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  1. diggindogg

    diggindogg Porno Junky

    Apr 9, 2017
    “Hey Lisa” I said as I walked into the office to start my day. She was gorgeous at 5’ 7” with a small but ample chest and a nice large ass. Today she was wearing a pink blouse, with a black bra teasing you from underneath, a short black skirt stopping above her knees and her red hair in pig tails.

    “Hello sir” she responded. “You’ve got three meetings this morning with your first in two hours.”

    An hour had passed and I started to get a little anxious about my upcoming meetings. I decided that I’d watch a little porn and blow my load to relax myself for the meetings. I threw on some porn with a babysitter scenario imagining it was my babysitter at home with my kids deciding to fuck me. I pulled out my 7” circumcised cock and started to slowly stroke myself to her sucking cock. I felt myself grow erect as I watched her getting bent over. Suddenly the door started to open and in walked Lisa.

    She stared at my hard cock in hand with her mouth agape. I put myself away and tried to figure out how I was going to fix this. “Lisa, I’m sorry, I thought I’d lock the door.” I said as I approached her.

    As I got up to her she put her finger to my mouth to stop me from saying more. “Shhh” is all she said as she undid my pants and slid onto her knees. She slid my boxers down and my erect cock popped back up into her face. She started by running her tongue up my shaft and flicking her tongue on my head. She did this a couple of times until she saw some precum start to come out before she kissed the head and shoved all 7” in her mouth.

    As she sucks on my cock I started to to undo her shirt and bra admiring her perky c cups pop free from her bra. I slowly massage each breast feeling the nipples grow hard with pleasure as i do. She pulls herself off my cock for air and saliva falls from her mouth onto her chest and I smile.

    I pull her up and put her on my desk with her legs in the air giving me a perfect view of her panties, a thong that was lacy and white, I slowly slid one hand up her thigh towards her warm pussy and the other to her neck pulling her mouth to mine. We started to passionately kiss as my hand slid into her skirt feeling her pussy soaking in excitement.

    I slid the panties to the side and started massaging her moist pussy with two fingers. Sliding them into her slowly at first and more feverishly as her hand found my cock and stroked me. I slid another finger into her before she whispered into my ear “slid the whole thing in.” I pulled the panties completely off and slid the skirt over her fat ass as I slid finger four into her pussy. It was almost magical watching it stretch the take everything I gave her. I slid my thumb into her and started sliding my fist in her pussy and went to town and I felt her squirt over me as I did.

    She looked exhausted after I fisted her and wasn’t sure she would be in the mood to keep going but she refused to stop until she got my cum. I rubbed my cock all in her juices moistening myself with her natural lubricant. I felt myself stiffen completely as the heat and moisture from her pussy teased me as I slid my cock between her lips. As I started to slide myself along them and get ready to fuck her she flipped herself so that huge ass faced me now,with a plug in it.

    She started begging me to fuck her tight ass and cum inside of it. She said she’s watched me plenty of times jerking off in the office while she watched masturbating just outside of my sight and has imagined feeling one of the loads i shoot filling her inside. After I remove the plug I give her hole a quick tease with my and plant my cock at her back foot entrance. I started to slowly work myself deep inside her tight ass before picking up some speed. As I pound her ass I grap her boobs from behind and pull her body against mine as I feel her shudder in my grasp.

    I start to nibble on her neck and she instantly starts to squirt as we fuck. I slid my hand into her sopping pussy as slid a couple fingers back in it. I slid the hand out of her in along her stomach till they meet her mouth and she licks them slowly savoring the flavor we made. I continue to pounding her ass, as I realize it’s almost time for my meetings, I start pounding her so hard my desk is shaking and I’m sure some of my partners in the office could hear us going at it. Suddenly I feel her asshole clench my cock and she screams and bites me as my cock explodes deep in her asshole feeling my cock pressed against her as my cum poured into her.

    I slowly pulled out from her and she turned around with a huge smile on her face. She hopped off my desk and slid her skirt back down and redid her blouse. She looked up at me and said “You better straighten up for your meetings sir.” I pulled myself together and started to get ready as she walked out the office.

    As my first meeting was walking into my office I looked at my desk and there was her white thong still sitting on my desk. The dirty slut walked out and was working the rest of the day feeling my cum pour out her ass onto her skirt. I figured I should call her in and give them to her but then I decided she must have let me keep as my trophy to remember it, and keep coming for more.
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    1. Highlite
      Great story, next chapter please
      Highlite, Nov 17, 2018