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  1. Candie34

    Candie34 Sex Lover

    Apr 28, 2016
    The Job Search

    As I mentioned in a previous story, my husband had lost his job, and due to his education level and experience, he was having a hard time finding a good job. A few months had gone by and I knew I could not keep negotiating on the rent and other things for long, so, I also started searching for a job. I had been off work since the birth of our first child, and decided it was time to go back.

    I sent out tons of resumes, filled out online applications, and attended many interviews, but nothing was working out. Many of the places were concerned that I had not worked for so long, even though I had a valid reason. I guess they were worried I would have another child and quit.

    I was at an interview, and I knew it wasn’t going good. As he was wrapping it up, he started to mention the time between jobs. I was getting tired, frustrated, and just knew I needed to go back to work to support my family. I looked at him, pleading, telling him I would do absolutely anything to get the job. He didn’t say anything for a moment, then still as serious as ever, he asked if I really meant that I would do anything. I told him yes, I really meant absolutely anything, because I really needed the job.

    He told me to come around behind his desk. Reluctantly I did. He saw my hesitation and reminded me that I had said I would do anything. I moved behind his desk and he told me to get on my knees. He made me undo his pants, then pull out his semi-hard cock. He told me to start stroking and sucking it. Of course, I did. I really needed to get a job, and soon. Once he was hard, he told me to move my hand. Once my hand was off his cock, he pushed his hand down on the back of my head, forcing me all the way down his cock. I gagged and coughed, but he kept going. He forced his cock down my throat, until he finally held my head down as he came down my throat.

    After getting cleaned up, he promised me he would take that into consideration in the hiring. I never heard back from that job again.

    You would think the first experience would have turned me away from trying. But another interview, I ended telling the guy the same thing. This one started out similar, asking me to come around his desk, get on my knees, suck his cock. Then he had me sit on the edge of his desk, as he fingered and licked me. Then he stood up between my legs, pulling my shirt and bra off as he sucked and licked my tits. Finally, he started kissing me, and I could feel his cock push against me. I reached down and helped guide him into me. He started slowly at first, still kissing me and playing with my tits. But then he started pounding into me harder and harder. Until finally, he pushed deep into me, filling me with his cum.

    After getting cleaned up, he assured me that he would do all he could to ensure I was hired, but ultimately, the decision was not his to make. He thanked me for my enthusiasm, and I left. A few days later I received a from email, stating that they went with someone else.

    I had told myself that it was a bad idea to do that again. I promised myself I wouldn’t take that route again. Then, I went to what was my final interview. Things actually were going good. I had all the qualifications and education they truly needed for the position. As it was nearing it’s end though, the interviewer stated that generally, the executive assistant position I was applying for, usually went to younger women, fresh out of college. While not ‘old’, I was still older than most, and being married was a concern, as the position did require some out of town and overnight business trips. I assured him this was not a problem. He said that I would have to bring something really special to the table in order for the company controller (who the executive assistant would be working with), to decide to hire me.

    I wasn’t going to do it again, but the fact that everything else in the interview went so well, I decided that I would show him a little something special. I made the same offer I did at the other two interviews, and he also accepted.

    This time it started with me sitting on his desk, as he pulled my panties off and spread my legs. He slowly started playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit. Once he felt I was good and wet, he told me to turn around and sit back on his cock. I turned around, and moved back into his chair with him. He slid his cock into me and I then started sliding up and down his cock.

    As we were fucking, he was still asking me question, just like the interview was still going on, only this time he was asking sexual questions; what kind of things I liked to do, how willing I was to do what I was told, what were my limits, etc. I answered them for him as best I could. Next he had me get off him, and he had me bend over his desk. He moved behind me and started fucking me from behind. He was asking me about some more things, and asked about anal. I told him I was okay with anal, and he slowly pushed his thumb inside me. At this point I was starting to cum. He liked that apparently. He grabbed my hair and started pulling it back as he drove into me deep and hard. As I started to cum, so did he, pushing deep into me.

    We got cleaned up, and he said the same as the others. He would see what he could do, he didn’t have final say, etc. I didn’t expect to hear from him again either. However, just around two hours later, I received a call that I was being requested to come in for a second interview, this time with the company controller.

    I came back a few days later for the second interview. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I sat down with the company controller, who would be my immediate boss. He started with actual business related questions, and seemed very happy with the answers. Then we got to a point where he got very serious. He asked me if I knew why I was there, as opposed to several other applicants. I told him I thought it was for a couple of reasons. He smiled. He told me that I was exactly what was needed for the Executive assistant position. I had all the education, and some experience for the job. But it was one thing in particular that brought me here. Before he said anything else, he slid a piece of paper across the table to me. He told me to read through it carefully, and if I agreed, to sign it and we would continue with the final part of the interview.

    I read through it, a little shocked at what I was reading. It was basically a contract stating if I took this position, I could take no legal action against the company, and the controller in particular, in regards to sexual harassment. There were some other interesting aspects, even caveats about pregnancy. I read it through three times, and he sat patiently waiting. Finally, I looked at him, bit my lip, and signed. He just smiled as I slid it back to him.

    He then went on to tell me why I was chosen over other, much younger girls. He said it was because of my actions in the first interview. He stated how he always expected certain things from his assistants, but generally he had to seduce them and convince them to assist him in other ways. Sometimes it went badly. Other times it worked out for the most part. The previous assistant had quit because she was pregnant. He paused for a moment, then proceeded to tell me what would be expected of me.

    He started with the normal daily business related duties; the filing, writing reports, researching, running errands, etc. Then he got to the other expectations of the job. He started with telling me I would be expected to come into his office and do whatever he asked, whenever he asked. I was never to say that I couldn’t do it for whatever reason. He stated he would respect certain aspects, such as if I was truly sick, etc. Once he was done telling me about that part, he asked if I was willing to do that. I told him, for the position and the pay, yes, I would.

    Then, he went on to the next part. He stated how I would be expected to go on business trips with him from time to time, or in his place from time to time. He then told me that on these business trips, he would be inviting other men back to the hotel. For this, I would earn extra bonuses. I would also earn bonuses for helping him with business deals from time to time.

    I already knew the pay rate for the job was excellent. More than I had ever made, and close to what my husband was making at his job. He slid a piece of paper across to me, showing me the bonuses paid out to the previous executive assistant. The amounts were more than I could have hoped for or imagined. He told me he would let me process it all, and said I could have 48 hours to make a decision. I didn’t need 48 hours. I accepted the position right then and there. It’s been a crazy ride, and sometimes hard keeping things from my husband. But my family is being provided for with no worries as long as I can keep this job.
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  2. Cmlvr69

    Cmlvr69 Porn Star

    Feb 1, 2018
    I'd do it to girl