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  1. QueenOfDesire

    QueenOfDesire Newcumer

    Aug 16, 2016
    [The following story is fantasy/realistic fiction.]
    My name is Dani Blaine, I’m 19 years old and I work as an intern at a local therapist’s office. Another intern has been catching my eye lately. His name is Shane Reid, a simple guy, about 6’2” and the most gorgeous blue eyes I’ve ever seen.
    Today was very different from the typical Friday night in the office. Everyone had been invited to a spring celebration office party, myself included, but I decided not to go. My social skills were definitely not made for gatherings, and most of my coworkers disliked me. Shane was always paired with me on intern projects that required a lot of work, and being the hottest guy in the office, I was a target for abuse, so I chose to stay behind. I stayed at the office until about 10:30 pm. It was Tuesday so the streets were quiet and everyone was at home, but I still felt like someone else was in the building.
    With caution in my steps, I got up from my desk and headed to the copy room so I could properly gather the records of the patients I’ve been observing as part of my college psychology course. After about fifteen minutes in the copy room, countless buttons being pressed, and nothing to show for my efforts aside from shredded papers, I sulked back to my desk. I moved the electronic records to my notepad and to my word program on my computer and decided to make manual double copies and just print them instead of making four photo copies of each patient profile. Big mistake.
    As soon as I opened the word document I needed to make the proper arrangements, a virus froze the screen and spread like wild fire. By the time I got the virus cleared it had already eaten away at my files and destroyed all of my electronic notes. Everything was due tomorrow and I couldn’t get my notes from home and do it all in time to turn it in by midnight. I just laid my head down on my desk in dismay when I heard footsteps.
    “What’s wrong?” I looked up to see Shane’s face hovering just above me, examining my frustrated expression. “My computer crashed and wiped all of my files. All of my patient portfolios were on there! My college credit is ruined for this class. This was the final project and I can’t finish the general notation before the midnight submission deadline,” I whimpered softly.
    “Scoot over? I might be able to recover your files. I’ll give you a ride home if I can’t recover them from this computer, and I’ll help you type up your notations for submission, and you can just print the copies in the morning for the physical presentation,” he soothed me, rubbing my upper back as he spoke. “Thank you,” I blushed, scooting over so he had access to my computer.
    I watched his hands flying over the keys as he started writing code into the command prompt. I couldn’t understand much of it but I knew it was the basic file recovery they taught us back in eighth grade computer class, but that was years ago and I only remembered pieces. I couldn’t help admiring the look of determination on his face as he ran through the necessary procedures to fix my computer. “All right, I’ve got your files recovered, thankfully. I’m transferring them to my spare flash drive as a backup. Do you have a flash drive on you that we can add the copies to just in case this happens again?”
    “Yeah, hold on a sec,” I stammered, standing up and then bending over to get into my purse. “Uhm… Dani, underwear,” he mumbled shyly. I shot straight up, pulling my skirt down as I began to blush furiously. I could feel the warmth spreading across my face and down the rest of my body. “I’m SO sorry!” I quickly handed him the flash drive and sat back down, cringing as I realized just what underwear I’d worn today. The delicate floral lace of a black thong felt silky and cold across my skin.
    “All right, there we go, your files are on two flash drives and a backup drive in your computer. Come on, let’s get you home. It’s 10:50 at night.” My eyes got wide as he spoke. He was offering me a ride home even though he just awkwardly saw my panties? “Ok…” I leaned over to pick up my purse, not getting out of the chair this time, and slipped my flash drive into a zip pocket before following Shane to the elevator.
    A fifteen minute drive later and I was staring at my apartment building as I fidgeted for my mailbox key to check it on my way in. “Thank you for bringing me home, Shane. I really appreciate it,” I smiled to him. “Would you like some coffee? I’m going to make some as soon as I get in, so it’s fresh, haha.” With a smirk that killed my heart a little, he accepted my offer and followed me upstairs.
    Once we reached my door, I could never have been prepared for what happened next.
    I had just shut the door when I felt hands on my hips that were unmistakably male. “I’ve been waiting so long to get you alone,” he growled in my ear. Chills ran down my spine, my posture riveted me in place, and just as quickly as the chills came he had turned around, pinning my arms and hands to the door. I could feel the tension and the pounding of his heart beat. He wasn’t kidding, not even a little bit.
    My eyes were wide as his body leaned ever closer to mine. What was happening in front of me? Did he know who he was touching? Was he drunk? Was I?
    He gently tilted my chin up towards him, pressing his warm lips against mine. The flesh on flesh contact, the true electricity that shot so deeply through my body shook me to my very core. I felt myself melting into a puddle in my stilettos. "Mmmf," I groaned softly as he tugged on my lower lip, gently sweeping his tongue over the bite mark he'd left in the thin skin of my plump bottom lip. "Such a pretty face..," he murmured, ducking down, pushing my long brown hair away from my neck, replacing it with his aggressive kisses and small nibbles.
    My arms dropped like absolute noodles, my fingers hooking into his belt loops rather quickly, holding him close to me, hoping there was no chance of losing this moment. I'd made a wonderful mistake. He growled against my skin, hoisting me up, my legs wrapping around his hips like vice grips. My lips kept pressing feverishly to his, my desires growing and pushing themselves into necessities. He fell back gracefully on the couch and without even the slightest hesitation my hips moved on their own. Slowly, back and forth, grinding against the ever growing bulge in his slacks. I wanted them off. Now.
    "Mmm, don't stop doing that," he groaned as he gripped my hips harder than before, guiding me, picking my pace. "God tell me you've got restraints? I know you're not as sweet as you look." I laughed a bit, gnawing my lower lip, nodding as I motioned him with my finger, beckoning him to follow me. I rose from his lap carefully, unbuttoning the side clasp of my skirt and letting it drop away from my body, the soft fabric of my cashmere sweater dropping off my shoulder at one side as I quickly turn the corner into the spare bedroom. My favorite room.
    The room that lay before us was covered in play things. "I usually keep it locked, but I decided I'd want some fun to celebrate finishing my project today. I guess I got so much more than I bargained for," I giggled as I bent, my ass pressing against his crotch, but not for long as he stepped back and rubbed his hands together for a moment. At first I was confused, until he reared his hand back and spanked me as hard as he could, the force jolting me forward ever so slightly. A moan escaped my lips without warning and I could feel my body growing pink with blush again. "Oh you like that, huh? Are you a bad little girl? Do you need spankings?" I moaned again as he spoke to me, his words rushing over me like Niagara falls. He spanked me again, harder this time, my mistake in thinking his last was his hardest. "Answer me, little slut," he spoke through gritted teeth. His hand immediately slithered into my hair and took a grip, forcing me to look at him. "Yes, Sir."
    "Good, now show me what you've got to play with, Princess."
    I bounced into the room, tapping my lips as I looked around, wondering just where to start when I decided the closet was best. Shane followed close behind me, his body a furnace compared to mine. His energy bursting around me, I cautiously opened the door revealing an array of body harnesses, leashes, collars, restraints and neatly organized aftercare kits in small boxes on a shelf. I could feel him admiring my variety and organization, while I stood there, awestruck by our reflection in the body mirror. He began to kiss my exposed shoulder, goosebumps and chills raising on every inch of my skin. He nipped at my bare skin, suckling at the crook of my neck, careful not to leave a mark but not too careful.
    "Do Daddy a favor and strip over there on that pretty little bed of yours," he whispered, a heaviness in his voice that implied no wasn't an option. "Yes Daddy.." Like a driven zombie, I walked over to the bed, elegantly crawling onto the satin comforter, my hands gliding over it with ease as I stretched my body against it over and over again. I slid my sweater over my head, just as I had always imagined I would in my dreams. Shane stood at the foot of the bed, caressing the curve of my close framed bed, large but small at the same time, made to have your hands and feet restrained to each post. The carved wood reminded me of his body as he stood in front of me, yet somehow not quite as strong as him.
    I felt his eyes caressing my body as I wiggled out of my panties and nervously fidgeted with my bra. My nightmare was happening, the hook was tangled and stuck. "Let me get that," he said as he yanked and ripped my bra off my body easily. "I'll just buy you a new one," he soothed, sliding a blindfold over my eyes, tying it just tight enough that I couldn't see, sliding me to face him, pressing my knees apart as he gently laid me back against the bed.
    Just as gently he slid my thong down my thighs, stuffing them in my mouth to quiet me. "On your hands an knees, little one," he demanded. I nodded, quietly and clumsily slipping around on the bed, leaning my back down a bit, bracing for a spanking that I wasn't going to get. A cold liquid graced me skin, followed by what felt like glass and I knew he'd noticed the toy table just inches from the bedside. I could feel the pressure of my pink diamond plug pressing into my tight ass and I shuttered as the euphoria shot through my veins. My pulse felt like fire as the excess lubricant dripped over the soft folds of my pussy and the thickness of my thighs.
    I bit down tightly on the thong he'd stuffed in my mouth, little murmurs of a moan escaping and vibrating my lips. I felt Shane lift my hair and heard the metallic click of a collar locking on my neck. My heart skipped a beat as He gripped it and pulled me back, arching my back down towards the bed. "You want that out of your mouth, don't you Princess.." I nodded slowly, knowing my answer could seal my fate or bring me great reward. He pulled the panties slowly out of my mouth, releasing the collar immediately after. I could hear the heavy leather of his belt hit the floor, I knew he was no longer fully clothed. "Lay down. Now. Flat on your stomach." My heart was pounding, I could only imagine what he must look like standing at the end of my bed, my small naked body displayed before him like a play thing. I gnawed my lip, forcing it to become an even brighter pink as his fingers began to slide over my thighs, pulling them viciously apart.
    I gasped softly as his fingers dug gently into my skin, pressing my knees up towards my chest before allowing words to cross his lips. "Hold them there." Immediately my feeble hands gripped under my knees, keeping them pressed firmly to a portion of my ribs beneath my breasts. "I'm sorry, but a command implies you respond like a good little girl, doesn't it?" My eyes grew wide beneath the blindfold and my skin flashed hot, knowing I may have made an awful mistake. "Y-yes Sir. My apologies, Sir," I whimpered softly as I realized how easily he made me forget my manners. I felt a stinging hand slap down on the bare skin of my pussy within seconds of my words, my knees slamming together to hide my sensitivity. "Did I say bring your knees together? Do I just have to punish you all night? Someone must not want any reward for working so hard today," he growled, his hands forcing my knees apart and towards the bed. I whimpered again softly and did my best to keep my knees as he laid them. This time I was mildly prepared for the shockwave that went through me when his fingers smacked unforgivingly against my soft wet lips.
    "Answer me." He spoke gently, his breath heating a spot on my thigh as he his words drifted over my trembling lower half. The more he touched me, the wetter I became and I couldn't stop it. I couldn't control myself, something I was not used to. "No Sir.. Please don't take my reward. I need it so very much..." He didn't use his hands this time when he spanked my precious spot, instead he used something much harder and colder, what I assume was a smaller paddle of mine by the feeling. My heart nearly thudded out of my chest as I cried out, two soft tears trickling from beneath my blindfold. I could feel them tickling their way down my cheeks and nearly went to raise my hands before I realized just how much trouble I could be in. I sat stock still, my breathing being the only movement he could detect, waiting for his next move. "Good girl..." Those were the last words I heard before teeth of an unimaginable sharpness dug into my thigh hungrily, suckling at my skin as though I were the only food he'd seen in says. He tested and teased a nerve, making me squirm and squeak in beautiful protest, but my hands had already slid into his hair forcing him further into the meat of my thigh. I didn't want his mouth to leave my body, not now, not ever, no matter what part he put it against.
    He slurped at my thigh and I felt the burning begin. He'd bitten me well enough to draw blood, to taste my life essence. I melted as he flicked his tongue over and over the most sensitive areas of his imprint before pulling away and spanking my already reddened lips. I felt my lips grow into a pout for just a second, but immediately it was intercepted by his middle finger weasling it's way over my chin and into my mouth for me to suckle at. I regretted my compliance immediately, as he slammed his hard length into my tiny hole, forcing my mouth open in a scream that allowed him to gently fuck my throat with his index and middle finger. I was his fuckdoll now, a toy for his use for the rest of the night, a common signal amongst the Dom's I'd come in contact with. I swallowed each time his fingers hit my gag reflex, trying to hard to avoid gagging whilst laying on my back, but it almost seemed as though he wanted me to. He pulled his fingers, now covered in my spit, out of my mouth, over my lip, and down the remainder of my body until he found the swollen, beaten pearl of my clit. He began quickly, forcing me to squirm, letting me drench him and lubricate us both with my juice.
    His hips quickly pumped back and forth, each time pressing into me with such force that I thought my hips my crumble. I could feel every bit of my body shaking, my hips lifting for him a bit so the weight wasn't all his to bear. I felt such a need to please him, a desire I could feel in every fiber of my being as he pressed into my body again and again, his hands now slithering up from my thighs to my hips. "Please... don't stop..." I whispered, unable to bring my voice to the surface, I prayed to the god I didn't really believe in that he'd hear me and drive deeper into the small tunnel into my womb. Unfortunately for me, he heard me and that was precisely why he stopped. "Taste yourself, little one. I want you to work your pretty mouth all over my thick shaft," he groaned. I could hear his hand sliding over the wet surface of his cock and I nearly lost it. I could feel something animalistic in me that begged for more of this teasing and more of the reward. I couldn't move my arms or legs, I felt trapped. My muscles were rigid and the biggest heat wave of my life crept over every part of me, down to the very tips of my hair. My mouth rushed with drool, I was salivating with hunger now as I sat myself up and placed my hands gently to my thighs before speaking. "May I remove my blindfold, Sir?"
    I felt the fabric tug a couple of times and fall away, as he stroked my cheek with his fingertips so sweetly. "Thank you, Daddy," I murmured as I leaned down in front of him just slightly. "No no, Princess. Get to the floor, I want you to be truly on those pretty knees of yours." I groaned softly and slithered to the floor without any real verbal protest, waiting and watching as he planted his feet on the ground before me and stood carefully, once again reaching down to caress my plump, rose colored cheek with his heavy fingertips. "Now look at me with those big beautiful eyes, and show me what Daddy's little girl can do with her mouth." I smiled a bit, leaning into him with a single hand against his thigh, my tongue slithering curiously over the very tip of his cock, careful not to look too hungry. I looked up to him, my eyes giving off an aura of innocence that couldn't be avoided, although easily denied. I crossed my ankles and licked my lips before spitting into my hand, slipping the sloppy wetness over and over the perfect length that stood at attention before me. "Didn't I tell you to taste yourself?"
    I nodded, slowly circling my pillowy lips around his bulging mass, softly letting my tongue slip and slide around his sensitive skin. I bobbed my head shortly, my hand massaging away at the length my tiny mouth couldn't handle, meeting the curl of my index finger to the pout of my slippery upper lip with each movement before taking a risk I wasn't sure I could handle the consequences of. I opened my mouth just a bit wider, ramming the head against my gag reflex, forcing me to lurch forward, prideful tears in my eyes as I gagged but did not fail to keep my composure. I coughed slightly and watched as the gathered drool from my unsustainable craving layered itself over his shaft like icing on the most perfect cake. I let my hands work again, taunting and teasing him as I could see now in his eyes, I had trapped him. I was no longer just his play thing, but he was mine, a slave to my mouth, and I a slave to the snake he carried below his belt. I brushed the sopping wet tip over my lips, letting the softness hypnotize him. I could feel my body tingling as his hand slid into my hair, trying to force my mouth onto him again, but to no avail.
    I sealed my lips, not giving him the pleasure of control. It was my turn to tease and please at will, now. I let his hand fall at rest in my hair, but only opened my mouth enough to smack the tip of his cock against my dripping tongue. I locked eyes with him as I did so and the desperation that radiated from his very core gave me strength, while the innocence that radiated from mine only weakened him. With a little bit of gathering for just a moment, I managed to spit along his length before returning it to my mouth, tightening my lips and sucking in softly, creating a vacuum around him, a tightness that he couldn't refuse the pleasure of. A small murmur, a wicked little moan floated over my ears as he played to my power and I took advantage of his weakness. I pulled back from him until it flung free and halted, still steady at attention just before my lips with an obnoxious 'pop' sound. Just like the noise that came with the release of my lips, a noise rose from the depths of his chest, a growl that ripped into my body just as he had moments ago. How I craved that viciousness, to be his prey... I took no chances of letting him get stronger against me, I slipped my lips right back around him and pressed until I couldn't anymore, swallowing as deeply into my throat as I could, letting him feel my moans as he pushed further in, spit falling from my lips to my lap, dripping into the crevice of my bent leg. Again, but longer now, a low grunt and growl slid into the air around us, his fingers curling weakly in my hair as he was unable to do much else. I coughed once more and pulled away, not able to hold him down for very long, but still proud of myself for being able to do it at all. I sat back just to breathe but I hadn't weakened him enough to stop. I knew this to be true the moment he pulled me up from just under my shoulders and turned me to be face down on the bed.
    His hand came down hard against my skin, forcing my plump ass to jiggle and shake before turning a shade of red that only emergencies could make you think of. He bent my knees and yanked a simple restraint off of the bedside table, cuffing my ankles so that I couldn't move myself very far on my own before wrapping the attached set of wrist restraints at the perfect angle to keep me down. I was truly a decadent form of face down ass up for him to admire and destroy at his mercy. He picked up his thick belt and smacked me with it, not seeing my actions fit for a paddle anymore. He was far from finished with me and I could feel that from the way his grip tightened and his breath grew husky with every little movement. He had truly become an animal, I had truly become the prey beneath this predator. He sank his teeth into me again, forcing my other thigh to bleed carefully, but he suckled longer at this wound, almost like my blood was his very lifesource. I shivered and shook, the very action taking away my ability to keep quiet. My voice raised octave after octave with each glancing blow of his belt against my ass at this awkward angle. He couldn't do enough damage to me, I was still so hungry, so insatiable. I needed every ounce of his existence to ruin me.
    More than anything in this world I begged for him to bury himself inside me, my noises being all too clear since my words were garbled and impossible to understand when I did try to speak. "P-p-please, Master.. PLEASE," I screamed as he bit me again, creating a third opening on thigh, one that forced a moan I'd never uttered before and probably will never utter again. He flung away his belt and gripped my plump rear, his fingers leaving prints from the sheer force he used to press my hips down, allowing me to sit on his face. In my head I was begging him to stop, but I could never physically defy what he wanted of me. He shoved his tongue inside my little fuckhole, letting it slither along the swollen, tight walls of my pussy. Rather than pressing harder, he now massaged my ass cheeks, encouraging me to grind against him, and god did I ever. I couldn't stop my hips from pressing down and wriggling against his lips, he was edging me ever closer to my finish. I knew he wouldn't be done with me even if I did finish for his tongue rather than his cock, he'd only run me ragged until I had done so at least twice, even if there was only once for him. I felt him press further inside me, tickling at just the right spot to get me off in a way no one had before. He was going to make me squirt if he didn't stop. "Master please!! I don't want to make such a mess, please!!"
    He didn't seem to care as he did all he could to press the tip of his tongue flat against the perfect spot inside me, forcing me to release. I couldn't hold it in, there was nothing I could do, the pressure was just too immense. He backed away just a bit, letting me spray the sheets with my ecstasy, reaching around and furiously massaging my clit back and forth to keep it flowing. He'd wanted this, he'd wanted this mess, this embarrassing mess. I never let this happen, ever, and here he was forcing me to feel this weak and powerless. I had only been given the moment to think about it before he slipped back inside me, gripping my hair to raise my head off the bed so my moans weren't muffled. I rocked my hips back in rhythm to his, begging for him to go harder on me. I needed to feel like his slave. My wish was granted as he drilled me viciously, not letting up even for a second. "I'm going to finish inside this pretty, tight little hole of yours. Do you understand me?" He spanked me as he spoke, leaning down to growl in my ear. "I said: Do You. Understand Me." I nodded and felt the grip in my hair pull tighter than before. My heart raced as I let out a soft growl of pleasure, the head of his cock brushing against my womb over and over again, swelling as he edged himself closer to finish, but all of a sudden, he completely stopped moving.
    "M-Master.. why did you.. please don't..," I begged, looking back at him from my odd position. "Shut up, and don't move," He growled, tearing at the restraints, tossing them away to god knows where. I'd lost track of where I was by this time. I just knew everything felt familiar and felt safe, but I needed more. "But, Daddy you haven't fi-," I started. "I said shut up, didn't I, Princess? So why haven't you?" He slid out of me and unleashed a variant of strikes against my plump bottom with the pretty pink paddle that used to be my favorite just for it's looks. "You're going to get what you want, but I'm not going to let you have it so easily." I pouted, still jolting forward with every spank he laid into me. "DADDY I NEED IT NOW," I screamed. "Then ride it, you whiny brat. I don't give rewards for bad behavior. Fucking earn it." My eyes grew wide and I shrank a little, scared to be on top. I'd never been on top and in control of the work before. I think he knew that, because he became a bit more gentle. "Well, c'mon. Earn your keep little girl. Milk my cock for your taste of pleasure. I'll help you, my naive little slut," he murmured.
    I pressed my hand to his chest after barely managing to stand up fully, shoving his bare form back onto the bed. I let him position himself, leaning against the pillows before he motioned for me to crawl over him. I brought myself back onto the bed, carefully opening my thighs to crawl over him until I was where I needed to be in his lap. "I've never..," I began, scared to do something wrong. He spit in his hand and rubbed it over the head of his already sopping cock before slipping inside me just a tad. "Just work your hips like you did earlier little one," he whispered, laying his strong hands against my hips, guiding my movements carefully. I slipped down further, almost as if I was sitting on him, and bounced back up again. The look of approval crossed his face as he encouraged me to pick up speed, giving me a playful spank. I moaned softly, letting the noise grow louder the deeper he slipped inside. Unfortunately, my illusion of control ended quickly as he sat up a bit, lifting his hips carefully, and drilling every last inch into my body over and over again, forcing scratches on his chest to match the ones my instinct had placed on his back earlier. I couldn't believe the feeling of him swelling inside me, so ready to burst while seeing the consentration in his eyes that wouldn't allow him to finish just yet. "Cum for me one more time, my pretty little whore. All I need is just one more good soak from Daddy's little fuck toy. Can you do that for Daddy?" My eyes grew large and I knew my expression said no, but he didn't believe it. He reared back once, pulling out to the very tip top, before using all of his animalistic force to to drive himself balls deep inside of me. I screamed out as I could feel myself letting loose, drenching him in pleasure. I knew what I'd done then. He quickly clamped his jaw down around part of my neck, slamming in once more as he released, keeping his promise to unload fully inside of me.
    I looked around as we both lay on the bed panting and sweating, noticing how late it was. It was now three in the morning, and I couldn't dare myself to move more than I did to look at the clock. This was the beginning of something delicious. The first high that could never be beat, but if I had anything to do with it, god would I try. This was the best part of my internship.
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    Amazing story, please continue it.
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    Lovely story, I enjoyed it.
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    An awesome read
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    Lord this is definitely some of the biggest turn on’s for me, I loved reading and imagining my Daddy taking control of me like this, love it when I find stories that exactly match my fantasies! :D Great job.
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    Delicious .... I bet there is many a sub reading this , wishing it was them in the story :handcuffs: :doggystyle: :whip::ass: