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  1. ashesfall

    ashesfall Newcumer

    Mar 15, 2017
    My name is Ashley Glass, and this is my story, and how I became the way I am. It was a dark night in June the weather has been nice lately so I have been walking to work. I just graduated school about a month ago and got a job at a local resale shop called hidden treasures. This night like every other I took the same route to work and back home, but however I couldn't shake the feeling I was being watched. I walked past the park feeling a little relieved knowing I was about half way home. Hearing a noise like someone had just stepped on a stick I jump and turn around expecting to see something however there was no one there. Now a little more than uneasy I was basically jogging, I started to try and convince myself that this was a small town and there was almost no crime rate I was safe, I mean this town was small enough everyone knew everyone. I started to feel a little more at ease and slowed my pace back to a walk I was close to home so I just knew I would be ok. I turned the corner to start heading down our street our house was towards the end I could see it because mom always left the light on for me. As I walked down the street I heard steady foot steps behind me I was being followed as I try to stay calm I stop and turn around to my surprise there stands a tall man dressed in a black suit with a red tie and red handkerchief in his suit pocket, he had black hair and seeming to be purple eyes and pale skin. I start to scream he puts his hand over my mouth and I start to hyperventilate he puts his head close to my ear and says, there is no need to wake your neighbors Ashley, I will not hurt you I only want to talk. I will take my hand off your mouth as long as you promise not to scream I nod my head yes he slowly starts to lower his hand as he says if you scream I will be forced to silence you so be a good girl ok? I nod my head yes again. I ask him how do you know my name he says I know many things about you Ashley, I ask so you know where I live as well? he replies yes I asked how do you know so much about me? there is a long silence he says I have been watching you for a long time I know everything about you Ashley Glass, I went to your graduation, I know you work at hidden treasures and I have been in there many times to buy clothes books furniture just to see you. I have followed you home many times just to watch over you I ask so you've been following me all this time why haven't I noticed you until now and why haven't you talked to me until now? He says its not that simple I'm not like most people and soon enough you wont be either. I turn to run away and start to scream and he grabs me around my waist and puts his hand over my mouth and said I thought we had an understanding remember you chose this not me. He lifts me off the ground with his one arm and takes me back down the road and into the park he throws me on the ground and crawls on top of me he looks me in my eyes as I beg him not to this he rips my shirt open and reaches around the back unhooking my bra exposing my size D breasts he start fondling them as I am crying and begging him to stop I can feel him growing hard as he dry humping me I know this is the night I am going to lose my virginity and to a complete stranger I have saved myself for nothing this isn't supposed to be the way it happens. unbuttons his pants and unzips them and pulls them down and pulls his hard 8 inch cock out of the slit in his boxers smiles at me and lifts my skirt moves my underwear to the side and rams his member inside of me I scream in pain as he laughs and continues to thrust hard into me he keeps looking at the tears running down my face and asking me if I like the consequence to being bad then he pulls himself out and flips me over and pulls my underwear down and says this is gonna hurt but my father would kill me if I fucked up his plan and he laughed and slammed his cock into my ass as I scream loudly in pain as he keeps ramming his cock in my ass it hurts so much I cry he laughs and says its ok it will be over soon he starts thrusting harder and deeper and he says I'm going to cum right in your ass AAAHHH he groans as I feel his hot fluids filling my hole then I feel something hit me on the back of my head.
  2. Wackstevens95

    Wackstevens95 Sex Lover

    Aug 9, 2016
    Pretty good, feels like it's a little rushed, but things happen and I get the feeling this is your first story, so overall Well Done. Can't wait for the next segment