fluorescent pink satin bikini panties and slipped them on. I adjusted my panties in the back, then turned and looked in the mirror admiring how nice and snug my new panties fit

    Next I put on the matching bra, I had bought also, I then reached in the closet and chose my red blouse to wear. I slipped my blouse on and then reached into the closet and got out my short black business mini skirt off the hanger. I slipped it on, then zipping it up in the back, as I was slipping my feet into my black heels, I was fastening the belt around my skirt.

    I then went down stairs and grabbed my blazer, as I passed our humongous Rottweiler. He started to jump on me and as I pushed him away I yelled, "Stop that Jasper, you're going to get hair on me,, Silly dog!" as I exited the house.

    Well, I went next door to work in the mortuary and it was about a little after 12 p.m. When, my sister had come upstairs after finishing doing the makeup on a body.

    My sister Toni came to me and said, " I finished up, doing the makeup on Mrs. ---, I'm going to take the kids to Kennywood amusement park, so you'll get a break and your hubby will be working late in the cemetery fixing the water lines. So, Tara take a break today, Teresa can handle everything. See ya, will be back late," then she walked out the door with the kids.

    I decided to take my sister's advice, so I told Teresa, she was a charge for the day, if she had a problem call me next door and went back over to the house. Well, I walked in the house and into the living room. I draped my blazer on the back of the reclining chair, as I passed it on my way to go sit on the sofa. I slipped my heels off and clicked on the television, it was about an hour later, when I heard a crash in the kitchen. Yeppers, it was our Rottweiler knocking over the kitchen trash can and the cat laying on the back of the sofa by me, looked at me, as if to say, " I didn't do it!"

    I got up and went into the kitchen, trash all over the floor and the dog nosing through it, so I went over and picked up the trash can yelling at the dog, "what is your problem Jasper, it isn't like you don't get enough to eat around here, WTF, if you're not doing it, the cat is!" WelI, I got down on my hands and knees to pick up the trash and the stupid dog started jumping on me.
    I yelled at the dog, " Stop that you simpleton, I don't want to play!"as I picked up the trash. The stupid dog kept jumping on me, even though ,I pushed him away many times. Then I felt The dog Jump on me from behind and I yelled again, "Will you stop playing around Jasper!"

    It all happened so fast, suddenly, I felt the dog wrap his paws around my waist tightly, so I stopped what I was doing to get the dog off me. I tried to get up, but the dog had his weight on me and the dog towers over me. I yelled at the dog, "Get off me Jasper, dammit!" I started struggling to get loose.

    I managed to get loose, I got to my feet, as I went to get away from the dog. I yelled, "WTF, Jasper I'm not playing, now quit it, come on I'll let you out in the yard, you can go jump in a pool, go for a swim!" as I started towards the glass sliding patio doors and trying to pull my skirt down. He chased me, a few feet and knocked me down, as I tried to get up again. The dog got behind me and wrapped, his paws around my waist. While, I struggle to get loose, I felt something hard poking up under my mini skirt at the back of my fluorescent pink satin bikini panties. In my struggle to get loose, suddenly, my jaw dropped open and my eyes opened wide, as I froze for a second in utter shock, it dawned on me, it was his penis and what he was trying to do. I started struggling like crazy to get free and crying and yelling, "NO NO NO, YOU DON'T WANT TO DO THIS JASPER!" but the dog was so much bigger than me. Our family Rottweiler started humping my ass, as I struggled, to get loose, I could feel the dogs hard penis poking crazy fast on the inside of my thighs and at the crotch of my panties.

    I panicked, I was in shock of What was happening, I couldn't believe our innocent and lovable family Rottweiler was starting to growling at me. Then, he grabbed me by the back of the neck, I could feel his teeth poking into my skin. Our Rottweiler was sending me the message to Hold still and not move, So I froze and stopped struggling, I was crying, as the dog wrapped his paws around my waist tightly and mounted me. I thought, "Thank God, I have panties on, just hold still and don't move, Jasper he'll hump away and get off on my panties or the inside of my thigh, then it will be over with."

    I held perfectly still with tears running face, as our family rottweiler's penis was poking wildly at the crotch of my tiny fluorescent pink satin bikini panties under my business dress short black mini skirt trying to get it in me.

    Then Suddenly, as I felt the tip of the dog's penis had gotten past the crotch of my little pink panties on the side. Our family Rottweiler, let's go of my neck and let out a howl, tears, ran down my face. I squealed, as our family Rottweiler, held me by the back of my neck again. The dog pulled my ass tightly against him. The tip of his penis pushed the crotch of my tiny little panties to the side went between my pussy lips. Our family Rottweiler out loud With tears running down my face, I cried out, "OOH NOOO JASPERRR, PLEASE NO!" as I held perfectly still. The dog's penis slid into the entrance of my smoothly waxed pussy, I was crying, as the dog's penis slid in and out the entrance to my smoothly waxed pussy, fast and furiously.

    Our family rottweiler's penis, It started to slowly grow inside of me, I could feeling it getting thicker and longer, it was going deeper inside me. I squealed like a piglet, as my little pussy started to stretch to accommodate the dog's penis that was rapidly swelling, It felt so large and it was still growing. I have never had a penis in me that large before.

    The dog released his teeth from the back of my neck, as he was fucking me with no mercy. Breathing heavily With tears running down my face, I held my head up, looking straight ahead into the stainless steel of the refrigerator at the reflection, of our family Rottweiler mounted on the back of me, fucking me. The dog was fucking me fast and furiously like a jackhamme, showing me no mercy. Repeatedly, I started loudly crying out, "OH OH OH OH!" from the force of how hard and fast his penis was thrusting in and out of me.

    The house was filled with the sound of our rottweiler slapping against my pale white little round ass and the sound of me repeatedly crying out, "OH OH OH OH!" as he jackhammered my little pussy. The dog's penis had grown enormously, it felt humongous, I could feel the tip of the dog's penis slamming quickly like a jackhammer, against my cervix.

    Then I thought to myself, "Oh no this can't be happening," the dog's penis was rubbing against my G-spot. I felt it building like a runaway freight train, I tried to fight it, "AAHHHH!" I squealed out and threw my head back, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, as I dug my nails into the kitchen floor tiles. Like a tsunami, overwhelming me, my body started to shake and quiver, as I exploded like a meteorite hitting the earth and started to orgasm. I screamed out to the heavens, "OH YES JASPER, FUCK ME!" I have never had an orgasm like this ever before.

    I started to feel some pressure at the entrance of my pussy, the dog thrust and my pussy parted for what felt like a very large orange entering me, as I started to orgasm again, they kept coming in waves one after another. My body was shaking, I Breath breath, as our family Rottweiler fucked me.

    Then, our family Rottweiler shoved his penis, as far, as he could get it into me. Our dog loudly whimpering, then he went motionless. He just laid on top of my back ejaculating his very warm semen into me, I could feel his large balls throbbing against the inside of my thigh.. Our family Rottweiler had just completed our mating, by depositing his seed into me. Our dogs semen felt very warm, a not warmer than a man's, I could feel our family Rottweiler's seed flowing down inside my pussy towards my cervix and to fertilize any that was there. As was coming down from my orgasms, I, cooed, "Oh Jasper yes fill me with your seed," While our family's rottweiler attempted to get me pregnant, It was about a good 15-20 minutes later and he was still squirting his semen into me.

    It took me a couple seconds to realize, when I tried to move, that me and our family's Rottweiler were stuck together, I thought to myself, "I guess I'm not escaping and going anywhere, so this is how dogs get stuck together."

    It was about another 15 minutes later when, the dog climbed off of my back and with a loud popping sound, our family rottweiler's penis slipped out of me. I leaned up and sat back on my knees, as the dog slowly walked past me. With tears running down my face, my eyes opened up wide and my jaw dropped open, when I seen dog's penis hanging down between his legs. It was oddly shaped compared to a man's penis, it was very thick, like a can of Redbull and at least 9 inches long. The tip of our dog's penis was red and the shaft of it was a purplish-red color to it. I thought to myself, "Our Rottweiler has a humongous penis," don't know why, but I had never noticed or paid attention before. That in the few years we had him, I had never noticed, that he had a large set of balls, I had never seen balls that large before. They hung down between his legs and swung back and forth, as he walked out of the kitchen. Our family Rottweiler strutted out of the kitchen into the dining room like, he was a king and I was now his property, his bitch, as I was on my knees on the floor sitting, crying.

    Well, I sat there a few seconds, crying in shock and nauseous to my stomach of what just happened. I slowly got up off the floor, then walked into the dining room, on my way to the living room and noticed our rottweiler laying in the corner of the dining room licking himself, as a river of his semen was running down my leg.

    I sat on the living room sofa in total shock of what just happened, that I just mated with a dog. I was so grossed and weirded out, I could not tell anyone what had just happened, it was to embarrassing. I felt so weird and strange that I had intense and multiple orgasms duriing it. It was something I had never experienced before. I sat there on the sofa crying for couple of hours and I realized my family would be home soon, so I went to take a shower and calm down, I didn't want anyone to see anything was wrong.

    When my family got home later that night they kept asking me if I was ok, because I was quiet and my mind was distracted forgetting things, as they spoke to me. In my mind, not only did I feel weird and grossed out that, I got off from a dog fucking me and what I yelled out during it. I wondered what I had did to cause the dog to want me, I wondered did I entice him, by bending over in my mini skirt and he could see panties. I figured maybe dogs are not only attracted to smell, but are like men attracted visually, but that is something no one will ever know for sure.

    Later that night, as I was laying in bed, I have realized one thing, our family Rottweiler has a been trying to get me for the past few years and I never realized it. The dog finally got what he has been wanting all this time, to mate with me. I fell asleep feeling grossed out and so weird. Over the next few days, nothing happened, our dog didn't try to attack me and he was well-behaved, he wasn't chewing on furniture or humping it or racing around the house, like a bull in a china shop. I was surprised by his behavior, but I will still leery and cautious of him, afraid he would do it again. It was probably my imagination, but I could swear our Rottweiler was strutting around the house like, he was a stud because he got me. over the next few days I looked on the internet to see if it had ever happened to any other women and I found information about the subject.

    It was a week later, Friday evening, it had been a long day with us having two funerals at the mortuary and me visiting my 92 year old grandfather at the nursing facility. Well it was about 10 p.m. after taking a shower, horny as hell from the previous evening making out with my husband and he falls asleep in the middle of it, so my pussy was twitching and thumping, I was in the mood. I came down dressed to the living room in my short black satin robe, that only comes down to my hips and a skimpy pair of shiny like tin foil metallic silver bikini panties. As I walked into the living room my sister was sitting there in their short robe and panties also, like we alway do, with my husban, along with the kids watching TV.
    And like usual my son's eyes was glued to my little round ass, on my way to go sit on the sofa, I thought to myself, "There goes my chubby overweight son again staring at my ass, I guess he will be stealing these panties, I'm wearing to jerk off on, the pervert." He's been doing for years. He thinks I don't know, but I just let it go, I figure boys will be boys.

    After awhile, I told my husband, I wanted to go to bed and get some. When he popped up and said his back was hurting and he was tired, I looked at him and said, "You got to be kidding me, really!" Well, he ignored me and continued watching television. so I wasn't getting any penis there and I could fool around with my sister Toni, but it wasn't the same, I needed penis.

    Then our family rottweiler came racing in the living room, like a bull in a china shop. He laid on the floor at the bottom of my feet like he usually does, so after sitting there awhile, as we all sat there watching television. my attention was drawn and looked down, when the dog bumped the coffee table and noticed the tip of the dogs red penis poking out, it looked like a tube of red lipstick.

    Well I began to think, as I stared down at the little red tip of his penis poking out, "God this is so gross and weird, but I need to get laid. Jasper has a penis, Maybe I should let Jasper take me, no one will know. I can't believe I'm thinking about doing, it's so revolting, having sex with a dog, but he has a penis. Come to think of it, when Jasper got me last week, ever since that day he's been so well-behaved, up until today anyways, sooooo.

    If, I decide to do this, I can't take him out in the cemetery at this late hour, it'll draw suspicion. It is so gross, but what the hell, what's the harm in it. my husband doesn't want to give me any sex and I need to get fucked by a penis. Well there's only three penises in this house my husband's, my 18 year old son's and our dogs. Well my husband doesn't want to get me any and I'm not having sex with my 18 year old son, even though, the lazy fat fucker would fuck me a hot second by the way he stares at my little round ass and jerks off on my panties. Sooo, there's Jasper, with that big oddly-shaped penis, I have to admit, I love the color of it. Anyways it's not like I'm cheating with some man, it's only a dog. I better do this, before I change my mind, where do we do it. I know, I'll take him in the game room, they're used to me going in there and locking the door, so I'm not disturbed to do the books and paperwork for the funeral home.

    I knew the dog will come when he hears me closing the sliding doors, like he always does. So I got up off of the sofa and said," I've seen this movie already, I'm going to go do some paperwork." Then, as I was leaving the living room, I mumbled under my breath, "This is sooo taboo, I can't believe this."

    My husband said to me, "What you say honey?"

    I replied back, "Huh, Oh nothing, I got some paperwork to do, sweetheart."

    Revolted and grossed out about what I was getting ready to do, I exited the living room and crossing the foyer to the game room. I made sure I acted like usual, I went to slowly close the wooden sliding doors and the dog came running, like I expected. I said," Ok Jasper you can come in, but you better lay down and behave."

    I closed the sliding doors and locked them. They had the TV playing loud in the living room, so they won't be able to hear much. I went over to the footstool by the sofa and picked up my open laptop that was on it. I was so nervous, when I want to lay it on the desk, I almost dropped it, juggling it, hitting the keys and everything. But I caught it and just set it on the desk.

    Jasper had went over and laid on the sofa, I walked over to him and took a deep breath, then said out loud to myself, "Here goes." I undid the the sash to my robe, then let my robe slowly slide off of my shoulders, down my back, over my round ass and drop to the floor. Then I said,"Ok Jasper, I see you've wanted to mate with me for a long time and last week you took me. I guess in a way, it makes me your mate, so Jasper, I'm offering myself to you, I'm going to let you mate with me tonigh."

    I looked at the and I thought maybe, if I start letting Jasper mate with me, he will behave around the house and the kids will not have to get rid of the dog and also I'm doing Jasper a good deed and giving him some relief. . new at this, but I'll make a deal with you. If you behave in the house, stop jumping on the kids unless they want to play, chewing and humping things. Me and you, Jasper will start mating. Now remember I'm new at this, I know you're attracted by smell. So I figure you got to be the same as a human man and attracted visually also, like the day you raped me, probly me bent over in my mini skirt inticed you." So I started seductively walking slowly back and forth in front of the dog, shaking my little ass in my skimpy shiny like tin foil silver bikini panties.

    After a few minutes of that I noticed the tip of the dogs bright red penis was poking out more than before. when I seen that I stopped in front of the dog and I said, "Okay Jasper, I see your little red lipstick poking out, let's see, if I can get it to poke out even more." Then I got down on my knees in front of the sofa that Jasper was laying on, preparing to take my first doggy penis in my mouth. I said, "Okay Jasper I have never done this before!" Then I slowly reached over and touched his penis, I slowly move my hand over it, lightly touching the fur, I then slowly moved, my hand down over his balls and gently ran the tips of my fingers over them. Jasper did not seem to mind what I was doin, he rolled on his back and spread his legs. I then cupped balls with my hand and started gently massaging them, after a few minutes of that I moved my hand back up to his penis and gently sled down the sheath that covered his penis. I took a deep breath and said, "Ok Jasper, I hope you enjoy this, I never thought I would ever be wrapping my lips around your penis Jasper, but I'm going to, so here goes. Oh God, I can't believe I'm doing this!"

    So I leaned down and parted my lips, then slid my lips over the red tip of our family Rottweiler's penis and I started gently sucking on it, while gently massaging his balls the same, as I would do to a man. Dogs penis started to grow between my lips and after a few minutes, it has doubled in size, so I slipped my lips off of the dog's penis.

    I said,"Ok Jasper, I'm going to let you mate with me, I'm all yours, my pussy is yours for the taking, I'm your bitch. God I never thought I'd be saying this to a dog." I then slipped off my panties and tossed them on the pool table. Even though I was revolted and grossed out, I went and got down on my hands and knees doggy style, as I thought to myself," I can't believe I'm offering myself to our family Rottweiler." Then I leaned back up on my knees and leaning over grabbing the footstool, that had a red plaid quilt on top of it. I slid it over and kneeling on the floor, I bent over it, resting the top half of me, on the quilt with my little round ass in the air and my little smoothly waxed pussy fully exposed for our family's Rottweiler to take.

    Jasper came over to where I was, I was nervous and shaking, he sniffed me a few times and then he gave my pussy a lick, it made my pussy twitch and sending shivers down my spine. Then Jasper mounted me wrapping his paws around my waist tightly, I held perfectly still for him to take me. I could feel the tip of Jasper penis poking around searching for my pussy opening.

    After a few seconds, Jasper quickly slipped the tip of his penis up my ass and let out a howl. I blurted out ," Oh Oh Oh my God !" as our dog started fucking me in the ass and I was squealing like a piglet. After a couple of minutes, thank God, it slipped out, I was praying that no one heard me squealing like a little piglet, but it appeared they did not, they had the television up loud in the living room. Then our family Rottweiler reposition himself and found the opening to my pussy, his penis started sliding in and out of my pussy fast, like a jackhammer. His red purplish colored penis, felt so good. I was so horny, I could feel his penis growing inside of me, as I offered myself to the dog. With my head up looking straight ahead. My little pussy stretched to accommodate his penis that felt so large inside of me and it was still growing.

    As the dog fucked me, I repeatedly kept going,"OH OH OH," out loud. Jasper, was fucking me furiously, jerking me forward with each thrust, that my glasses flew off onto the carpet a few feet away. A few minutes later my pussy exploded like nitroglycerin. I bit down on my lip, as hard, as I could, not to make a sound, I could. A stream of blood was running down my chin, but I couldn't hold it any longer. I threw my head back and dug my nails into the quilt as I moaned out loudly, "OOOOOH MMMY!" Jasper was doing me good, then with a hissing sound I cried out," OH YES JASPER, FUCK ME!"

    Wave after wave of orgasms flowed through my shaking body, as Jasper continued fucking me like a jackhammer, he was showing me no mercy. After what seems like forever, but probably was about 10 minutes had passed, then that's when I felt the dogs bulb at the end of his penis, push its way it's into my pussy. A minute later, Jasper went motionless and let out a loud whimper. Our family Rottweiler's very warm seman was squirting into me. He rested on top of me, while he planted his seed into me trying his very best to get me pregnant. But the dumb dog doesn't know it's a futile effort, I would only be pregnant for 24 to 48 hours and when the cells do not split, because of the uneven number of chromosomes, they will die. So kneeling on the floor, bent over a footstool, for a good 40 minutes, I laid there, while our family's Rottweiler ejaculated his semen into my pussy. With my eyes glossed over I felt so relaxed, from the intense multiple orgasms I just had. Jasper finally got off of me, with a wet popping sound as his dick slowly slid out of me.

    After gathering my senses and dealing with being revolted and grossed out that I offered myself to our family's Rottweiler. but he got me off better than any man ever had. Even though I found it gross and revolting having sex with a dog. The sex was great, I got up off of the floor and slipped back on my bikini panties, then I put my robe on and tied to sash. Jasper went and laid on the sofa licking himself, as I left the game and went back into the living room. Most everyone had gone off to bed except my son.

    My son said to me," I hear Jasper was being an idiot again and howling."

    With a smirk on my face and a little giggle in my voice I said," Yeah I don't know why he did that," as I walked out of the living room into the dining room, shaking my little round ass. I didn't care if my son stared at my little round ass shaking, I figured let him look at what he's not getting, but the dog is. he can go upstairs and spank his monkey thinking about my ass, the Pervert. The next morning, I went in the game room to get my laptop and thank God, no one had gone into the game or at least that's what I thought at the time, because when I had juggled my laptop, almost dropping it. I Musta hit the button to record video and it recorded everything last night. After that evening even though, I still had trouble dealing with it, I felt weird and it grossed me out. I started secretly mating with Jasper, our family's Rottweiler...
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    2. Edward Sellon
      Such a beautiful story. Love and passion can be had anywhere if one is just brave enough to seek them out.
      Edward Sellon, Oct 13, 2018
    3. PCOutlaw
      I really love your story, and the fact that you continue letting him fuck you. Like the old saying goes (Any port in the storm)
      PCOutlaw, Dec 7, 2018
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  2. yaki iliya

    yaki iliya Porn Surfer

    Jul 7, 2017
    will is very nice
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  3. Ta800dog

    Ta800dog Porno Junky

    Sep 6, 2016
    Awsome story hun i just came lol
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  4. bigmikey1

    bigmikey1 Amateur

    Jul 13, 2010
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  5. Ash73

    Ash73 Sex Lover

    May 26, 2017
    Hot !
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  6. analholic

    analholic Porn Surfer

    Oct 1, 2014
    What a great story hun!!!!.u made me cum all over my cump screen.thank u
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  7. analholic

    analholic Porn Surfer

    Oct 1, 2014
    Hello would u like to chat?..n share some zoo stories
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    1. analholic
      Oops sorry!
      analholic, Jul 21, 2017
    2. Iwantolderhotpussy
      Hey sexy vampira Tary I read your story and have never ever thought about animal sex then the other day I read your story and belve me I was there with you and I had such a hardon and being a single guy I lay naked on my bed and jerked off several times imagining you being fucked by your dog and me fucking your mouth. I've had many fantasies over you these past few days and have wanked so many times My balls totally empty Tara lol anyhow thank you so much for that I've got you in my head and will imagine you many times and I'd love to fuck you in the ass Lucky lucky dog xx
      Iwantolderhotpussy, Mar 9, 2018
  8. VampirTARA

    VampirTARA Sex Machine

    Jul 18, 2017
    This is not the kind of thread for that kind of question and no I would not...
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    1. amy new
      amazing wild story
      amy new, Oct 3, 2017
  9. SW1

    SW1 Sex Machine

    Mar 27, 2012
    Excitedly waiting for the next chapter.
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  10. Gcccc

    Gcccc Porn Star

    Mar 3, 2016
    So hott
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  11. HornyJacob94

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    Jun 25, 2017
    Gets me hard just reading this
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  12. andyc68

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    Apr 12, 2015
    wow! that sounds amazing and fantastic
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  13. Jack1953

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    Jul 16, 2017
    Great story and hot
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  14. VampirTARA

    VampirTARA Sex Machine

    Jul 18, 2017
    Thank you for the comments
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    1. KnightLover1
      Wonderful story, it was a huge a turn from the way you described everything that happened, on another note.. I am sorry you were raped in that way by your dog, hopefully it hasn't turned you off to the idea of doing it again, but training him this time to be more gentle, maybe. But if it has, totally understandable, I actually read this story in the sex stories thread a few days back, i must say. I actually cum harder to bestiality stories and incest, more than I cum to regular porn or other stories on the site, just been into the fantasy of hearing or reading, or even watching a woman or girl being fucked by a dog who is really into taking what he wants..

      Anyhow, great story altogether and also once again, sorry for the way it happened.. I just want you to know, I am not thrilled or turned on by the raping part, but the story itself is what caught my eye and I wish from what I read, i could of been apart of the event. You have a lovely body, btw. :)
      KnightLover1, Oct 30, 2017
  15. Openmindedmale

    Openmindedmale Porn Surfer

    Mar 24, 2017
    My first dog experience was kind of the same. I couldn't stop what was happening but enjoyed it over time
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  16. deviousduck

    deviousduck Porn Surfer

    Jul 30, 2017
    Admiring your adventurous sexual nature and stories. I'll admit that I have a bit of a fetish for finding women willing to admit to wild, lustful, kinky experiences. A real turn on!
    I remembered reading your adventures on another story site too.
    Awesome! Thanks!
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  17. Norman87

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    Jul 8, 2015
    ove the story very sexy
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    1. andyc68
      i would love to be fucking you while your dog fucked me
      andyc68, Aug 3, 2017
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  18. Norman87

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    Jul 8, 2015
    I love how you moan and get the dog cum in you and make you his I love the story I read it often
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  19. VampirTARA

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    Jul 18, 2017
    Well, our family's rottweiler, really did give it to me. He was determined to have me and wasn't talking No for a answer, our family's rottweiler decided that I was giving him some pussy. But even though the dog raped me, I'm glad you liked the story.
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    1. olderhungdude
      Very hot!
      olderhungdude, Sep 14, 2017
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  20. MasterDefk1

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    Sep 11, 2011
    hot does it continue?
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