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  1. Slavic Bear

    Slavic Bear Newcumer

    Nov 2, 2018
    Today was my first day of freshman year in college and I couldn’t be more excited. Erin, my best friend since grade school, was talking all summer about a swim team she had joined on campus. During our first day we were walking back to our dorm and Erin said “Please Elise! Come to practice with me today!”

    “Erin please. You know I can’t wear those swimsuits.” I replied

    “Why are you so worried? Is it because of those huge fun bags?” Erin joked

    “Stop it! I didn’t ask for these.” I was so embarrassed but Erin’s always said things like this.

    “Please Elise you look great and everyone else wears the same suit. It’s not like there’s guys there it’s an all-girls team.”

    “Erin stop, and I know but they’re all going to judge me.”

    “It’s great exercise and we just like to have a fun time. All I’m asking is try one week of practice. Please! For me!”

    “Only one week?”


    “If I do it you’ll leave me alone about this?”


    “I guess I’ll do it but you gotta stay by me because I’m really nervous about this.”

    Well She did it…she talked me into it. Later that evening we went to the practice. I was getting my suit to change and walked into the locker room to see the whole team naked and talking like it was normal. My face was bright red and Erin walked up to me.

    “What’s wrong? Why do you look so embarrassed? You’ve got the same parts as the rest of us.” Erin joked.

    “I didn’t think everyone would be so…open about being completely naked.”

    “Elise you’re at a swim team practice, we see this every day. You should get changed though practice starts soon.”

    “Where is the changing room.” Elise asked innocently.

    Erin laughed along with a few other girls. “The whole locker room is the changing room. Get naked and put your suit on like the rest of us."

    “You’re joking right?”

    Erin pulled my shirt off and yelled “No jokes Ellie!”

    At this point it was just me Erin and another swimmer Taylor. My face was as bright red and my eyes were watering. I cover my bra with my arms and fell to the floor. Taylor chimed in and said “Erin! That’s rude!”

    Erin replied “We live together, and we are best friends! She needs the push to get dressed.”

    I said hysterically “Erin I can’t believe you did that!”

    Erin said “we’re gonna be late to practice if you don’t get changed.”

    Taylor order “Get dressed Elise!”

    Erin replied jokingly “oh captain my captain, eat my ass. She’ll be ready soon.”

    “Shut up Erin and get Elise ready I’ll tell coach you’re in here and you’re on your way out soon.” Taylor barked.

    I got up and looked at Erin and told her “Don’t force strip me and let me do this.”

    “Okay but I’m staying in here with you because you’re gonna do this.”

    I started to unbutton my jeans and took my pants off. I was standing there in front of Erin in my bra and panties I never thought this would happen. She was so calm about me stripping right in front of her. I swear Erin was staring at my tits. I understand hers are small but just because mine are big doesn’t me she should be staring at them. Is something up? Is Erin a Lesbian? I can’t ask her, that would be rude. I really want to know though. I went back to getting dressed we were running out of time. Took my bra off and my boobs bounced onto my body. I then slid my thong down and put my clothes in the locker and locked it. I then pulled up my swimsuit and started to put it on. I got the straps on and went to the mirror. I fixed my boobs and the more I look I could see my nipples and almost every curve of my body. I looked at Erin’s suit and you could see her nipples too. My face got red again and Erin noticed.

    “What’s wrong now Elise?” Erin asked.

    “My nipples…anyone can see them.”

    “You can see everyone’s nipples Elise. We’re all used to it. You’ll get used to it too.”

    I decided just to go with it and go out to the pool. I went and joined the pre-practice exercise and while we were stretching you could see everyone’s nipples and when they bent over you could see their pussies. My face was red, but I decided to keep it to myself this time. We all got in the pool and got our first set of swimming practice. Me and Erin were put in the same lane with Taylor and Ashley. Ashley has a tiny body and was a fairly quick swimmer she was in front of me in the lane and it looked like her suit was falling off it kept flashing her boobs when she pushed off the wall. Her butt and pussy would show when she was swimming in front of me because her suit was so loose. This went on for the whole practice. I’m not sure if it was because of her small body or because her suit was just used to much. My suit was so tight it felt more like a thong than a one-piece suit.

    We swam for about an hour and after our last set we could just free swim in the pool for a half hour and I just sat in the shallow end to relax my body from all the exercise. Erin and Taylor came over to do the same and Erin said to me. “Did you enjoy your first day?”

    “I’m tired but I enjoyed it.” I replied

    “Even the force stripping?” Taylor asked jokingly.

    “Not really my favorite part.” I said with a red embarrassed face.

    “You’ll get over it.” Erin said

    We all laughed and got out of the pool and went into the locker room. We walked in and all the girls were in the shower room to get the chlorine off their bodies. They were washing each other’s bodies and cleaning each other off. The only thought in my head was that these girls were unnaturally comfortable with each other’s bodies. I was just standing there watching in some feeling of confusion and embarrassment.

    “Come here Elly!” Erin yelled from the shower room. “There’s an open shower next to me.”

    “Thanks Erin.”

    I started shower and washing my body. I was just thinking and in my own world. I felt something tickling my leg and I just assumed it was water and ignore it. I felt it again and looked down and it was Erin washing my legs and back. She pressed her naked body against mine and I just stood there silent and slightly confused. She looked me in the eye and started washing my butt. My face turned red and she stopped. She handed me the loofah and asked me.

    “Can you wash my back for me Elly?”

    “Sure, Erin you did it for me.”

    We finished washing up and went back to our dorm room where I got a second shower. I was just processing the day and thought about if Erin was a lesbian and did she have a crush on me. We’ve been friends for years and I’ve never thought about her like that. When she washed me off in the shower it felt pleasant and I kind of enjoyed that. Does that make me a lesbian? I have so many questions in my brain. My mind started wandering with a daydream of the shower. Erin started running her fingers up my thigh and started groping my boobs and fingering my pussy. The daydream broke when Erin opened the bathroom door and walked in. We had a glass door shower and I was hoping that she didn’t catch me playing with myself. I opened the glass to see what she was doing, and she was looking in the mirror in her panties.

    “What’re you doing Erin?”

    “Just checking myself out. Why? I thought we were okay to be naked cause of the swim practice today.”

    “It’s okay Erin I was just wondering.” There was a pause and then I decided to do it. “Are you or any of those girl’s lesbians? I just don’t understand how you’re all so comfortable with being naked.”

    She stayed quiet for a few minutes and for the first time I saw her blush. “I don’t know. I’ve thought about it before. I just don’t know what to do about it.” She looked nervous to talk about this.

    “We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” I said apologetically

    “Kiss me.” Erin looked me with serious and passionate eyes. “There’s only one way to find out if I’m a lesbian. Kiss me Elise.”

    What could I do? My best friend for all my life was stand right in front of me almost crying with passion. I should kiss her. I should do it. What could happen? So, I got out of the shower and walked towards her. I thought this would be a weird thing, but I felt confident and almost calm about it. I hugged her with our naked bodies pressed together and we kissed. I started to pull away and she pulled me back in and made out in the bathroom.

    “I guess we have an answer” Erin said. “That felt right.”

    “Yah. I was so nervous to ask you that. I didn’t know how it was gonna go.”

    “It’s okay and I think we have an answer about you too Elise. You seemed to enjoy it too.” Erin said to me with a smile while I stood there dripping wet and slightly embarrassed. “Finish your shower I’m gonna go cook dinner.”

    “Okay. Do you wanna talk about what just happened? Does this make us in a relationship? Should we keep this to ourselves for now?”

    Erin put a finger on my mouth and told me. “Calm down. We’ll talk about it after your shower.”

    I finished my shower and played with myself a little thinking about what happened tonight. I got out and dried off. I put my robe on and walked out to the kitchen. Erin was cooking in just an apron with no clothes on, not even panties! She made pasta and we sat down and turned on the tv and sat next each other naked and comfy. She sat there quietly and just ate. After a little while she looked at me and said.

    “Do you think we should be together? Like in a relationship?”

    “I think it’s up to you Erin. I would be okay, but I think if we do we should keep in between us for a few weeks to make sure this is what we really want. Do you know what I’m saying?”

    “I got it Elly. I agree. I think we should spend more time like this though. Just sitting here naked and talking.”

    “I’m still getting used to the naked stuff, but I like it too.” I agreed.

    “So, should we sleep in the same bed tonight and see how that feels?” Erin asked.

    “Sure, but our beds are too small.”

    “Let’s Push them together!”

    So, we pushed our beds together and got ready for bed. We lied down with skin against skin and cuddled together for the night.
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  2. ChucknJen

    ChucknJen Sex Machine

    May 15, 2018
    More please!
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  3. Slavic Bear

    Slavic Bear Newcumer

    Nov 2, 2018
    This was my very first story and I didn't know how well it would do. Thanks! I'll write more!
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    1. ChucknJen
      Very well written story! Reminds me of an episode I had with my best friend in high school.
      ChucknJen, Nov 7, 2018
      Slavic Bear likes this.
  4. Slavic Bear

    Slavic Bear Newcumer

    Nov 2, 2018
    I try to write in a sense that's relatable but i also like to throw in fantasy aspects sometimes. I just posted the other story i had done. but it's time to write another if they're both well liked
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